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Posted 25 April 2024

Kronenbourg 1664 Lager Beer Cans 15 x 440ml - Clubcard Price

£12£1520% off
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MUP makes this £16.50 in Wales, probably the same in Scotland?

Kronenbourg 1664 - £1.82/litre.

Product Description

Premium lager.
1664 Bière - a beautifully balanced and sessionable lager made with signature hops from the French region of Alsace. The flavourful 1664 Bière taste profile with its subtle bitter twist is designed for easy drinking refreshment and perfect for bringing people together, crafted with a touch of ‘je-ne-sais quoi’. Our 350 years of uncompromising conviction in who we are and what we do enables us to consistently produce quality lager and ensure our drinkers experience the undeniable French commitment to pleasure
Brewed with hops from the Alsace region of France, famed for its rich gastronomy and brewing heritage. Crisp, golden and perfectly balanced, 1664 Bière truly delivers a taste suprême.
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MUP makes it £16.50 in Wales, deal expires 24/06.

can you add to deal please?
Edited by Dan29, 14 May 2024
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  1. PrivatePile's avatar
    Be aware: they've sneakily changed the strength of 1664. They kept the same price as well, certainly not a premium beer anymore.
    Dan29's avatar
    Oh yeah! Now 4.6%
  2. SirSpanky's avatar
    Yet another European beer ruined by the dreaded 'brewed under licence'

    This stuff is 5.5% in France!
  3. bluesuns2's avatar
    £22 for 30 cans at Asda or mix and match this other brands
  4. Rich069's avatar
    Not that great a deal at the 5% beer. Even less now. And before anyone says anything...less alcohol does means less (good) taste. (edited)
  5. ShiveringSwan's avatar
    Don't buy this gash, now 4.6%. Reduced ABV to pay less tax so Carlsberg can cream off more profit from the UK market.
    calenture's avatar
    Yup..I fell for it the other day and bought a 4 pack. When I saw the new branding I thought oh oh.... This can't be good. After looking over the can fit a few minutes I finally spotted the 4.6 almost hidden away in disgust
  6. AccountA1's avatar
    Blanc is the only 1664 to buy
  7. supamart's avatar
    Crap now it’s just 4.6%
  8. awacko's avatar
    If you like the deal and the like the beer then buy it, if you don't then don't buy it. Simple as that. I feel sorry for the people who go to the bother of posting these deals when all that happens is people post the same old comments moaning about the beer every time now. It's going to get to a stage where people will stop posting the deals.
    PrivatePile's avatar
    Surely you'd want people to be aware of any changes to the product they're interested in and about to buy?
  9. Lowonpower's avatar
    Kronenbourg became my goto after Stella destroyed a good lager by reducing its alchohol and taste to the point that it was as bland as budweiser. Looks like Kronebourg has gone the same way, I noticed it last night, its completely lost its taste. I will be watching for a good deal on Heineken from now on.
    bluesuns2's avatar
    Heineken will soon be going the same way
's avatar