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KFC Colonel Club New Offers -  £2.49 Twister Wrap and Fries £4.99 Mighty Bucket for One £14 8 Piece Dipping Boneless Feast
08/09/2019Expires on 08/09/2019Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
New KFC Colonel Club offers: £2.49 Twister Wrap and Fries £4.99 Mighty Bucket for One £14 8 Piece Dipping Boneless Feast Don’t forget students get a free snack box or mini fillet… Read more
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Looks like ice tea to me


Shouldn't be taken as "mocking" , just correction! So many get , their , there and they're wrong . English language is great and so many let it down


Surprised people are moaning about the fries as you only get about 5.


What's hotdeals??? Kindest regards


That has already been pointed out. Deepest sympathy ;)

Free Snack Box w/ ANY Krushem on the 15th August! - STUDENTS ONLY @ KFC (+ £2 Amazon Voucher w/ Student VoucherCodes)
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Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Hey Guys; KFC are doing an offer for A Level results day where, if you purchase a krushems (£2) you can claim a free snack box! You can also claim a free £2 Amazon voucher if you … Read more
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Krushum was £2.19 but staff unaware of the promo despite reading my email that I was sent.


Offer begins and ends today guys. =)


Saying that though, they may question it but I doubt KFC staff will be overly fussed. Up to you if you want to try it though.


Are you attending your current institute for A Levels? If so,you could possibly sign up to student beans with your institute's email, as the only real term requirement is to be 16. :D So, try and sign up and you should be elligable. =)


I'm a GCSE student. Already sorted out my college ID though, so I can't wait for all the future discounts to come with college and uni life (lol)

KFC Chicken  Tuesday 9 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken on the bone for £5.99
Refreshed 13th AugRefreshed 13th Aug03/09/2019Expires on 03/09/2019LocalLocal
Just walked past my local (meanwood Leeds) and spotted the banner. I am guessing it starts 13/8 Chicken Tuesday 9 for £5.99: Get 9 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken on the bone fo… Read more
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I don't think mighty bucket for one for £4.99 is a bad deal actually, lot of chicken for that price.


Tuesdays only.


Ooooop OP you've twisted me arm. I'm gonna get this tonight! And eight it like Henry the 8th


Maybe I should pop my KFC cherry next Tuesday.


Snared a deal there, can't beat that.

New KFC Krushem Soft Serves - Sour Cherry Crumble and Caramel Waffle flavours
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Posted 17th JulPosted 17th JulLocalLocal
The two new much saucier, ice-creamier and crumblier Krushems. Check your local KFC chain for availability.
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Burger King is the worst with their ice cream machine


Poor taste, overpriced


Cold for me, looks nice and a pure rip off... 2 chuffing quid.


Hmmm you sure you have been going to KFC's? The quality does seem to vary by store but never that bad


The sour cherry crumble one is £2.79 and it is lovely

KFC Mini Fillet Burger 2 Hot Wings & Regular Fries only £1.99 Before 3pm at participating restaurants
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
£1.99 lunch deal back on till 11th August

Great deal. Strangely not always advertised at the participating outlets. Ask if they do it if you don't see it advertised. (highfive)


Would it kill them to throw in a drink for £1.01 extra?


I bought this today and was able to swap the fries for corn instead! Well worth £1.99! Thanks OP.


Did they charge extra for the maggots or was it a free side ?


Whats the participating stores ? Cannot seem t o find out where's closest to me .

KFC Super Charger Mayo 1 litre  instore for £4
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th JulLocalLocal
Spice up your life, info below It’s official. For the first time ever, KFC are giving you the chance to take home a bottle of our legendary spicy-mayo for only £4. Now you can Su… Read more
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Put a ghost CHILI in it


Depends on what you want I suppose, obviously it is a mayonnaise and so never going to be as hot as a proper chilli sauce. Personally I think there is room for both on the same plate (y)


Yes - 1L of sauce.....


Always wished you could buy the Southwest Sauce in Subway, maybe this will start a trend.


£4 .....for sauce?

