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Vodafone Pay Monthly SIM Card (18GB/Unltd Mins&Txt) - £19 p/m 12 months £228 @ e2Save £102 cashback
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Excellent deal for a ton of data and unlimited mins and text. Monthly cost is £10.50, £19 before cashback. on the Vodafone website the same deal is going for £19 TCB is a… Read more

I am using mobiles, work fine so far


Ok, then i wish you all the best with that, ive claimed all of the cash back except 1 of the months, i bet they dont honour it as i have upgraded slightly early, ive had quick a few issues with every claim, the website is crap


I am using the cashback thing, not really a trouble for me.


Not everyone has a current vodafone contract to barter with.


Call up for a pac code, i got this deal on retentions for about £12.50 much less trouble than claiming cash back Th

Vodafone 12 Month Red Entertainment Sim 20gb, Unlimited Minutes & Texts £24 p/m 12 months £288 @ e2save - £126 cashback
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Came across this on e2save. Deal is the last one on the linked page. Not only that! But as this is a Red Entertainment Sim you can choose one of the below for 12 months. N… Read more
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Or 3m 42.7 seconds ;)


Yep. Two years this August since I started the original 12 month sim only deal. That ended last August but the Spotify Premium has carried on. I’ve jumped around on 30 day sim only deals since waiting for it to finish. I expect Vodafone have it down as a 24 month contract in error.


Are you saying the free 12 months Spotify Premium actually continued being free after the cut-off date? Sorry if I've misread... PS Voted hot, this is an excellent deal NOW, why compare it to a deal that's no longer available? And as for the poster who says he/she hates redemption deals, and comes on a thread about them to moan. Jeez. The price per month on this is exactly the same as if you went direct to Vodafone but with this with about 30 mins of 'work' in total you can get 126 quid. I wonder what you would say to your employer if they asked you to work an hour's overtime for a 126 quid net payment?


Thanks. Successfully had similar Voda Entertainment sim through mobilescouk. Actual deal ended last August but mine also included Spotify Premium which has carried on regardless so have been hopping round various cheap deals until this August to see if the Spotify get disconnected on the 2nd anniversary. If so will try the same deal again


No has to swap to pay on another network. If you time it right you can port out from Vodafone then back again in 5 days. Having a dual sim phone helped. Just remember to change the new sim number on the cashback site so its the one your porting and not the one that came with the sim.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 64GB BLACK EE S8 4gb unld mins and texts £23 p/m 24 months £35 upfront - £563 @ e2save
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Seen the vodafone deal for £23 for 4gb on here, but also found this deal on EE.. arguably a better network, for not much more. £22pm x24 + £35 upfront with code EPICTEN Total: £5… Read more

I thought it was good I think in terms of network provider O2 and EE are great for reliability O2 has great customer service this will matter when your contracts over. That's why Voda go cheaper


OK never noticed Yeah I agree sooner be on ee than voda, both seem a good deal to me


thats the one on vodafone, this is on EE much better network


Probably cold as it's on mobiles.co.uk with no upfront costs


The wonders of hukd sometimes, if it helps anyone I'm not bothered how cold it goes

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Samsung Galaxy S9 on EE (Black / Blue / Purple) - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 4GB Data £22pm on 24mo contract (£160 upfront) @ e2save mobiles
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Decent offering for an S9, considering the total repayable is lower than the handset sim free price. Unlimited Minutes and Texts, with 4GB of 4G Data per month on a 24 month contr… Read more
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Is this phone unlock?


Isn't that only direct with EE?


Great deal, ordered the titanium thanks




Please could someone pm me a ee Unidays Code please

Vodafone Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 20GB Data £20PM (£11pm after cashback redemption) @ e2save mobiles
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Thought this was a decent price for a 20GB sim once you consider the cashback! Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, and 20GB of Data per month for £20 on a 12 month contract. Cashba… Read more
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if you're under 30 sign up for voxi instead. it's part of vodaphone but they have a 30gb for 20pm promo until august, good for 24 months.




Think this has ended now


Just signed up for this for my wife. Applied for £31.50 cashback via TCB that appears to be tracking so far.


