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AWD MB500 Gaming PC Computer Ryzen 2700X 4.35GHz GTX 1070Ti 8GB IF10 - £999.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
This PC seems comparable to an earlier one which received considerable heat: T… Read more
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for the parts etc this is pretty good but all these "pre built" gaming systems all look cheap and nasty.. far too much LEDs and crappy cases


Not sure where you been hiding, I already have the 200001 version (excited)


I didn't bother posting this one as the 1080 deal i posted was better. Until that is out of stock this is the weaker bundle. Even if its just a slight difference in GPU.


No point, the 200000 will be out in a thousand years.


im waiting for the 100000 series

GTX 1080 Build (Custom built) £999.50 @ AWD-IT
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Had a mate actually purchase this and its got processed. He called them up and got the case upgraded for like 17 pounds extra to the following:… Read more
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Hey, Which is better, this deal or: Cheers for the help x


Weird spec if you ask me. No ssd and the upgrade options aren't much better. Ram also needs to be upgraded .


Yep loads of people reporting issues, read the thread posts here


ESD was a big problem with CMOS circuitry way back in the day, it's bloody hard to blow modern hardware with a static spark. Makes sense to touch an earthed point in your house before working on a PC, but gone are the days where you need static bands, etc.


Never my experience, I have purchased many of these codes, they are standard licences, never had an issue, have you?

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X CPU Six Core 4.2GHz Processor Socket AM4 - Retail £192.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Cheapest I could find for pre-order. Next is the scan. Cores/Threads: 6/12 Core Technology: "Zen+" 12nm TDP(W): 95 Max Boost (GHz): 4.2 Base (GHz): 3.9 Precision Boost: Y Precisio… Read more
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Let me start by saying that you are fundamentally correct, there is no "perfectly safe" HW/SW - only bugs and exploits that haven't been yet found. Having said that, there are issues and issues. Those "terrifying" AMDFlaws are exploits that required unsigned bios reflashes and/or full local admin right to the box to be triggered. Worrying about them is akin to worrying that a crim can copy your locks and enter in your home again whenever he wants, after you let them in unsupervised and gave them the master key. If you are genuinely concerned about them, do some extra research, be glad that a resolution path is in place and please don't let stock manipulators win by keep on spreading FUDs that have been extensively debunked. Anyway, there are degrees of unsafeness, and as far as it is known, amd has the "safest" products right now, which hardly means anything for most end users, as there are effective mitigation strategies around the meaningful exploits.


CTS labs LOL You can not be serious? The chip flaws that require you to have root/admin access to the pc... Or my favourite one, the one where you need a modded bios to exploit it. Yes they needed fixing. No it's normal to give a manufacturer 1 day notice of your findings. Spectre and meltdown were also found by an "outside source" and given a very advance notice before the findings were made public.


Yea AMD are definitely behind Nvidia at the moment in GPUs. I’ve always been quite surprised about that considering AMD are in every console for several years now! The reason I took your comment the wrong way was just because it sounded like you were saying AMD had been negligent in not releasing the info on their issues after only knowing about it 3 days.


I'm am definitely not anti AMD. I wanted to correct the person who thought Amd didn't have any security issues as this is spreading misinformation and isn't correct because they all have their own issues. I litterally put about 2 sentances and linked articles. I didn't bad mouth the chip and say anything about it being inferior to other brands. I'm in no way brand faithful. I buy whatever suits my needs most and switch between brands when needed. These ryzen chips are great value for money and do a lot of things better and for less money than the Intel chips do. I've switched between the red and blue team many times in the past until it got a bit one sided over the last 7 years or so. It's great now there's competition like you said. They just need to bring that to the gpu sector now to balance that market as that's definately in Nvidias favour.


Not really, you just came across as anti AMD. I agree they all have vulns. I just get miffed when people are not balanced which is how I interpreted your comments. Fact is we need competition in the market so the anti AMD brigade frustrates me.

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Gaming PC I5 8400 4.0GHz Turbo, GTX 1060 6GB DDR5, 8Gb Ram 2400mhz - £699.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Slightly different to one posted before for £669.95, the only difference being this is a I5 8400 processor 5% Quidco General BRAND: AWD-IT MODEL NUMBER: AWD-IT-8400-1060-Z3 WARRA… Read more
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Same price with a gtx 1070 Here


Why have these guys not mentioned what brand of various parts are they using ?


This is not a "deal" as you can build same +120GB SSD for same price. I can't understand why it's so hyped :D


Coffee lake prices will be coming down now with the h310, h370 and b360 mobos out. I would imagine this has a lot of cheap parts, probably with a H310. Yes is a H310... £40 motherboard.


