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Marvel's Spider- Man PS4 for £25.37 w/code delivered @ ShopTo eBay
TODAYTODAYFound 9 h, 3 m agoFound 9 h, 3 m ago
Use code PLAY15 for offer ** UPDATED 20/03 17:00 ** - AO eBay have reduced their price to £29 which means it will be cheaper to get this there instead for £24.65 inc delivery us… Read more
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (Xbox One) for £9.99 Delivered @ Base/Simplygames
Found 23 h, 3 m agoFound 23 h, 3 m ago
SimplyGames' Link Product description Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series delivers a brand new story of… Read more

No it's still there, just checked it.




RIP Telltale games.


I love the Telltale games, but this was my least favourite. The story just didn’t flow as well as the others.


Ah right. I did wonder. I didn't know what was going on when I first turned the game on. Thanks for the info (highfive)

Captain Marvel 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray - £20.00 at Amazon UK using code BIGTHANKS
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
As Captain Marvel is exactly £25.00 at Amazon, you can use the code BIGTHANKS to get £5 off, reducing the film down to £20. This works out even cheaper than Zoom using their 10% of… Read more

Aquaman at least tried to be visually interesting I never thought in a million years I’d be thinking that Jason Momoa has more personality than Brie Larson (I don’t care about D.C. v marvel - I just like superhero movies)


Because i can and do listen to them on my iPod any time I want. The music choice was so jarring it snapped me right out if the film. They used songs who’s only significance was “90s music” and “hey I remember that”. It added very little


Who cares when it's bands like Garbage and Nirvana ?


Not seen it but couldn't be worse than Aquaman? :S


Nope not at all. Wasn’t a fan of any of the songs as they aren’t a genre I really like but I did like the tracks by Salt n Pepa and TLC.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Minifigure Set 5005256 - finally in UK £20 (instore or +£3.99 Delivery) @ Hamleys
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
20£ in store (online) free with 50£ purchase in store

My large orders been despatched have parcelforce tracking details too ! Happy days


Just had another email saying it’s been dispatched so I guess I’ll have to wait and see!


Just had an email saying it was put up for sale, on the site, in error and that my order has been cancelled. ;(

Hope you ordered for more than 50 than set for free... see screenshot

Guys - getting better / just received the following message - without even asking... had ordered three sets yesterday...

Spring Sale at PSN Store - Far Cry 5 £9.73 RDR 2 £27.45 God of War £13.89 Detroit £14.74 Marvel's SpiderMan £27.62 + MORE [Indonesia Store]
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
USE THE ABOVE DISCOUNT CODE TO GET A FURTHER 15% OFF STATED PRICES IF SPENDING RP 990,000 OR MORE Ace Banana PS4 Rp79,200 £4.20 Rp59,400 £3.15 Alien: Isolation Full Game PS4 Rp… Read more

Now this man has the idea! Stonking especially as Sekiro looks amazing. I'd swap out grow home for either Dead Nation £1.81 or Tumble VR £1.06


Yes mate


I assume the virtual card and currency rate is near enough the same as Revolut? I'll get it done shortly


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is only £35.50 on the indonesian store. What I am probably going to do is wait until it is released tomorrow (can't mix pre-orders and released games for some reason), and add games bringing the value up to 990,000 then add the 15% off code. Could essentially get a cheap, brand new game and two or three cheap games (like Doom, TLOU, Dying Light, one of which would be very nearly free! E.G. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 664,000 (£35.51) The Last of Us Remastered - 139,500 (£7.39) Far Cry 5 - 183,600 (£9.73) Grow Home - 15,400 (£0.82) Added to bring to over 990,000 Total - 1,002,500 (£53.45) Total (-15%) - 842,100 (£45.34) This essentially makes TLOU absolutely FREE and then a tiny bit off of FC5. You can use any combination and probably get a couple of games free (like dying light and fallout 4) and then still get another games and still get Sekiro.


Do it mate, no sign of Starling being blocked any time soon.

ComiXology (Digital Comics) - BOGOF AND up to 67% off selected Marvel comics with code
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
ComiXology have a few sales up at the moment with up to 67% off Ms Marvel, Kree, Skrulls, and Captain Marvel comics. They have also just launched a BOGOF voucher for almost all … Read more
Read More

Thanks, yes I went for the Kamala Khan collections, vol 1-4. Reviews are good and Vol 1 won the Hugo Award for best graphic novel in 2015, so hopeful its a good run.


