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Maplin is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading electronics specialists, selling everything from home entertainment, security, and fitness machines to computers, gadgets, and office equipment. Maplin pride themselves not only on the extensive range of cutting-edge products on offer in their online and physical stores, but also their customer-friendly delivery, price match, and returns policies. HotUKDeals collects and lists all current deals from Maplin on their exclusive merchant page. Read more

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter M365 £359.99 @ Maplin (£341.99 with 5% discount/blue light card)
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Not sure how good this is but have only seen these for around £400+ before. Used blue light card to get 5% discount but think that code might do it too. Delivery is free and 'usual… Read more

Never seen the G30 for the same price as the pro Xiaomi ?If you can find it for the same as I paid for the m365 pro then I'll buy it but doubt you will.Paid £464 on eBay cheapest Ive seen the ninebot g30 max for is £699 from a reputable dealer.


What about the new ninebot g30 max. Slightly better battery, better kers system, 5hrs charge time compared to 9 and a 40mile range on eco mode. Slightly cheaper than the Pro if shop around


The pro is fantastic.Love mine very smooth and great battery


M365 is good. The original e scooter. The new M365 Pro has a charge time of 9hrs


From Wiki: On 28 February 2018, Maplin went into administration, placing 2,500 jobs at risk,and on 25 June 2018, all Maplin stores ceased trading. The brand of Maplin was purchased and relaunched under Digital First Retail Ltd in June 2018. On 26 October, this was publicly announced on Twitter. On 30 January 2019, the website of Maplin was relaunched, selling a range of electronics, CCTV and computing supplies.

DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo - £749 at Maplin
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Cheapest price I've seen. Yes the 2 is out now, but this is still a great drone for the money.

My fiancée hates Hukd !!😜


I have just sold my Mavic Air and bought the Air 2 and the difference is massive. There is no way i'd spend this on a Mavic Air fly more combo i'd rather have the Air 2 for £769 and then worry about the fly more combo as a separate purchase at a later time. The Mavic Air is a fantastic drone I loved mine and the size is just perfect but the technology upgrades you get on the Air 2 are massive and worth the upgrade.


I purchased a mini 2 weeks ago and I would class it as a ‘capable toy’. Flimsy, throws a hissy fit with small amounts of wind and extended WiFi is horrendous. Great camera and pretty easy to control if conditions are ideal. These conditions are pretty rare in the UK though. Needless to say I don’t own it anymore. I am now on the hunt for an Air 2.


You could do that but it would be illegal. You need to read the drone code. Not allowed to fly beyond line of sight or further than 500 metres away.


If £750 cars are your thing, HUKD is a dangerous place for you and your finances.

Tenda PH6 Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Adapter Kit - 1000Mbps £29.99 at Maplin
332° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
I have been looking for 1000Mbps powerline set for a while, but everything is over £40. These are the lowest price I have seen for the Tenda ones. Use your existing electrical … Read more

They went about 2minutes after I posted suprise


They're awful man :(




Theres 6 sets of p3 on amazon warehouse all as new


Spoke to soon just got my cancellation email (mad)

Fujifilm Finepix XP140 Tough Action Camera - £116.10 delivered (with code) @ Maplin
75° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Fujifilm Finepix XP140 Tough Action Camera - £116.10 delivered (with code) @ Maplin
Decent price for a 4K shockproof, waterproof and dustproof action camera with 5x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. One of the latest. Use the code - nowonline10 - to… Read more

Reviews look good except for the pretty much useless 4k mode. Also I've had my fuji 3D camera for many years, totally abused and the plastic around the case where I hold it is now devoid of paint and shows the semi-transparent grey plastic underneath. It's been a brilliant quality camera that I've gotten exceptional value from.


Yes, 1080p @ up to 60fps. I have no idea why they would do a 4K15. Who would use that?!? I reckon they held back because they always make small improvements with every new model. So, I'm thinking that the new one will have 4K25 (hopefully 4K50)


Now, I think they have online store only...


Yep, I saw that too however, FHD is around 60, right?


Bear in mind, guys that they bring out a new model every Jan. The XP150 is just around the corner. And, to be honest, the 4K on this is terrible! 15fps?!?!

DJI Mavic Mini Drone Fly More Combo maplin online £413.10 @ Maplin
299° Expired
Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
DJI Mavic Mini Drone Fly More Combo maplin online £413.10 @ Maplin
DJI Mavic Mini Drone Fly More Combo instock at maplin with 10% off code nowonline10



amazon uk have them instock


Charging £30 more than everyone else the little toads..


