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Currys PC World is the UK’s largest retailer of electronics equipment, computers and white goods. With outlets in all of the country’s major cities and an online store, finding Currys PC World Deals is easy. They also offer regular discounts, and all of the latest deals can be found at the Currys PC World hotukdeals pages.

All Currys PC World Deals, Discounts & Sales for July 2020

Philips Hue white and colour ambiance E27 £12.97 at Currys PC World Leeds Headrow store
Posted 5 h, 10 m agoPosted 5 h, 10 m agoLocalLocal
Currys PC World (Leeds Headrow store) had labels for Philips hue bulbs on clearance. Asked and checked but they didn’t have any stock in Leeds, said other stores may have stock


Hunting unicorns!


I've not seen the wild goose jpg for a while


That is a massive discount


Would guess stores with stock are getting rid of the old versions (without Bluetooth). Great deal if you can find them (y)

SONY Cyber-shot DSCH300B Bridge Camera £149 at Currys PC World
Posted 6 h, 43 m agoPosted 6 h, 43 m ago
20.1 megapixels Sensor type: 1/2.3" / 6.17 x 4.55 mm CCD sensor Optical zoom: 35 x 3" LCD screen Been checking out bridge cameras in this price range this seems to be the best … Read more
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Yh, if I rightly remember it was on this site that I found the deal.....I was a ‘hot deals newb’ back then(embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (y)


Me too..posted here I think .


I bought this camera for just £65 back in 2016 from tesco direct (y) .... I thought they had stopped making this model (confused)


Bridge camera with no evf and 720p video. (confused) Just get a compact that you can slip in your pocket.


Has been much cheaper than this. Maybe wait for a sale it you're not in a rush? I do find it astonishing that it sold for £99 in 2015, but has been consistently higher in price since. Camera prices are bonkers. Given the camera's age (6 years?) and low review scores, you really do get what you pay for. Unless it's imperative you get a new bridge camera for this price, I'd be looking at second hand or alt options

GOPRO HERO7 White Action Camera £129 at Currys PC World
Posted 6 h, 52 m agoPosted 6 h, 52 m ago
Been at this price a few times, but still a great price for a water proof 1080p action cam with image stabalisation etc. Top features: - Up for anything with a tough waterpr… Read more
perkypig cool.....I ordered 4......havent received email hoping they're all me the hassle ;-)


It may not be an issue Currys just cancelled my order for my daughter without explanation.

perkypig, with all this rubbish that's going on at the moment.....who knows what new procedure they have in place.....


Of course you can return them after you've collected. Or if you can't be bothered to collect, they'll refund you if you don't collect after a number of days.


...gutted...mine are going straight back....after I've collected them....or can I return them when I collect them?

LG SK8 2.1 Wireless Soundbar with Dolby Atmos £239.97 at Currys PC World
Posted 7 h, 38 m agoPosted 7 h, 38 m ago
Saving £159
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Lol, false advertising then?


Please don’t buy anything from Curys ! Get it price matched somewhere else with better service and after service.


Any recommendations for something I can use both tv and turntable?


It doesn't.


The soundbar lacks analogue inputs.

AROZZI Arena Gaming Desk - Pure Black £250 @ Currys
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Unique gaming surface The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk has a large, stable surface which is covered with a huge custom mouse pad – perfect for gaming however you want without wor… Read more
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mhmdfali They’re often reduced and even at this price if you stick a worktop on it and it’s still cheaper. :) . Not sure why you’re taking this personally. I’m just showing you that there is a better product at a better price than the one you originally linked to help you better spend your money. This company is simply trying to use the word “gaming” to rip off poor innocent souls that don’t really know what they’re buying Isn’t worth more than £50-80


I would be interested to see this electric desk you allude to for around £250 perhaps you can get an electric chair too ?


Wrong analogy. Voting is based on the worth of the product. This is a basic desk that doesn’t do anything special apart from having a giant mouse mat. A luxury sport car does well beyond what a Toyota Yaris may do or look like. Would you get a Ford Fiesta for the same price as a Ferrari? No of course not. £250 for a desk is a lot of money and you can easily get a sit/stand electric desk for the same amount therefore it’s not a “deal” when a better product is available for a similar if not same price.


Thank you for your post. It was definitely an eye-opener to me into the ‘world of gaming’


the voting it seems is not based on whether it is a deal or not , rather that few people consider it an item that they would spend that much money on. same would happen if there was a Koenigsegg with £10k off , some bright spark would point out that their car cost £9999 and still gets you from a to b matters not to me really , I was asked to find the best price for that specific desk by a friend and figured a 11% saving vs the rest might help someone on here , they could of course put their computer on a tea tray strapped to a black and decker workmate for a similar result.

