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LEGO Icons 10314 Botanical Collection Dried Flower - £35.99 @ Smyths

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Lego Icons 10314 Botanical

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Enjoy the LEGO Icons Dried Flower Arrangement (10314).

This eye- catcher is super easy to care for. This set is an engaging building project for adults. Among the numerous flowers in strong autumn colours, the gerbera and the rose stand out in particular. The finished arrangement is suitable as a spectacular eye-catching piece on a table or as a magnificent wall decoration. You will always like these amazing flowers.

The buildable model is divided into two segments so that 2 people can work on the arrangement at the same time. What a great opportunity to spend time with a friend or loved one.

Part of the ground-breaking LEGO Botany collection for adults, this buildable model features some bioplastic elements made from sustainably grown sugar cane.


  • Contents: 812 LEGO pieces
  • Dimensions: 13L x 40W x 7H cm
  • Create a dried flower arrangement (10314) from LEGO pieces
  • Flower arrangement in beautiful autumn colours
  • Gift for flower lovers and enthusiastic florists
  • LEGO Builder App contains digital version of building instructions

YouTube - Speed Build & Review

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  1. AK.Gunners's avatar
    Looks to be a good price for this, even though I personally don't really like this set and much prefer the other flower bouquets.
    Willlau99's avatar
    The space that this takes up compared to the other flower bouquets puts me off this set
  2. JayJenkins's avatar
    I remember Lego having charm because someone had to think of how to come up with unique models with their limited blocks, now they're just dragging and dropping pictures into their lego software and spitting out all shapes and sizes. Getting real tacky now.
  3. CrazyCanadian's avatar
    Come on guys it's nice ... well mine is.49721215-Vuek6.jpg
    hotsir's avatar
    Love it I’m ordering
  4. pablomozza's avatar
    Personally think this is an awful set 
    Willlau99's avatar
    The images from the video make it look even worse because the colours look very dull
  5. RosieWoo's avatar
    Looks good, for a funeral arrangement.
  6. Parappathepappa's avatar
    This will be near £20 at some point - everyone seems to dislike it
    sdaniaal's avatar
    They are just picky on price, ornamental pieces are typically unpopular in general.
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