Laptopsdirect says delivery from 13th jan Limited&utm_medium=webgains&refsource=webgains


Does anyone know anywhere that has the Mini in stock?

Samsung 32'' UE32M5520 Smart TV Bundle inc TV Bracket & HDMI Cable £319.99 Maplin
-180° Expired
Posted 11th Mar 2019Posted 11th Mar 2019
Samsung 32'' UE32M5520 Smart TV Bundle inc TV Bracket & HDMI Cable £319.99 Maplin
Good price on a Samsung Smart TV
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Stuart_haigh £285 (y)


This is a decent tv my son has it for his bedroom...although not the cheapist I admit!. I paid £279 on offer last year from John Lewis.


Well it's ok not the worst. You'd expect to pay a bit more for a Samsung. There are cheaper brands but not with these features and specifications.


Don't think they exist at this screen size.


Worst deal I've ever seen

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Google Home Max for £199 @ Maplin! (+ potential 10% off - email offer)
80° Expired
Posted 1st Mar 2019Posted 1st Mar 2019
Google Home Max for £199 @ Maplin! (+ potential 10% off - email offer)
I got an email erler with a 10% discount from maplin. Yes, maplin are back and looks like they are selling the Google Home Max for £199, 50% off in both colours. Looks like a prett… Read more
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Maplins in name only. The products on the website are the ones which caused the downfall of the old Maplins. The electronic components and excellent knowledgeable employees, which saw them return a small profit, are long gone.


Tried that, they will not offer discount on the following:


email them, sure they’d sort you out


I doubt you’d be able to get 10% off the google home offer - not many places let you stack codes!


Code doesn’t work tried yesterday

Fill up a bag for £5 instore @ Maplin  - NORTHAMPTON STORE
451° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2018Posted 13th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Fill up a bag for £5 instore @ Maplin - NORTHAMPTON STORE
The local maplin is shutting down today and they have a "full the bag for £5" promo running. If the item won't fit in the bag ask to have it included, my store just let me add it o… Read more

None in Scotland except for Edinburgh are left , it closes for ever on Sunday this week


NO Closed 13th May Confirmed on twitter


No need some store are giving extra for free and Strand store left all the last stock outside for free.


NO about 20-40 stores still open Final day 16th Saturday for the public and 17th Sunday if your collecting Fixtures and fittings.


Was always £££s more expensive than the same stuff sold elsewhere that was the issue.

Maplin 9 inch portable TV (Freeview DVB-T2) £40.50 instore @ Maplin (London)
-81° Expired
Posted 12th Jun 2018Posted 12th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Maplin 9 inch portable TV (Freeview DVB-T2) £40.50 instore @ Maplin (London)
Just took a gamble on one of these, had about thirty left in Staples Corner, London, Store. Not an amazing picture, and is a bit washed out, but not bad for the money, and have be… Read more
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Different prices in different stores stores Some stores will let you take a full basket/bag/box of these for just £5 or £10!


Samsung anything will be gone now the last of the best stuff mostly went in may when it was 40% off-upto 70% off plus 20% off during first May bank holiday :D 50% off-upto 80% off plus 20% off during May bank holiday It really just PC lead, audio visual cables, Ariel/satellite leads, components and batteries left now.


The Banbury store wanted about £50 the other day, so maybe store specific? :|


Got my smartthings hub plus kit for 30 pounds. Excellent price if any stores still open have any, just barter with the manager, everything must go in 3 days. No Sussex stores left now though.


Yes last time I checked (about a month ago) prices were higher than amazon for almost everything even with a supposedly 40% off, going to see how much a Samsung smarthings bundle is (if there is any left), at the time it was 120 vs 100 in most other shops.

List Of Maplin Stores Final Closing Dates / Maplin Kensington HDMI Leads 1.5m £1 And 3m £1 instore @ Maplin (Kensington, London)
222° Expired
Posted 7th Jun 2018Posted 7th Jun 2018LocalLocal
List Of Maplin Stores Final Closing Dates / Maplin Kensington HDMI Leads 1.5m £1 And 3m £1 instore @ Maplin (Kensington, London)
ALL REMAINING MAPLIN STORES Will CLOSE BY SUNDAY 17TH JUNE LAST EVER DAY Maplin Oxford Circus LAST DAY Deal 11th June Store Closes 19.00 £5 for a full basket of stuff and £Read more
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Seriously.....your argument is (paraphrased) "....I don't need a cable that long so they shouldn't make one...." On that basis there's probably a LOT of stuff in the world they shouldn't make!!! Seriously though, while you may not need one that long I can think of lots of situations where people might.... Exhibitions for feeding multiple screens, filming crews, studios......I could go on. In the professional space the thought of paying £150 for a high spec cable doesn't break a sweat with anyone. As to the pricing differential few cables are rated at 18GBPs so it's not like for like.


