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Get 3x the value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to spend at Cineworld
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
I stumbled across this today. Exchange your Tesco Clubcard vouchers into Cineworld vouchers, but get 3 times the amount! I had £40 worth of tesco clubcard points that I converted i… Read more

If only the Cineworld in Bradford was refurbished. I would use my Tesco vouchers there.


You can use a gift card obtained via Tesco Clubcard with Meerkat code.


Ring customer services as sometimes they re-issue u with these vouchers


I think I lost about £40 of Tesco club card points because I forgot about them, the times I remembered I couldn't log in as I could never find my card.


I always buy a cineworld pass with Tesco vouchers (around£70 of vouchers as far as I recall) and then go every Tuesday with hubby using the meerkat code, free cinema every week (y)

SWEET SUNDAYS is back - registration from 22 May : Cineworld ticket with either 5 small (2 stars) or 2 big bags (5 stars) of sweets
Refreshed 28th MayRefreshed 28th May07/08/2019Expires on 07/08/2019
In the last few years Mars has been running this offer where you need to buy either 5 small (2 stars) or 2 big bags (5 stars) of sweets to collect the 10 stars required for a Cinew… Read more
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Sorry, they are gone.


Yes please if still available


Hi, has anyone got spare codes as I would like to watch a movie 2marw. I can exchange with meerkat movies or student codes anytime ... let me know


I've got 4 codes worth 8 stars, if anybody wants them.


Just to clarify, as I have just booked. 1) I was not charged a fee, so the tickets cost nothing. 2) I booked the normal 2D screen, whereas when I clicked the Superscreen 2D they wanted to charge me £2.50. There is also a charge if you choose to get a text ticket. So, to clarify, book the normal 2D screen and do not add any extras and you should be ok.

2 months of free limitless when you sign up to Odeon Limitless
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Hello! If you buy a limitless membership (£17.99 a month) by 16 may then apply the code on this deal to receive 2 months free of your contract (2months). There's also an alternati… Read more
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Just done 12 months of Limitless. Had enough was a waste of money as my local cinema decided to go into refurbishment for quite a while and once when I did go the screening didnt start for an hour before they gave up and gave all the ticket payers a refund..... Guess what I got thats it zero ... To top it off I lost the card at the same time they wanted £5 to get a new card and even suspended my account even though I had paid for that month already because I cancelled the DD. The helpline was only open 9-5 during the week and I could not get through on the phone or online chat during my lunch time. Emailed and got a sorry thats happened to you email (token offer to send the rep card out for free) several days later. Dont BOTHER just do the deals such as meerkats and vodafone very me etc


I've got a work colleague who does this but with cineworld and cancels the direct debit after a month (cheeky)


Is the 2 months free subject to a 12 month contract ? :) *Yes both these offers are. 'minimum membership period is 12 months '

Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd AprLocalLocal
Saw this deal at Cineworld in Shrewsbury! Get 50% off your first month of an unlimited card.

The 10% off a year deal is better obviously.


I’m not questioning the value of the product itself, I’m commenting on the deal, and 4% off RRP on a £200 spend isn’t a lot.


I've had one since the local branch of Cineworld opened with an IMAX screen. 2D movies are covered by the card itself, 3D have a nominal £1 charge for 3D glasses rental in 1st year, and IMAX have a £5 surcharge (£6 for IMAX 3D). If you want to see more than 1 film a month, I think it pays for itself (I have about 2 dozen films I want to see in 2019, 4 this month alone) The card also gives you:- 10% off cinema food & drink (25% 2nd year onwards) 10% off at in-cinema branches of Starbucks 25% off at Yo! Sushi, Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Las Iguanas, La Tasca and Belgo restaurants


so a net discount of about 4% on a £205 years cinema spend, not really a good deal.


12 month minimum

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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd AprLocalLocal
Found this at Cineworld Shrewsbury, can be used online or in store!!!

Pretty sure that's ok, if you need a recommendation when signing up to get an additional free month let me know


Does anyone knows if I can have 10%discount and use Tesco vouchers to pay too?


Use to be able to get a cheap annual pass through kids pass. Not anymore


The offer is legit, just used it. Although the promo code is Annual2019, slight correction to the one mentioned by OP


Perhaps we are suffering from a bit of Cineworld code fatigue but this is a good deal. It wouldn't hurt people to be a bit nicer.

Avengers Double Bill (Infinity War + Endgame) - Pay the price of a single ticket! At Odeon, Cineworld, Vue Nationwide 24/04/19
Refreshed 24th AprRefreshed 24th Apr
Anyone interested in seeing the Avengers Double Bill, cinemas nationwide are miraculously only charging the price of a single ticket to watch both movies! A nice change from when t… Read more
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Infinity war > Endgame.


Was good but not wow! The last one was fantastic!


Thought the movie was a massive disappointment myself.


