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£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Tradein “additional Bonus” of up to £50 from OnePlus
Tradein Bonus of £50 from OnePlus

Their website FAQs say they don't refurbish devices, they just sell them as second-hand via "formal sales channels"...whatever that means!


i wonder if they just take the old phones that get traded in (for cheap), change the screen and outer cases (obvs for cheap since they own them) and then resell them as new on their website for £500? lol


the frustration here is, oneplus do not even value their own devices much


Flagships of similar specification are over £1000. e.g. Samsung S20 and Iphones. The S20 entry model is £899. The Oneplus 8 Pro is £799 which is far superior to the standard S20. This is still a flagship killer... just that premium chips and hardware on phones now cost much more. Options to help bring the price down are: 1. Trade in 2. Student Discount 3. There is a possibility that the Oneplus 8 phone will come to other major mobile carriers like EE/02 as they have done in the past and so just get it on contract


Shame on oneplus. Pathetic trade-in values you could far exceed selling privately. I'm a oneplus owner but this sort of thing and the rapid price hikes for their new models are making me think twice about the company.

£100 Discount
£100 Discount
Save £100 on oneplus 7 pro via code #6THBIRTHDAY
Birthday event, £100 off oneplus 7 pro.

i cant help it if the op messes up the post.




eGlobal is based in Hong Kong, it should arrived Tue/Wed next week.


Has it arrived yet?


So you're voting on the quality of the post rather than the deal (annoyed)

Free ONEPLUS 7T Pro Case (Sandstone) @ Oneplus Store
Designed in unison with the OnePlus 7T, each protective case perfectly fits our latest device. With subtle raised edges, the lightweight yet highly effective OnePlus7T Protective C… Read more

Received mine today, only ordered the wrong case (annoyed) .... Got a 7T Pro instead of a 7T - anyone want to swap a 7T for 7T Pro case?


Mine arrived today, amazing when something is actually free ahha!!


Mine arrived today too. Looks great. Nice one op.


Got nine too looks better in real life


Bit the bullet and shelled out £4.99 for postage for this (fierce)

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
£20 off OnePlus accessories if you buy a phone
Save £20 off your case when buying the new OnePlus 6. Or any other accessories when buying a new OnePlus phone.

Thanks bud, was ordering one today anyway so got a free screen protector as the nylon case is out of stock (y) sorry OP I couldn't get your link to work


No, that has a referral code. Mine does not.


Lol nice try op


The mods are slow this morning.


There are no referral codes in the link given:

£3.14 Discount
£3.14 Discount
Use code piday from midnight to get £3.14 off accessories priced over £15 @
Obviously not a massive saving, but you can get this from midnight on anything over £15 like this This… Read more

Haha, no problem, I'm just kidding, to each their own.


Correct Mrswitch Sorry. Only mentioned it as OnePlus had there website hacked last year and lots of people had there Credit Card details stolen. Something similar also happened to CeX but at least you can buy from them with cash.


Boo... Another party pooper (lol)


I've picked up both my official One Plus cases from CeX. Mint condition, cheaper and no messing with credit card details etc. with China.


Sorry (not sorry) sorry (cheeky) Etc. Few more options from the official store though.

Get the OnePlus 5 earlier than everyone else
INSTRUCTIONS: Access the link and at the top enter the code APPLIES TO: OnePlus website

Missing the days of under £300...


I was thinking of getting this but the lack of front facing speakers that I have on my Nexus 6p is off putting


​no, it's not a compliment at all. The camera is trash if you already seen the reviews and I'm not gonna make them lower the price because I don't wanna support that company in any way no matter the price. They don't deserve it anymore.


Been waiting for this phone to be released, but a bit disappointed. :( Only HD screen (I use VR sometimes). Massive bezels (the top one looked even bigger than the 3T). No water proofing (handy if you get caught short in the rain and need to use the phone, use in steamy locations like the bathroom or even have the unexpected accident). Must admit the camera does look very good and may have been tempted if the 128gb version was £50 cheaper. :(


It wont even compare to S7 camera... not to mention benchmark cheating.

