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Lenovo Tab 3 10 Plus- 10.1" Full HD Android Tablet Cortex-A53, 2GB RAM, 32GB £159.97 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Nice price drop on this Lenovo Tab 3 Plus. 10 inch tablet with 2GB ram, 32GB storage and quad core processor. Had a quick look around and this seems to be the best price for the 3… Read more

Considering tablets are still be sold with 1GB having "only" 2GB isn't the problem some portray it to be, having said that this is priced way to close to other stuff that's a lot better, namely the Tab4 plus which has been available for amounts close to this. I'd buy a used A10-70f For £50-60 more than adequate for most users and save the rest.


I thought the Tab4 plus was this price recently?


How does this compare to the Amazon fire 10 HD?


Way too expensive to be limited by 2GB ram and Android 6. Even if there is 7 available now, we are on 8 and there's a fat chance this will ever get it. If I had £160 in my pocket, I'd be looking at a second hand Tab S2 9.7" for the extra ram and OLED screen.


If I was buying a new tablet I would aim for 3gb minimum ram or it will soon be outdated.

Archos 503179 Dual Sim 7" Phone 3G Tablet / Phablet 1GB RAM 8GB Storage Sim Freest Laptop Outlet for £49.97
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Let's be frank - this is a cheap device, not necessarily a good device! May be good to stick in the car? According to the French site (… Read more

Archos! Never again


If you really want the cheapest tab possible, Chinese models tend to go around 35 quid on eBay with a similar spec to this.


Archos products are really bad quality wise and Archos don't support their devices at all well, I know it's only £50 but IMO it's not worth it, I would rather buy a second hand device from a better brand at least the user experience will be better.


Useful as a car media player/GPS. But as said, a bit limited otherwise.


Werent these launched in the noughties?? The spec certainly reminds me of the first table I ever bought, back in the dim distant reaches of time.

(price includes a free pair of Bang And Olufsen Headphones) LG G6 H870- 32GB - UK SIM-Free @ Laptop Outlet - £359.99
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
The headphones are worth £80 - £100 on the old ebay. Thought this weren't a bad price including the headphones. Official LG UK Stock QUALCOMM Snapdragon 821 (2.35Ghz Quad Core)… Read more

Come again?


Android One


It's the 64gb HK version that sounds good, I believe this one does not have the Quad DAC


My, where have you been, you must not have got the email, its like paradise with no sellers fees, insertion fees, and every buyer is a genuine non idiot.


Very good phone for music. Best audio I have heard.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre 310S Desktop PC AMD A6 9230 8GB 2TB Win 10 with 21.5" LED Monitor £349.97 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Decent bundle if you are looking for a productivity computer for a home office, or maybe just for home work or general internet browsing. AMD A6-9230 / 3.2 GHz Max Turbo Spe… Read more

Is it a gaming PC


It's a really bad option for that, you need a PC with a graphics card or at worst, current gen integrated graphics.


No, it's pretty much the worst possible PC for that, even at the same budget, this has no graphics card and a last gen processor, I'd recommend on a real budget getting an older Thinkcentre tower or Dell/HP from a couple of years ago with an i5/i7 on ebay and adding a newer graphics card like a 1050ti.


Without the monitor, the Pavilion 570-p019na has a newer quad core cpu, a SSD and a slightly better graphics engine, hope that helps :)


Gone for one of these after my old Mesh PC keeled over last week, good spot OP

Linx 12X64 Tablet with Keyboard cover - 4GB  / 64GB  + 1 Yr BullGuard Sub £189.97 / Lenovo Tab 3 with kids mode bundle £54.49 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Not seen many offers on these recently, decent machine for the money. At 12.5" it's a quite a nice size with a 1080p res screen. Runs Windows 10 and comes with keyboard cover. Ther… Read more

V = 2gb of ram. X = 4gb of ram.


Thanx for that clarification at least. :-)


Does it?.


The X has more ram too.


The 12x64 is the one with a metal body and slightly faster cpu. It is a fair size tablet though and quite heavy, so I'd worry about the flexing on the plastic body version. I've only used the X, so it's a bit of conjecture on my part (regarding the flex on V).

Lenovo 2-in-1 Laptop £224.99 / Linx  KAZAM 8" Tablet  £69.97 **Linx Now Back in stock** @ Laptop Outlet
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
*Update* Linx KAZAM 8" now BACK IN STOCK Worth checking back, in case it returns - Here Thought this was reasonable, good for game streaming and such. Not mega high specs,… Read more

Got my Kazam delivered today. Turned it on, asked to create a user and password. Then it said plug it in for updates. Came back to it later and it's stuck on the Kazam logo. Another hour later still stuck. Stuff of legends the company that produces a DOA tablet (lol)


The kazam tablet thing was a great idea but just lacked a little. Threw too much at it, and it bottle necked. Threw too little at it and it crashed. It kept unmounting my sd cards and was more frustration than it's worth at RRP £150 (what I paid). I would be tempted at £70 but I said the same thing with the switch and j don't really play that currently.


