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KFC Chicken Tuesday 9 Pieces Of Chicken For £3 | 4 Large Sides For £2.50 or 2 large sides for £1.25
Refreshed 4th AugRefreshed 4th Aug31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020
This should please the chicken lovers on here, as KFC have confirmed that for the next 3 Tuesday, the much loved Chicken Tuesday Bucket of 9 Pieces of the Original Recipe chicken c… Read more
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I can't wait to see if this is going to be the biggest Q outside a restaurant and 2 miles down the road


Don't forget to scan your club card/app with this to earn (also womble any receipts left on tables/the floor/outside etc),a and you can use £5 off with it if you have that on your app.


I went into a KFC which was listed as part of the scheme but they are not allowing eat in so wanted ti charge full price... so how does this actually work as I then went to another and the same thing... no eat in so refused to give discount...?


Of course I'm going to Mum's on Tuesday for dinner aren't I...


Well drive thru isn’t eating in. Is it?

Price Cuts at KFC (Fillet Burger 75p/ Sharing Buckets | Meals-4-1: Boneless Banquet £2.99 / Mighty Bucket £2.89 / 4 piece Col. £2.79 ++)
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
KFC have confirmed they would be participating in the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme starting the 3rd of August - running till the end of the month, Monday-Wednesday for eating out. S… Read more
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Anyone else not getting the Boneless Banquet for £2.99 come up?!


Why does the KFC guy have a really detailed head but a stickman body?


The small print in the advert on TV for the 9 pieces for £5.99 said it ends on 18/08/2020. According to the Guv website 50% off offer runs along side any instore offers, so you should get the reduced price then reduced again by 50%. This offer would be better if it included takeaway and drive thru's, its not going to be cost effective for the the likes of KFC, Burger King and McDonalds, even though they have signed up to it, there will only be a handfull of people allowed inside to eat in, so if the store reaches its limit of people allowed instore then there will be no sales untill the people eating in leave the store which could be up to 45 to 60 minutes,


On Tuesday ordered 9 Piece chicken bucket and 2 large sides, got home and found 11 pieces and 4 large sides.. 😁😬 (lol) , KFC is trying hard to kill us....


I thought we were meant to protect the NHS? Increase in obesity, heart related illness, etc... (lol)

Boneless Banquet Box Meal £5/ 10 Piece Family Feast Bucket £14.99/ Mighty Bucket £5.49/ Snackbox Hotwings £1.49 @ KFC Via App
23/08/2020Expires on 23/08/2020Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
4 new offers have just landed via the KFC Colonel Club App and can be redeemed from today till the 23rd of August. Details of the meals and usual prices: Boneless Banquet… Read more
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thttps://www.kfc.co.uk/eoho They said that they would be participating Not Fair


Just in my kfc they announced they were no longer doing 50% off company policy exit 2 very unhappy families


Oh yes, people do carry vouchers - I used to. But if it was the same price as some lesser known fried chicken place, people still opt for KFC or McDonalds because of the unique taste. Nothing wrong with Chicken Maryland etc, but there are reasons other burger chains can't replace McDonalds and other chicken places can't replace KFC.


My app shows nifty bucket for one as £4.99 so am I right in thinking like wethersoons offers are included with the Eat out Help out making it = £2.50?


No, people go to Macdonald's because it is cheap, the amount of people who carry a roll of fish fillet / big Mac discount vouchers is high,

50% off Zinger Stackers - 1 Day Only Saturday 25th July @ KFC - £2.75
4686° Expired
Refreshed 24th JulRefreshed 24th Jul
Offer is valid on Saturday 25th July only. Does not include meals but just the burger on its own. You will need to quote nomo deal or half price zinger stacker https://www.mirr… Read more
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I did do it on Saturday


Probably because it was for Saturday only?


True but that doesn't answer the cost of the bike, maintenance, fuel and insurance at the least. From what I read these delivery companies insist on all these being being legal.


I got one. Felt sick afterwards. Cold.


I tried it in store at Feltham and they denied doing it.