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OnePlus Nord 2 128GB 8GB Smartphone (MediaTek Dimensity 1200 AI / 4500Mah) + Free Google Stadia Premiere - £399 / £379 Students @ OnePlus
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Dimensions Height: 159.12mm Width: 73.31mm Thickness: 8.25mm Weight: 189g Display Parameters Size: 6.43 inches Resolution: 2400 x 1080 pixels 410ppi Aspect Ratio: 20:9 … Read more

I can agree with that a MIUI is trash... Thats why I've sold My Mi 11


It arrived today! Really pleased that it came with a case as there isn't much (any) choice on Amazon or eBay. Bit disappointing that it didn't come with a USB C to aux adaptor but they are pretty cheap. Also no Stadia but maybe that's coming separately.


I've seen video footage of the Nord 2 in low light and compared to what I seen this week on the Poco F3 in much more challenging conditions they are in the same league. The main on the Nord 2 is the ultra wide from the OP9 and combined with OP's heavy crop for stabilisation it isn't great.


Yes thanks but whilst some improvement it’s merely minor unfortunately. Xiaomi CS did suggest there will be camera improvements in MIUI but couldn’t commit to a date be it Q4 or Q1 22. Such a shame whilst Id have been happy with mediocre but the camera really is p*ss poor out with full day light. From what I can see think it’s better (for me/my usage) to spend more for Nord 2 5G. Main camera should meet my needs


I always thought the objective of this site was to save money on MRSP's, it looks like I must be wrong. :/

Oneplus 9 128GB Smartphone (120hz / Snapdragon 888 / Hasselblad Cameras) + Free Google Stadia Premiere - £549 With Code @ Oneplus
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Good bundle and reduced phone. Hasselblad Camera for Mobile Fast and Smooth Performance Ultra Fast Charging Premium Design

As a user of a 8t I'd say no! I have gcam and love it


Stacks with Studentbeans for £517.55 and with the Stadia as well. ;)


Tom's Guide: OnePlus phones are officially a mess — here’s why.


Im mostly interested in wide angle lenses. For telephoto Im using different tools / s21 ultra. I was comparing s21 ultra and OP 8 pro and wide angle is better, standard is on par in terms of resolution or very close. Both are not great on the side of frame.


Nope, downgrading the camera, battery, display not worth at all

OnePlus 8 Pro 128GB Black Smartphone (120hz / WIRELESS Charging / Snapdragon 865)+ Free Google Stadia Premiere - £489 With Code @ OnePlus UK
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Further reduction with code, plus still getting a freebie, this time the Google Stadia, or a set of gaming triggers. The OnePlus 8 Pro is the most advanced variant of the OnePlu… Read more

Offer doesnt work, page shows full price.


In normal lighting, it's honestly fine. The screen does look pretty incredible in these conditions, also works great outdoors. The screen falls flat in very dark lighting. If there's grey or black on the screen, it's never accurate unless you're above 40% brightness, which in dark lighting is uncomfortable. Mine does a weird transition from a cloudy green, to way over contrasty (literally pitch black for grey's) to green again, then normal above 40%. It's also patchy. The middle of the screen for the most part is fine, but the outer edges are terrible. Gradients also slow horrible banding, which only improve with brightness. One Plus told me to wait for updates and wouldn't help. There have been a number of updates, which have done nothing from what I can see. Bit frustrated to be honest. My first and last OnePlus.


Where is the technical level information? I have just seen flying posting the names of a few things installed on xaoimi phones and saying they are spying and that there are more such apps installed on xaoimi than OP devices. No list of the software installed on both phones that shows how much more bloatware there is on xaoimi phones (which I don’t think many people would be surprised by or argue against anyway). No evidence which software harvests your data or what they do with it. I’d be surprised if there is a phone available today that doesn’t have access to your data and possibly tracks you and uploads some of this data to their chosen servers. If your that worried about your privacy buy a cheap burner and don’t use it for anything other than calls and maybe basic texts without any information you don’t want anyone to know


I received the phone but stadia having to wait 30 days for a code to then redeem. Also the phones software and display is very glitchy but Oneplus support ignoring my emails to them. Also rumours the speed has been throttled. Now I’m stuck with the phone !


