Unfortunately, this deal has expired 27 July 2023.
Posted 26 May 2023

LG OLED C2 65’ OLED65C24LA 4k smart tv £1359.98 using student discount/epp @ LG electronics

£1,359.98 from United Kingdom ·
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There is a 20% discount code through EPP so if you have access to it you can get the 65’ C2 for £1359.98


Also there is 3% cashback and it tracks as £40.79 bringing the overall price down to £1319
LG Electronics More details at
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Now £1253.60
Edited by mr.zoli, 26 May 2023
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  1. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    £1150 in November....
  2. cesh3383's avatar
    So frustrating the 42" never seems to be on offer at the moment. Still feel £850 if too much (edited)
  3. kman0013's avatar
    How do you get access to the epp?
  4. jcr's avatar
    i wouldnt buy an oled without a 5 year warranty. have read too many tales of woe whilst researching a new tv the last few months.
    ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    It really depends on your circumstances, but even so if the TV has a manufacturer fault it’s more likely to go wrong within the first year than the following 4 years after that (edited)
  5. Grumpee's avatar
    Doesn’t ship to NI.
    Thanks politics.
    gg1pl's avatar
    Just like all the Sunny uplands 'benefits', nowhere to be seen like all the money the Cons have offshored
  6. gopolog86's avatar
    £1100 on very website for this, look on the product page as to how!!
    james.aboa's avatar
    Hi, can you give more info? Do you mean the 20% sign up discount?
  7. skillzz's avatar
    Do you get a 5 yera guarantee with it still?
  8. staffo's avatar
    Excellent price 👌
  9. Thereal_Maccoy's avatar
    1 year guarantee
  10. Teleny's avatar
    Any spare code is highly appreciated 🙏🏽
  11. oasis_747's avatar
    I have unidays, where’s the code?
  12. johnvale's avatar
    Price dropped on this model today, bringing it further down to £1,253.60 with the 20% code.
    mr.zoli's avatar
    I wonder if they would refund the difference or should I make a new order instead?
  13. ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    Slightly random but got my LG 65 B2 this morning, first ever OLED, moved from a LG NanoCell

    Night and day difference. Beautiful!
  14. DavidRussell's avatar
    Bought into the Costco deal today with an on line purchase. Only 2 in stock at Edmonton Warehouse. Usual bank holiday weekend shopping madness in store. If the 5 yr guarantee is real then it’s worth making the leap at last.
  15. fbeyza's avatar
    Apparently perkbox epp removed lg
  16. Grzegorz_Podobas's avatar
    Is there still no TV image when home button is pressed in C3?
    I absolutely hate this "function" in my C2. They even introduced it on my CX with recent update, but luckily You can change it back in the menu.

    wow, i though this is C3 offer...too tired in the middle of the night (edited)
  17. Usman_Dar's avatar
    If anyone could help with a code, it would be much appreciated. TIA
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