Made it to the cinema Thought I'd brance out and spend the penny's But I did bring my own rolos


(lol) (lol) (lol)

Unlimited Card Discounted - £17.90 - Instore Only @ Cineworld
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd MarLocalLocal
The Unlimited Card is the best cinema loyalty card giving you discount cinema visits, discount off your snacks and drinks,discounts off restaurants. If that’s not enough check out … Read more

Costco sell Bella Italia gift cards 2x £20 for £33. With the Cineworld card you can get an additional 25% off too - so it makes £40's worth of gift cards worth £50 for only £33.


Used this in Yo! Sushi 🍣 the other day, reduced our bill from £40 to £30 :) well worth the monthly fee if you go to the cinema more than twice a month

10% off Annual CineWorld Unlimited card
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
10% off the annual cost of a CineWorld Unlimited card. From the website... Watch all the films you want at any Cineworld for just one monthly price Being an Unlimited card hold… Read more
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Yep, same here. I find that it is the older people that talk and make a hassle throughout (not to mention them snoring loudly ;( )!


The one time I was disrupted during a film I went to see with unlimited was by an elderly gentleman watching The Post. He was sat in front of me, and spent the entire film explaning to his daugther (I assume) the process of printing newspapers. Not quietly either. It was a packed screening, and everyone else was a bit raging at him, but I figured he was enjoying himself so didn't let it distract me from the film.


I use mine as much for the 25% off at Bella Italia, must have made the annual cost back off that alone without the trips to the cinema (which I do 2-3 times a month).


That's fine, it's part of the experience, and besides once you are engrossed in the film whatever is happening on the screen is all that matters.


Just be aware, I have just cancelled mine because of the awful film times for 2D - the only screen you don’t have to pay extra for. The new Lego movie, their latest timing on the week of release was 1620... and during the week :/

50% off first month of CineWorld Unlimited
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
50% off first month of unlimited Cineworld card. With the card you also get 10% off snacks and drinks too. From link... Watch all the films you want at any Cineworld for just one… Read more
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You have to sign up for 12 months minimum.


Wonder if you could do every month


If you have a friend who already has a pass just ask them for a referral code, you'll both get a free month. I've refereed a good few people with mine and had no issue, you get an e-mail to confirm. Off to see Captain Marvel 00:05 tonight 8)

Sky TV £15 / or Sky TV & Broadband £30 with £50 mastercard + Cineworld tickets @ Currys
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th FebLocalLocal
Been back in Currys to check the deal was still live, it is! (took a photo of their deals) Also now have Sky TV for £15 per month, which i can't find cheaper anywhere, and it's wi… Read more
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I got an email to get my tickets and after speaking cpw I have been offered a £50 Currys PC World as sky were unwilling to uphold the £50 MasterCard


Had a text saying I can apply for my first two free tickets from 1st June. No details on how I do this.


Anybody know if this deal is still on??


Anybody claimed the cinema tickets or the £50 mastercard yet?


How long does call back take

25% off YO! Sushi with Cineworld Unlimited Card
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th FebLocalLocal
25% off YO! Sushi with Cineworld Unlimited Card
Unlimited use
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YoSushi is disgustingly expensive and it's not even good. The similar places in Japan have 2 pieces for about 70p a plate


Correct, allowing YO! to still make a very healthy return and a lot more people, who would eat there, the chance to do so, regularly, so a winwin for everyone ;)


So a £30 meal would cost £5.62, for example?


Yay! Right after the local Yo Sushi closed down!


Gotta love a Cineworld Unlimited card 8) I hammer mine but don't use it much in restaurant but do use it at Starbucks

IMAX film festival back, 02/03/19 £3.70pp (including booking fee) @ Cineworld
Refreshed 21st FebRefreshed 21st Feb
IMAX film festival back, 02/03/19 £3.70pp (including booking fee) @ Cineworld
£3.70£5.7035%Cineworld Shop Deals
The line up; Bohemian Rhapsody Ready Player One Spiderman into the spider verse Deadpool 2 Mission Impossible Fallout Bookable now at various Cineworld cinemas

oh well i heard wrong, thanks. I missed it anyway so I am not sure how to feel now.


Nope, 2.39:1 (CinemaScope) too, so you’re not gaining any extra picture


Thanks. Booked RP1 for later today!


I heard that the Spidey movie suited imax format too


RP1 and Spidey are the two that really stand out. The remote location ending in Fallout is ok too. Deadpool, well Juggernaut looks great big but there would have been better choices for an IMAX movie this festival.

TalkTalk Standard Broadband - 11mbps average ** FREE CINEWORLD TICKETS ** £17 pm 18m instore @ Carphone Warehouse
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th FebLocalLocal
If you upgrade your broadband in Carphone Warehouse, they are currently offering 12 Months Cineworld Tickets (2x Adults per month) so if you go to the cinema once a month, this wor… Read more
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Cold for Tit Talk everytime. They should merge with Vodafone, given customer care performance and incompetence levels.


Erm no... It does sometimes buffer but that's when the kids are playing YouTube... 24 quid a month includes line rental... I like the buffers


I'd say that speed means you do have a problem.....