KFC Half Price Boneless Bucket Deal £9.97
2086° Expired
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
After the price reductions KFC offering every 7 days deals in stores. This deal may not show on app as they want public to come back in stores. 10 Boneless Fillets, 2 Regular Fri… Read more
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I remember the same and I couldn't be any further south!! Only 21miles to France from where I am. And our pop man was called mister Bacon's!!! Definitely 40 yrs ago maybe 41? Every sun afternoon ud hear get ur pop bottles ready to change for new pop, back then we're 1ltr glass bottles of limeade, cherryade, orange age, lemonade, cola, and cream soda(yuk!) I'm pretty sure they were 35p a bottle, but only 30p if u gave an empty!!


You're a star (y)


oh come on.... i have given you a free tip for a great family dinner made with love for a under 10 'er. :D


Have to agree they are more like oven chips


It's not pop.... Its 'Ginger'...... Whereas alcohol is 'The bad man's Ginger'... Well in Scotland it is, who cares though.... I'll settle for pop 😁 (y)

KFC Price Reductions (Products and prices in OP)
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
KFC have announced that due to the reduction in vat the following items will be cheaper from today. All sharing buckets will be £1 cheaper Family Feast - 6 Pieces 13.99/ 12.99 … Read more
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Chips are crap


Don’t forget to eat out to help out :))


Just had a KFC and paid the same price as it was before lockdown, then found out if I said a secret word this would have reduced the price by 50% how clever of them not to publicise this I feel conned. 15% should be taken off all items biggest fiddle ever the consumer is the loser.


If they are not passing tge full saving on to the customer that id a rip off and not a deal. Its actually a scam. Disgusting


I didnt say by the same amount. I meant by the equivalent drop

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10 Mini Fillets £4.99 Drive Thru, Take Out, Dine In @ KFC
4075° Expired
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Huge offer here! Possibly the hottest of the year!? KFC will be giving all those boneless chicken lovers what chicken Tuesday does not with 10 Mini Fillets for £4.99! Plus get 2 l… Read more
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Yeah I've noticed now. But it was more the point about the delivery cost being £3.99 when its next door to my KFC which costs only 99p they say its cos of distance when their 0.01metres difference lol


Apparently my local have low stock so decided to end early ;(


Strange. I went for this today and they said yes fine. Got the 2 sides for £2.49 too. Nobody else there. I got a good one, red hot and fresh. Big fillets too.


Went for this today Sunday only to be told offer ended yesterday


had it for a couple of months :)

Boneless Banquet Box Meal £5/ Zinger Burger Meal £3.99/ 12 Piece Boneless Dipping Feast £16 @ KFC Via App
1736° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
3 new offers have just landed via the KFC Colonel Club App and can be redeemed from today till the 26rd of July Details of the meals and usual prices: Boneless Banqu… Read more
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This won't happen but the laws on their welfare needs a shakeup.




Chickens lives matter too!! Stop consuming them!


I have ordered ahead a few times before but I just park up and walk in to pick it up (faster in my area than joining the drive thru queue) - I assumed the drive thru would work by serving food in the order the cars are queued so maybe that's the area they haven't sorted when people order ahead? Never had a problem with the app or any offers - also used the app to add credit for purchases via receipt number and that's always worked too.


If you’re suggesting you’ve never had a problem with the KFC app, I’m curious what you managed to get it to do. Anything useful like ordering food ahead of the Drive Thru?

KFC Chicken Tuesday 9 pcs of chicken for £5.99 "Takeaway and Drive Thru only"
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th JunLocalLocal
Its back again 9 pieces of KFC original Recipe chicken £5.99 from 29th June to 23rd August
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£3 tmrw with eat out to help out


I remembered today :)


Its time to get greasy. Ooooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhh!


Too right!! Nom nom nom


Today is the day!

KFC 10 mini fillets for £10 Delivery only (Excludes Delivery/Service Fees)
1018° Expired
Refreshed 22nd JunRefreshed 22nd Jun
Update 1
Now live
Kfc going to do 10 mini fillets for £10 for delivery only, Uber Eats Just eat Deliveroo

The website is broken...


