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Latest KFC Colonels club offers (eg £4.50 Boneless Banquet)
Refreshed 29th NovRefreshed 29th Nov30/12/2018 at 23:00Expires on 30/12/2018 at 23:00

Possibly but only because the old chips were so bad (horror)


New chips are better


Really wish KFC would do Mash like they do in the states, Mash, Gravy and Chicken, nom


All they need is Matt Damon as the chip frier fly on the wall and Denzil Washington in HQ.


Isnt a deal for me. The best was when they had the tower meal discounted.

Free fries on Friday 23 November @ KFC for Colonel’s Club Members - Black Friday
Refreshed 21st NovRefreshed 21st Nov
Free fries on Friday 23 November @ KFC for Colonel’s Club Members. It was displayed in KFC Cardiff. Probably national. FREE FRIES THIS BLACK FRIESDAY Yeah, you read it right. Try… Read more
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They shouldn't be even allowed to be called fries anymore. Better off pre planning and cooking your own.


Yeah, I don't mind the fries quite tasty but can't compare to mcdonalds


Had the fries last Fri. Double helping infact along with gravy megameal. I liked them. Better than before. And that was a slight improvement on the fries before. The ones I had were crunchy and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Closer in taste to a waffle. Had them with a bit of salt. It goes well with salt and gravy.


Currently in a long drive through queue where I have witnessed a lot of people bottoming their cars over the curb to get out from waiting so long in the drive thru lol I just realised that sounds rude


Had the new chips, and I like them, much better, I do get that "earthy" taste people say but it's just a potato not a fry lol I would like the option of choice but I'm glad they did this

Latest KFC Colonels club offers - Free Fries With A Large Popcorn Chicken And More..
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Latest KFC Colonels club offers - Free Fries with a Large Popcorn Chicken - Cookie & Coffee for £1.49 - 6 Piece Wicked Variety Bucket for £12 (6 pieces of original recip… Read more

what time on the 18th? lol


they start on the 18th, and fingers crossed they will be a lot better than these offers!


where's the new offers for this month?


Last time i bought a bag of potatos i realised i don't even get one potato in their largest bag of fries, cold deal, buy a bag of spuds and get a SFC from a frozen food store instead.


Thanks I'll remember for next time, no doubt next week on way back from work (y)

KFC Chicken Tuesdays - 9 pieces for £5.99 BACK AGAIN?!
Refreshed 28th OctRefreshed 28th Oct
I don't want to excite you all too much, but it's back! 9 pieces of Original Recipe chicken for £5.99 every Tuesday from 9th to 30th October Optionally add 2 large sides for … Read more
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Alas, the dream is over. But do stick around for the chat.


is the kfc deal for tuesdays still on?


Yes - how about you?


Anyone going to any firework displays this weekend?


So what happened next? (we're all waiting)

Refreshed 5th OctRefreshed 5th Oct
May have been posted before. Used this many times before. Download the KFC app and register. If I recall, you recieve 3 stamps which can be spent to get 3 free wings or a regular s… Read more
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Panty liners?


You can add 2 stamps per visit by spending £15, i take it you mean you cant add 2 separately


I'd just be happy for the chicken to be available and I'll even pay for it. Our local kfc ran out of chicken at 7:15pm last night and there was almost rioting... Not quite but still some angry-looking regulars. Ordered via deliveroo, which took 1.5 hrs so now KFC is dead to me.


You can only add 2 stamps manually (via receipt) per month. You also cannot add more than 1 stamp per visit, meaning if you scan then pay for your order, then decide to make a subsequent order only the first order will be stamp worthy.


That was a delivery issue, not a stock issue (a lot of chicken was wasted).

Latest KFC Colonels club offers - £1 small Popcorn Chicken, £1.50 mini fillet snack box, £15 12 piece boneless dipping feast & £4 boneless banquet
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
£1 small Popcorn Chicken £1.50 mini fillet snack box £15 12 piece boneless dipping feast £4 boneless banquet Pics are wrong on the app again
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The things people do to get a freebie...


Are you thick or something


What will this achieve?