I got this same deal from mobiles.co.uk about 2 weeks ago and no complaints at all. I do find it funny when people argue about mobile coverage, its obviously specific to where you use your phone. So one mans Vodafone is another mans EE. There no point in arguing that A is better than B (lol)

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Samsung Galaxy S9 plus + 128GB £23 a month with £200 upfront using code EPICTEN via e2save
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Samsung galaxy s9 plus 128GB £23 a month with £200 upfront using code VC10OFF 4GB data, unlimited minutes & texts 24 months contract (E VODAFONE 4G SMARTPHONE RED EXTRA) £23 x… Read more



double storage, better camera, bigger screen and better battery means it's worth the extra


OMG! I noticed this earlier this morning, posted the deal and got one myself and now it has gone up to £305 for the handset. :(


ps - i think its gone up to 305


I think mobiles.co.uk e2save are both Carphone warehouse companies so deals do interchange between them (often mobile and e2save The s9 was on there for 100 at the start of this month! Not sure whether the s9 plus is worth a extra 100 pounds! but it seems to be the best deal at the moment.

20gb £20pm / 12mths at e2save (poss £10.16 per month after cashbacks)
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
I am on EE. Couldnt do this Ee offer. So I looked around and found exactly same plan with vodafone through E2Save. from quidco. so £20 per month 20gb data with cash back from E2Sa… Read more

Voda really are throwing out the dealer commission...still losing customers then...


Hot for price, just a shame its vodafone!


Just in case anyone wanted to know; this doesn't include Spotify/Sky Sports/etc.


Agree with OP, never had a problem getting a cheque. If you are an organised and disciplined person, then you'll be fine. If you're usually the opposite, stay away.


Yes. I never had problem with them. I used them last year on 2 accounts and they were both very quick to payback the cheques. You just need to put reminder to make sure not to miss the deadline for claim.

Samsung galaxy s8 plus  £23 pm on Vodafone with 4gb data unlimited mins & txts.  @ e2save
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Samsung galaxy s8 plus £23 pm on Vodafone with 4gb data unlimited mins & txts. Also on EE which is £45 upfront £10 off with code EPICTEN with 4gb data unlimited mins & txts… Read more

yes +1


The deal was with e2save, seems its ended now and just the Samsung galaxy s8 for the price. So maybe a glitch. Can someone expire this now please.


not bad price for 30gb..£29..but takes some risks


Yes there are but none of them cost anything like you have posted, all of them considerably more. Yours is the S8.


No such deal

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with 10GB data, £32pm on 02 plus £125 (with code EPICTEN) from e2save
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
This is the best deal I can find currently for the S9 Plus, even if it is just the single sim version... To find it, I had to apply the filters for "up to £35" contract, "up to £… Read more

Decided to go for this as it's the best deal going just now (IMO) but I just can't get past the Delivery screen. Maybe the internet is telling me to stick with my OnePlus 3T.


TopCashback, possible £30 cashback


I think I have found a link that will take you straight to this deal, but it's an affiliate link from MoneySupermarket, so I don't know if it's allowed... I'll post it here, as opposed to changing the main Get Deal link, so a mod can delete it if necessary. https://www.e2save.com/contract/samsung/samsung-galaxy-s9-plus-blue?affiliate=awinm-27684&network=o2&tariffcode=FD1YEMAR18&utm_campaign=stickee&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=Awin


See my post post directly above this one. For some reason I cannot link directly to the £32 deal... I think they deliberately try to hide the best deals, hoping that people will choose the more expensive ones first! ;) Edit: or see the link below, if it has not been deleted by a mod! ;)


The e2save website is, frankly, bloomin awful! I cannot seem to link directly to this deal (the link shows a deal for £38pm), so if you're having trouble finding it, this might help : Search for S9 Plus, then on "Filter deals". Then apply the options in the image below, and it should come right up. Hope this helps!

