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Dell OptiPlex 5040 - Mini Desktop PC Intel Core i5-6500 / 3.2 GHz Quad Core CPU 4GB RAM, 500GB £399.99 Delivered w/code @ Laptop Outlet
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Big price drop on this desktop system from Dell, when using the £50 off code. Intel Core i5, with 4GB of RAM, 500GB HDD, and Windows 10 Pro. You'll need to use the code 'LOCT50' a… Read more

6th Gen (2015) 4GB HDD Not great in 2018.


can;t find on itzoo at the moment but better price and value with 256gb ssd, so yea, not a good deal.


pretty poor if you ask me, expensive for what it is.


Poor deal tbh, itzoo had similar setup with ssd for just over 200 still under dell warranty (refurb)

HP Slimline 411-a000na Intel Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Win 10 £119.99 (Refurbished) Delivered using code @ Laptop Outlet
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Thought this was a great price for a basic slimline desktop PC. Perfect for a small office or kids room for basic productivity tasks. Includes 4GB of RAM with a 1TB HDD and Windows… Read more

This whole system costs about the same as a copy of Windows 10 (included). Can't really expect an i3 in a system that costs less than an i3...


1. i don't own a iphone. My gf has a iphone and a ipad yet she does not have or need a pc or imac to use her devices. 2.When it arrived it had the snow leopard OS installed which dates back to 2009 as far i know and yet i still manged to install multiple apps to make it useful direct from the developers websites so even if you loose the app store in the future its no big deal as there's god knows how many apps already for el captan which i upgraded it to. Tell me something do you download all your apps from Microsoft's poor excuse for a app store on your PC or do you download most of them direct from the developers webpage like most people like myself and the people i know? Example VLC media player - you can get the player from there website for pretty much every mac OS that was released.There far more ways than just the App stores on both systems to download what you want otherwise people would of stopped using windows xp and other outdated OS a very long time ago.If all else fails you could always download older versions of apps off torrent sites so your not left with your ass waving in the wind ;)


A good if potentially expensive solution is to use a router that can do the VPN duties including kill switch equivalent. I have a PC Engines based PFSense router and use with Private Internet Access. No wireless but I use a cheap bridged mesh system for that. That way you can protect everything on the network and get failsafe protection from exposure if the VPN goes down. It is not a killswitch as such and is 100 percent reliable. I don't do anything naughty but I don't like privacy violation so tend to use a VPN. I have an APU2 board but the ALIX board are cheap and 'might' meet your requirements depending on internet speed. A bit of fun to play about with if nothing else. I have seen PC Engines stuff on eBay for peanuts. Of course you can use any old desktop with another network card but my environmental sensitivity doesn't like the wasted electricity and it also is a big ugly eyesore. Most domestic routers are very basic, hard to go back when you have used a proper router :) Not for everyone as it is not plug and play though. If you play with Linux then this sort of playing about might be up your street - and it really is not too complex.


Ha :) I sometimes use my old samsung nc10 netbooks for torrent and media server (no transcoding) but they got screwed up when I stupidly did an lubuntu update which killed my samba network sharing and I could not be bothered to set up samba and the vpn kill switch again! I used to use torguard which had a linux app but then switched to privatevpn which required some config hacks for kill switch. Damn lubuntu upgrade!


I had a Dell t7500 for a bit. Was fine but a big ugly case. Bought it dirt cheap and now have sold it on. But for a cheap reasonably specced machine for general use it is hard to complain too much. I bought a couple of tiny atom powered PCs for VERY little on eBay. Can't remember the brand but they were very well put together. Not really sure why I bought them? I think I intended to use one as an always on web server for very low volume and the other for bittorrent. Anyway they were too slow even for that! Probably perfect for display boards or terminals or something. Put them back on eBay and people lapped them up at a hefty premium - should have bought more. God knows what they thought when they tried booting Windows.... Just goes to show people don't do their research very well. For people who want a small pc the Lenovo Tiny series are not a bad buy. I have an I5 and it is a great little desktop for everyday office / browsing duty. Can be bought on ebay for reasonable money. Much better value than Intel nuc in my opinion and very well built. Way better than this deal.

