Free 50 VIP Points

Posted 1st Feb 2023

Under VIP account complete activites could be useful if you need 50 points more for the new VIP sets.

Credit to @fastrthanapigeon who noted this deal on another forum
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  1. fastrthanapigeon's avatar
    It’s definitely a lot quicker than the last one of these!
  2. MrBobsy's avatar
    Thanks, +50 was enough for another voucher
  3. RedNWhite's avatar
    Thanks, done
  4. Spilner's avatar
    Took less than a minute for me, not sure how they think 10-15,i guess for the younger builders (edited)
  5. johnptr126's avatar
    Thank you! Took only a couple of minutes.
  6. LOKS2's avatar
    Great. Didn't know this. It all helps!
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