Still in stock on Amazon


Yep :( Have updated the post as the laptop is still there. Hopefully the Linx comes back though, cheers



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Toshiba CB30-B-104  13.3" Best Value Laptop Intel N2840 Dual Core 4GB 16GB SSD (Reconditioned A+) £179.99 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 6th Jun 2015Found 6th Jun 2015
Seems like a good price for A+ reconditioned with full year warranty. No experience of this company though so interested to get folk's views... Shared Via The HUKD App For Andro… Read more

just picked one up from eBay, £169, luckily I had a 10 percent voucher and converted some nectar points so worked out even cheaper


deal is dead... sold out.


no probs redeeming 100gb google drive... just went to the chrimebook site and it validated my device. awesome bit of kit... great bargain!


No good then!!


Likely already redeemed against this hardware, the A++ refurb unit I had stated already redeemed when I tried. The conditions for the Google Drive offer advises that refurbs are not included.

Toshiba CB30 Chromebook 13" Intel Celeron 2955U 2GB RAM 16 GB SSD (Toshiba Reconditioned to A+) £139.99 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 20th Mar 2015Found 20th Mar 2015
Seems a decent price for a recon chromebook with renowned Toshiba quality
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None, which is why it isn't.


What use is the cloud storage if it's just read only


bought it, alternative was spending £40-50 more on an Asus C300.


The Drive offer is linked to devices, not Google accounts. If a device is returned, the extra storage is revoked.


Adore my chromebook. RE 100GB Google drive offer, it's just any chromebook new or used. It sees you have bought one by signing in with your Google account and gives you the 100GB storage. Battery life is so good and the screens aren't as bad as people say. Literally the best laptop I've owned for the price, it's comparable to a MacBook Air for 1/5 of the price.

Lenovo Flex 2 / 15.6" Full HD touch screen / Core i5-4210u / 8 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD / £539.99 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 18th Mar 2015Found 18th Mar 2015
Intel Core i5-4210U Dual Core Processor 15.6" Full HD Touch Screen Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit 8GB DDR3 RAM 1000GB HDD DVD Rewriter Dedicated GT 820M Graphics

No the screens fine its the keyboard that they put on wrong :)


its a dual mode laptop, got mine for £400 from Amazon on black Friday, great laptop


No it's not unfortunately. Picked one of these up on ebay from a seller called exdemolaptops. They sell them on auction quite a lot, grade A with 90 day warranty. Got mine for 315 plus postage.

thomas01155 14 inch version, full hd, i5 £479.99


theyve put the screen the wrong way round

Lenovo Y50-70 15.6 Full HD Gaming Laptop Core i7-4710HQ 12GB RAM 1TB HDD+8GB SSD with cashback( £733.33)  - Laptop Outlet - £879.99
Found 25th Nov 2014Found 25th Nov 2014
Looks like a good laptop with the tax back makes it a lot better Intel® Core? i7-4710HQ Quad Core (2.5 GHz, Intel Haswell Architecture, Features Intel Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz), … Read more

Cool story Bro.


I have a lot of first hand experience with the 4k model and for coding/research the extra real estate is invaluable. However back on point - it is just outright wrong to say that the 4k samsung panel on the high specc'd model is 'just as bad' as the 1080p model. I've seen them both and the 4k screen is great, it has a known issue displaying the color yellow and it's not the brightest of displays so struggles in direct sunlight as do most if not all laptops, however it is more than adequate for indoor use - especially in the UK, the brightness has not once been an issue. I will admit the yellow issue can sometimes be annoying though, however I'm not a graphics designer so for me it really isn't a deal breaker. It is definitely not sub-par, viewing angles are great and the level of detail is simply stunning, colours (bar yellow) seem to be good, and vibrant. Now for cometh the hero who's superpower is to state the obvious... Of course it's not going to run games at 4k, no single mobile gpu can run games well at 4k - a lot of desktop gpu's struggle to render new games at 4k at playable rates. But the 860m runs games pretty well at 1080p. I don't know what set up you have at home but the 4k screen scales perfectly at 4:1 pixels i.e. 1080p - so again I have no idea how you can say 'it will look pants'. Comparing a 4k 15.6 running games a 1080p to a 15.6 at 1080p show's no resolution related differences that you can see to the eye (i.e. looks the same). You're not taking 1080p content and using software algorithms to fill in the gaps and display it in a 4k resolution. You're simply setting the screen to utilise 4 pixels as one hence 1 pixel becomes 4 times larger in area. But on a 15.6 screen it's not going to be noticeable as the 4 pixels = the area of 1 pixel on a 1080p screen hence it's pretty much no different to having a 1080p screen Another point worth mentioning is that if you're an avid gamer the screen refresh rate is 48Hz on the 4k screen so with vsync means 48fps - no deal breaker for me as 48 fps is perfectly playable for me. Anyway the 4k model with VAT back is a steal in my opinion.