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KFC colonels club offers Zinger tower meal £4.50 / Free supercharger dip with 3 Hot wings/ £4.99 Supercharger Boneless banquet
1770° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
KFC Colonels club offers for this month runs till 11/08
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If you're ever constipated, I find KFC is, strangely enough, one of the best ways to get things moving again and in an awful hurry too.


I find the chips vile, previous chips were limp and poor, new ones tasted earthy to me.


Great , does it still come with a bag of about 6 chips ??


Free dip? They didn't give me my dip last time so I certainly am owed one.


I want hot wings for £6 back

KFC Colonels Club offers - £2.50 Wrap / £4.99 Boneless Banquet / Krushem £1
952° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
KFC colonels club new offers £4.99 boneless banquet £2.50 for zinger wrap and normal wrap £1 krushem Also if you have a students colonels club account you can get either a free m… Read more
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At least it's something constructive and better than the £5.99 20 hot wings comments thread that was hijacked by vegans and wannabe keyboard cardiologists.


I think it's £6.19


If you dont have a smartphone, like my uncle. Could you use a printed version.


Walking bear foot everywhere as tyres are made from nasty oil remember. ;)


Cherry tomatoes are horrible but then again i dont like certain flavours due to my lovely messed up taste buds.

KFC Vegan Imposter Burger & Drink £3.49 - selected stores
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Posted 13th JunPosted 13th JunLocalLocal
KFC are trialing their new Vegan Imposter Burger for four weeks in the UK at these stores: Bristol - Fishponds Bristol Bradley Stoke Bristol - Winterstoke Road Bristol - Eastga… Read more
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That’s the theme of this thread...


Just tried one, absolutely beautiful


Lol Bristol good choice to test a vegan burger


I just don't think so. Otherwise the Camden branch would be on there for sure!


Right...So i'm gonna go to KFC for a vegan burger.

Twenty KFC Hot Wings for £5.99
4796° Expired
Refreshed 3rd JulRefreshed 3rd JulLocalLocal
KFC Will be selling 20 Hot wings for £5.99 all day everyday starting from 17/06/19 (KFC will also be selling mash potato as a side order) Available at participating resturants
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Deal ends this Sunday the 14th. Fill up guys


That doesn’t surprise me, there isn’t much meat on a chicken wing.


(y) ;) why else would anyone go to KFC? You can buy decent chicken anywhere...but that coating..yum!


the crispy coating ratio to chicken wing is absurd.You are eating more of the crispy coating than the actual chicken wing meat


I got 20 hotwings, 2 large fries, bottle of 7up £8.49. Bargain!

KFC Mini Fillet Burger 2 Hot Wings & Regular Fries only £1.99 [Before 3pm at participating restaurants]
3876° Expired
Refreshed 20th MayRefreshed 20th MayLocalLocal
A mini fillet burger, 2 hot wings and a regular fries. The perfect lunch option. Available every day before 3pm at participating restaurants until 16th June
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Nah it's not that spicy.


Govan do it


I think they're a tiny bit better. The old ones were like really bad takeaway fries. These ones are pretty nice if you eat them in the restaurant but don't travel well and taste like damp cardboard by the time you get them home. The old ones were often bin-fodder by the time you got home too, so the situation is much the same. They should have probably used some kind of coated fries like Burger King. I'm not sure why KFC can't get this right. I'm confused as to why restaurants think you want to salt your own chips too: you've already given up on the diet when you order a takeaway so they could at least give you the benefit of perfectly salting the bloody things while they're still hot and the salt will stick


I don't understand why KFC can't make good chips for once. Instead of continuing their stupid policy of not putting salt on chips, they should just have it. The old chips were not that great, but the fact that they managed to launch a new one that is even worse is shocking.


Those chips are rank. The previous french fries offerings were already inferior to the McDonalds offering (with the portions being too small as well) and now we've literally gone from the frying pan to the fire with these burned offerings.

KFC Colonels Club Offers starting 6th May 2019 Includes £4 Ricebox Meal, £1 Krushem & 10 Piece Wicked Variety Bucket £15, Twister Wrap £1.99
-125° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
The new KFC Colonels Club offers have arrived just in time for Ramadan :p Including - - £4 Ricebox Meal (Ricebox, Regular Fries and Regular Drink) - £15 for 10 Piece Wicked Va… Read more
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Oh well, win some and lose some. Voted on 107 times though so not a complete loss...