Lenovo ThinkCente Desktop PC Intel Core i3-7100 / 3.9 GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, USB 3.1, Win 10 £357.19 Delivered using code @ Laptop Outlet
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Good price for this small form factor PC when using the code. Intel Core i3, 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD running Windows 10 You'll need to use the code LOCT25 at checkout to get the d… Read more

Below one is cheaper i5 6th gen with dell warranty upto 2020, looks more promising...THough refurbished but you are getting more then a year of warranty


I wouldn't buy a 7th gen Intel system brand new unless it was very cheap. 8th gen Intel is a big jump in performance and future proofed. Or even 2nd gen AMD Ryzen if you fancy something different. Also 1TB spinning disk is no good. SSD should be the standard across all PCs in 2018.


No 4k output. No usb c . No ssd . Cold

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64GB HP Stream 11 Pro G4 - 11.6" Touchscreen Laptop  N3450 / 4GB RAM £199.99 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
£20 more than the last deal on the Non-Touchscreen version on this (now expired) So if that's something you'd use then overall spec wise, this is decent. Not everyone want's a big … Read more

You can upgrade for free to full windows 10 pro using windows store. It's an instant upgrade with no reboots or downloads.


I was tempted until I saw the Win10S


It says on HP website Windows 10 Pro in S mode so assume you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free.


An easy and quick fix, but the hardware will be forever lacking.


Windows 10 S, booo!

Lenovo IdeaPad 520 15.6" FHD Gaming Laptop - Intel i7-7500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA  GT 940MX (2GB) DEDICATED GFX £629.99  Laptop outlet
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
It is a 7th gen i7 but still a really good price. 2% student discount also.
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Avoid buying from Lenovo direct at all costs. I purchased a laptop the mouse pad was dead on delivery. The build is super cheap and the only advise they give is to fo a full system restore back to manufacture. If I had purchased from currys or pc world I would have demanded a full refund not what you expect when purchasing a purported new item .also when using hdmi the external sound is full of drop out and time lags


ACER swift is actually really good. I might add bigger ssd. However Acer aspire with Ryzen 5 2500u is bit better in multicore benchmarks and graphic card is definitely "much" better than Intel on board graphics.


I just picked up the Swift 3 for myself, actually. I've only tested LoL on it but it runs that very well even on high settings. That Aspire looks good though for the price. What do you think my machine would be capable of running? I understand the Ryzen chips have much better intergrated gfx.


Have you looked at Acer Aspire 3? Check below and if you decide to buy make sure to add a M. 2 SSD (may cost extra £40-60) and it'll beat i7 7500u and 940mx.


Ryzen 5 2500u will beat i7 7500u cpu and 940mx while consuming less power (Ryzen cpu might be slightly slower in single thread works but definitely beat multicore)

Lenovo Folio Case and Film Designed for 8" IdeaTab 3 Tablet £3.49 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
These have been on site loads of times, and I figured someone out there must be looking for a case! This official case is half price, and free delivery also, so not bad at all! Yo… Read more

Other than the obvious (eg. the camera 'notch' that's been cut out from it's arguably purpose-built' folio case). Can this also be used as a 'standard case' for most (if not all), 8 inch Tablet's out there?. Like eg. LINX 8, Fire HD 8, and such like?, or ... thanx.

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Lenovo i5-8250u 8GB ram 256GB SSD 15.6” HD laptop £499.99 Laptop outlet
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Hi new to hukd. Came across this laptop has good specs and brand new only £499 plus £10 student discount if you have a code. Opinions?
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Don't think so. That would make me buy it. See specs here


Pretty normal price for this laptop. Would rather pay a little more for something much better like the acer swift 3.