How did this get so hot?! Have you lost your minds?


Yeah now you’ve had a refund from Uber wait until your next meal is wrong. No matter where it’s from. They won’t give a toss. I got a refund about a year ago after a horrible and I mean disgusting experience with a apparent 5 star rated place. They refunded no issues. Ordered a few things since mostly ok but when it ain’t they ain’t interested. A Big Mac that didn’t show up on the 1st day McDonald’s reopened they originally gave me 40p back after a week of pestering them they gave me £4 back.Food cold and undercooked from other places and a McDonald’s drink half full last month not interested. A generic we’re sorry we’ll do better next time message . I’ve cancelled my Uber now. Most shops local to me and also cheaper most of the time 2. And guess what they make sure the food is done properly.


Can't believe how much heat this had got. Looks like a lot of gullible people like to get ripped off. (horror)


What, this is ridiculous. Didnt they have the 10 chicken drum/thigh deal for less that this price too?

KFC is offering Blue Light Card holders and NHS staff 25% off the total price of their purchases at KFC
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
BLUE LIGHT AND NHS DISCOUNT Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Limited (“KFC”) is offering Blue Light Card holders and NHS staff 25%off the total price of their purchases at KF… Read more


Worked today!


25% off for NHS today (y)


Used it today with no questions asked. Even got 25% off!!


Omg...talk about "OFF TOPIC!!' (lol) How a KFC offer can turn into NHS pay !! Get a grip !!

KFC Colonel Club Offers
302° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Obviously don't go out if you don't need and yes you can order online but these deals are in-store/drive thru specific. Not great savings but savings none the less if your going to… Read more

That’s a shame! I used it at a drive thru very recently!


In store Our locals say this option is not working at the moment since corona bagan :)


Can’t use for online deliveries, but can use in-store (if they are open) or drive-thru! Just ask to use it before ordering


Every time they saying app options cannot use at the moment may be only become a trap to bring the customer into the shop and charge them full price :)


Yes you can.

10 piece Original Recipe Chicken for £10 @ KFC (delivery via Just Eat up to £2.49)
2614° Expired
Refreshed 11th JunRefreshed 11th Jun
10 piece Original Recipe Chicken for £10 @ KFC (delivery via Just Eat up to £2.49)
10 piece Original Recipe Chicken for £10 at KFC (delivery via Just Eat) Bargain & tasty!! Available until the 21 June
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You expect chicken to go cheap?


tasty and great offer.


H a l a l


no, that isnt your order. Why lie to try to look good?


This app doesn't work for me. Keep asking for valid post code. Well, not even chosed city worked. Am I died and don't know where I live anymore??

NHS & Teachers can receive 25% off @ KFC (ID Required)
369° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
NHS workers and teachers can receive 25% off at KFC upon providing ID at checkout. The discount runs until the 31st March Evidence (not my Twitter account / details!)
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You get to have the bones strewn on the street outside the KFC branches. ;)


I have got friends in the trade so will definitely not go hungry lol


What are you going to do now lol


They didn’t email me til today......obviously not in their priority list (lol)


That was announced yesterday that they were closing down tomorrow

10 piece Original Recipe Chicken for £10 @ KFC (delivery via Uber Eats / Deliveroo - £3.50)
346° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
10 piece Original Recipe Chicken for £10 at KFC (delivery via Uber Eats / Deliveroo) Free delivery if on share a courier (always is for me)
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Ull also need flour, seasoning, a big bottle of oil. Have you ever made your own? If you want it to be good youll want to marinate in milk vinegar etc.. Which takes even longer and costs more. Just spending time going to buy it all, setting up and washing up probably take you at least hour minimum to do the bare minimum before you can actually eat your average drumsticks.


Can buy a lot of thighs and drumsticks for a tenner and make my own, ridiculous prices these fast food joints.


Better expire this one now...........


