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Hotpoint Class 3 SA3 544 C IX Built-in Oven £167.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Thought this was cracking deal for a very good oven with decent reviews and a large capacity, a similar model is £249 on the Curry's website. Voucher code is SAVE20 and their is 2… Read more



got a whirlpool at home (same manufacturer), 3 years old and wont heat up, they give a 10 year guarantee, but you have to register and pay for call out charges, which are almost as much as this!!! Wouldn't buy another!


Can verify its dead easy to do- worth checking as usually it's obvious if it's the element (light comes on, fan activates but just no heat) and often when you take it out you can see it cracked. Did this whilst visiting my mother in law at Easter and £14 with Amazon next day delivery (well, 2 day as was Easter weekend!). Managed Easter roast dinner in the microwave and using the grill in the meantime.


It came back up earlier, seems to have gone again


Anyone else getting issues with site?. Tried the link and also looking generally under categories and get "An unknown error has occurred Please try again later."

Large Oven Tray 38cm for £1 @ Wilko (+5 Years Guarantee)
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Great value and useful baking tray. Free store collection available and comes with 5 years guarantee :) Our large oven tray has a non-stick finish to help out with the cleani… Read more
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Bought these a few months ago at £1.50. They are a good size, heavy duty and don't stick but mark and get stained very quickly.


in Iceland 50p for rectangular ones on the shelf above freezers


It says they’re non-stick and have a 5 year guarantee?


I've bought these in the past, can't grumble at £1 but they're cheap for a reason........


Me too :D

Morrison in store Russell Hobbs Compact digital Microwave oven 20l £45
LocalLocalFound 4th JanFound 4th Jan
This Russell Hobbs microwave has a sleek contemporary design with an attractive mirrored finish, as well as impressive functionality which puts 800 watts of power at your fingertip… Read more

Same one in Asda for £40 if not a Morrison’s near you

AEG SteamBake Electric Oven with Food Sensor - £269 w/code @ Currys  - 2 years guarantee
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
[Model - BES352010M] Thought this was pretty decent for the size and functions. Has a PlusSteam button for those that like to do a bit of baking as well as a food probe for... wel… Read more

Just ordered it now using the code 30BI rather than BI30 and it worked!


I've just rang currys and they have refunded 30 I usually never deal with currys but very impressed


Same happened to me last night I've ordered it anyway so will speak to currys this morning and see if the will refund the 30 or give me it in vouchers.


Offer ends 15th


Has the code expired now? When I try to use it I get this message, 'No item in your basket qualifies for that offer.' 😔

Cooks Professional Cast Iron 8 piece pots and pans set, £117.89 with code @ Groupon
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
The price for the 8 piece set is £130.99. The code 'TRIPLE' works for new accounts to bring the cost down to £117.89 (use a different/new email address). You should also be able … Read more

I've received these. Very happy with the '5 piece's grouping but the handles on the saucepans seem a bit ropey. Also it's (maybe) being delivered by Hermes (annoyed)


Already tracked @ £23.58 so if it confirms I've paid £107.41. There's always a chance Quidco won't play ball if you use a code anyway so I'm happy regardless. Maybe the TRIPLE code has expired perhaps now we're into 2019?


There are usually loads of Groupon codes kicking about but fingers crossed for your cashback!


Cheers OP. Couldn't get the code to work, even with a new account, but a possible 18% Quidco softens the blow. Have some heat like these pans will when they get here ;)


Delivery is 'expedited' so they're going to work off some extra turkey!

Hotpoint S/Steel Pyrolytic Built-In Multi-function A+ Oven £130 off £319 w/ code & cashback + poss 10% TCB ends tomorrow - £189 @ Currys
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Wee bit of of a faff, but this is a great price for a pyrolytic oven. £100 cashback claimable from Hotpoint, £30 off code from Currys, brings price down from £319 to £189, then TCB… Read more

thanks - didn't check that. Still not bad for £190....


No. I started off with that one but it's £20 delivery.