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB -£567.00 @ e2Save
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Possibly one of the cheapest ways to get the phone. Very low data but could possible purchase a cheap sim only deal Vodafone 1gb data. Unlimited texts and minutes £145 -£10. … Read more

That’s a great pic and seems to have silenced anyone who thinks this phone doesn’t have a good camera.


Will do. Thanks for that.


You can't keep the standard spen functionality AND get a newer version of android than MM - therein lies the decision. Have a play with RR or similar if you have to have a later version of android, there's plenty of info out there about the third party spen apps (if I'm honest, i rarely use it)


Never answered the question, just like today's modern politicians,low iq.


Cheers. It's just something more up to date than marshmallow which doesn't kill the spen. Resetting the phone has removed knox and secure folders aren't available for android 6.

Samsung S8 on Vodafone, £18pm, Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 1GB Data on a 24 month contract with zero upfront using code (£432 total repayable) @ e2save mobiles
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Granted, there isn't a lot of mobile data included in this plan, but I thought it was worth posting considering the total repayable is quite low. Might suit someone who is interest… Read more

I took both on black Friday and talked them down. From my personal experience with Vodafone is you just need to be persistent. Try different departments as well. They have massively different offers I've found.


That's a pretty damn good point in fairness, hadn't thought of that. (y)


Are you already with vodafone - I've spoken to vodafone twice and never come close to this - must be my poor negotiating skills. (flirt)


Wow! I thought the 19.60 for 6gb (now 20.something after the obligatory mid term price hike) I was paying through the Vodafone black Friday / talk mobile porting) was good.....Their web chat point blank refused to match for my wife. Do the phone team have more powers??


You need a PAC not a PUK: A PUK or 'Personal Unlocking Key' is a security feature on most mobile devices that protects your SIM card data. ... Unlocking a SIM card with a PUK differs from Network Unlocking which allows a mobile device to be used with other mobile networks.

iPhone 8 - 4GB Data, unlimited calls/texts on Vodafone - £23/month and £240 upfront - e2Save
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
4GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts iPhone 8. £23 per month on 24 months contract on Vodafone with an upfront cost 240, so total over 2 years is £792. Potential £30 cas… Read more

neither did the post say it wasn't aimed at trucker grannies


You didn't say she wasa truck driver who spends more time on the road than in a building


Anyone criticising Apple is a Troll. Heroes criticise Samsung.


I wouldn't waste your time. Penfold28 is at best a troll, but most likely someone without much knowledge about phones.


That’s cool. Please link to your data. And i I notice you didn’t point me in the direction of a mid range phone that offers the same as my iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy s9+ 64gb £155 upfront £23pm 4gb data pm unlimited & unlimited texts £707 @ e2save
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Samsung Galaxy s9+ Good price if your after the 64gb version. use code EPICTEN for upfront cost of £155 4gb unlimited minutes unlimited text. if you don’t use the code & pay £1… Read more

I was about to go for it as well


Your correct, sorry I did put in s9+ an didn’t realise when changing the monthly cost etc. thanks for letting me know I’ll expire


This links to the S9 not the S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - 8Gb Data on EE MAX plan / £30pm and £140 upfront (with code) = £860 @ e2save
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 PLUS 128GB BLACK EE 8GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts Believe this is the MAX plan as it states: YOUR TARIFF DETAILS MAY18 E EE 4G SMARTPHONE MAX £30… Read more

Yes I did, all good so far. Finally today I got my old number transferred to EE. The phone itself is a beast compared to my old beloved s7 edge (which is still a great phone btw).


Was going to place the order this week but the upfront cost has now shot up to £260. So I've marked this as expired now.


Has anyone actually used this deal?


Did you get it?


Thanks just ordered, I also went through Quidco and got £25 cash back. It says up to £45 but only showing £25 at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S9  on EE - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 1GB Data £15pm (£250 upfront with code - 24mo) £610 total @ e2save mobiles
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Granted, the data allowance is pretty low on this plan, but given the total repayable is £610, which beats out alot of sim free prices, this may be worth considering to get your ha… Read more

I think it's £4.99 for a recurring 1GB add on so you could increase to 2GB for £20 a month. Not enough data for some (probably me included) I know. Still don't understand why this isn't hotter.