Already on that road myself after losing 6.5 stone... cant get to the gym anymore, can't go out... (annoyed)


Is it me? 😳£1 each piece of chicken ???? that’s a deal (horror)

New KFC Sweet Chili Bites 23.03.20 - £1.99 @ KFC
420° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
New KFC Sweet Chili Bites 23.03.20 - £1.99 @ KFC
KFC are launching sweet chili bites from 23rd March - 17th May.
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I went to a KFC motorway services the other day, tables filthy...you'd think they'd have more time to give them a wipe, as they weren't busy (Scotch Corner).


This has been in the pipe line for months we have had the stock for weeks. :-)


I don't get why these are so expensive, not like they push them as higher quality chicken. I'd rather get 4 wings.


Didn’t like these when I took them home it those pots create too much steam and taste boiled so prob best to eat straight away so you have a bit of crisp in the batter


I can resist KFC,all except the bonelss bites :(

New KFC Colonel App Offers - Mighty Bucket for one £5.49 / Dinner for 2 £5.99 / 6 Piece Wicked Variety Bucket for £13 @ KFC
1026° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Mighty Bucket for one £5.49 Dinner for 2 £5.99 6 Piece Wicked Variety Bucket for £13 Valid from today till 19/04/2020

So what you're saying is that KFC is a key contributor to underlying health issues, but KFC customers shouldn't worry about Coronavirus. I would say, they are the exact people that should worry about Coronavirus if KFC causes this. :{ But then, didn't Usain Bolt break a world record in Manchester after eating fried chicken. I guess it depends how often you enjoy KFC, if you share the bucket and other lifestyle choices.


Where they got chickens from? Cant find in any shop


Just confirming that on the Uber Eats app, the Mighty Bucket for One shows the following:- So fries & drink included (y) :D 8) (highfive) ;)


£3.49 here (annoyed)


It's on the app

Fill Up Lunch - 1 mini fillet burger, 2 hot wings and fries £1.99 @ KFC
2003° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Fill Up Lunch - 1 mini fillet burger, 2 hot wings and fries £1.99 @ KFC
Fill up lunch is back today @KFC £1.99 for a mini fillet burger, 2 hot wings and fries. Add a drink or 2 more hot wings for 99p. Don't forget the Guest experience survey on a re… Read more
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Surprised no-one's mentioned that KFC is temporarily takeout/drivethru/delivery only - you can't actually eat in at the moment - see here. I can't remember the last time I was in KFC, if ever. Sounds like this is small enough to be a "fill half up" lunch and buying 2 may be the only option :-)


Had them in Australia, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and UK. Nowt wrong with the UK KFC. Morecambe store repeatedly good.


3 3pm i think dude


Is it too late for lunch? Anyone know the time this runs from/to


They allow me to order 2 fillup lunch in lavender hill branch

KFC the Colonel’s meal for one £4.99 (3 piece chicken, fries & drink)
311° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th MarLocalLocal
KFC the Colonel’s meal for one £4.99 (3 piece chicken, fries & drink)
KFC the Colonel’s meal for one (3 piece chicken, fries & drink)for £4.99. Found this poster outside KFC Cardiff

Shame about their potato item they dare call chips (mad) (poo)


Eh, for 5 pieces maybe.


I think we all know this is not true.


I can't believe it is chicken. i wouldn't have it for free it is so bad.


Not much of a deal if at all. cold

2 Mini Fillet burgers at KFC only £1.99 with Colonel Club App
3065° Expired
Refreshed 29th FebRefreshed 29th FebLocalLocal
2 Mini Fillet burgers at KFC only £1.99 with Colonel Club App
New deals on the KFC app. 100% chicken breast Mini Fillet burger with fresh lettuce and pepper mayo App links - Colonel's Club iOs Google Play
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It’s now expired. There’s new offers


got a really big fillet piece today and wasn't dry at all, and got 3 drumettes out of 4 hot wings. much better portion size than last time.


Don't expect the student status offer! Technical issue this week!


No point getting it as it’s tiny and super dry


Top tip, ask for them to put zinger sauce in the mini fillet burger ;)

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