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PowerColor Radeon RX 580 8GB £179.95 AWD-IT
Found 6 h, 21 m agoFound 6 h, 21 m ago
AWD-IT have a few promotions (% off) on RX570/580 cards thought it's worth a look for max settings 1080p and good settings 1440p. Good price for the RX580. Includes two free games.

I had a number of PowerColor cards with no real issues - major faults with fan failure from Gigabyte and the Sapphire ITX range. Mine are quiet and as others have said, while you shouldn't have to, you can slow the fans down a little and get an undervolt in there to keep temperatures in check.


Yeah I would say a custom fan curve makes a big difference with AMD cards.


Yeah same card. I must have been lucky with the cards I've purchased over the years for noise then if other users think the noise is ok. This honestly is a jet engine compared.


I'm happy with my Powercolor RX580 ... the fans do go at full whack quickly but I think that's the AMD fault and if you tweak the settings in the AMD s/w then it's a lot better

Any opinions on how this card compares vs XFX RX590?

AWD-IT Gaming PC : Ryzen 2600X Six Core, B450, Radeon RX 580 8GB, 3 Free Games - £649.94
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Been eyeing this up. Looks like this system has been reduced by 30% on the site. It has Windows 10 included and comes with 3 free games: Division 2 , Resident evil 2 and Devil ma… Read more
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To my limited knowledge this PC will run any demanding game on Ultra or High settings at 60+fps. Less demanding games should be able to hit low 100fps+...


I’ve been eyeing up a gaming pc for a little while now. I’m not 100% clued up on what’s better than what so I have been going off opinion. I have a PS4 Pro so it’s use will be for the odd indie steam game and some AAA Xbox/Microsoft titles. I’m not fussed about 4K, I want to play whatever on Ultra settings with 60/+ fps, will this be possible or would I be shelling out nearer £1000?


Option of the RX Vega 64 GPU bring total to £889. Thoughts?? (wanted for VR use).


Easy for RTS


I'm looking at getting something like this for coding (web/mobile/game dev), as well as some RTS gaming that can't be provided via a console. Probably looking at 1080p 60fps on ultra. Do we think this would fit the bill? Seems to me it would, just unsure about RTS/Turn-based games performance.

Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Looks like a good build for a decent price. AWD I7-9700K Enthoo Overclocked 5.0GHz Z390 RTX 2080 8GB Liquid Cooled Gaming PC

Nothing deal about this.


This is colder than the weather outside...


Only 8gb ram, no ssd drive. It's freezing In here.



For that crazy price I'd AT LEAST want to see some liquid cooling on the 2080!

BIFROST AMD Gaming PC £999.95 with code @ AWD IT
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
20% off on checkout even with upgrade options. Takes total to £999.95 - Case: Cooler Master MB530P - Power Supply: Cooler Master 500W PSU - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.9GHz Six Core … Read more

Wow that's shocking. Very sorry to hear that.


Pc was a week late. Arrived with a faulty graphics card - so clearly not tested after being built.It's a week before christmas, but they won't send out a new card and i have to go through a 7-10 day returns procedure. 7-10 days - a week before christmas. Thanks for nothing. Offered to buy a new card so i could be refunded when the faulty one was received back, but no. Do not use this company.


I paid £3.25 for my Windows 10 key, came instantly no problems. Friends do the same too. I feel sorry for people who pay £80 for Windows when we're all tired of all the rubbish they bundle with it like Cortana hogging up resources. Also updates then reinstall junk you just installed. Microsoft deserve nothing. They're just keys from old scrapped PC's I consider it recycling. (cheeky)


There's AWD guys here on this thread as they seem to change the specs often when mentioned on their site - recently doing so with the mobo choices. Not sure why you cant be just transparent about it? Anyway, deal is cold as frost.


Average components with a massive prebuild price tag...Don't extol the virtues of this product if your some how involved with the company yoyrself.

Gaming pc package - £869 @ AWD-IT
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Thought this was a good deal, was holding out for one and came across this. If you change the cpu to and ryzen 5 2600x, gpu to radeon ex580 8gb, memory to 16gb 3000mhz and select… Read more
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Unfortunately the link only takes you to the base machine which currently costs, £599. You need to make the changes in the first post which at the time/date I've posted was £881.86


This is now showing as £599? Even better deal or have i gone wrong somewhere?


Haha the slightest bit of difference, I'd go with 1440p 144Hz next time but the monitor i have is still amazing in it's own right :)


My original comment said without a monitor, and I sorry but 16gb of ram is plenty for gaming even at 4k and if u actually look at game play results the r5 2600 is fine for gaming even at 4k


Theres no PC at this price point that can play 4K in good enough settings and FPS. You need to spend around £1500 for a 4K Ultra 60fps+ machine. 1080p Ultra 60fps > 4K low-medium 30fps.