LENOVO IdeaPad 3 14" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 3 4300U CPU, 128 GB SSD, 4GB RAM, Grey - £379 delivered using code @ Currys PC World
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
This has the new Ryzen 3 4300U processor which some could prefer to the deal posted recently with the Ryzen 3 3200U processor. I guess the 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM is not ideal bu… Read more

The Ryzen is considerably better. That i3 is only a dual core. That's pretty criminal in 2020.


I didn't say it was fine if the USA does it. That's called a straw man argument. What I said was that the US government takes the Chinese technology issue seriously enough to ban their own people from using Lenovo computers. If you wish to ban yourself from using USA based tech, then that would be a decision for you. NSA spying does not "justify" Chinese spying, and it is not about justification anyway. It is about whether you want anyone spying on you, and what you can do to reduce the incidence of it.


US does more spying than any other country. If US does it then it's fine? Ever heard of NSA leaks? They probably peeping you through your webcam.


its worthwhile to check prior the purchase whether the memory is really upgradable, my ideapad 5 has memory soldered to the board and no free slot It should still be a reasonably fast browsing / office machine


1.6kg makes it a no. better get swift 3 1.2 1.3kg

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LG 55UM7050PLC 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV - £399 @ Currys PC World
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Fantastic 4K viewing The LG 55UM7050PLC 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV is packed with technology to bring you the very best viewing. The 4K HDR technology brings you vibrant c… Read more
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Electronic World only sell refurbished TV's or "graded" TV's (used), they just don't make it obvious on the listings.


Had this got Apple TV +


Is the 55" nanocell worth it for 530?


No, it's 2019 model so it's on sale now till stock lasts.....cheapest NanoCell with hdmi 2.1 for this year is £899 for 49" Nano86


Noice! Maybe it'll be that price again towards the end of the year.

PHILIPS 276E8VJSB 4K Ultra HD 27" IPS LCD Monitor - Black £229 @ Currys
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
This is a good value 4K IPS Monitor on the market right now. I believe you have to get this monitor delivered to your local currys to pick it up. Advantages: - IPS panel - 5ms Res… Read more

Exactly! 60 hz is more than enough for a 4k monitor. The hotukdeals people forcefully made this deal expire when I told them they were in stock


how well is windows 10 handling icon and text resizing on these smaller 4k panels?, remember trying a 22" 1080p with win7 and it failed miserably. was giving me headaches trying to read stuff on the desktop.


It's not a problem. Honestly it's one of the best quality displays in the price range, possibly the best 4K under £300


Thanks for the advice bro


I'm no monitoe expert, why is 60Hz a bad thing - is that just a problem for games? I really want it for business applications i.e. big spreadsheets, multiple documents on screen etc. Also, still seems in stock, so why expired? Nice number of inputs (shame they come straight out the back rather than angled down. Also real shame about lack of VESA.

New SONY Sports WF-SP700N Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Black - £69.97 With 6 Months Free Spotify Premium @ Currys PC World
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Spotify is for new customers only. Good price this for the TWS from sony Top features : - Charge on the go with the carry case - Customise your sound with the Sony Headphon… Read more

Riiiiiight, got the Tozo NC9 today from Amazon. Just cracked them open and used them for the first time. I also have the Jabra 75t's, and out the box in my opinion the NC9's sound better. Cleaner sound, more expansive...this is without any EQ tinkering. For me the 75t's always sounded really muddy and needed alot of EQ tinkering out the box, but the sound did improve after a few updates. Now, the NC9 comes without any companion app while the 75t's has a rather nifty one. There is however a work around. The android app for the Decebel 20's anc earbuds actually works for the NC9'S. (y) (y) If you do use the app, don't choose the presets, as they are poor. I had presets set to off and used the Black Music Player Android apps EQ if needed....much better option. Hopefully the manufacturer brings out their own app, because these great earbuds deserve it (y) The app is certainly and currently more limited then the 75t's offering, but you get the control you need. The NC9'S are nicely packaged...earbuds, nice small USB-C charging case, short USB-C cable and a fine selection of replacement tip. An omission is wireless charging, but the the much more costly 75t's, also lack this...they also lack one of the main reasons for my NC9 purchase. The addition of actual ANC, which is brilliant at the price point (£55.99)......and it really works in my opinion. I can't compare them to highend offering from Sony etc, but the anc does work (y) The buds rely on touch controls, which do appear cricket click button presses and pressure. The fit of the NC9's is actually really good, again in my opinion much, much better then the 75t's, which I am forever adjusting in the instances when I do use them. All in all, its early days but at £55.99, I'm initially very pleased with this purchase (y) Hope this feedback helps (y) :D


Don’t know why anyone would want to stick something in their ears for extended periods. Counter intuitive. And a bit grufty.


