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Garmin epix Pro (Gen 2) – Sapphire Edition 47mm

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Brand new, garmin gen 2 pro sapphire edition
AMJ Watches More details at
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  1. sashforth's avatar
    If this is legit and they honour it then this is the hottest Garmin deal for a long time.
  2. Eamo_34's avatar
    AMJ is fine, I've ordered before and as someone said its an independent retailer. Couldn't believe the price
  3. MorgandhiTV's avatar
    Now gone up to 479. As I was inputting card details too.
    charles_roma's avatar
    Yup noticed that as well... And all my credit card companies are rejecting the transaction ... Interesting..

    They sending messages that it might be a scam

    Any ideas? (edited)
  4. bita's avatar
    Absolutely amazing watch, love mine. The flashlight feature makes this far more appealing than the non pro imo.
  5. carpainting's avatar
    Nice price, sadly no 42mm
  6. speric07's avatar
    Great price. Shame it isn't titanium black.
  7. Holl56's avatar
    Very hot deal
  8. charles_roma's avatar
    Legit site?
    Forreslad's avatar
    Can't find any bad reviews. Quite tempted on this deal
  9. SeanRTK's avatar
    Good price for the sapphire edition. Heat.
  10. numberseventyfour's avatar
    Great first deal post.

    Almost tempted to get one even though I’ve got the 51mm…
    CalinB's avatar
    you can get that one too for 449
  11. gnsks's avatar
    Still overpriced /jk

    Amazing deal.
  12. bluejmc2005's avatar
    Blimey, incredible deal for this specific watch, isn't it usually almost twice this amount? Heat OP
  13. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
  14. quglarz's avatar
    Is it worth buying when I have Epix 2 for £280 from other great deal
    sashforth's avatar
    Only if you can get rid of the Epix 2 with little or no loss.

    The Pro model has essentially the same screen as the non Pro but this model gives you the sapphire screen as well as an improved HR sensor and the flashlight. Personally, I would do the upgrade.
  15. hukdbarney's avatar
    Damn you HUKD. Missed the £280 deal, bought an AW Ultra instead and have now ordered this. It must be a misprice? These sell for more second hand.

    Cheers OP (edited)
  16. Quartz468's avatar
    What a find! Thanks OP I’ve just ordered. Fingers crossed they don’t cancel on me!
  17. Thackers's avatar
    Shame it’s white
    J9STL's avatar
    I agree, as the outer edges of the watch will probs get grubby, whereas the black version wouldnt. Good price however.
  18. Bogditzy's avatar
    crzy ordered ty
  19. Jay_Hall's avatar
    Was gutted I missed out on the other deal for 280 but this seems great. Ordered, thanks OP
  20. t5468's avatar
    Ended up ordering the 51mm for the extra battery life. Thanks!
  21. b3nji's avatar
    Ordered, thanks. I'll take the other one back to H Samuel!
  22. Justin_82's avatar
    I bit the bullet, and put it on a credit card, so I'm covered if it's a scam. Hopefully not. I was just about to spend £700+ on an epix so this offer came at a perfect for me.
  23. MattNorfolk's avatar
    Tempted by this but think it might be massive on my skinny wrist.
    Tom_Szczepanski's avatar
    The epix aren't too bad. I've got the 2 and I've a small wrist but it fits and looks fine.
  24. marcus_baker's avatar
    Hmmm, they don't accept PayPal, I haven't seen very many retailers who don't accept PayPal these days :/
    Tom_Szczepanski's avatar
    Might just be their extortionate fees!
  25. drshahidinuk's avatar
    Does the white edges on the dial change with strap replacement?
  26. radek999's avatar
    Is it worth getting as an upgrade to Polar Pacer Pro I got recently? Using it mostly for activity tracking (sports, backpacking). Will it do much better job at data collection for training programming? (edited)
  27. Zain's avatar
    Good price. What is the difference between the and the black one at full price? 
    bluejmc2005's avatar
    The colour. That's it's
's avatar