Which ms marvel did you get? Carol Danvers or Khamala Khan? I like Khamala Khan myself, Danvers was boringish to me but her newer books was ok I havent read much but I will list what i know usually gets recommended (they may use bits of these for movies too in the future) Under skrulls section secret Invasion is meant to be good he one by bendis and yu (cap America, thor & iron man on cover) Avengers - kree/skrull war Annihilation book two (sadly only this book out of 3 has the 67% off) under Kree section Annihilation Conquest Not heard anything about the following but under Khamala Khan section I went for champions - volumes 1-4 cos I thought it would be an interesting team, MS marvel ( Khamala Khan) , Hulk (Amadeus Cho aka totally awesome hulk or asian hulk), nova, Viv Vision, Cyclops, miles morales (Spider-Man) - Written by Mark Waid , took a risk on this set of books cos I heard Mark Waid is meant to be a good writer.


Please post here any recommendations from the Marvels sale, I’m looking to get a few more while this is still on. Secret Invasion collection perhaps


I wish that KU worked with the ComiXology system so you could read them in HD in the ComiXology app, which in my opinion is excellent, particularly their guided view tech. Reading in the kindle app feels quite klunky in comparison.


Also worth checking what comics you can get on Kindle Unlimited (currently on a 'two free months' offer). They have lots of Marvel and also now DC graphic novels.

Marvel Spider-Man Wellington Boots for £6 @ George (Free C&C)
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Kids spider-man wellies on offer. Showing available in sizes 3-6 with free c&c Adventure-proof your little hero for all weather with these fun Spider-Man wellington boots… Read more
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His boots are waterproof rubber of a sort. Just cooler.


I've watched all the films, and at no time do I remember spiderman ever wearing Wellington boots, but perhaps he does in the new production.


Why are these not in adult,? I live Spidey.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Season 1-5 on Amazon Prime Video & (Now TV limited period until April 2 2019)
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
One of the best superhero shows watch free on Amazon Prime. Season 5 added now (exclusive to amazon prime video UK first not yet available to amazon US yet at time of posting) Kee… Read more

End of S1 was linked to Cap 2.


Thank god I stuck with this through S1. It's gotten better and better each season. One of the few shows I actually give an interest about. Series has gone from strength to strength.


Op got his facts wrong.... it’s not exclusive to amazon . All 5 seasons are available on NOWTV for the next 17 days.


6 starts in May. Probably will end with 7


Cheers, I didnt know there were videos on internet +number

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MTV Spider-Man (Neil Patrick Harris as Spider-Man) & (Michael Clarke Duncan as KingPin)
LocalLocalFound 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Featuring voice cast: Neil Patrick Harris (Spidy), Jeremy Piven, Edward Asner, Michael Clarke Duncan, Eve, Michael Dorn, James Marsters, Keith David, Clancy Brown, Tara Strong &amp… Read more
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Spectacular Spiderman is the best Better than other Spiderman shows (y)


I'm over 16 and prefer the 90s one ;)


Is this ever broadcast on Vice channel in UK?

500GB Playstation 4 with Red Dead Redemption 2 + Marvel's Spider-Man + The Last of Us + Ni No Kuni 2 and NOW TV - £259.99 @ GAME
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Seems like a good price for the bundle. Shame its only for 500gb.

Deal changed and out of stock


Great deal, but I think it's gone away already... or, at least, changed. @D_LT maybe update the details? Even without Spider-Man it's a good bundle at a keen price...


No Spiderman now ?? Added to basket no Spiderman game there ?


I'll have to check it out.


No. Amazon "like new" with 20% discount. It was also supposed to come with a game which it didnt, so they gave me like another £40 credit on top. Came to around £200 altogether. The console was spotless and seemingly brand new, apart from the game missing. I'm assuming someone bought it, took the game out, then "returned" it for a refund and the Amazon staff didnt check. Or maybe they forgot to repackage it. Who knows. Had it for 1-1.5 years now, still working fine. Gotten some right bargains from Amazon warehouse when they do a 20% discount offer. Last time I got a XG3240C 32" Curved Gaming Monitor for £270 'like new'. It still had the plastic on. These go for £500 brand new.

LEGO 76104 marvel avengers The Hulkbuster Smash-Up - £19.99 @ Amazon / +£4.49 non Prime
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Bash the gun turret with the Hulkbuster and reclaim the Infinity Stone from Proxima Midnight in this The Hulkbuster Smash-Up set with 4 minifigures and Falconandrsquo;s buildable w… Read more
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It’s a great set, my sons favourite ever


As others have said was going to purchase for my sons birthday and keep but going to leave it as its in a few months and its same price in argos at the moment Hopefully it drops further


As above been a lot cheaper, I paid £14.10 for it from Amazon but is a great mech/robot


Not too bad, they have massively.slashed the price in the past. Might be worth holding out longer if you can. If not, it's definitely worth pulling the trigger at this price.

