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Posted 27 April 2024

Kronenbourg Ice Bucket (Free) with every purchase of Kronenbourg 1664 18 x 440ml at Leckwith Road Superstore

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FREE Kronenbourg branded Ice Bucket when you buy a pack of 1664 18x440ml cans.
These are sadly the new UK Brewed 4.6% ABV by Carlsberg Marstons for those who care to know.

I am certain it's national and it is in most larger sized ASDA stores, I saw these in ASDA Leckwith Road Superstore and Cardiff Bay.

If you're not interested in buying the actual drink then you can buy the bucket at £5.

Wales MUP makes it £18.22 as shown in my pictures.

Water, Malted Barley, Glucose Syrup, Malted Wheat, Wheat, Hops
Asda More details at

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  1. thommo's avatar
    I like kronenbourg,I haven't tried it since the step down to 4.6 but the Aldi version of this is very good at 5.0 and brewed in France
    DingosBrother's avatar
    It’s brewed by c&c actually pal, so Scotland
  2. supamart's avatar
    Rubbish. Now 4.6%
    col11's avatar
    Have to agree this one is horrible now, not even worth it for an ice bucket
  3. windmill's avatar
    glucose syrup beer Does have a certain.. Crime Against Nature type of nudgey tang to it. great as follow-on if you started a session with desporadoes.
    And that bucket'll probably spraypaint & repurpose as a shade/cover for full size outdoor pir security light - thx!
    yorkie12's avatar
    You do know that Glucose is a naturally occurring Sugar don't you? it's in many fruits and vegetables placed there by nature.
  4. chef3003's avatar
    It's for you to chunder the muck back into once you've tried the new terrible version (edited)
  5. BrianButterfield's avatar
    Soon alcohol will be banned as will red meat because of these globalist nutters.
    Keiron_P82's avatar
    Calm down, Brian.
  6. deleted392719's avatar
    Kronenbourg 1664 used to give me a headache!
    I guess it wouldn't anymore

    p.s. Nice bucket
    (a phrase you don't hear too often) (edited)
    MLAM's avatar
    It's probably the Glucose Syrup giving you the headache to be honest!
  7. ShiveringSwan's avatar
    Don't buy this muck. ABV has now been cut to 4.6% so Carlsberg can pay less tax and cream more profit off the UK market.
    MLAM's avatar
    ABV aside, I've heard it tastes nothing like the previous 5% version either which is the biggest insult.
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