Link please.

Gaming PC under £700 with great GPU (i5 7400 3.5GHz, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB , 8 GB DDR4 2400mHz) - £669.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Found this on their Easter Sale. Default specs should suffice for a comfortable 1080p gaming experience in most of the games. I think it will give at least 60 FPS on Max settings… Read more

AWD-IT used before for components , good prices and service . But would never buy a prebuilt P.C from any shop or online


It all depends on what you want to play; personally I'm happy with Football Manager, Civ IV, Company of Heroes, and some tycoon game. My only "complaint" on this build is the lack of an SSD, even just for the operating system. The difference in speed between a mechanical and solid drive really is chalk and cheese. Those LED lights are unnecessary for my liking, and I wouldn't need an optical drive. Take those out and give me an SSD, for around £600, and this would be a very good deal indeed.


WTF is wrong with you ffs. troll someone else


Says the guy who keeps coming back for more (y) alright pal!


you can troll all you like - obviously have too much time on your hands

Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Cherry MX Red Switches) - £59.99 - AWD-IT
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Seems like a good price for a Corsair mechanical keyboard. No RGB lighting, it's just red, but still. Don't like red switches? Here's the same keyboard, but with browns (£10 extra… Read more

OOS :(


These are absolutely lovel - got one at work and considering getting one for home use for this price.


Yeah, they sell reasonably priced pre-builts that been posted here too.


Ugh red switches - where's them bowns at? :P


Never heard of this site is it legit?

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Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Mini Edition 8GB £529.94 @ AWD-IT (£502.14 with TCB)
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Shows 7 in stock so be quick. Possibly £502.14 with 5.25% cashback from TopCashback.
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Zotac 1080 mini does NOT have idle fan off. Nuff said.


If this was a Ferrari, I would be seriously thinkign about it.


If you have limited space and budget and dont mind x2 louder fans, why not. Or add £20 and get this one.


Grabbed it, reviews seem to suggest the difference between this and full size are negligible and this is just inside my price range. Was going to grab a 1070 via a family member in the states but this beats waiting and possible warranty arse-ache. Got £18 cashback with too. Thanks very much OP!


I bought this for £480 at Xmas there, i might just throw it up on ebay and stick my 970 back in as i am not really doing anything that requires these cards at this time and i have a bit of buyers remorse, and the XBX is doing all my 4k gaming for the time being. ;)

Decently priced compact pre-built (i5 7500; GTX 1060 6GB ) - 3 Year warranty £649.94 @ AWD-IT
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
I was looking for a compact yet powerful PC for myself lately If you are interested in a pre-built desktop rather than building one yourself, then you might find this one interesti… Read more

Looks very neat, and that case fit like a glove <3 Thanks for sharing!


this case is perfect for any of the IKEA Cube Shelving furnature such as KALLAX I built a PC in this case for my Oculus Setup but wanted it to fit in my Unit in the livingroom. Just an FYI


Wise choice. I wouldn't buy a quad core i5 or CL i3 now personally. They're starting to show their cracks in the most demanding titles with CPU usage pegged at nearly 100%, especially the locked and lower clocked ones. Still probably fine for like 1080p 60hz and medium/high rigs, but anything more enthusiast warrants a better CPU especially for longevity. The list of games which definitively benefit from more than 4cores/threads grows all the time, and is undoubtedly the immediate trajectory for new games now. The 8400 is a fantastic buy currently. If you've no interest in tweaking and overclocking, then the cheapest Z370 board and an 8400 is probably the best recommendation.


Yeah I've gone with the custom build after hearing good things about the 8400 thanks.


Bought this for. My son 2 Xmases ago, was £599 for a short while, processor was the 6500 but still a very decent machine

i7 8700K only £299.95 with free delivery using code AWD8700K at awd-it
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Just got an email about a price drop on the 8700k, seems like a great price. Only valid until 2nd March 2018, so be quick. Use code AWD8700K AT CHECKOUT!

Not sure that's the reason why you posted it though , you answers seems like recouping


If this is a retail CPU, surely there will be a tamper-proof label on it so we'd know if AWT-IT had used the CPUs to check OC capability?


"Someone"? Who? Your dads mates birds ex-boyfriend? "Be specific Bob"...


Someone said that this company bin the cpus, if thats right then youll be getting one which wont overclock sufficiently.


And it's still overpriced....