11 Mbps in 2019 (lol)


Cold they have a fibre deal for only £1 more

Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Cineworld Blue Monday is here!!! Cineworld got a great special offer that'll blow your socks off! 🧦💥 If you sign up for the Unlimited Card using the codes, you wi… Read more
Read More

Code won’t work for non west end :/


£204 for 12 months ? Can be good if you go to the cinema more than twice. Especially on tues/wed (Meerkat code) If you have someone to go with on the weekend Don't think it is personally worth it for me though. If it was under £150 then maybe..


Please can you explain these hoops? I'm v interested. Cheers!


Stupid auto correct on my phone, for some reason Meerkat turns into meeting XD


Assuming you're still committing to 12 months with this then there are much better discounts to be had if you are prepared to jump through a few hoops.

Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39* (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals) *Requires £1 trial.
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39* (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals) *Requires £1 trial.
I got this deal last year on this thread which is now expired.… Read more
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Seems to have gone now, sadly


If anyone has the cineworld annual code from kidspass and could let me have it would be very,very grateful, I tried signing up again won't let me


Was told by kids pass it was only available for people on the full memership


Are these still available?


I bought a code on Friday and used it today.

Delightful and Profitable Mary Poppins Umbrella Popcorn Bowl £7 at Cineworld
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Sells on ebay for around £25. Go to Mary Poppins at Cineworld and get your popcorn in this delightful umbrella bowl for £7. Then sell the bowl for about £25 on ebay - paying for y… Read more
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Definitely don't need to see Mary Poppins - it's just for sale in the popcorn bit. Would be good to know if the Cineworld discount works on it.


Does this work if you have a Cineworld card? Also do you have to see Mary Poppins (Already seen it)


No idea.. I didn't really need the popcorn but got it anyway!


Hmmm interesting, Glasgow Cineworld Renfrew St on release day were adamant it didn’t come with the popcorn and that it’s was just for illustration purposes. Perhaps as it was the first day the people behind the counter were wrong, either that or you got lucky?


For me it was £7 with or without popcorn?

£10 off your first month of Cineworld Unlimited if you sign up by 31st December!
Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
£10 off your first month of Cineworld Unlimited if you sign up by 31st December!
asAGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
To get your discount, just use MerryXmasM (when signing up for our monthly subscription) or MerryXmasA (when purchasing the annual deal) on the payment page
Read More

Just get it from kidspass for around £150. You just need to pay £1 for a montys trial of kidspass


Would love to go to the cinema enough to justify the costs but the lack of creativity in the industry means there is little out there worth watching


Normally pick them up on eBay for around 160-170. If you wait for the eBay discounts you'll get it sub 150. Also plenty of RAF codes on eBay to give an additional month


Getting a referral code from an existing member gives a bigger discount, but I not allowed to post it publicly on here! i agree with the above, purchasing an e-code through a work scheme makes it better value (Bupa is particularly good). Also, go for the non-west end version if you don’t watch films in central London regularly.


If you think you would go at least 3 times per month it's well worth it, but I appreciate some people wouldn't normally want to go that often. Once you've been there for a year the discount increases to 25% off food and drink which is great if you do actually tend to eat/drink at the cinema. Heat added.

ALL Cineworlders get 25% off their food bill at YO! Sushi restaurants! Today only.
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
ALL Cineworlders get 25% off their food bill at YO! Sushi restaurants! Today only.
Just show your Cineworld ticket (or booking confirmation email) to a YO! Sushi team member at the restaurant. Cineworld Unlimited members get 25% off BOTH food and drinks. Cinewor… Read more
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Die Hard - 30th Anniversary Cinema Screening £12.70 at Cineworld
Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Die Hard - 30th Anniversary Cinema Screening £12.70 at Cineworld
Best Christmas film of all time? Is it a Christmas film at all? Who cares! Christmas wouldn’t be the same without your annual trip to Nakatomi Plaza. Cineworld have special 30th an… Read more

I guess Alan Rickman, would now be Dead Hard.



Personally, I wouldn’t pay this.. instead I’d sneak in through the ventilation ducting


I did try and book this last week. But the cinema was already packed.


Alan Rickman can't attend this year, he has other commitments. Being dead, would be a hard commitment to get out of.

Cineworld home alone morning screening £3.20 for adults & kids
Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
Cineworld home alone morning screening £3.20 for adults & kids
Home alone back on big screens. Good idea to spend nice morning with kids for a few £. Adults and children going for £ 3.20 everyday around 10AM till Thursday. Also Die hard. … Read more

If you don't get to see the original again, try this.... (lol)


Good for a laugh, not sure about going to the cinema to see it when it’s probably going to be on free to air tv. :)


Just be aware if you are planning on taking younger kids to see this, it has slightly more swearing than you might remember.. "An uncle of this boy calls him a "little jerk." Words such as "crap," "horse's ass," "bitch," "damn," "hell," and "s--t".


Some really good films on the movies for juniors on a Saturday morning, few hours out for a tenner


Already seen 1 & 2 about 4 times already this week and I ain't even meant to . Classic but it's on everything and everywhere. The size of most Tv's would rather watch at home . I go to the cinema a lot but if I had a choice to watch at home , I would .

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