PowerColor Radeon RX 580 RED DRAGON V2 8GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card £189.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
PowerColor Radeon RX 580 RED DRAGON V2 8GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card Best price I've seen this yet!!
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Actually, in games fps (not benches) there is single figure % differences between those cards,particularly as the cut down gpu scales better with clocking (and generally comes with lower stock clocks so they catch up a bit). Basicly in my mind ultrrrra is a bit o.t.t., I cant see any difference from v.high, so a 570 is better value. No bad cards,only bad prices!


PS 5 gonna be $500/ (prob near that in £'s) The problem with upgrading from 3rd gen is ddr4 but it should drop in price,eventually, cos gamers will all have some. I guessing a board, 12 thread 7 nm cpu and ram wont set you back that much , and lets face it, an rx 580 is plenty for casual gaming.


I'm actually running an i7 3770 (probably 3rd generation) as I'm averse to spending money. I looked up forums about the issue and there were plenty of others running far better graphics cards (1070 etc) that were only getting 40fps on AC Odyssey, so maybe it's not well optimised and/or suited for my good albeit well aged CPU. When the time comes to upgrading in a couple of years, if it costs me more than a console for equivalent performance I'll probably go console as this PC gaming malarkey is expensive.


Bought rx 570 8gb for £185 two months ago, should've waited smh, did get the new ac with it though so not all bad


I don't know if it is the case with Odyssey too but Origins ran heavy DRM on the game, eating up CPU like mad. When I switched from my 4th gen i5 to my Ryzen 7, it helped loads.

AWD-IT Intel-i5-8400 gtx-1070 8gb RAM Windows 10 gaming pc monitor package £999.95 - £1009.94 for a 1070ti
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
I5 8400 and a 1070 as well as Windows, a keyboard and monitor, add 9.95 for a 1070ti? Cheapest 1070ti is 359.99 on pcpartpicker, even if it's a mini. 200 for the 8400. Let's see wh… Read more
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The monitor should really be 1440p.


Should put 1070ti for 9.95 in title


It’s shocking this is considered a hot deal, I know it is in today’s market prices. But I am so pleased I don’t need a gaming pc.


Nowt wrong with 8gb its plenty there wouldnr be any problems, but i agree.


Got a link?

AMD Ryzen 2600X 4.25Ghz, MB510L, RX580 8gb, windows gaming pc package.£699.95 @ AWD-it
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
I have seen a few people comment that they like myself are looking for gamer Pc's for their children. I don't know anything regarding specs etc but this seem like a good price. Fee… Read more
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Will expire post. Thanks.


750 now


Again the mobo is an A320, they're going cheap on a really major part Okay then.


yeah 16gb 3000 for sure but switch out the hdd for a ssd too. £7.99 upgrade to ssd 240gb


I don't get there prices like you can buy just the pc for £650 but you get all that kit for £699. Shame they don't reduce the tower I'd all over it if it was near to £550 which you would think it would be if you remove all those extras.. Anyway to totally build a pc on that site they have good prices but I don't need windows 10 or a hard drive?

Cooler Master E500L Red Trim Windowed LED Black Gaming PC Case + MasterLiquid Lite 240mm £59.99 @ AWDIT
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
Seems like not too bad a price for both the case and the cooler. Free delivery

The single unit they had sold out a week ago.


Good to build pc from spare parts, I bought one, like 3 days ago , It's waiting for me in Sainsbury . They must had few of those I guess , but I never bought anything from this webside so I didn't post it here sorry


I wonder if they’ve sold the one they had available (skeptical)


Now oos

AWD i7 8700k 4.7GHz GTX 1070 8GB Gaming PC - £1107.92 (£1052.53 w/cashback) @ AWD-IT
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
So, the PC stock comes at £999.95. A good price, but I believed it needed some specific upgrades! I've changed the PC configuration to add 16GB RAM, Arctic Freezer 12 CPU Cooler (… Read more

It's the RGB case!!! :{


You'd be surprised actually, it's only a small company and I reckon they sell atleast 10 custom built pc's a day


Sorry, I thought you were receiving it today!!! lol Aye, I saw the build times. Seems extortionate to charge such prices. I doubt they are building more than they can handle each day.


I'm glad I'm not building one for you expecting it that fast ;) haha, I ordered yesterday, they say standard build time is 4-5 working days or you can pay extra for expedited (which is a rip off... £49.99 for 2-3 working days or £79.99 for 1-2 working days (shock) ) but no rush for me so just left it on the free option :D I'd assume it'll come on Wednesday or Thursday next week


Which card came with it in the end?