This one is tempting - could be circa £170 if cashback etc works out; https://www.appliancesdirect.co.uk/p/si4854pix/hotpoint-si4854pix-ptf-60-2015-built-in-electric-oven?tduid=6b173e2b9769d000491648813c6bba40&utm_source=VigLink+UK_1736887&utm_medium=tradedoubler


No, but it doesn't on the Appliances Direct page either - and they come up on the 'where to buy' page on Hotpoint and appear in the drop-down on the redemption form/page. 'Participating retailers' could mean 'anyone who sells our ovens, officially'...lol.


Don't know, gut says it seems risky. Does it mention the promotion in the listing?

Sainsbury's Home Oven Tray Set Black 3pc @ Sainsbury's - £10.50
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
These are really heavy duty and sturdy and will last a lot longer than your average baking tray!!! From roasting to baking, no kitchen is complete without our heavy gauge oven tra… Read more

I went along to look at replacing some of my old rusting tins with these. Unfortunately, they didn't have this set but I picked up a large baking tray/large roasting tin combo for £8 instead. Solid, heavy items which should last a few years. Heat added.


Bought these in store yesterday. Great quality.


Heat added. Just bought - great price and seems good quality


they have a ton of this range in store, I got a massive baking tray for £5.25 yesterday, weighs a ton!


These are excellent quality, at least 5 years old and still like new

Samsung Easy View MC28M6055CK/EU 28-Litre Combination Microwave Oven @ Very - £129.99
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
This black Samsung MC28M6055CK microwave has the convenience of a spacious 28-litre capacity and an easy-to-clean Ceramic Enamel interior. Monitor the cooking progress at a glance … Read more

The price is very good on that Kenwood for a combi, but it has a 230C max temp for the convection oven (admittedly that's as good as or better than most combis) and its idea of "combination" cooking - again like a lot of combis - is microwave+grill only. My Sharp also does microwave+convection, but annoyingly limits the microwave to 30% power in that case (maybe to stop things getting too hot?). I never use the grill on my Sharp - too much faffing with the grill rack and the big clean-up needed afterwards if you're doing meat/burgers/sausages. I use a teflon sheet (cut to the max size I'll need) in my microwave and just clean that if it gets dirty - the sheet cools very quickly and can be removed with food almost straight after the oven stops without needing a towel or oven gloves. One slight annoyance with the Sharp is that after the convection oven timer hits zero, the fans continue to run for 2 mins afterwards to cool it down. Since I'm almost never in the kitchen when that happens, the bell dings for completion are drowned out and I don't realise the time is up until the fans finally turn off 2 mins later.


We have bought this one instead... how does it compare? currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/cooking/microwaves/kenwood-k30css14-combination-microwave-stainless-steel-21780571-pdt.html I appreciate it wont be the same level as a £300 plus microwave. **Edit** - Its also worth noting that our previous microwave was only 20L and we only realised it had a grill feature last night after havint it 4 years... We tried to use the grill last night and it set on fire, probably due to all of the crap stuck in the grill vent (cheeky) (cheeky) (cheeky)


It should be noted that Samsung sell this directly for 139 quid (possibly a sale price?), but are also out of stock at the moment. I've been researching combo microwave ovens in case my (huge 40L! Don't need one that big really...) Sharp dies on me and am very annoyed that the specs almost never mention the maximum temperature of the convection oven, but they *always* quote the microwave power! This model is no different - had to do some serious Google-fu to find out it only does 200C max - my Sharp does 250C, so anything less than about 240C I would consider a downgrade. For me, the word "microwave" is synonymous with "cook as fast as possible", so I want the highest microwave wattage and convection oven temps (plus the ability to use both at once!). I never use less than 100% power as you've probably guessed (even when defrosting - no namby-pamby slow auto-defrost for me!). So far, I've only found 2 combo microwave ovens that do 900W+ and 250C - my Sharp and an interesting 300 quid Panny with inverter tech (no turntable) and a pull down door which is a good idea that I'm surprised more microwaves don't do. I know Amazon have an Alexa microwave out in the US - I think being able to talk to your microwave is a good idea: tell it the food you're putting in (state if it's frozen if it is), it should then use the food type plus humidity and weight sensors to calculate the cooking time. Sadly, the Alexa microwave is a puny 700W, not a combo and doesn't have any sensors :-(


Out of stock


How many channels ?