My point exactly. If people aren't interested in that kind of conversation, it falls on deaf ears.

OnePlus Nord Snapdragon™ 765G 8 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage Smartphone - £379 @ Oneplus
Refreshed 4th Aug 2020Refreshed 4th Aug 2020
Comes with a free Tote bag as well, I mean come on, absolutely cracking eh? Plus 3.5% topcashback The OnePlus Nord has been created with 5G technology to ensure your phone i… Read more

should be.




The Moto G 5G Plus has the 765 chipset not the 765G.


Surely most UK residents can afford the price of a cheap bluetooth headset? The 720 SoC in the Pixel seems dated already just how dated will it appear in 2 or 3 years time? Plus by then 5G may be UK wide whilst the Pixel is stuck on 4G, the fact the 765 Soc/5G Pixel is going to be £100+ more expensive shows the Nord's a bit of a bargain, unless you want a top of the range camera although GCAM app may do that over time.


Yeah the battery life is a big positive and the dual SIM functionality is useful to some people, especially myself having used it myself as personal and work phone. thinking is someone looking for a mid range phone isn't concerned about high performance to run games and huge amounts of ram , some people probably be none the wiser between the higher screen refresh rate either. A low cost phone that works , has great customer service and takes great point and shoot pictures no nonsense, has a headphones jack too ,a must at this price considering people aren't going to spend on wireless.

OnePlus Accessories 50% off - E.G OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z £24.97 + £4.99 shipping @ OnePlus
91° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
One plus is doing 50% on accessories.

Hey @np2 , thanks for sharing your first post. I've added the product info for the title deal underneath - hope it helps :)




Hmmm just saw OnePlus buds Pro coming out soon with new codec support. Very tempting


Adaptable to Multiple Smartphones Designed with flexibility in mind, the OnePlus Gaming Trigger can easily be adapted to fit a wide range of Android and iOS mobile phones, even when screen protectors and protective cases are equipped. Maximum device thickness required is 11.5 mm. Yeah, tempting. Look like they just press on the screen, so you can use your Index fingers rather than your thumbs. Could be perfect for racing games. Saying that, I've got a xbox controller and Holder, don't use it much. Still want them though. 😁


Did someone tried gaming triggers?

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OnePlus Accessories 50% off via APP - eg. OnePlus Buds Z £27.50 + £4.99 shipping @ OnePlus
278° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Link to app Normal Buds also available £39.99 + £4.99 shipping (£44.98). Offer applies to all accessories except OnePlus Watch, Backpack, Fanny Pack. Offer only availablRead more

This is back on I think op


Thank you very much for your insight. I find it a lot harder now to decipher the teal review from the paid reviews, be it youtube or Amazon. I will look into the chipset that you mentioned; defo appeals to the geek in me. :D


No problem. The Tronsmart will be available on Amazon UK in around two weeks. They have a small issue with the firmware to resolve, nothing major but it's affecting all buds that use the Qualcomm QCC3046 chip where sometimes they default to single mode. Definitely worth waiting for that reason alone! The 1More are also excellent, but expensive. And when you factor in the change in tips it starts to get up to premium prices, but they do periodically go on sale on Amazon UK so worth keeping an eye out. The actual mic modules the vendors use are all pretty much the same, I've taken a load apart and there are maybe two or three component manufacturers of MEMS mics. So this element of earbuds is a bit of a false economy. These two models are amongst the few to have 6 mics (3 per bud), including two ambient mics on each bud, and they do a reasonable job of improving ambient noise reduction over the usual 4 mic array, by filtering out two different frequencies from the two different ambient mics. It's not exactly revolutionary stuff but it is noticeably better. In late 2021 - early 2022 we will start to see Elevoc Voc-Plus AI noise reduction included in earbuds. One of the noticeable improvements in the QCC3046 chip that Tronsmart use over the BES2300 (used by Anker, 1More, Edifier, Huawei, Honor, JBL etc) and the QCC3040 (used by Tribit, Soundpeats, Haylou, Xiaomi, etc.) is the ability to offload flash memory. That will allow Edge-based applications to run to try to improve specific functions, like noise reduction. It's a little way off yet, and the vendors are at the mercy of the semi-conductor market, but it is happening. Multipoint, High Def and Call Quality are the three major focus areas for all of the earbud vendors I speak to. I try and keep up a presence on HUKD as a long time member, commenting on as many earbud deals as possible, without trying to sound too much like a 'know it all' or party pooper! But you can also follow me on Instagram (same name) which shows unboxings and links into the more in-depth reviews I currently host on Head-Fi, but am slowly migrating over to my own site. The beauty is I don't take bribes for my reviews, I buy them and if they're rubbish I send them back or sell them on ebay. A lot of the reviews on YouTube are bought and paid for so you have to be real careful.