Intel Core I7-8700K 4.7Ghz Turbo Six Core Coffee Lake Retail/Boxed CPU Processor - LGA1151 @ AWD-IT - £308.95
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Not OEM like this deal but basically the same price

Nobody is stopping you pairing a £90 board with a £310 CPU designed for overclocking but it's hardly the best pairing. Ideally you want a decent Z370 chipset if you plan on overclocking an 8700k just a little bit. Even if you aren't aiming at max overclocking you are far more likely to have a stable, long term guaranteed overclock with lower voltage required and better vdroop characteristics on the nicer boards. I'm not talking about £200+ boards here. £130-£140 for a well featured Z370 board will get something sufficiently better than a £90-£100 budget board to make it worth the extra cash with such a high end CPU.


I dont really agree with this. These wont all be 'super budget' or anything. Many of them will offer sufficient overclocking ability to get some decent extra performance. You only need to spend the big bucks if you're trying to really push the CPU closer to its limits. As somebody who isn't concerned with MAX overclocking or whatever, I find the top boards a massive waste of money when I can get overclocking performance I'm quite happy with for much less.


Intel launched with the high end most expensive Z370 boards, soon to launch the mid and lower end models. H370, B360 and H310. Saying that it's not exactly an ideal pairing for a £310 i7 8700k on a budget board that has average VRM performance or can't support the full range of overclocking options. Really the cheaper boards will be perfect for the locked Coffee Lake models. A budget £80 board + a £100 i3 8100 would be a top cheap gaming combo.


Currently there are Z370 motherboards which have most of the functionality and are ment for overclocking. As to the B350 motherboard they are budget boards and tend to have a few of the overclocking functionality missing and some features. Most of all B350 boards are cheaper.


Could you elaborate as I'm about to start a new build. Thanks :)

Intel Core i7-8700K 4.7Ghz Turbo Six Core Coffee Lake CPU Processor OEM - LGA1151 £308.50 @ AWIT
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
CPU Type: Intel Core i7 CPU Model: 8700K Socket: 1151 Architecture: Coffee Lake Manufacturing Process: 14 nm No. of Cores 6 Core No. of Threads: 12 Core Ratio: 37 x Clock Speed: 3.… Read more

It’s looks nice.. very tempting.. but if I buy it, that’s new RAM & Motherboard too...and whilst I’m at it may as well do the graphics card..


Can you hope. I mean I’m not hoping people lose money on the whole bitcoin thing, but it would be nice to be able to build a decent PC for gaming without having to spend the premiums that are being asked of right now.


The other person was not, specifically talking about 'crazy intel prices' which they aren't. And yes, RAM has went up in the past as well, but the GPU thing is a blip that is new. Bitcoin will crash or stabilize, likely just crash though... And then the GPU bubble will follow.


Yeah, I was speaking more about the RAM and GPU prices, has a surge in prices like this happened before and returned back down?


I mean, the Intel CPUs are at historical norms for each of their product lines... 308.50 is pretty spot on for their i7 k version.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU Eight Core 4.0GHz Processor Socket AM4 £284.99 @ AWDIT
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU Eight Core 4.0GHz Processor Socket AM4

You really need to search on here before posting deals. The Amazon deal was posted yesterday. Albeit Amazon are out of stock. You can also buy in stock from Aria for under £270 including postage. Which is better than this deal. Try using this site. Also try Seems to me you posted a price you thought was good. Always wise to do checks before you post on here! As this is £15-20 cheaper elsewhere before you even factor in cashback sites. Also when you search on here Idealo comes up at top of screen at times. Even that shows the Amazon Price much cheaper. Cold for me.


There was a 30% price drop on this CPU last week, so it should get cheaper in the coming days...


FYI the default clock speed of the 1800X is 3.6Ghz although it can turbo to 4Ghz It's also cheaper from Amazon -

Prebuilt Gaming PC AMD FX-8300, GTX 1060 3GB, 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz, 1TB HDD, No OS - £499.94 @ AWD-IT
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Most pre-builds are a rip-off, but some insist on getting them. I think this is OK for the price. Seems to come with a good 3 year warranty. The CPU is tier 2. The GPU is a good… Read more

You are correct. The FX-8320 does bottleneck a GTX1060 3GB. Two of my friends own this combo and we tested in 5 games we play together. Best example: GW2, max settings, town area (a lot of players). FX-8320=20fps, and my i7-4790K=54fps. Same location in games, same settings, same gpu. You can't even call this cpu a gaming cpu.


FX-8320 is worse than a Pentium G4560. Pass.


