Unfortunately, this deal has expired 12 April 2023.
Posted 8 April 2023

Google Pixel 7 Lemongrass 128GB - £499 (Possible £341 with £125 Trade-in + £466 Pricematch Amazon Business) @ Currys

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Pixel 7 128GB in Lemongrass is now £466 on Amazon (sold and dispatched). Pop into a Curry’s store, trade in a phone (£125 + trade in value gift code). Use gift code to buy from store if in stock or get them to order one for home delivery using pricematch from Amazon.

Alternatively, go to the live chat and get a code for pricematch to be used the next morning @7am, with trade in of the phone. Once trade in package is received, send your old phone away.

When you get the phone, fill in Google offer claim for a Pixel Bud Pro.

Remember that Curry’s price match is up to 7 days after the purchase, so keep an eye out on Amazon for any more price drops, and you can claim the price difference back.

Amazon link: Google Pixel 7 – Unlocked Android 5G Smartphone with wide-angle lens and 24-hour battery – 128GB – Lemongrass amzn.eu/d/0zeLatY

Curry’s Trade-in: currys.co.uk/services/ways-to-pay/trade-in.html

Claim Pixel Buds Pro: promo-rewards.com/easteroffer/en-GB
Currys More details at

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  1. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    this or an iPhone 14 pro?
    kwl147's avatar
    I have a 13 Pro and I would say Pixel 7. Depends what features you need. Better camera on the Pixel. Better video on the iPhone.

    Battery is probably towards the pixel.

    Google’s text to speech and assistant is simply world class. Siri is a poor imitation effort from Apple. Incompetent. Slow. And all kinds of ineffective.

    Apple has the build quality and yet people still buy cases for their phones. Display probably goes to Apple but there ain’t much in it.

    The cost for Apple is extortionate. Far too much for what it is. Ultimately most people need a medium to access apps/information and take an occasional photo.

    I don’t see why the Pixel 7/incoming 7a can’t do this, do it extremely well and why the consumer can’t save a few bob along the way compared to these crazy expensive flagships that come with compromises of their own and no charger to boot.

    I’ve seen refurbished phones come with a charger and these £1000+ so called flagships can’t even do that much. It’s gone too far. (edited)
  2. thebat1980's avatar
    Can I buy a very cheap phone elsewhere and get this to work? Thanks
    ax4132's avatar
    ax4132 Author
    If it is a phone suggested in the drop down list in the trade in page, you definitely can. Otherwise, you’ll need to get them to check the IMIEI number on their system to see if it is eligible I’m afraid.
  3. VishalThanki's avatar
    Can you do this with the pixel 7 pro?
    ax4132's avatar
    ax4132 Author
    Yes, the same terms apply for the Pro - £125 trade in and free Pixel Buds Pro.
  4. tonyk100's avatar
    I traded in a old Samsung J3 last time a similar deal was on and was expecting a £175 trade in boost - followed the instructions and last week received the phone back - no communication and no real answers from them as why its been sent back. not impressed with the email communication but will keep emailing them. YMMV
  5. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Free Pixel Buds Pro should be the title.
    one_eight_seven's avatar
    The word ‘in’ should be included towards the end of your comment
  6. anthony.english's avatar
    How do you do the price promise these days? Can't find the form anywhere and ordered my pixel 7 from them yesterday
  7. dalemcglone's avatar
    Always have issues with the camera app on pixel phones. Every one I've had, when I press the take picture button... It slides to video at least once (edited)
    thegorilla's avatar
    Use the hardware button (volume rocker) instead of the onscreen icon. Much easier.
  8. demisemiquaver's avatar
    They refused my trade in phone in store. XZ1 Compact (meets all their Ts&Cs, in perfect condition, their own online valuation page even gave me an estimate for that model). I even checked the IMEI number online. Any idea why would it not be eligible?
    rodman's avatar
    do it online, in store is waste of time.
  9. Maaark's avatar
    10% cashback via TCB today for all Currys purchases.. I think Currys are one of those that exclude VAT but still good..
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Don't rely on getting anything though, check the recent reviews on their TCB page. (edited)
  10. jefster's avatar
    These phones are so annoying, got the pixel 6 @ Xmas and not used it because the fools have swapped the back button(which you use all the time to type etc) with the square button So to reach the back button on the phones with your thumb it's nearly falling out of your hand... Dumb arses they really are... Sounds like a small issue - it's not, there's whole forums on it. (edited)
    Kris_Lendon's avatar
    It's Samsung who switched it over, not Google. Google want you to use gestures, which are way better.
  11. phantomx's avatar
    Pixel 6 is a basic phone with poor battery life i miss my mate20 pro won't buy another pixel phone
    1988dave's avatar
    This is pixel 7 those..
  12. ax4132's avatar
    ax4132 Author
    Curry’s in Beckton (London) had no stock, but ordered one for me with the pricematch and £155 trade-in (Galaxy S7). Paid £311 in total.
    Katsuno_'s avatar
    Did you do the trade in in store AND price matched in store also?
  13. angie555's avatar
    Voted hot
  14. themintyman's avatar
    If you're on the fence about the offer, I say go for it. Phone and headphones are great!