Delete app and download it again


The app update is crap wont even allow me to sign in

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KFC Fillet Burger and fries for £2.49 in Wales when you show screen shot on your phone @ KFC
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
This just popped up in my Facebook news feed but only valid for KFC's in Wales so if you live in Wales, are on holiday in Wales or have friends in Wales - this one is for you! Get… Read more

Why would it be sheep? We fvck them, not eat them.


Son and his girlfriend have been had one each yesterday and I'm sure you'd of heard about it by now if it didn't work.




Has anyone successfully tried this yet? Seems like a suspiciously unusual way to run a promotion.



KFC Colonel's Club New Offers Original Recipe Ricebox £3, Zinger Box Meal £5 And Krushem £1
LocalLocalFound 13th AugFound 13th Aug
KFC Colonel's Club New Offers Original Recipe Ricebox £3, Zinger Box Meal £5 And Krushem £1
New deals are out, fill yer boots! Cue the usual comments about obesity, poor quality branches and all the other moans about KFC in general.
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The new offers have gone live and this one is indeed expired. @gadgetsgalore2011 can you expire this?


I think this deal is no longer valid ..... seems like it's not just the KFC app that is crap and outdated


Some gd offers


Yes, your local store either is excluded or doesn't know how to use the offer.

Free KFC mini fillet snackbox w/ any krushem on 15-16 August (Students Only)
Refreshed 15th AugRefreshed 15th Aug
Free KFC mini fillet snackbox w/ any krushem on 15-16 August (Students Only)
Hey Guys; Got an email today while I was out saying on the 15th and 16th of August, if you buy a krushem (assuming the machine isn't broken again...) you can claim a free minifill… Read more
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It's meant to be a mini fillet Snackbox, they were wrong. I love the touchscreen points, never seen them in KFC before and I wish they were in my local branch - they are like the McDonald's ones! Lets you add all of the offers yourself which means I don't have to deal with confused staff!


Manchester Fort only offered mini fillet burger not snack box as apparently that's the only option on till


I can confirm it's not meant to - tried it on a self-service touchscreen kiosk and it doesn't let you add both the 'free' offer and the £1 Krushem offer in the same transaction. It also charges £2.19 - has both the Krushem and the Snackbox as 1 menu item. So the offer of a 'free' snackbox when you buy a Krushem costs £2.19 whereas a Krushem costs £1 on its own - meaning that you are essentially paying £1.19 for the snackbox (varies dependant on franchise). £1 Krushem + £1.99 Snackbox price usually would mean a £2.99 bill but this offer saves only 80p, not worth the hassle! Sorry for the rambling, bit annoyed at this offer IMO. :( If it stacked with the £1 Krushem I'd have got it!


Seems to be a bit of a mixed bag from what I've heard. So, it depends if the cashier feels nice or not really...


Can this offer be used with £1 krushum app offer?

KFC Chicken Tuesdays - 9 pieces for £5.99
Refreshed 21st AugRefreshed 21st AugLocalLocal
IT'S BACK!! Just seen the banner outside my local, every Tuesday from 14th August to 4th September Add 2 large sides for £2 extra (thanks simon0w for confirming!) Choose from: - … Read more
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The banner's gone from my local, but we can dream. Let us know if it's true!


its back again?


You absolutely can. GO. LIVE LIKE A 99P KING.


It's not a voucher offer so I'm pretty sure you can. Got my chicken this lunchtime - I've saved the breast quarters for wraps tomorrow. Really nice chicken today actually, although I do feel rather cumbersome now.


I have a £5.00 of reward on the KFC app. Could I use this with the £5.99 offer

KFC double bucket is back £15.99
Refreshed 5th JulRefreshed 5th Jul
Kfc advert says double bucket is back for £15.99. If anyone can add food list much appreciated tried to find it.

I know that's the only one we buy.