Feel bad with some of it lol. Picked up a Benq 23" LED 1080p monitor for a tenner off a guy on facebook. Noones interested in monitors after laptops and tablets took over, always tons of them for sale for buttons


This is very obviously a PC built from old stock with a 1060 shoved in, I'm a fan of AMD FX chips - at the right price, but this isn't it. My son's FX 8320 is already a bottleneck for the 280x he has in some games, I doubt the 1060 in this will be able to reach its full performance in running on such an old chip - remember that the FX 8300 in this "new" PC was manufactured 5-6 years ago! If you must have a prebuilt wait for the right deal with a Ryzen or recent Intel CPU, or ask around friends and family to see if anyone can help you with building one from scratch.


i3 8100, windforce 1060 3gb, 8gb 2400mhz ddr4, better case, psu and hdd for £586. Have to build it yourself and wait for parts, but should be a lot better system, low end pcs are rubbish to buy anyway, need to be upgraded soon and the step up to better parts is quite cheap in retrospect.

Asus ROG Strix B350-F AM4 Mobo £104.96 @ AWD-iT
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Nice looking B350 board and in stock
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I knew something was wrong with their stock - they had 15 showing in stock, then it slowly wen down to 8 through the night, then almost immediately it showed OOS.


Having ordered yesterday I've received this email. "Due to a supplier stock allocation error we are currently unable to ship your order. We've been advised that we will receive our correct stock on Monday the 18th, at which point we can dispatch your order for it to be with you no later than Wednesday." Hope this is useful, they did offer refund also.


Yeah roughly about the same price.


Motherboard deal - nerd comment magnet ;


I have had some issues with running this board. After installing it with an R5 1600 and 2400mhz RAM i would get black screens at random times, as if the GPU was completely cutting out. The rest of the board still was running though, and I would have to power it down via the socket. Couldnt get memory to run at the right speed either. After days of testing memory, and general fiddling with software and hardware. I deleted AI Suite and everything started to work fine. Memory at full speed, and I can even overclock to 4GHZ. The board itself is great, but annoyed that AI suite caused so many issues.

Gaming PC with GTX1060 6GB, Ryzen 1400, 8GB RAM, PC Package, Windows 10 - Plus £100 worth of games, £47 cashback and 0% finance from £67.49 a month - £899.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Seems like a good price for a very capable PC setup. Plus with the cashback, free games and finance I'm tempted to overhaul my aging rig.

Have a look on Amazon. Though seller seems to be missing....oops.




I've been looking myself and this seems pretty good. A 1070 is still a perfectly good card and for less than £100 I can put in an SSD for the OS.


Yes and yes. Other than the initial Windows set up, you shouldn't have to do much else to get it up and running.


Love scrub people saying will this play things without lag? Lag is caused by bad internet not bad PC hardware, thats called bad FPS...

Asus Maximus VIII Hero Socket 1151 ATX Motherboard £114.95 + free delivery @ AWD-IT
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
AWD IT have the Asus Maximus VIII Hero Socket 1151 motherboard for £114.95. Last time this board was posted at £125.99 it got 400 plus heat. Also has an additional option to get t… Read more

Bulldozer was received poorly because literally everything on the market was better. AMD lied about the core count. And of course, it doesn't outperform it's predecessor by much... But that still leaves the Phenom behind the Bulldozer.


Phenom ii was released before bulldozer. If memory serves correct bulldozer was received poorly compares to phenom ii


It's honestly not that bad, I just know that stacked up to the i5 2500, it's not so good. It's probably just because it was so close to the Bulldozer release that it has been looked down upon. Ryzen is certainly a step in the right direction and certainly has made for a more competitive market.


That's sound advice thank you. I'd only argue with your point about the phenom though. What made the phenom ii so bad? Admittedly I dont program or render anything but i do alot of number crunching in GIS suites as well as gaming and have never found it to be a problem until the last year. Anyways that's irrelevant, i think that AMD have made a big push with ryzen but don't quite hit the sweet spot for what i need/want


AMD make all sorts of claims, which seem to fall through at some point in time. But let's pretend it holds true. They have released + versions of every socket so far, within 2 years of the first (or less) since they began the AM series. The AM3 worked, but the AM3+ was better. But here's the thing. Who upgrades CPU/Motherboard within a year or two of purchase anyway? Take yourself for example. You stuck with the AMD Phenom for 7 years. You stuck with, demonstrably, a very bad CPU for 7 years. You will easily be perfect with the 8600k and z370. You won't buy a new CPU before 2020, and then both companies will have new sockets/motherboards anyway. You'll probably wait another 2 or 3 years after that and only consider an upgrade when multiple sockets/boards have been and gone anyway. If you think the 8600k+z370 is a good price and fit for you right now, then it's perfectly fine to buy it right now.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit - Red £79.99 @ AWIT
Found 31st Oct 2017Found 31st Oct 2017
Best price i have found anywhere for these, looked all over and a minimum of £100 for 3200mhz. Free delivery too which is just adds icing to the cake for me. Ordered
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Price has gone up to £94.99 now, i got mine ordered, spoke to the company and they have been dispatched... was a great deal while it lasted :)