I would love to buy this but I am about £130 short :(




Buy Lenovo V330-15IKB from Laptop outlet in cheap price. It is best laptop having Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) 8250U / 1.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed 3.4 GHz Quad Core Processor 8GB RAM, 256B SSD. Place your order now and save huge with free home delivery.

ASUS VivoBook E203NA 11.6" Laptop Intel Dual Core, 2GB, 32GB eMMC £104.99 Refurb Delivered with code @ Laptop Outlet
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
This looks to be a decent option if you are considering picking up a very basic laptop for things like emails, web browsing etc. You'll need to use the code LOCT15 at checkout t… Read more

You're right. 2GB RAM was fine but 4GB is pretty common now on this type of machine and makes a huge difference. One big mainboard makes it all cheaper though. This is too much for a refurb though if you ask me...


REFURBISHED come on, this is from an editor too....


Only 2gb ram , small screen cold . Ram cannot be updated. Good old days when you can update ram , hard disk , cpu etc . Now everything is soldered and disabled in crippling Intel Management Engine even if you are smart enough to solder .


IT-Zoo or Tier1, this time it was IT-Zoo, I only buy from these places. Didn't even spot that... if it's not new, it's not great value then...


Any link for Lenovo x240?

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E458 15.6" Laptop Intel Core i5-7200U, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro £399.99 Delivered with code @ Laptop Outlet
Refreshed 12th OctRefreshed 12th Oct
Thought this was a decent price for the spec for this business orientated laptop, and after checking around its over £60 cheaper than elsewhere when using the above code. Intel Co… Read more

'Caveat Emptor' or 'Horses for Courses' ! Briefly perusing the technical specification of this decidedly mediocre Fujitsu Lifebook E458 laptop, I still find it an utterly contemptible situation that currently there STILL appear to be a few neanderthal manufacturers & retailers out there deliberately dragging their feet, who believe that nowadays it's completely acceptable to flog inferior products with such lousy 15.6" 1366 x 768 pixel resolution screens ! I mean jeez guys, isn't it about time that you all woke up and smelt the coffee ? Oh and by the way I'm afraid that at least in MY book, a miserable 1366 x 768 pixel screen on a 15.6" portable is by it's very nature categorically neither HD nor full HD… way, José !!! Methinks a quick email or phone call to your local Trading Standards office ought to sort out that little problem and force the retailers to amend their advertising accordingly….. Admittedly a quick search online revealed that other Fujitsu models further up their 'food chain' can be specified with full HD screens, but obviously they are priced higher accordingly, so regrettably in this particular instance it's a unequivocal Cold from me…..sorry !


768 wouldn't have even been sufficient back in 2010, god knows why they're still palming these panels off on the public. My first PC was am expensive £2000 Fujitsu desktop. Broke 2 months after the warranty expires. Was therefore also my last.


Agreed on the RAM. Windows 10 really should run fine with 4GB but in reality it's pretty sluggish in my experience.


7th gen i5. They are all selling at this price for the spec. 8th gen is on most new i5 laptop. Voted cold not really a good deal


About ten years ago I signed up myself and gf for the 'Lifebook for life' program, where we each spent about 1k on laptops and every three years get a free replacement for life. So we've had eight laptops now and the only one that went wrong and had to be repaired was the T901 which was a tablet and the digitiser/display went wonky. I am a heavy user and physically mine looked quite worn when it was time to return but they really took the battering very well. So I'm pretty impressed overall with Fujitsu quality, definitely better than the cheaper makes.

HP Stream 11 Pro G4 - 11.6" Light Weight Laptop Intel Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 64GB £179.99 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
Bargain laptop if you were looking for one. 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, HD display and Intel Celeron processor. Given the price it's hard to complain about the spec on this one. … Read more

Exactly this... I don't consider it HD.


Bought computer from this company had sdbus_internal error from it three times. Crashed even after they said a fix would solve problem


HD is 720p, Full HD is 1080p - you may not consider it HD but in technical terms, the OP is right on the money.