Terrible deals


Can you use the student freebies with other offers?


Can you swop out the fries for a salad on the rice box meal?


Heat added, but offers at the moment are really bad!

KFC Launches The 'I Love You Bacon' Burger With Three Meaty Layers
-218° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th MayLocalLocal
KFC Launches The 'I Love You Bacon' Burger With Three Meaty Layers
I saw this advert on my phone and thought it would be nice to share it with you. KFC's new triple-layered bacon burger includes two layers of bacon, Bacon Lovers’ Relish and crea… Read more
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Just read a report that finger nail clippings might be causing cancer.


They've been saying that for decades, along with a thousand other things that cause cancer. If we stopped everything some paid for report stated we'd never leave the house and be living off finger nail clippings


I love you bowel cancer in a bap..... I'll be trying one.


It will be when it goes on sale I would imagine. My main point was that there is no deal in this post what so ever, its just an information post with an over inflated price tag


£5.39 is crazy talk.

Hot Wings Bucket! 20 for £5.99 @ KFC - Scotland UPDATE been extended to 5th May
3104° Expired
Refreshed 14th AprRefreshed 14th Apr
KFC doing a deal everyday as said in the TV advert for £5.99 you get 20 Hotwings! UPDATE been extended to 5th may ------------------------------ Update: Scotland only A… Read more
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Get down off your high horse and read what shirlsky said.


Geez, its not including in the deal because the deal is custom to that app, but if ordered a deal thats not app related like the deal that was active that your commenting on, you can use it i got my wings for 99p.... Don't complain about saving money on an app made to save money by people sharing.


They're catching onto you lot now. What you all seem to want is to walk in order some food and then walk out. Without handing over any money.


my branch would not let me apply the £5 off another offer either! They used to but the tills jut won't let them proceed anymore. Shame


Can anyone tell me if this is right. I was in off yesterday and brought the 10 piece wicked variety of the app. I also tried using my free £5 voucher but they refused to add the voucher And offer together where as I'm sure I have done it at other kfcs

KFC Colonel Club offers -12 piece dipping boneless feast £15, 6 piece wicked variety bucket £12, zinger burger meal £4, twister wrap £1.99
1216° Expired
Refreshed 24th AprRefreshed 24th Apr
£15 for 12 piece dipping boneless feast £12 for 6 piece wicked variety bucket £4 for a zinger burger meal £1.99 for twister wrap until 5pm

I don't think KFC fries are poor because they're frozen; I think they just don't know how to cook them. Their speciality is pressure fryers, and the chips are cooked in normal fryers, in which they are either cooking the fries at too low a temperature or not changing the oil regularly enough. I had a portion of their new fries the other day and they were actually delicious; the past two were damp and cardboardy. I've had my expectations managed by years of those revolting skinny fries which barely lasted the time it took to get to the table in restaurant, never mind home - so I always get a KFC with eyes on the chick'n alone. The £5.99 Tuesday deal is perfect for me, except for the fact that it's on a Tuesday.


Hmm I think we’ll have to agree to disagree, as Google says as of 2018 they had near enough 100 restaurants in the UK.. that’s a large chain to me. Also I don’t have issue with McDs frozen French fries (as long as they’re hot!) I'm doing like for like, skin-on vs skin-on. And 100% five guys has it in the bag. All this burger talk is making me hungry:)


They're not really a large burger chain though IMO, and their menu is very restricted, which gives them more leeway. McDonald's get through way more fries than them, and in my opinion McD fries are nicer than Five Guys, despite the sackospuds gimmick. I do like a Five Guys bacon cheeseburger though!


Actually no, not all large chains. Those sacks of spuds piled inside Five Guys restaurants aren't just for decoration, their chips are cut and cooked fresh in store and they taste arguably better than the rest imo. I'm using Five Guys as a comparison because they too like KFC do skin-on fries.