Best deal on AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six Core 4.25GHz, Asus B450M-A Motherboard CPU Bundle £236.95 at awd-it
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
I am building a pc and i have looked for a long time for the best deals on the platform, couldn’t find this one here so i decided to share it myself. I think someone added a simila… Read more

The OP's link on AWD IT website shows additions for upto 3200MHz DDR4. That motherboard does support that speed right?


Just for clarification i am building one with a B450 AORUS PRO motherboard which i have linked in the description(269£), but since it is a bit more expensive i decided to not present it as the best deal. :)


Well it is the OP who's building it, I just found the same bundle on ebay. A quick search suggests it can support up to 3200mhz in OC mode. (The specifications section in OPs link at awd-it lists it also).


Just so you know it says 2400mhz is the max ram speed on that motherboard, not great for ryzen. Amazing price though

_47 £226.91 with the voucher.

0% FINANCE Gaming PC - AMD 2700x - GTX 1070 TI - 16GB DDR4 RGB RAM - 500GB 860 EVO SSD - £1165.91 AWD-IT
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
The base spec of this computer is good as it is but add a few modifications and it's a beast. Bare in mind I've added RGB ram, you can get the non-RGB equivalent if you want to sav… Read more

It did actually have Windows 10 installed yeah even though it was supposed to come without an OS Done a bit of Fortnite streaming today just to see if it'll handle it. No problem, 180fps+ most of the time even while streaming :P


LOL!!!!!! That's funny af. Did it not come with Windows 10? I'm tempted to go back to 7. An update screwed the os and had to reinstall...apparently a common issue


I don't mean to harrass you with replies ;) But... I've figured the RAM issue. They just hadn't enabled the XMP profile in BIOS. I've done so and now running at 3200Mhz as it should. :D


The ports seem to be working fine now, must have just been a little glitch. Going to use DP on all 3 monitors. One shocking discovery though, I paid for 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM and it's come with Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM. The worst part, it's 2133mhz. Shocking, they should know the importance of this considering it's a Ryzen build. I can see why they've done though... the radiator for the water-cooler interferes with the RAM slots, so they've just put what physically fits in. Sneaky, anyone who doesn't know about computers probably would've never noticed. Regardless, I'll be contacting them on Monday to get it sorted, not sure what the solution is going to be yet, but I'm definitely not living with 2133Mhz RAM (lol) Another note, it's come with a Fractal Design PSU instead of a Coolermaster PSU... I'm not exactly bothered but it's just another thing that wasn't mentioned. If I'd known it was going to be this much hassle I'd have definitely built it myself -.-


Did you try with just the one? I only use dp on my main and HDMI on the secondary. Doesn't matter really, I still suck at fortnite. 🤪 I'm holding out for a 1080ti still...and likely will be for the next year lol

AMD 2400g + ASUS B450M-K Motherboard bundle £189.95 @ AWT-IT
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
Processor AMD Quad core 3.6ghz Ryzen 5: £139.32 Motherboard ASUS B450M-K ATX: £67.49 Total cost per Pcpartpicker: £206.81 This is face value £199.94. 5% discount with AWD5. Free d… Read more

there is no option


I believe it's during the checkout process.


Ha, it had been c. 80 for a solid day!


153° is hardly bad


Where do you enter the code?

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Quad Core 3.7GHz VEGA Graphics, Asus A320M-K Motherboard CPU Bundle AWD-IT £133.99
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Quad Core 3.7GHz VEGA Graphics, Asus A320M-K Motherboard CPU Bundle. Use AWD5% for further discount. Free shipping.

Can't overclock with A320 boards if that's what you want (and you should, free extra performance), avoid. Buy 350 boards at least


I only know about the 300 series of ASRock ones being unremarkable at best, and absolutely shocking at worst. If PCPartPicker is recommending a B450M though, they might have turned it around on the 400 series. I would listen to them as obviously they are going to be more knowledagble on this. In terms of overclocking on an ASRock - it's nothing different. I've always found ASRock to be more budget focused though.


On pcpartpicker it is recommending an ASRock B450M with the 2200G (for a budget build). Any reason you say not to use ASRock or do you mean in terms of overclocking?


Somebody mentioned something about the Gigabyte AB350 M Gaming 3, though I'm not entirely sure. To be totally honest - any board that isn't ASRock or A320 will serve you absolutely perfectly.


THis was flagged when i was looking around on PCPartPicker the other day and combined these, any recommendation on a good board for this CPU?

Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING 2.0-OP Motherboard + Intel Core i7 8700K 4.7Ghz Turbo Six Core Coffee Lake CPU with liquid cooler  £519.95 at AWD-IT
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Looks like a pretty good deal if you're building a high-end PC. 5% cashback with Quidco. Thanks Kie4King.

Loads of bling lol


I've not built pcs for over 10 years now, motherboards look so much better than they used too!!


thanks won’t make a rookie mistake of soaking it in water


I think either is fine as long as you give the potato a good old rub to make the electrical bits work.


shall i peel it and is maris piper good or should i go for some yukon golds

AWD Fortnite 2600X RX 580 8GB 16GB RAM Desktop Gaming PC - £607.82 @ AWD-IT
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
I saw the deal for the AMD 2600X Six Core 4.25GHz B450 Radeon RX 580 8GB Windows 10 Gaming PC £649.94 @ AWD-IT (… Read more
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£10 is alot for people who don't care about it


That's a shame, mine was spot on and really well put together.


Meh. I got my PC from them. Opened it Christmas morning to find the IO shield was bent and not fitted correctly, and the motherboard is wonky. Not fitted properly at all. Asked about returns and the only option is for me to take the PC to a drop-off point and they'll return it fixed. No way I trust them to fix it after seeing the build quality. Disgusting. Told them I'll fix it myself and see if it powers on next time I'm back up there (its at my brothers place). Ruined his Christmas!


After using this for two weeks now, I must say best purchase EVER! I’m not used to having the pc carry out my commands within a split second.


My order was delayed, but to be fair to them it must have been manic with Black Friday and they're not a massive company, they communicated well and everything arrived as ordered and built well, i'd recommend them thus far.

AWD F3 Ryzen 3 2200G with AMD VEGA Graphics Desktop Gaming PC £289.99 @ AWD IT
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Just have to buy a separate GPU to put into this (1050ti, or if the PSU comes with an 8pin connector, a RX 570 Reccomended), to make it a nice gaming PC for the price! (And install… Read more
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what woud be a £350 buy? cheers


How much?


Called and you can choose your GPU which they will install. Gone with the RX 580 myself


Hi everyone, I'm starting a YouTube channel would this be good for stream on obs using elgato hd60 with my PS4 with two monitors? I just need something basic since I'm not pc gaming ? Basically edit my videos captured on elgato connected to my PS4 also streaming on YouTube and daily normal use for emails surfing the web etc. I later invest in £500 plus gaming machine in future


Thanks for this

AMD 2600X Six Core 4.25GHz B450 Radeon RX 580 8GB Windows 10 Gaming PC £649.94 @ AWD-IT
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018 - Case: Cooler Master MB520 RGB Glass - Power Supply: 500W Bronze Rated PSU - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 4.25Ghz - Six - Motherboar… Read more

i didnt say it was a good deal...


That was completely lost on you wasn't it?


i guess you want to keep trying until your side wins :D . respect the result, stop moaning,whinging and stamping your feet saying it was unfair. your side lost, deal with it and move on, maybe in 10 years we have another vote. (y) having a brexit disscusion with a remoaner is like a broken pencil, pointless. toodle pip (highfive)


Ah, that old chestnut. If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.


ah an anti democrate is in the house, maybe you need to understand how a democracy works, im sure google could help you if you ;)

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo OC 8GB GDDR5X VR Ready Graphics Card​
£457.94 Delivered @ AWD IT
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
5.25% TopCashBack Available. GIGABYTE turbo fan cooling system features the exclusive blower fan design with the heat pipe direct touch technology to efficiently direct the heat … Read more
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yh this is cold the rtx 2070 is the same price.


Cheapest current price doesn't make it a good deal. It still has to be worth the money.


You could easily sell the 3 games and get more then 30 quid off.


This Black Friday sucks. I mean, there have been some good deals if you happen to want the free games from AMD, but I don’t care for those games and would very much prefer 30 quid off. I have a voucher on Amazon, and yet I can’t be brought to spend new prices on 2 years old cards. Especially with the insane profit Nvidia has been doing for the last two years, it’s not like they are really working with paper thin margins.


Seems to be a common complaint with blower cards from Gigabyte. I had a 1080 Ti Turbo and never noticed coil whine so maybe it’s luck of the draw with “cheap” Gigabytes.

Cooler Master CK550 Gateron Blue Switch RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard £49.99 Del @ AWD-IT
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
This keyboard has great reviews and has amazing build quality. I know it's got Gateron blue switches but some people (including myself) prefer those over reds. AWD also provides fr… Read more
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Would've snapped the hand off this one if It wasn't blue switches :( sick find tho


Great find, thanks buddy! (y)