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£20 off OnePlus accessories if you buy a phone
Save £20 off your case when buying the new OnePlus 6. Or any other accessories when buying a new OnePlus phone.

Thanks bud, was ordering one today anyway so got a free screen protector as the nylon case is out of stock (y) sorry OP I couldn't get your link to work


No, that has a referral code. Mine does not.


Lol nice try op


The mods are slow this morning.


There are no referral codes in the link given:

Use code piday from midnight to get £3.14 off accessories priced over £15 @
Obviously not a massive saving, but you can get this from midnight on anything over £15 like this This… Read more

Haha, no problem, I'm just kidding, to each their own.


Correct Mrswitch Sorry. Only mentioned it as OnePlus had there website hacked last year and lots of people had there Credit Card details stolen. Something similar also happened to CeX but at least you can buy from them with cash.


Boo... Another party pooper (lol)


I've picked up both my official One Plus cases from CeX. Mint condition, cheaper and no messing with credit card details etc. with China.


Sorry (not sorry) sorry (cheeky) Etc. Few more options from the official store though.

More Info
More Info
Get the OnePlus 5 earlier than everyone else
INSTRUCTIONS: Access the link and at the top enter the code APPLIES TO: OnePlus website

Missing the days of under £300...


I was thinking of getting this but the lack of front facing speakers that I have on my Nexus 6p is off putting


​no, it's not a compliment at all. The camera is trash if you already seen the reviews and I'm not gonna make them lower the price because I don't wanna support that company in any way no matter the price. They don't deserve it anymore.


Been waiting for this phone to be released, but a bit disappointed. :( Only HD screen (I use VR sometimes). Massive bezels (the top one looked even bigger than the 3T). No water proofing (handy if you get caught short in the rain and need to use the phone, use in steamy locations like the bathroom or even have the unexpected accident). Must admit the camera does look very good and may have been tempted if the 128gb version was £50 cheaper. :(


It wont even compare to S7 camera... not to mention benchmark cheating.

Newest OnePlus Discount Codes:

DiscountOnePlus Discount DetailsExpires
Up to 10% offSave at OnePlus with Up to 10% off Student Discount31/12/2020
£20£20 off OnePlus accessories if you buy a phone30/05/2018
£3.14Use code piday from midnight to get £3.14 off accessories priced over £15 @ oneplus.net13/03/2018
% offGet the OnePlus 5 earlier than everyone else21/06/2017