All large burger chains use frozen fries. No advantage to fresh cut ones anyway, and in the volumes they use it just wouldn't be sustainable to cut fresh ones. McDonald's are frozen too.

KFC VoucherCodes Thread: Free £2 Amazon Voucher with a 99p+ spend at KFC - STUDENTS ONLY
01/09/2019 at 00:59Expires on 01/09/2019 at 00:59Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Hey Guys; vouchercodes.co.uk/students/merchant/kfc.co.uk Just going through VoucherCodes and found a free £2 Amazon Voucher with evidence of a 99p+ spend at KFC. Link for same … Read more
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Hey Guys; The offer has been updated now with new offers. Admittedly not as good as last month’s but still, if you can get something from your spend, why not right?


If anybody has a spare receipt they could share with me I would be veeery grateful! 🙏🙏🙏 I don't frequently go to KFC


My voucher came through this morning. (y)


Lucky students - enjoy chicken 🍀


If you still want to take part in the offer, it has been extended to the end of the month now. =) Same with the KFC and Krispy Kreme offers. =D

KFC Chicken Tuesdays - 9 pieces for £5.99 - it's back AGAIN!!
2077° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
The banner's back up, could it really be? What did we do to be so blessed?? They're calling it "Wow Tuesdays" this time but I'm going to keep calling it Chicken Tuesday and I sugge… Read more
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It's a good deal but I'd dread the morning after :S


Hope it starts in Scotland.Never bothered with the 20 Hotwings for £5.99




today is the last day!

KFC Fillet Tower Meal with fries for £2.99
3764° Expired
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar
Just seen an billboard, Advertising KFC Fillet Tower Meal, With Fries (Regular) for only £2.99 (Limited time Only) Enjoy
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Expired now.


Because they aren't participating.


Sure it does. But not that it isn't available in Scotland.


It does state in participating restaurants in the header.


Not in Scotland. Please add this info to the deal info.

New KFC Colonel’s Club Vouchers (eg £1 mini fillet burger, £4.50 Mighty Bucket, £13.50 10 Piece Feast)
2023° Expired
Refreshed 29th MarRefreshed 29th Mar
New KFC Colonel’s Club Vouchers (eg £1 mini fillet burger, £4.50 Mighty Bucket, £13.50 10 Piece Feast)
New KFC Colenel’s Club vouchers: £1 Mini Fillet Burger £4.50 Mighty Bucket for One £13.50 10 Piece Family Feast Expires 7th April Don’t forget if you’re a student, you can get a… Read more
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Mine have been telling me you cant get the student stuff in conjunction with any other offer? I.e you'll only get a student thing if you're buying a full price meal? Anyone know more about the terms and conditions for this?


Gone off the meal deals now they have those 'warty chips' instead of the thin ones .


Exactly. Once in a while won't do much harm but i know people who eat stuff like this, McDonalds, taco bell, whatever, multiple times a week or even day! Idk how their system deals with it because I feel absolutely shocking if I have have it a few times within a short period.


(lol) Grappler misses the real point. Will 'he' get to reaching 'old' eating this crap? Looking around me, and the heat this crap is getting, it's little wonder this nation is so obese and no longer understands what proper food is. Once in while, ok. However, it seems half the nation lives and eats crap on a regular basis. YUK!


You can scan either. I thought they were the same code but after the app updated and they scanned my mighty bucket code this time round it seem to instantly be added to the till. Then i just asked for my student offer.

KFC vouchers in Todays Metro (7 Mar) - from £1
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Refreshed 7th MarRefreshed 7th MarLocalLocal
KFC vouchers in Todays Metro (7 Mar) - from £1
Some of the vouchers in Todays Metro:
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Got the flamin wrap and fillet burger and fries ;)


No they expire on the 10th March too... just like the ones from Feb :D


I think that was the expiry date on the KFC vouchers printed in Feb. Hopefully the ones printed today should be different otherwise a 3 day time period seems pretty useless (lol)


It's in Newcastle one


Careful man, they're sinking their teeth into you, at a time in your life where you start forming habits. The YumYum brand are the ones that'll be laughing last.