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Cineworld Unlimited membership via Tesco Clubcard from £40 of vouchers a year at Tesco
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
One of the best use of Tesco Club card vouchers, which gives you 3 times value for unlimited yearly membership of Cineworld Don't forget can use Meerkat codes to have a friend/pa… Read more

Not yet - just called Tesco Clubcard and lady was very helpful and thinks the gift card denominations are for the old Cineworld unlimited prices rather than the new Group 1,2,3 etc. She is going to look into and call me back. I will update when I hear back!


Welcome to Cineworld the company is run like amateurs and feels like its stuck back in 90's. If other people have the option go to other cinema companies far better experience compared to these. The black card doesn't really give anything extra 3d is dead format so its not even worth it. Maybe this will work for you I used to do this as a pay year upfront via a voucher (not purchased from cineworld) which requires it to expire before you can sign up again, once you sign up again using same method above contact customer services ask them to merge with your old account (use same details as before when signing up) remember to state you was unlimited member before so should be receiving black card. It's a risk I did this few years ago so it may not be valid anymore I saw mention of kids pass when i last checked it had no allowance available for unlimited only if you wanted other ticket types this was no matter which cinema i selected.(this makes sense all the vouchers they would have expire and cineworld would of stopped issuing once stock went dry this also gives them a chance to stop issuing them to 3rd party or only allowing 3rd party the high tier ones)


Did you get this resolved as they have done the same to me?


Signing up as a full member is £2.99 per month don't know if it's worth trying that.


Ahhh they must have noticed people were making the most of it. It's a shame the Sweet Sundays deal is not going ahead as of yet.

Unlimited Membership Reduced - From £9.99pm (£119.88) Area Dependent @ Cineworld
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Great deal for those that live in Groups 1/2 in particular and anyone that’s missed the cinema or is looking forward to all the delayed releases! Cineworld Unlimited Membership i… Read more

I have over £160 worth Clubcard vouchers, wondering if it is worth investing some in and some in Cineworld Unlimited. Both have 3 x value.


Although living costs will be quite low in those area's (Salary, travel costs etc). Works out about the same. Those prices will go up in 2022 by atleast £1 next year that is for sure.


Think I'm in group 3, only 1-month free. I have Greenwich O2 and West India quay on my account.


I think those now in group 1 are being offered 3 months free. (y)


Cineworld are meant to be taking over a large multiplex in Belfast called Odyssey Cinemas. I'm hoping it's still going ahead so I can get this deal but Belfast isn't listed

50% off tickets for Cineworld Unlimited holders (Tickets from £2.50)
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Posted 11th Dec 2020Posted 11th Dec 2020
50% off tickets for Cineworld Unlimited holders (Tickets from £2.50)£2.50ODEON Store Deals
It's back. Odeon are offering half price again, we made a few trips before the last lockdown. Super Saver tickets are as low as £5 and will be £2.50 with this offer, we had a few … Read more

Yes i recall the same, tired, bored or if nothing else to do, 2 hours in cinema screen used to be most refreshing. I am sure, ounce open, they will survive, as cinema is big industry and lot’s of business associated with thrm


You and me too, it sounds stupid but it's the one thing I really miss, just sitting in the big screen whenever feel like it. It's looking like an April opening but I hope they can last as Odeon say they only have enough money left to survive 1 month, they claim to be burning $125 million a month right now.


Miss going to cineworld, hope they open soon, doesn’t look like thoug


The owner of Odeon which is AMC has apparently said it's running out of cash and the emergency funds it's been given will only last another month.


Yes, unfortunatly Boris can't be seen to be favouring London so it prety much guaranteed.

50% Off at Odeon Cinemas with Cineworld Membership
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Posted 15th Oct 2020Posted 15th Oct 2020
50% Off at Odeon Cinemas with Cineworld MembershipODEON Store Deals
UPDATE: The offer is valid for staff of Cineworld and Picturehouse Cinemas who will have missed out on one of the few perks of the job with the closure of their cinemas. --- Wit… Read more

David Lloyd were doing them this week for £60 a shot.


This offer has been exstended to 14/11/2020


They are. My response was to someone suggesting Odeon where doing this to support the industry, they clearly are not


I get it and understand, my first experience with it was incredibly loud especially during the final sequence which seems to be turned up to the maximum. The problem is for every person that takes issue with it being loud there'll be someone who complains if the cinema turns it down. Especially as you say with the muffled voices, turning it down in places would be quite hard to make out.


Aren't all the deals on this site marketing plots for customer retention? It could have been for longer and in my opinion it should be extended for as long as Cineworld remain shut, but it's nice that it gives those customers without their regular cinema to visit a new option for a cheaper entry fee. People love the cinema, people love it more if it's cheaper.

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Cinema tickets £4 for Re-releases and most films released before October - just £4 per ticket @ Cineworld
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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
Cinema tickets £4 for Re-releases and most films released before October - just £4 per ticket @ Cineworld£4Cineworld Shop Deals
EDIT: Get in quick if you want to take advantage of this! Sounds like they are closing from some point next week. Cineworld to close all UK and US venues putting thousands of jobs… Read more

My Local is a Vue cinema but i visit cineworld usually for 4DX experience but such a shame staff losing jobs :S I'm hoping Vue remain open as i love to go 5-6 times a month (embarrassed)


It should have been, yes. Only when it is a premium format which costs more than a standard 2D performance do you have to pay an uplift charge on the Meerkat Movies ticket.


Me too, I missed the cinema most of all during lockdown, it feels like we're going back in, I have been Unlimited for 20 years since it started and I'm gutted, I just booked a last visit on Thursday and it's going to be a sad day & those poor staff on their last day at work ;( Should be boycotting bloody Bond but that will hurt the cinemas even more when they finally reopen.



tehreedy > We can confirm that all Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland will be temporarily closed from Friday, October 9. For more information and frequently asked questions, click here >>

CINEWORLD - Free £5 voucher for every £25 spent on gift vouchers
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Posted 14th Jul 2020Posted 14th Jul 2020
CINEWORLD - Free £5 voucher for every £25 spent on gift vouchers£25Cineworld Shop Deals
Pretty good deal for families and regular cinema goers for when the cinemas open back up on 31st July. For every £25 you spend on gift vouchers, they'll send a voucher for another… Read more

It's a brave person to be buying vouchers (i.e. something of no value if the company goes under) from a company in a sector heavily affected by COVID-19 and also vulnerable to a severe economic downturn - they are reliant on the sort of discretionary spending that drops like a stone in a recession.


Not even for 100% bonus!


Yes. We did this before. Sign up via Quidco too as we got 1 month free


Possibly! You can buy a year in advance for about £220. Think you'd save about £35?


2 years!