Yeh seen it.... (y) Like to to do a bit of research before I invest any hard earned money (y) I actually ordered the Tozo NC9's...arriving today....let you all know what they're like in due course (y)




LG Ultragear 27” FHD IPS LCD Freesync 144Hz Gaming Monitor, £224 at Currys PC World with code
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
£5 off using code, decent specs monitor at a reasonable price. Key Features Whether you want to take on the latest titles or binge-watch your favourite shows, the LG UltraGear … Read more

I've had this monitor for a couple of months now and while 1080p on 27" does take a bit of getting used to, it's no issue as long as you don't sit super close. Rtings gives it a decent rating and I can't fault it tbh. There are other monitors that are cheaper and work with Gsync but to my knowledge this is the cheapest that is certified by Nvidia to run with no issues


1080p... nope


I've got this not like that for me might not be for you


Some mixed bag reviews on this one due to screen bleed.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7720 All-in-One Wireless A3 Inkjet Printer with Fax £109.99 @ Currys
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
I was looking for a A3 printer but also a scanner with ADF this seems to fit the bill and the cheapest I could find. No doubt it will cost me an arm and a leg in ink. It wont scan … Read more
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That refers to one as she? There's more than one of you, unfortunately.


Took the bait


If you need to print on card or similar you won't be able to with this.


You CAN use compatible inks with these printers (I have the 7740) but ONLY IF you don't update to the latest firmware. Turn off checking for printer updates: Settings -> Printer Maintenance -> Update the Printer -> Printer Update Options. If you already have the latest firmware, you can downgrade the firmware - see this page for downgrades:


I have the 7740, bought a couple of years ago when there was so much cashback I was paid to own it. Same machine but two drawers and an A3 scan bed. Ink is pricey, and knock offs fail, but that said it lasts forever, 3 colour cartridges on S&S (which you then cancel) at Amazon are around £60 and have 4000 pages each. The foot print is very large, as already pointed out, more so with A3 in the drawer as it sticks out and doesn't sit flush.

AMD Ryzen 3 3100 CPU/Processor, £94.99 with code at Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Decent offer, £5 off with code. KEY FEATURES Socket AM4 Base Speed - 3.6 GHz | Max Speed - 3.9 GHz 4 Cores (8 Threads) 65 W (TDP) Compatible Motherboard Socket - AM4 Int… Read more

Not for that one, but I just did for a 2400GE this week. I've bought 5 CPUs from there recently and only paid it once. So I would assume that you would be paying another £12 on top.


Depends, given some dont like pre-pasted coolers as its not always the best quality. Or just too much applied so they rather do it themselves.


2 weeks is pretty impressive! Did you pay any duty/customs fees at all?


Curry's won't be banned when they certainly ahold be, they'll be paying hotukdeals too much money in referral fees


Nice. I got the 3300x for my son and it is awesome! Looking at another cheap build and eyeing up second hand ryzen at cex as I have loads of vouchers but this is making me think again!!

MSI Optix G241VC FHD 23.6" Curved VA Freesync 75Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor - £124 with code at Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
£5 off with code. Nice specs monitor on offer here, hope it helps. Key Features Curved shape and borderless design Get absorbed in your favourite games with the MSI Optix G2… Read more

Yes they are you just need a Microsoft wireless dongle.


Slight off topic question , is that an xbox 360 controller If so do they work on a pc ? Thanks


DM Sent


Hey yeah can you hook me up I'm looking at getting a couple


You can get them direct from msi but I got mine from Etsy as they are half the price. I know the guy who sells them if you need help.

SHARK DuoClean Powered Lift-Away True Pet Anti Hair Wrap AZ910UKT Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Rose Gold (Free shipping) £199 @ Currys
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
For those who are still looking for this model that is currently OOS on Shark website. It is the same price and with free shipping too. Includes 5 years warranty. Product feature… Read more
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Does anyone know if the warranty is covered by Currys or by Shark directly? Currys contract out their warranty service to another company "Team KnowHow" (also goes by RepairCare and other names) and I've had nothing but trouble with them in the past on large purchases -- the reviews on TrustPilot and other sites show I'm not alone in experiencing shocking customer service.


I believe the 910 has a slightly wider floor head so it'll hoover up a wider path. Other than that, pretty much the same -- both come with the pet hair attachments etc.


Is this very heavy? My mom is looking for a vacuum to replace her Kirby which she got in the 90s, as her Kirby is too heavy to use! Also, anyone know how this compares to Kirby/Miele? On the Curry's website it says you have 21 days to change your mind: Is that not the case?