Just had it yesterday, and its only 6 pieces of chicken, when I queried, manager said its called double buckets (chicken come in one and the rest come in 2nd bucket) and NOT 2 buckets of chicken, I think its dishonest and misleading at the least. Don't think I will be bother to go back even when they next have another offer.




neither do I ? I went for the double bucket and went I got back It was 1 bucket with 6 pieces chicken , 2 beans, 1 pop , 1 popcorn and 6 mini fillets and 4 chips what a rip off


https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/for-sharing/double-bucket-hotwings See the link above. It uses 2 buckets and I agree, £15.99 doesn't appear to be a good deal for what you get. I'm going for the wicked box on Wednesday because... It's coming home (football)

KFC Colonel's Club from 2 July 2018 | 3 Hot Wings for £1.25 | Any Krushem for £1 | 10 piece Wicked Variety Bucket for £14
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
KFC Colonel's Club for July 2018 3 hot wings for £1.25 Krushem for £1 6 piece family feast for £9 (6pc chicken, 4 fries, 2 large sides and a bottle of drink) KFC removed … Read more

Having said all that the other day, I went to purchase the £9 family feast today. When the staff tried to put it through it wouldn't let him complete the transaction saying offer not available. In the end they gave me a free snackbox for my troubles as it wouldn't go through. Bit disappointed tbh as I really wanted it...


I asked staff what offers were showing on the colonel's card and she definitely mentioned the family feast for £9. It's strange that some people are reporting that it's not available. Maybe it's store specific whether they want to honour the offer?


They allow it. The staff are always unsure if they can allow it but it goes through on their machines if they try. I've tried in 2 branches and have had free meals using the offer and £5 off :D I've also used 3 rewards at once, the free side, free snack and the offer.


Coolio.... Wasn't sure. I used the last CC offer (£3 3 piece meal) with free 2x wings But £5 off might be too much for them


Op did you photoshop that pic in the description as the offers do not match your pictures ?

Double Down burger back Monday 2nd July for 3 weeks only @ KFC
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
Double Down burger back Monday 2nd July for 3 weeks only @ KFC
After being taken off the menu last November the Double down burger is back from Monday 2nd July for 3 weeks only. Costs £4.79 or £5.79 with fries and a drink KFC leaked it in a t… Read more
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This isn't the same as the US one AFAIK - it's just two chicken fillets, cheese and BBQ sauce, where the American version has a 'special Colonel sauce' (don't ask). Maybe the American version has too much MSG in it (and as we all know, MSG makes you grow two heads then spontaneously melt into a gelatinous blob) - or maybe they just couldn't be bothered. Either way you could surely just assemble this at any point yourself by buying two boneless fillets, grabbing a free sachet of BBQ sauce and sticking a slice of Aldi American cheese in the middle? This was my attempt to replicate it without actually buying one, for what it's worth...


Lol. I suppose it was cheaper than just rebranding to KF. The Colonel would turn in his Urn!


Also this is standard price so how can it be considered a deal? Maybe on misc or something but it's not actually a deal.


First time I got one, oh my god, it was a thing of beauty, then the next day I bought two one for me and the missus, same KFC and it was crap. So yeah not that great.


You know it's bad when they had to run adverts on the TV for their standard menu after it became available again, on top of hanging signs outside all the restaurants stating that the full menu is back.

KFC Student discount offer ! £3
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
KFC Student discount offer ! £3
Student discount offer ! Download app and scan barcode and select choice of purchase for £3 or more and show them that after spending £3 you get a snack box for FREE!!! They neve… Read more

How can you lie that your a Student? I had to add code from Student Beans to get it


That was an additional offer as I understood? can't remember if I had KFC to be sure


They alternate every month, last deal was 3 original piece for £3


Referring to when you sign up, this may not show up coz your are over a certain age


You know this has been the offer for something like 3 months?

New KFC Colonels Club Offers : 3 piece original meal £3 / Fillet Tower burger meal £3 / 6 piece family feast £10
Refreshed 19th JunRefreshed 19th Jun
New KFC Colonels Club Offers : 3 piece original meal £3 / Fillet Tower burger meal £3 / 6 piece family feast £10
New offers are now live. 3 piece original meal £3 Fillet Tower burger meal £3 6 piece family feast £10
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Had the fillet tower meal last week Monday got sick , thought it was my luck. Than the next day my sister went there and had it and vomited few times looool. Gonna stay away from KFC for a bit.


same thing happened to me too! Was told I could not have the £3 burger meal. Was told the offers finished yesterday. I asked for the new offers instead and was told that they do not start until tomorrow. In the end I just bought a drink as it is too warm! Seems it depends who you speak to. As per usual.