VonShef Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Pan Set, Pre-Seasoned, Oven Safe for £15.99 Prime (+£4.49 Non) Delivered @ Amazon (DOMU UK.)
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Ends today, In stock. Oven Safe - 6", 8", 10" - Suitable for All Hobs Including Induction Dispatched from and sold by DOMU UK . 6", 8" & 10" SKILLET PANS - introduce this s… Read more

I would recommend doing the flour test to see if there are any hot spots on the pan. Just preheat the pan to a medium heat and evenly sprinkle a layer of flour over the surface and leave for 2 minutes. The flour will brown/burn showing the heat pattern. Ideally for an even cooking surface you want a nice thick central ring about 2 inches thick that is a mirror of the burner underneath. And don't forget to care for your pans otherwise they will rust.


Those rust very quickly :(


The pestle and mortar? Mine was meant to come on Friday but I've had major problems with MyHermes courier. They have let me down on 3 days. ;( Fingers crossed they come today.


I hope you guys receive a better product than I did 2 years ago. There are reasons these pans are this cheap. Pre-seasoned? Yep, a thin coat of glaze that will disappear upon recommended first wash. You will have to season them in a hot oven for 2 hours to recover this. The bases do not have a machined finish. The iron dimples/spikes will cause havoc on a glass hob. The interior food surface is uneven leading to hot spots where the food will stick. I abandoned my set after just a day or so,. Good luck.


I have just bought this! Excellent money alone for the 22.99 I paid. Damn.

Daewoo Halogen Air Fryer Low Fat Oven - 12L for £19.99 @ Robert Dyas (Free C&C)
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Great reviews on this easy to use and compact cooking machine with free store collection available at Robert Dyas or Ryman stores. Don't forget Topcashback 2% or Quidco 2% … Read more
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Also . in the Halogen warranties , bulbs are usually not covered under the warranty as they are considered consumables (like batteries) but since you can't replace them anyway, that doesnt help either when they blow early!


Me either and mines nearly 2 years old. Hate these throwaway appliances that barely last through warranty and you can't replace the bulbs


That's good,my son loved using it,I may get an Andrew James


Still going fine, haven't needed the spare element bulb it came with yet.


Hi how is the Andrew James oven going,my Daewoo blew today after having for 2 weeks

VonShef 12L Black Halogen Oven (Hinged Lid) £29.99 delivered @ Domu
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Been looking for a hinged lid halogen for a while, this seems a good price for what you get.
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Cheers I shall try that when I get my new one,the bulb blew yesterday so have ordered a new oven but have to wait for a delivery until the 28th my lad will be gutted when he gets here as he loves the halogen oven


Three slices of Kingsmill Soft White on the high rack (with a bit of nudging to get it to fit). Five minutes at 250 for a crispy toast or four minutes for chewier toast.


Hi what timings and power do you use for that,any how do you place it in the oven?


They make great toast which means you don't need a toaster on your worktop which saves loads of space.


I use mine 3/4 times a week or so . To be honest, what I found more fiddly than the lid, was using the prongs to lift out the round cooking trays. I actually made a small handle for the one with holes it came with . There is probably something around with a central handle. like a cake display tray with layers . that could be used for when you don't cook something like a full pizza that covers the centre part but need to spread out the ingrediants.

Free sizzler pan with any ooni pizza oven or oven bundle
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Use the link and code to get a free sizzler pan with any pizza oven or oven bundle

Thanks for this. Just some info for anyone else trying to get this to work I had to add an oven and the pan to my basket before the code would work.


Thankyou so much, will take all your advice on board 👏🏼 :)


Hardwood pellets are the best, the official ooni ones or cookinpellets on Amazon are great. The ooni thermometer is meant to be good, I got a random for £8 on Amazon. There's a guy on the UK enthusiasts page who makes a modified flame guard and another who makes a hopper extender. Outside of that you'll want a wooden launching peel, decent flour and some fine semolina. Search for Mozzafella on Facebook or mozza_fella on Instagram if you want more help (it's my alter ego)


Thanks Daniel. Hoping my other half likes this surprise extra pressie. Could I ask if you have any recommendation for the pellets and if you bought an IR thermometer? I spotted the roast turkey and Camembert pizza today that Uuni sent through on email...perfect to try on Boxing Day I think :)


