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Posted 18 May 2024

LG OLED55C36LC & OLED55C34LA 55” C3 4K 120Hz OLED TV With LG Members Sign-up, Welcome 5% code and LG Referal Code

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α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6

A Decade of Evolution at Its Core
Enter the world of α-realism¹, refined over 10 years of innovation. A portal to new universes and the sensation of feeling like you're really there. Be the main character surrounded by the exceptional picture and sound refinements of α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6.

AI Sound Pro

Step Into a Realm of Cinematic Sound
The movie theater comes home with AI Sound Pro. Heart-pounding, room-filling, crystal-clear audio surrounds you for a level of immersion that's virtually unheard of.

Brightness Booster

Behold Even Brighter OLED
LG OLED's iconic self-lit pixels shine brighter² ³ than before with the Light Boosting Alogirthm⁴, Light Control Architecture, and other refinements driven by α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6.

Synergy Bracket

Screen and speakers in harmony
Designed specifically for LG OLED C3, the bracket fits seamlessly to your TV, whether mounted to the wall or placed on a stand. As well as being a sleek match for your interiors, it pushes the Triple Up-Firing Speakers to reach their peak potential.

Ultra Slim Design

Boundary-Defying Dimensions
Sleek in virtually every way. LG OLED evo C3 blends into the background with almost invisible bezels⁶ for a screen with no boundaries. Watch its slim dimensions, refined over 10 years of design iterations, harmonize with your space.


No Backlight Necessary
Pixels reachest their brightest, most brilliant potential when they stand alone and shine without the dull glow of a backlight.

Ultimate Gaming

Embark on Epic Gaming Adventures
Feel like a winner every time you play. A blazing-fast 0.1ms response time, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR support come together to create a clear, smooth picture that can't be rivaled, while the gamer-oriented UX and simple game streaming let you dive straight in and play on.

Game Dashboard & Optimizer

Game Settings at a Glance
Apply the ideal settings for your game genre and playing environment with Game Optimizer. Dive into Sound Tab and amplify the action or Game Tab to make sure everything looks and feels just right. There's no need to pause. Simply access the menu from Game Dashboard, which hovers over the action while you play.
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  1. Barcoded's avatar
    Thanks, down another £60 from last week.

    Anyone know the difference between OLED55C36LC & OLED55C34LA?
    Crossbow's avatar
    Apart from the swivel stand already mentioned by , the 6LC is also WiSA-ready up to 2.1 channels 𝘃𝘀 no WiSA support with the 4LA.
    "Plus, with WiSA2 compatibility, your LG OLED TV is designed to work seamlessly with WiSA-enabled speakers to deliver high-fidelity sound wirelessly to wherever your WiSA-enabled speakers are—which can dramatically elevate the cinematic sound of everything you watch."

    - WiSA: everything you need to know about the wireless audio standard (2019 article)
    - Multiple LG OLED TVs...earn WiSA SoundSend Certification wisatechnologies.com/new…tvs
  2. kwyjibo02's avatar
    C3 or G2??
    Crossbow's avatar
    Side by side differences rtings.com/tv/…848, so your main uses may come into play. Apart from the info below, the G2 is more gaming-centric as well.
    Summary from the review...
    - The LG G2 OLED and LG C3 OLED are comparable TVs, each with their particularities
    - The G2 doesn't come with a stand [a suitable thirdparty one can be bought relatively cheaply, some examples here], but a slim wall mount is included in the box. It also has a fully flat profile that lets the TV completely flush with the wall when wall-mounted
    - The G2 can also get a bit brighter than the C3; however, you won't see much difference in actual usage
    - The C3 supports DTS audio formats while the G2 doesn't, so the newer model is a better fit for a home entertainment setup. (edited)
  3. essexlad72's avatar
    Price has increased
    Jack_Bell's avatar
    Gone up by £80
  4. niall71's avatar
    I think the only real difference is the 36LC has a swivel stand and the 34LA is a fixed
  5. kwyjibo02's avatar
    G2 55” is out of stock now so I went for the C3

    An extra £34 off with top cash back btw.
  6. Sasskovich's avatar
    Delivered today. £807 feels like a great deal to me. Thanks
    Karl_Parkinson's avatar
    Just ordered today same price £807
  7. lonegunman93's avatar
    I'm having trouble setting up the referral, anyone else?
    davedjs's avatar
    Me too. I rang customer service and the agent keyed in my email and postcode, and a link to send a referral came by email. Worked too...
  8. Heyhey1247's avatar
    Can you use BLC on this also?
    dealhunter6k's avatar
    No referral or blc, I tried.
  9. SJ01's avatar
    Bargains. Wish I didn't jump on C2 offer.
  10. CST1998's avatar
    What is the warranty on this?
    sinfull's avatar
    Extended is available for 5 years I believe.
  11. Ldnbil's avatar
    What's the difference between the 4LA and 6LC? (edited)
    dealhunter6k's avatar
    6lc had a swivel stand and some kind of wireless speaker support
  12. y0haN's avatar
    They've changed the base price on this to £1,198.98...
  13. sinfull's avatar
    Yeah, when a company puts the price up like that while trying to make out they are offering a discount they can do one... almost as bad as Samsung hiding the specs because they sell different specs in different countries for the same product, and usually the worse product for the UK market. -1 (edited)
  14. davedjs's avatar
    I ordered one on Monday, but the price was up to £1177. Still ordered at ~£900. Bargain. Confirmation email at 13:01. Then an email at 13:08 to say delayed delivery...
    sinfull's avatar
    £900 a bargain? Perhaps, or at least it's less than other places... but their tactic of inflating the price so that it looks a massive bargain is misleading and immoral... now listed as £1117 on their site... on amazon it's £999, funny that, although yes a 10% discount is not to be sniffed at.
  15. AJ10's avatar
    Back down again.
  16. dealhunter6k's avatar
    This is £756 at Very after promos
    Jack_Bell's avatar
    Doesn’t work

    Doesn’t work
's avatar