But it is one though lol. Slightly over but more or less. XD


Please don't call this a HD display. Good spec for new on this money though.

Dell Alienware 34-inch WFHD Curved Gaming Monitor, 21:9 Ratio, 4ms  £549.99 Delivered with code @ Laptop Outlet
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Great price on this Curved Ultrawide Alienware monitor, with a 4ms response time it's a perfect choice for gaming. You'll need to use the code LOCT50 at checkout to get the disc… Read more

AW3418DW you mean.


Nothing wrong with 1080p on a 34". I'm running 2560x1080 on a 165hz LG 34UC89-G and it's perfectly fine. You'll never notice it in games, you'll get much higher framerates than 3440x1440, and you can always play around with the zoom/scaling on Chrome and other apps if so inclined...


I wouldn't bother at 1080p on a 34inch, I have a 29inch ultrawide which is the absolute maximum size for 1080p on ultrawide imo. I'd save up and spend a little more on something with 1440p.


Damn was hoping 1440


You could always change the resolution. That way you benefit from the higher resolution with things like browsing and less intensive games. Just a thought

Lenovo Yoga 510 - 14" Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet AMD A9, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD £329.99 Delivered with code @ Laptop Outlet (Also Lenovo V110 £309.99 w/code)
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
This seems to be the cheapest price around for this 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop when using the provided code. AMD A9 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD. You'll need to use the code… Read more

Thanx, much appreciated. :-D


Just don't want to see you buy something you'll regret later (y)


Hehehehehehe, I hear, fair enough, lol, thanx. :-D


E-series was the low-cost option, yes, but I'd still take a Celeron or Atom over an AMD E-series, any day!


Cool, thanx for that informative info. If I recall well (at the time of x-Year's ago at least?), I believe that the AMD E-Series was something like the equivalent of an INTEL Celeron chipset! (if I'm not mistaken?).

Tetratab Casebook 3 Rugged 10.1" 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet 2GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, 4G LTE £99.99 Delivered with code @ Laptop Outlet
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Nice code reduction on this rugged tablet over at Laptop Outlet, dropping it to under £100 with code. This tablet can withstand drops of 0.7m onto concrete, and is equipped with I… Read more

Any owners of the Android variant care to comment on the performance? I want to run this app:


I have 2 devices with this processor, and while both are decent for what they do, there are some things to bear in mind. Neither will boot 64bit uefi stuff and are limited to 32 bit windows. Probably not a worry for most of you, but a pain in the arse for me. Drivers get broken with windows update on a regular basis. If you absolutely must have windows, these things work ok for a tenth the cost of a surface, but be prepared for some fiddling.


Only for Windows. Chromium or Linux will be fine with 4Gb....


Is that a problem these days what with newer OS's and better memory management?


Looking at something like this for use as a Sat Nav for "Green laning" . I'd only have the navigation app installed and maybe Chrome browser . Anyone used this or similar please for something akin to what I'd like to use it for ? Or recommendations for a "cheap" alternative . Electronics don't tend to last that long being covered in water and mud . It will spend most of its life being bounced around too I might add so this seems like it would be perfect . The one I use at the moment is so slow it takes a full minute to redraw the map on Viewranger every time I rescale .

Linx 12X64 -12.5" Full HD 2 in 1 Laptop Tablet with Keyboard, 4GB RAM, 64GB, Windows 10 £179.99 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Cheapest around that I could see for this particular 'laplet', and may be of interest to someone that maybe doesn't have the budget for the more expensive Surface line. Intel Atom… Read more

Had a note book with an atom processor 10 years ago, it's quite slow


I have 4 of these, CPU gets overwhelmed easily, driver support does not exist (WiFi drops and you have to disable\enable), and takes 6 to 8 hours to charge. Also you can manage to discharge it while plugged in. Other than that it's good for the price.


It’s true. I bought a potato and use it for all my PDF needs.