It could be faulty ;)


Both really cool and shocking all in one! Was amazing to see the Shark bring the carpets back to life but also made me realise the efforts of my Dysons and Henry were poorly lacking. I've always enjoyed vacuuming (I know... I know...) but the Dysons left me with a false sense of cleanliness and the Henry just made me want to set the damn thing on fire. Hopefully I've found the device that confines these other bits of tat to the garage and then ultimately the tip (y)

Spyro Trilogy Reignited (Nintendo Switch) + 6 months Spotify Premium for £21.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Good offer. Includes Free 6 month Spotify Premium subscription for new Premium accounts only (valid for redemption until 04/10) +Free delivery It's been a while but he's back … Read more
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Was honestly disappointed with the port on the Switch, most of the game has constant fps drops, not sure what the other console versions were like though


Same price with Amazon if people missed it (I know you don't get the Spotify) -


A fantastic trilogy.

Xbox One Wireless Controller & Twin Docking Station Bundle save £9.99 - £54.99 @ Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
MICROSOFT Xbox One Wireless Controller & VS2859 Xbox One Twin Docking Station Bundle

Thank you.


Hey @beckx , welcome to the site and congrats on your first post :)


The Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with the current Xbox One controllers, so you should in theory be able to pick up some cheap Xbox One controllers as it starts to go end of life. And of course you'll be able to use your exist Xbox One controllers. Equally the Series X controllers will also work with the Xbox One, so in theory you'd expect them to also be compatible with the PC wireless adapter.


Yeah these are pricey and rarely discounted but what do you do? Great for other devices, which I've just bought this bundle for as I don't own an Xbox. Went for the blue colour as need something to standout from all the other controllers I have that insist on connecting to their own consoles first. PS4 I'm looking at you.


I agree but this ain’t much of deal tbh, that’s due to lockdown everyone has probably smashed a few pads (fierce) (:I

[NINTENDO SWITCH] Crash Team Racing - Nitro-Fuelled - £21.99 Delivered @ Currys & PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Free 6 month Spotify Premium subscription for new Premium accounts only when purchasing this product More info Power slide your way to victory with your favourite marsupial in … Read more

If you want a serious driving game I've heard this seems to be better


Poor mans Mario Kart :D


The drifting in this is like the bikes in Mario Kart... which I hate.

ACER Nitro 5 15.6'' FHD IPS Ryzen 5 3550H, 8GB RAM, GTX 1650 4GB, 256GB SSD Gaming Laptop - £624 delivered with code at Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
£5 off with code, decent specs laptop for the money. Operating System Windows 10 Home Processor & Chipset Processor Manufacturer AMD Processor Type Ryzen 5 Processor Model 3… Read more

Great cheers


2x8GB, and it is an m.2 ssd. So you have space for another m.2 and space for a 2.5.


Did you put 1 * 16gb in ? or 2 * 8gb ?. Also, is the installed storage a m.2 SSD or a 2.5" SSD ? I've got the same laptop, just not opened it up yet.


I'm not an expert but used Seems to be pretty decent. Just don't make the same mistake I did and think the laptop only has 1 X 8gb ram...because it's 2x4 GB (lol)


Hi! Which ram did you put in it, I’ve got one of these but not sure what ram I would need or is best value?

MSI Optix AG32CV 31.5 inch FHD VA 1ms Freesync 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor - £244 delivered with code at Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
£5 off with code, hope it helps. SPECIFICATION Panel Size 31.5" (80cm) Panel Resolution 1920 x 1080 (FHD) Refresh Rate 165Hz Response time 1ms Panel Type VA Brightness (nits) 25… Read more

I was going to say. I know 4k is way too small as need to scale it to 150% to see things. I think QHD should be standard from 23" and up


Wouldn't recommend anything over 27inch FHD


I had a 27 inch full HD and it was okay from a comfy distance, but if you were up close yeah you could see some edges. At this size you'd definitely have to be chilling at a relatively decent distance, though not super far, to not worry about seeing edges and pixels etc.


I guess it depends how far away you're sitting. But yeah will likely be poor from close up i.e. Sat at a desk


A bit big for fhd at this price?

GOJI GSTYPP15 Stylus - Purple + Spotify Premium Free For 6 Months £1.99 (Free Delivery) @ Currys PC World (New Spotify Premium Customers)
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Back in stock for home delivery (Delivery is free) Free delivery and code for 6 months premium Spotify, I’m currently 2 months into my 6 months on Spotify thanks to this deal. Co… Read more

Heat added, took a chance and ordered blue Friday morning, it arrived today as did an email with Spotify code (says offer ends 4/10/2020)


I’ve not done it myself however pretty sure you have to use different e-mail accounts otherwise it will link it to the fact you have held a premium free account previously


Do they use separate email accounts to open new Spotify accounts? Thank you


I’d be inclined to buy them separately especially as its free delivery and then if there is an issue with getting a code it’ll be easier to chase up with an individual order number


Thanks for the reply. Would you recommend buying multiple items at once or one per Currys account? Ie if I buy 2 items per transaction, would I be expecting 2 codes?

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