    I managed to get £240 trade-in for my Pixel 6 + £125 + price match to Amazon for £465 = £100 for an upgrade to a Pixel 7 + free £150 headphones.
    ADB21LFC's avatar
    That sounds like a great deal you got there, can't go wrong for £100! Did you go in store to get the price match or online?
  15. theasterix's avatar
    Just for everyone to know... should be pretty simple for them to follow steps. Any working phone they value it at £1 (I.e. your phone is not valued at £125), then you apply that to pixel 7, so it gives extra £125 (which is basically the phone deal). (edited)
  16. bfam's avatar
    I think I saw up to £175 trade in, instore toady.

    I don't have a phone to trade in, which phone would be best to buy to maximize the trade in value? Any help appreciated. (edited)
  17. Christina_Smith3mH's avatar
    maybe a stupid question but, if you're buying online and doing your trade-in online, do you just buy the phone at full price and then do the trade in and get the BACs transfer? I've never traded in before so just want to make sure I do it in the right order. I assume that's how it works but rather be sure- don't want to pay full price then find out I was meant to trade in first etc.
    Lokomokos's avatar
    I'm wondering the same thing.
  18. logie48's avatar
    Up to £599 now anyway, looks like it is expired. Currys, Argos, etc follow like sheep the minute Amazon change their prices. (edited)
    cudds's avatar
    It looks like the black version in 465, or does it not work with that colour?
  19. Ruffuz's avatar
    Only smart phones for trade in?
    ax4132's avatar
    ax4132 Author

    Without reading any T&C’s, I can’t see why a non-smart phone could not be traded in. The only conditions are <7yrs old, no water damage and device powers on. They do have to run an IMIEI number check, but no way of finding out if your phone will be accepted unless you head to a store and check with them…
  20. mattkkinng's avatar
    How long does the trade in take to be completed in other people's experiences? My trade is delivered on April 1st, still waiting for my trade in to be completed. I understand bank holidays will make my claim take slightly longer though (edited)
    ax4132's avatar
    ax4132 Author
    Last year around September time it took them about 4 days from receiving the phone to sending me confirmation that they are processing the payment for the trade in. Got actually paid 3-4 days after. So about 7-8 days in total from delivery back to them.
  21. Maaaaaardy's avatar
    Very tempted to trade in an old P20 Pro for the £125 trade in value + my 6 Pro for £205, it's only around ~16 months old but the battery is a pretty crap and the charging port is loose for some odd reason and the USB-C won't stay in whilst charging unless left still, drives me insane!

    466 - 125 - 205 = £136 with free buds 👀 shall I go for it? How is the Pixel 7?
    1988dave's avatar
    P20 pro? Not sure you will get £205 for it as the p30 pro they only give £84+ £125...abit confused as you then go on to say 6 pro? Is that pixel 6 pro?
  22. Stephen_Noone's avatar
    Do you get them earbuds with it ?
    WingyB's avatar
    Claim on googles website.
  23. emptypocketz's avatar
    technical question if anyone knows not a fone guy myself, but I own a sony xperia compact which is 6 years old and dieing slowly.

    One very annoying issue is the apps I enter my username and password.... reboot and it still ask me to re-add them.

    I have free lastpass installed which kind of gets around this but its still annoying to have to enter usernames and passwords or pressing thumb to grant access and its very hit and miss on many apps. It feels like it should just save the username/password properly upon entering it and remember it upon rebooting the phone.

    Do the newer more recent Android phones have this issue or does it save properly so you don't need to keep re-entering usernames and passwords in apps?
    kwl147's avatar
    You’ll get it in both platforms, android and iOS, if enough time passes from when you last used the app and updated it and the next time you try to use the app.

    Before it was only Android with this problem. Now iOS has it.

    Lastpass is okay. Google has a built in solution. Nord has a password manager and so does Firefox I think or it used to have one. Microsoft has one so there are solutions to the problem. Apple is generally the most convenient solution but for the price they charge for their phones… (edited)
  24. Dealster1's avatar
    "This price match code can only be used tomorrow from 07:30am until midnight. Note that this cannot be used in conjunction with another promotion or offer."

    can i use the trade-in offer with the price match?
    ax4132's avatar
    ax4132 Author
    Yep, should work fine
  25. qwerty09876's avatar
    Is trade in value dependant on the old phone or is it a fixed value?
  26. poprocketjuice's avatar
    The back of my phone is glass and has a crack on it but the screen is sound, do you think they will accept it
  27. UKScottDeals's avatar
    A battery that lasts 24 hours is a selling point these days. Lel
  28. rodman's avatar
    Lemongrass is now £489 on amazon
    angie555's avatar
    Yes after I just bought it, I should have gone for the snow coloured one.
    Went through top CashBack so if I cancel this order I won't get the cash back
  29. theasterix's avatar
    I bought the phone in store paying £373 and trade in (to be delivered). They refused to price match saying it is not available.
    Is that so? Can I still do it online by talking to customer care
  30. roms123's avatar
    Does anyone which Currys stores in south London price match. Brixton and Croydon stores don't!
  31. angie555's avatar
    Amazon no longer have the lemon grass pixel for 466
    So it's all a waste of time
  32. penguini's avatar
    Mine arrived. Does not auto phone calls to car. I have to go onto phone and select car every time. Any halp?
    thegorilla's avatar
    This sounds like it could be your car. Have you managed to get it sorted? I have a VW that supports Android Auto and all I have to do is pair the Pixel to the car (just once) and then it works every time I use the car i.e. calls come through the car speakers.
  33. searched74_'s avatar
    Currys have revised my trade in offer because of "screen burn",

    Is there any way I can try argue to get the normal trade in price or should I just ask for the phone back?
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