I got my 3 last year, love it want a pro so hoping for crimbo cash! Well worth joining the ooni forums on Facebook for tips

Iceland Luxury Goose Fat Roast Potatoes 1.05Kg + FREE Metal oven Tray - £1.50 14/12 @ Iceland
Refreshed 14th Dec 2018Refreshed 14th Dec 2018
Iceland daily deal from 11pm 13/12-11pm 14/12 Iceland Luxury Goose Fat Roast Potatoes 1.05Kg Seasoned and pre-fried potatoes with a goose fat glaze PLUS a FREE Iceland metal 32cm … Read more
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Maris Piper


So the real question is... What spud makes the best roasties?


Are they gluten free?


Fried potatoe


Is it different in Scotland does anyone know

KitchenCraft MasterClass Silicone Double Oven Glove - £13.99 (Prime) £18.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Usually ~£18 Good quality oven mitts. I picked up an extra pair for Xmas so any roaming helpers can muck in. "Upgrade your gloves, and say goodbye to burns and kitchen spills… Read more
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Ordered. Saw the same pair in Lakeland at the weekend, £22 no thanks


Yes !!!


Arghh i bought the single one aswell. Might give that the mother and order this 😁


The Single glove was posted recently , ordered them then and they came a couple of days ago. Great Glove (y)

Double oven glove down from £4 to £1 in Asda
LocalLocalFound 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
Birkenhead branch, might be nationwide. Other patterns were still £4. No yellow reduced price tag so it just looked like the normal price.

Thanks, another present sorted for the missus (y)


Super creepy.


Weirdo alert


I'm not settling for anything, it was 75% off and will go in my new kitchen... Seems good to me. Also what has my age got to do with it? How do you know my age?


If you say do but you do seem to be very young to be settling for beige.

Sage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ - Silver - (£249.95 in John Lewis) - £174.14 Delivered @ Amazon
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
This little Smart oven has excellent reviews - Lowest price I've ever seen for it. Seen here in John Lewis for £249.95 (Out of Stock) It's even £329.99 in Littlewoods! Po… Read more

After you!


Ok I’ll take it or the grave. But please have your synapses looked at.


If you can't understand my earlier input into this thread then it's your problem, not mine.


The Lidl isn’t like it though the Breville is.


What are you on about. As much as a deals site this is also a discussion forum. I often post what I think to be information that may be helpful, informative. As for your above sentence, it makes no sense. Ps. The Lidl oven when available is usually £40… Inc 3 years warranty. If that's the sort of information you want!

Uuni 3 Wood fire pizza oven + pellets £168.50 @ Cuckooland
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Just seen this pizza oven on Cuckooland and they’ve got £40 off of you add on an accessory. The cheapest is the 3kg pellets for £9.50 which then makes it £168.50 Looks like a de… Read more
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I’ve just ordered from wild stoves instead - £162 with 10kg bag of chips


When I tried to add the £10 off code at checkout it removed the promotionbut I did read on another forum that someone had phoned up to place order and they'd got the first customer discount? Worth a shot no?!


It’s only 1


The deal is add 2 accessories..so minimum is £178


I didn't think the £10 voucher could be used with other promotions?

Instant Pot Duo 6 Qt Electric Pressure Cooker, £79.99 @Amazon.
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
This is a deal of the day. Product Description Instant Pot Duo is a 7 in 1 automatic Electric Pressure Cooker that speeds up cooking by 2-6 times and uses up to 70% less energy… Read more

I'm sorry!


Just found this thread today having waited about a year for a deal on this item, so unless someone has one for sale at 80 quid, just staying long enough to say "B*******S!" (annoyed) Thank you!


You’ve been busy. :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The Pakistani style lamb stew sounds interesting. <3 What’s in it please? :)


Personally I've made a whole fajita chicken, Pakistani style lamb stew, beef stroganoff. I experimented with some marinated chicken breasts but I think it's far juicier in the normal oven for that particular use-case. I have also made boiled eggs and a Mexican rice.


2nd? You're not wasting any time. What have you made? :D

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