Thanks OP, I was after a fairly cheap pair of buds for casual use and bought the buds Z. HEAT!!


Thank you very much. The Tronsmart look great. Can see them on US Amazon. Do you mind telling me if they available in the UK anywhere?

OnePlus Day Sale - OnePlus Nord N100 £99 / OnePlus Nord N10 5G £199 via OnePlus
162° Expired
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
OnePlus Nord N10 5G & N100 - while stocks last - price from £99. Between 10 AM and 10.30 AM

I would waste any money on that. (y)




The Nord 2 with a D1200 and the imx 766 (same sensor as oppo find x3 pro) might be interesting if priced right But these N series phones aren't worth anyones time imo, launched on android 10 and only getting 11 is a joke, its clear that the N series is aimed towards NA where they can push crappier phones to americans due to lower competiton there, they didnt even bother launching the N200 outside US/Canada so that pretty much confirms what the N series is targeting


Which this are you referring to?


They never found their way for me, to much hype and not enough foucing on the product. When you essentially make 1 or 2 phones per year you shouldn't have the volume of issues they did. Still they have done what OPPO formed them to do and that was to open a gateway to the western markets. From the day OPPO formed Realme, OP's days were numbered.

OnePlus 9 SIM Free 8 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage + Free Stadia premium edition - £599 @ OnePlus
49° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
OnePlus 9 SIM Free Astral Black/Arctic Sky 8 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage Free Gift -Stadia premium edition

I'd be angry, had I purchased OP9, to see that (fierce)


OnePlus should be ashamed that their cheaper Nord has a IMX 766 WITH OIS but this model lacks OIS, not a fan of it combined with mediocre battery and overheating issues


Never settle for a plastic frame


"Always throttle" instead of "Never settle" now (:I


What for What for? Or did you already have it? So not really £679 unless they just 'gave' you the gift card?

OnePlus 8 Pro Black 128GB Smartphone (Snapdragon 865 / 120hz) + Free Gift - Google Stadia Bundle Or Buds Z Headphones - £499 @ OnePlus
925° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Even cheaper if you go through student beans at £474.05. Not working unfortunately Choice of free gift: The OnePlus 8 Pro is the most advanced variant of the OnePlus 8 seri… Read more


since when is £499 plus £100 equal to £641?


We’ll see if they hold to that or decide that some security patches or almost update that includes some of the features of a new version is classed as an update.


For anyone concerned about limited updates, one plus have announced that the 8 series will receive 3 major Android updates and 4 years of security updates.


Good Morning Switchy I hope you are goodGreat price specially with GiftHeat added 🩸

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Up to 10% offSave at OnePlus with Up to 10% off Student Discount31/12/2021
£50Tradein “additional Bonus” of up to £50 from OnePlus21/04/2020
£100Save £100 on oneplus 7 pro via code #6THBIRTHDAY31/12/2019
% offFree ONEPLUS 7T Pro Case (Sandstone) @ Oneplus Store1/11/2019
£20£20 off OnePlus accessories if you buy a phone30/05/2018