Tempted by this, my wife and son are on EE and have 30GB of data between them in total - as it's free to swap data between the contracts under the same name then this lack of data isn't really a problem for me.


I wonder if the phone would be unlocked for any network ???


It is a great phone, other than the Bixby shambles. I've got the S9+


Great price for a low data plan. Fantastic phone, with best camera ive had on a phone.

Vodafone SIM Only deal 20gb Data £20pm, Effectively £11/month, Unlimited Mins/Texts, £240 over 12 month term, £108 cashback by redemption @ e2save
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Very very similar to this deal, just slightly higher cashback making this effectively £11/month over the course of the contract. £10.50 TCB brings this down to (potentially) £… Read more

showing as £24 PC for me


Yeah I already setup reminders for each month. I rewise my opinion about it. For £108 I think it's worth it :)


It's a fairly standard cashback by redemption deal. You have to be a little bit organised but the rewards are much greater than upfront cashback deals.


Just ordered SIM with 20GB, but there is a quite tricky way to get cash back.... "Your cashback offerOffer = Save £108 Cashback by redemption. What appears on your bill = £20.00 How do you claim cashbackSend your 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th monthly bills within 60 days of the date stated on the relevant airtime bills to us and we will credit you by cheque with £21.60. This will save you £108.00 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £11.00 per month." If I would know that before, I would think twice before giving them my bank details. Oh well now I need just set some reminders.


Feeling a little uneasy about this deal; I went through the e2save website and sorted everything out there okay, but then registered a vodafone account, and under my plan summary it said 'Your plan comes with 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 5GB Data, below shows you what you have used.' Did I miss something? :/ Help would be appreciated. Edit: I clicked on the wrong deal. You have to scroll down a bit for the options...oh well, £6.50/month for 5GB isn't half bad.

Huawei P20 Pro Blue or Black £30pm + £150 Handset (+ Quidco) @ E2Save
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Huawei P20 Pro Blue or Black Vodafone 16GB Red Extra 16GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £30.00 P/M - 24 months + £150 Handset cost - £25 off using Quidco = … Read more
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D'oh ;( ;(


FYI, Quidco £25 redemption won't work if you use this code. 😣


Ok, I was intrigued so I just had a look - basically it is possible, but it's maybe a little tricky if you're not someone who usually messes about with your phone software, and the second problem is that the dual sim tray is difficult to come by at the moment (though will probably be very easy once some copies start getting made). In summary: single sim > dual sim = possible, but non-trivial


Sorry to not be able to provide more detail, but I follow a big Android guy on twitter (Paul O'brien of Modaco) and I'm almost certain I saw a tweet from him the other day saying that getting the single sim model to do dual sim shouldn't be complicated at all and that a solution is either coming or already here.If that's the only thing holding you back you should probably have a quick read up on it.


Thanks op...been looking for a good deal on this. Have jumped on this...it's squirreled away in the website. I found by searching for network and then filtering to Huawei... it's then towards the bottom of the list after selecting more deals...hope this helps some. Great find op. P.s enter code epicten for an extra ten pounds off the upfront cost.

Huawei P20 pro 4gb data unlimited minutes and text total cost £762 with code EPICTEN @ E2SAVE
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Huawei P20 Pro £23 per month £220 upfront -£10 using code EPICTEN Total £762 Possibly £25 quidco cashback. Sim free phone only cost £779.00

Do vodafone lock this model? Still the best price for the phone on contract.


Says on the website that it's carphone dixons... But there's no way of getting in touch except a phone number to their sales team. And "Calls cost 13p per minute plus your provider's access charge". It's like calling the PPI guys I guess, but with you paying for the call... So I'll wait for the next deal on the P20 pro...


If only it was dual sim and unlocked. More things I need to check...


Seriously looking at this deal - seems way cheaper than anywhere else, even with a fairly heft up front charge. Anyone see any reason to hold back?


Seems to be the best deal for the p20 pro at the moment... Not as good as when they were giving headphones but I missed that one. Anybody bought from e2save?