The 4k screen is just as bad if you read reviews and there isn't replacement screens readily available. So if you go for the 4k your stuck with a sub par screen. Plus an 860m isn't going to play games at 4k and playing 1080p on a 4k screen is going to look pants. I have a 1440 desktop screen and anything other than native is shocking when gaming as the screen has to upscale.


You can get replacement IPS screens for this for around 50 quid and it takes minutes to replace. I bought this from very 2 weeks ago for £899 with £130 cashback from very and also the VAT back from Lenovo so £620 in total. My thoughts were "Can I get anything near this spec for £620".......Nope, not even close. I don't regret buying it at all, it's a great laptop, the keyboard is nice to use, backlit too and the laptop is extremely responsive. It's also incredibly thin and has a very nice brushed aluminium case. Downside is the screen, but it is easily replaceable and isn't warranty sealed/tagged. Definitely a bargain even at this price. Link to how easy the screen is to replace:


if you plan to get the laptop would defo recommend switching the screen.

Lenovo FLEX 10 Touchscreen Netbook intel Pentium N3510 2.0 GHz 4 GB 500 GB Win8 - £229.99 + VAT back @ LaptopOutlet
Found 27th Sep 2014Found 27th Sep 2014
◦Intel Pentium N3510 2.0 GHz Quad Core Processor ◦Windows 8.1 ◦10.1" Display ◦4 GB RAM ◦500 GB HDD ◦USB3.0 | HDMI | Bluetooth These were around £300 in John Lewis last week so th… Read more

Well, Lenovo customer support / laptopoutlet were absolutely no help at all, but I have run memtest86 and it very quickly finds bad ram. Could anyone else who has bought one of these units confirm what memory windows is reporting to them? If you open explorer, right click on Computer and choose Properties, or equivalently if you go to "Control Panel\System and Security\System", does it say "Installed memory (RAM): 4GB (1.84GB usable)" or do you get a different number? Notes of caution: if you upgrade from windows 8 to windows 8.1 there is a known bug on these laptops where they will restart if you try and wake them up after suspending them. This is fixed in the 64bit bios update, but that update is not supported by our hardware


anyone find that their available memory is more like 1890mb out of the 4gb? pre-emptive strike: 1. no this is not related to msconfig -> boot -> advanced having an incorrect max memory set 2. no setting max memory doesn't help 3. cpu-z only registers the 1890 as per Control Panel\System and Security\System 4. no this is not memory reserved by the graphics card, that is listed as 32mb dedicated 0 system and ~1gb shared 5. yes bios claims it has 4gb installed 6. yes i am running the latest bios supporting the 32bit operating system which came installed 7. yes i have upgraded the installed operating system to windows 8.1 I will be calling lenovo tomorrow, the experience so far is not great. Pre-packaging with a 32bit OS is rather insulting, especially when they also offer a 64bit-compatible BIOS which is exclusively included in a 64bit installer - how they expect you to pull that off I have no idea.


Available on eBay from the same seller for 189.99 today. Unsure if the cash back will be available though.


sounds intresting , thanks


10 seconds -- I just timed it .... only had it for a couple of days but no crashes as yet - hope this helps.

Toshiba AT300SE-101 Slim Tablet NVIDIA Quad Core Processor 1.3GHz 1GB  ram, 16gb storage £139.99 from laptopoutlet
Found 28th Mar 2014Found 28th Mar 2014
Looking for a mid priced 10 in tablet with ips screen and stumbled on this at Laptops direct.. dosn't seem a bad price for a 10in quad core tablet...whats peoples thoughts on this?
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Is this still running 4.1 OS or has it been upgraded?


Good value. Hot !!!


Don't get a tablet from Toshiba. They come with a locked bootloader and zero support. Even if the hardware is nice, the software ruins it.


£30 cheaper than Amazon, decent little tablet! No Cyanogenmod though..


Warranty: Toshiba Reconditioned to Like New Standards.1 Year Warranty.