You can view pdf documents on any potato, but if you want something cheaper maybe try eglobal


Got the 10” it’s a good device to carry around as a backup. My 10” only has 32gb storage, so generally not enough room to download and install the larger windows updates. (Feature updates). I’ve managed to get all the drivers, and I use nlite to add them to a windows 10 bootable USB to reinstall the latest OS when updates won’t work. That combined with one drive for files makes this quite handy for my job! It’s not perfect, but it’s cheap and so far it’s reliable!

Lenovo Tab 3 10 Plus- 10.1" Full HD Android Tablet Cortex-A53, 2GB RAM, 32GB £159.97 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Nice price drop on this Lenovo Tab 3 Plus. 10 inch tablet with 2GB ram, 32GB storage and quad core processor. Had a quick look around and this seems to be the best price for the 3… Read more

Considering tablets are still be sold with 1GB having "only" 2GB isn't the problem some portray it to be, having said that this is priced way to close to other stuff that's a lot better, namely the Tab4 plus which has been available for amounts close to this. I'd buy a used A10-70f For £50-60 more than adequate for most users and save the rest.


I thought the Tab4 plus was this price recently?


How does this compare to the Amazon fire 10 HD?


Way too expensive to be limited by 2GB ram and Android 6. Even if there is 7 available now, we are on 8 and there's a fat chance this will ever get it. If I had £160 in my pocket, I'd be looking at a second hand Tab S2 9.7" for the extra ram and OLED screen.


If I was buying a new tablet I would aim for 3gb minimum ram or it will soon be outdated.

Archos 503179 Dual Sim 7" Phone 3G Tablet / Phablet 1GB RAM 8GB Storage Sim Freest Laptop Outlet for £49.97
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Let's be frank - this is a cheap device, not necessarily a good device! May be good to stick in the car? According to the French site (… Read more

Archos! Never again


If you really want the cheapest tab possible, Chinese models tend to go around 35 quid on eBay with a similar spec to this.


Archos products are really bad quality wise and Archos don't support their devices at all well, I know it's only £50 but IMO it's not worth it, I would rather buy a second hand device from a better brand at least the user experience will be better.


Useful as a car media player/GPS. But as said, a bit limited otherwise.


Werent these launched in the noughties?? The spec certainly reminds me of the first table I ever bought, back in the dim distant reaches of time.

(price includes a free pair of Bang And Olufsen Headphones) LG G6 H870- 32GB - UK SIM-Free @ Laptop Outlet - £359.99
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
The headphones are worth £80 - £100 on the old ebay. Thought this weren't a bad price including the headphones. Official LG UK Stock QUALCOMM Snapdragon 821 (2.35Ghz Quad Core)… Read more

Come again?


Android One


It's the 64gb HK version that sounds good, I believe this one does not have the Quad DAC


My, where have you been, you must not have got the email, its like paradise with no sellers fees, insertion fees, and every buyer is a genuine non idiot.


Very good phone for music. Best audio I have heard.

Lenovo IdeaCentre 310S Desktop PC AMD A6 9230 8GB 2TB Win 10 with 21.5" LED Monitor £349.97 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Decent bundle if you are looking for a productivity computer for a home office, or maybe just for home work or general internet browsing. AMD A6-9230 / 3.2 GHz Max Turbo Spe… Read more

Is it a gaming PC


It's a really bad option for that, you need a PC with a graphics card or at worst, current gen integrated graphics.


No, it's pretty much the worst possible PC for that, even at the same budget, this has no graphics card and a last gen processor, I'd recommend on a real budget getting an older Thinkcentre tower or Dell/HP from a couple of years ago with an i5/i7 on ebay and adding a newer graphics card like a 1050ti.


Without the monitor, the Pavilion 570-p019na has a newer quad core cpu, a SSD and a slightly better graphics engine, hope that helps :)


Gone for one of these after my old Mesh PC keeled over last week, good spot OP

Linx 12X64 Tablet with Keyboard cover - 4GB  / 64GB  + 1 Yr BullGuard Sub £189.97 / Lenovo Tab 3 with kids mode bundle £54.49 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Not seen many offers on these recently, decent machine for the money. At 12.5" it's a quite a nice size with a 1080p res screen. Runs Windows 10 and comes with keyboard cover. Ther… Read more

V = 2gb of ram. X = 4gb of ram.