Marvel Boy's Spiderman Shorts @ Amazon Add On 3.23
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
so a few of these shorts in stock at varied prices.size 8 years @ £3.23 Size 6 years @ £4.06 size 4 years @ £4.17 size 3 years @ £4.25 part of the amazon add on program so £20 mini… Read more
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Girls can like spiderman too, my little girl is crazy about spiderman




Size 8 £3.23 now

Rent Selected Marvel movies for just £1.90 @ Chili
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
"Until 17 March you can rent a selection of movies from the entire Marvel Universe for a special price of £1.90! What are you waiting for? Discover all the Marvel Studios films a… Read more
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Just had a quick look and hush my mouth, Netflix doesn't have as many listed as I thought. Avengers age of Ultron and Dr strange still there but the old iron man's and Captain America's seem to have been taken down. Imagine they will crop up again at some point...


If they're all (the 6 that are £1.90, I mean) on Netflix then Netflix works out a much better deal since all 6 of the £1.90 rentals would cost £11.40 vs a minimum of £5.99 on Netflix (free if you're new 8) ), both services offering around about a month with Netflix only a few days longer than Chili to watch. I don't currently have Netflix so didn't know these were on that ;)


Mmmm, voted hot but then clicked through and saw the selection is pretty old and mostly on Netflix. Heat for price if you don't have a subscription service and been under a rock ;)

LEGO 76108 Marvel Avengers Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown £67.99 @ argos
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Great price for this set. Was the same price at amazon , but currently out of stock. Emergency! It's a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown! Cull Obsidian an… Read more
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For all of those wondering what 2 and a few extra can be made into <3


Would you put them back-to-back OR double the height?


Alexa, how many times can I misread "Scrotum" in a sentence?


This set is so sexy


Amazon have had extremely low stock of this for ages, they sell out hours after they restock everytime

Free Captain Marvel Coca-Cola Zero Mix @ Vuecinemas
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
1. Go on to @cocacolafreestyle_gb on Instagram. 2. Ensure you are using the instagram app and not a webpage. 3. A banner will appear… Read more
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What is this for? Is it for a drink or sweets (pick and mix)?


This worked, thanks :) going to see it Monday with the nephew !


Cheers U.K. government. Sucking all the sugar out of our favourite cinema snacks! Well In Scotland anyway there are regulation on the drinks they’re allowed to sell. B*strds Nothing quite like having our freedom of choice taken away from us (annoyed)


Yew wot?


The amount of advertising for this movie is getting over the top. I know it's not cash-in / merchandise, and only either advertising or free stuff (so far, but there's a point where you want them to ease up.

Captain Marvel Citizen gold watch. Receive a free Luci EMRG solar-powered light with any purchase - £286.79 @ Citizen Watch
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
A beautiftul combination highlighting the most powerful Super Hero in the Universe, the Marvel Captain Marvel timepiece by Citizen is just that featuring the recognizable gold star… Read more

I’m gonna put money on this being some sort of study and the fact that most these Captain Marvel deals are being downvoted will be attributed to anti female rhetoric. Of course it could just be crappy deals (annoyed) (annoyed) (annoyed)


@GameScoop are you a commission for the new Captain Marvel Movie Merchandise? ;)


Love Citizen. Couldn’t hate this more. 🤮🤮🤮

Ccontrol Can’t believe how much they are charging for The Hulk Watch, which looks like a kids watch.


Good watches. Don’t like this one myself. If anyone is travelling on Thomas Cook, or has a friend that is, they have a gold plated lush eco drive in their on plane catalogue for £99, it is similar to my own....

Dole Alliance with Captain Marvel Commemorates Female Superheroes in Food, Health & Wellness! Dole Mandarins In Juice 4 x 113g £2 Ocado
05/05/2019Expires on 05/05/2019LocalLocalFound 7th MarFound 7th Mar While Carol Danvers fights to save Earth from a galac… Read more

Well at least it's not as bad as the BB-8 lettuce


(lol) :o (lipstick) (strong)


Offer not available in Northern Ireland or to white men


Its not a bad deal, (Voted hot) But I'm just wondering how long the Yank Male marketing people are going to use "empowering women" in adverts... (I'm assuming they were male as they mansplaned with "Female" infront of superhero just in case someone wasnt aware Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was a woman and American as they appear unaware of the word "Heroine*" .... ) *glad I spell checked as I misstyped that word as a white powder that I think most marketing people would be well aware of.....


It deserves heat? For what reason? Shes so brave? Congrats gamescoop. Another epic troll

LEGO 76107 Marvel Avengers Thanos Ultimate Battle £43.99 @ Amazon
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Matching Argos...
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Bought this for my son for xmas. Paid a similar price on amazon good set and well worth the money at this price.


Lego movie 2 can wait, this has been out nearly a year now and if you have the pod (Thor’s weapon quest) then you gotta have this to complete it! Still £69.99 on Lego online store.


It is tempting i have the pod.And the 76091 milano. But got mrs nagging me and Lego movie 2 sets to buy.Why is Lego so dam addictive.


Good set - it’s a better build than the Milano, but having both together is cool. Looking at my boy’s 2 sitting side by side now. Also need the pod Thor set to go with this.

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