And have you? :/


KFC should be reported to asa. False advertising!


Still showing on my kfc app.

Student Offer: 4 Pieces Chicken And Fries £3 @ KFC
LocalLocalFound 18th MayFound 18th May
Student Offer: 4 Pieces Chicken And Fries £3 @ KFC
Not really a new deal as these offers have been posted already. However, I was not aware they could be stacked. Hope it helps someone. Confirm you student status on the KFC Colone… Read more

is that work if i just show NUS student card or it have to be student beans account?


Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. (y)


You'll need an ac.uk email address to get a student beans account.


ROFLMFAO..................... NOT!


I mean... the card says NUS in huge letters (pirate)

KFC - free original recipe snackbox when you spend £3 via student beans
LocalLocalFound 17th MayFound 17th May
KFC - free original recipe snackbox when you spend £3 via student beans
KFC - free original recipe snackbox when you spend £3 via student beans Access your student discount using your student beans id on the KFC colonel club app If your order is goin… Read more

I have a student extra card, how do i get a student beans id to get students discount on kfc app :/


KFC app insists the student code pulled from StudentBeans app is invalid (mad)


A lot of them do not tell u that there is a free snack box for u when u buy somthing... I had a free snackbox from saving the stamps and when I asked them for my free STUDENT snackbox... I found out afterwards they had taken off my free one from saving the stamps. I find I always have a struggle with them to get the freebie... pain..

Colonel's Club Offers  23rd April - 20th May: Mighty Bucket for One £4.50 (more in OP) +  Free side for new signups e.g. 2 free Hot Wings @ KFC
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Colonel's Club Offers 23rd April - 20th May: Mighty Bucket for One £4.50 (more in OP) + Free side for new signups e.g. 2 free Hot Wings @ KFC
Offers have been refreshed for the Colonels club - similar to before and decent saving with expiry date of 20th May New signups to the colonels Club can also get a free side e.g. … Read more
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Rabbit is lovely, wish Iceland still did exotic meats


Luck it wasn't rabbit, could have got mixed up toeses.


Ewwwwww hair is a no no, sounds like you have the worst luck (lol)


Another disaster. Wrong burger given again,had to ask for the correct side aswell. Was eating my non ordered zinger tower,1/3 of the way through it and a big hair appears. Another kfc ruined.


Won't work in woolwich though. They charged me full price 6.xx for 2x after scanning the bar code though.. Now bar code is just for 1 point like tesco clubcard , they said.

KFC Student offer: Free Snack Box on spend of £3+
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Previously used to be Krushem or Mini Fillet Burger, now a Snack Box for free on spends over £3
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To get validated as a student using the app you do need a studentbeans id.


Nice one!. :-)


Was supposed to press heat


All you require is to be validated as a student using the KFC app. The resultant barcode gets you free Snack Box each time you buy £3+ from KFC.


Neither the OP's link, nor the OP's Deal (anywhere) makes mention of the Student Bean's thing?. So where'd you get wind of that little nugget from?, lol. What am I missing?. :-)

KFC Free Original Recipe Snackbox for students when you spend £3 via student beans
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Grab a free Original recipe snackbox when you spend £3. Access your student discount via student beans id - KFC colonel club.
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Pfft you work in the city? Loser. I work in the empire and rake in 80 mil+ at the age of 23, so I must be doing something well moron. Now now, sounds like someone is projecting his own insecurities on others. Did you ever make it to UCL studying Economics? Judging by the timing of your post above, it would seem you skipped university and headed straight into the city to 'rake in 60k+'?


Go back to using your benefit payments for your gym membership fool.


"Do something productive"? Are you kidding me? I'm not the one writing paragraphs upon paragraphs on a deals site. I work in the city and rake in 60k+ at the age of 24 so I must be doing something well moron.


Hilariously pathetic, get out of your armchair and do something productive.


Not bothered too long to read. Next!