Thanx for that clarification at least. :-)


Does it?.


The X has more ram too.


The 12x64 is the one with a metal body and slightly faster cpu. It is a fair size tablet though and quite heavy, so I'd worry about the flexing on the plastic body version. I've only used the X, so it's a bit of conjecture on my part (regarding the flex on V).

Lenovo 2-in-1 Laptop £224.99 / Linx  KAZAM 8" Tablet  £69.97 **Linx Now Back in stock** @ Laptop Outlet
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
*Update* Linx KAZAM 8" now BACK IN STOCK Worth checking back, in case it returns - Here Thought this was reasonable, good for game streaming and such. Not mega high specs,… Read more

I hope you sent it back to the Shop at the time? (you can perhaps still do so I believe?). Your Tablets' 'fault' may not actually be the LINX Tablet's hardware, it may actually be purely a software one ... As (funnily enough), last Year on a different LINX Tablet Thread on here, similar 'issues' to which you describe was also was documented upon it?. Where it turned out that because of a then dodgy Window's update, it rendered their then new LINX Tablet's useless!! (there's a mad amount of third-party Forum's on the Internet apparently? - where many have cursed forth their grievances of such ... ) Microsoft was therefore obliged to sort it via follow up patches, etc? (but not before several thousands of Window's based LINX customers had already had their Tablet's almost totally totalled at that point. :-( And some Month's earlier I read of a similar 'occurance' thing too ... So may not be strictly a one-off? (so to speak?). I was fortunate enough in that regards when I did software updates of my one's at the time to Window's 10 (but one nice egg, out of a batch of more than 10000+ not so good one's at the time doesn't constitute a good batch? - especially as it doesn't even equate to 1%).


I'm in a similar frame of mind to you when it comes to the 'out of the box' usage usage of these sorts of thing's to be honest?, lol. But (also like yourself), every once in awhile, a brainwave hits me to perhaps maybe like 'recycle stuffs'?, and ... We've all been there (some obviously being more successful 'recycling' than that of others perhaps? - myself included, lol). :-)


"Recalbox Is a Simplified Game Emulator Operating System for the Raspberry Pi". I'm assuming that this is an OS in it's own right to which it boot's directly from right? (so effectively not a Window's based Raspberry Pi Emulator of sorts instead? - or am I mistaken?). So would in turn allow you to natively run Raspberry Pi 'stuffs' on this Window's based LINX Tablet, but within it's own Raspberry Pi OS environment, etc (if my interpretation of what I read above is correct in any way?). Where you able make your desired usb boot solution in the end for it?, or ... I know Raspberry Pi is not natively touchscreen enabled, but the LINX Tablet's natively are, so how does that fair? (or the OS pick's it up ok regardless?). I have both 10" and 8" of those LINX Tablet's. So wouldn't mind doing a bit of experimenting on too. :-) I already tried Emulating Android on one of them in the past, and was able to run an Android only based Movie App via it (which in itself I found fascinating - and even moreso as the touchscreen elements within it worked as if it was native Android on an Android Tablet ... yes, it did what it needed to do, but did it painful slow though, hehehe). But that was about 1 Year or so ago though, lol). What is RecalBox like in a similar real World usage scenario? (if I can call it that), if you know of any?. Also, where would I be able to get any Raspberries Pi ROM's from also?, thanx. :-)


Fair enough, and thanx for the useful info. :-) And I'll look into the infamous ROM options at some point, and see what's what, etc?. :-)


Best thing is to install retroarch. In regards to complete ROM sets, I'm not sure where you can easily get them these days as many of the sites are closed (emuparadise for example). Btw, the 8 inch tablet lags when connected to a TV but is fine to play by itself.