Most of these chips are made in countries which use the dollar. The pound took a huge tumble against the dollar after brexit. For those who say brexit has nothing to do with it are just wrong. The devaluation has contributed to but isn't wholly responsible for the prices of ram and ssd


Clearly you understand neither RAM pricing or brexit.


Samsung profit for it's chip sales: $17.8 billion Q3. Tripled from last Q3.


wow, what a spot. ordered! Been keeping my eye out for 8gb so I can take my system upto 16gb. Nice find

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full tower PC case in Titanium Green - £82 @ AWD-IT
Found 2nd Sep 2017Found 2nd Sep 2017
This is seriously good money, less than many stores (or Amazon sellers), want for the budget "M" version. This is the only store I can find selling it for less than £100, and most … Read more
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Sadly, my TGN medication failed, so I was writhing in agony until yesterday (when the new meds finally kicked in), and havent been able to build my new system. I will post a review of how the build goes as soon as I am able; right now the case is sat on my dining room floor, looking gorgeous!!


I love my one, so much easier to assemble a system with these new cases than the old ones I insisted on reusing for too many years.


The Game Max is a LOT of case for the money, and reviews give it good praise; but I have been bitten by "too good to be true" cases; my current Novatech case is a good example; the chassis, design and layout are excellent - but sadly they cut costs on the little important things like the ports and buttons. I have only had this case 18 months, the power button broke after 6 months, the entire top port* section started acting up a few months ago, and now the reset button has started going the same way the power button did (sinking into the case). My other PCs rely on nuke proof business class cases from the late 1990's but for my main rig, I need watercooling options that werent even thought of back then. *My car will no longer play music from any usb device written using the top usb ports, but plays everything made using the direct mobo ports on the back; and the headphone socket is intermittent - something vital for late night gaming.


This will be better quality I reckon.


You can see it better in this brief review:

AWD Nova Gaming PC - 3.5GHz Dual Core, 8GB RAM with a free upgrade to an ROG Strix GTX1050TI 4G Graphics Card - £419.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
In the market for a new system and this seems to be a very good price for 3.5GHz dual-core, 8GB RAM and a Strix GTX1050TI. Should be saving at least £50 over buying the components … Read more

Haven't built my own for about 10years. this looks like a hassle free way of getting a decent PC perfect for my needs as a casual gamer and for running all the software the kids use at school. Seems a great price considering the component costs themselves. Thanks OP. Only 3 left now


Just if it had been Ryzen instead of Kaby Lake


Anyone wondering what this is capable of or what the DIY competition is should check out I'm no expert but its pretty similar to The Crusher, basically it will do the job at 1080 medium / low. There are loads of clips on youtube of people running all the AAA games using 1050Ti DIY using PCpartpicker comes out at £410, this looks like a good deal to me. If it can be done for cheaper I'd love to see some links.


This PC looks to be in my price range. As it doesn't come with an operating system, can someone suggest how best to get windows installed on the cheap? Thanks in adavance


Yes this will run it fine, on some decent graphics settings. Most other AAA games it will also run at highest or very high settings!

GTX 1080 for £449.95 at AWD IT
Found 16th Aug 2017Found 16th Aug 2017
Seems a decent price. Lowest around I can find and even more a decent price with the vega 64 already increasing.
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Now OOS please expire


Shame they are OOS


£450 is Damn good price, considering the Pound devalued by nearly 25%.Most people that pay this for a card only keep the card for 18 months to 2 years max, I personally swap mine every new generation. Doubt AMD will be able to compete with this or the next generation Nvidia models, shame really.


Get Vega 56. Will still be as good as the 1070 for gaming but far far superior for the video editing side of things. Think people are forgetting about that side of things and focusing solely on gaming which is a shame.


Seems these Vega don't run hotter than Nvidia cards. 64 runs 1 degree more than 1080FE 56 version runs 6 degrees cooler than 1070FE But, yes, power usage is much higher (although you are only talking a few £ difference per year for normal use)