LG G2 D802 16GB Black Sim Free Android Phone - £299.99 inc delivery @ Laptop Outlet
Found 4th Mar 2014Found 4th Mar 2014
Web page states "Brand new Sealed Unit, Official UK Stock with full manufacturer warranty." They have a shop on Tottenham Court Road in London, not exactly big but they do exist. … Read more
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Good phone but beware the screen can be broken easily,,,,so definitely consider a good solid case. Had mine a week and I must have sat down with it obscure I'm my pocked.... £122.16p later I had to replace the screen!


Good to see :P


OOS now.


Ordered. Goodbye IPhone!


They seem to be one of the few electronics stores to have survived on TCR, most are long gone now.

Lenovo Yoga 11.6" Touch Screen Laptop Tablet NVidia Quad Core 2GB 64GB W8 RT £349.99 free delivery @ Laptop outlet
Found 1st Dec 2013Found 1st Dec 2013
trying to finda new laptop for my daughter who would also like a tablet. this seems to meet all needs as flip top makes laptop into tablet 2013. office suite included which is the … Read more
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Was it the newer bay trail atom or the older clovertrail one? The old model wasnt much different to the chip released 4 years ago, but the quad core bay trail quicker than an i3y chip in some cases!


We can agree to disagree on active management. I did have a play with an atom-based tablet and it seemed to have all the disadvantages and few advantages. To me. The badly written drivers I mean are things like printer drivers, simple stuff you think will work and it takes a reinstall to get things working. Most people will have experienced this sort of thing with Windows. You try out Chrome for a change and then some of your websites don't work the way they did. Some clever video program promises to play that video format you've not got working and it screws up your file associations and you spend an hour or so in Registry settings and who knows what else. The restrictions placed on RT mean you just have something you can rely on.


I cant say ive experienced any of that since the days of XP. I manage the network and servers at my company, some have been running 24/7 for several years and are no slower than the day i set them up. Our development machines have gb of software and databases installed and other than windows updates never require 'active management'. Windows does a good job of looking after itself, installing poorly written drivers is probably your problem.


thanx appreciate your help. I think this one will do the job and she seems quite happy and excited about it


Then this is probably your best bet if 349 is your max. There are a couple of other choices but both cost more. Im torn between getting the t100 now or waiting till feb when the larger tablets and ultrabooks and 64bit win 8.1 with instant on is released. Theres a gap in the market for an 11.6" convertible with full hd, 4gb ram, 128 ssd and keyboard for under 500.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Upgrade version (PC/Mac)  for only £39.99  was £90.00 ,cheaper than amazon (£72.99)   From laptop outlet
Found 14th Sep 2013Found 14th Sep 2013
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 10 Make every photo look its best with powerful options that take the work out of image editing Create photo books, cards, calendars, and other printed m… Read more

The standalone version of Elements 11 is only £38.99 on Amazon at the moment ( sold by webbasket, fulfilled by Amazon ) and is quite often £32.99 [img][/img]

Lenovo Z370 13.3" Laptop 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 4GB 750GB NVIDIA 1GB Dedicated - £349.99 DELIVERED @ Laptop outlet
Found 29th Jan 2013Found 29th Jan 2013
ModelZ370 Screen Size13.3" Memory4 GB Processor TypeIntel Core i5 Processor Speed2.50 GHz Hard Drive Capacity750 GB Operating SystemWindows 7 Operating System EditionHome PremiumGr… Read more
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£399 now :-(


Yes - if the laptop meets your needs it's good value.


Thinking of buying. Is 350 worth the hardware?


By 'full-power' I meant that it's a standard mobile i5, not a ULV model; that means it's actually faster than a ULV Ivybridge i5; but of course along with the GPU takes more power compromising battery run-time.


i do hope english is your 2nd language

Lenovo laptop W520 £819 from
Found 27th Nov 2012Found 27th Nov 2012
This is a pretty high spec laptop aimed at a more technical market rather than gaming. It has some unusual features like the colour calibration. So, it may not appeal to everyone a… Read more

Well, my experience with the retailer has been very good, so I hope that helps. As for the graphics, it has a good card and driver for things like CAD and 3D modeling - the drivers are optimised for that apparently. The display is excellent too, it's matte, has high resolution, high contrast and there's a built in colour calibration sensor where you close the lid and it measures the colour of the screen and adjusts it to give accurate colours. Anyway, this seems to be getting voted cold mostly, but as I said before, this is not aimed at the home laptop market. So, I'm not expecting people who would normally buy a laptop from a high street retailer to be sold on this, but for someone who does CAD, graphic design or 3D modeling for example, this is from what I've see an unusually low price for the kind of computer they might be considering.


Hot for the price compared to other shops but I'm not too sure about the retailer or the spec of the gpu for the price.