Well someone is selling one of those 20m HDMI cable for £60 and I really don't think it should exist, why would anyone need a cable so long Also most of these cables are cheaper at CPC Farnell, RS Components and Amazon


I picked up some of the 20m HDMI 4K/3D/18GBPs cables that were ridiculous at the original retail (almost £150), however long high speed good quality HDMI cables are not cheap (admittedly there's lots of 20m HDMI cables around, but few support 18GBPs). I'll leave them sitting on a shelf and probably list one on E-Bay now and again.....not in a rush to sell. So I'd be interested in what people think should be the 'correct' price.


But thats now irrelevant. If I need a cable today I can't go to Maplin, so it does not matter what they were selling for. .My choices are Poundland/world (work but usually cheap wiring), Local supermarket (more range), Ebay (can bit of a lottery on the quality of cable in many cases), or Curry/PcWorld (overpriced as well) Many of the Maplin cables were good quality, but in many cases people dont want to pay the money. Look at the size of the wiring strands in cheap cables, its tiny, easily broken and low quality, and that can give rise to all sorts of problems, at the other end og the scale ios the super gold plated cable you cn pay mny hundreds for. You never had to pay a lot for a decent cable, just not buy too cheap, and Maplin did have good cables on sale, but Maplins pricing meant they never really that competitive.


Just looked on Ebay, crazy everything was cheaper at Maplin after first may bank holiday just a a few of the prices i've seen on ebay lol crazy Ebay Maplin Pro Scart Cable 3m £12.99 £2 at Maplin Kensington Ebay maplin usb 2.0 mini 8 pin 3m £3.99 £1 or 2 for £1 at most maplin stores Ebay Maplin Triple Phono Composite Video Cable 1.5m RCA connection £6.98 3 meter version £2- £3 at most maplin stores Ebay Maplin Essentials HDMI Cable 1.5m BNIB £9.99 £1 at Maplin Kensington Ebay Maplin 6W Multi Voltage AC/DC Power Supply Adapter - New in Box £3.20 £0 Free at Maplin Oxford Street Ebay NEW IN BOX Maplin HDMI to HDMI High Speed 3 M Cable - 1080p £4.99 £1 at Maplin Kensington Ebay Maplin Scart 1.5 mtrs brand new. (Buy One Get One FREE) £4.89 3 for £1 at Maplin Oxford Street Ebay Maplin Folding Aluminium Step Stool £12.95 £6 At Maplin Kensington

Logitech K750 - £24 - Maplin (Worcester)
-75° Expired
Posted 6th Jun 2018Posted 6th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Logitech K750 - £24 - Maplin (Worcester)
Logotech K750 solar keyboard. Seems like a cracking deal to me.

I put in Logotech as in the original poster but the phone autocorrected it


What do you mean?


Logitech? A cheap knock-off?


Good price compared to our 2 Maplins in Leeds nothing that cheap.


Currently £39.99 in London (Maplin).

5m power lead with figure of 8 connector - £1 @ maplin in-store
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Posted 3rd Jun 2018Posted 3rd Jun 2018LocalLocal
5m power lead with figure of 8 connector - £1 @ maplin in-store
Just went to my local Maplin to find their 5m power leads reduced to £1! Cheapest I've found for 5 metres long, grabbed 5 and they still had loads left at Queensway branch. Their w… Read more
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Full list of london stores closing including dates


Don't mind having a few spares but don't know what stores in London are still open now as the ones in North London are all closed


All power plugs are £1 at any maplin on stores final day got a few when streatham store closed a month ago they also had this price at new malden store on final day a few days ago, be careful some stores are still seling these at £2-£5 different prices at different stores.


To be fair that's about the going rate, well maybe for a 1M one, so I guess heat added. I used to visit Maplin's more than once a week, then when the catalogue started shrinking and costing more than £5 I went about once a month. Then I discovered ebay and stepped foot in store less than half a dozen times after that... I was last in before the announcement (a couple of months ago) to buy a capacitor for my tumble dryer as it was in stock versus getting it posted. I guess I'll miss the conviencen - just not the prices!


It's sad to see Maplin driven to ruin by venture capitalists, and poor, slow response to market trends. The fact that my local still has things at 80% reduction that aren't selling says a lot. Example, why on earth do they still have 30 metre VGA cables for sale in 2018? Not just a few either, whole racks of toxic stock... Gutted they're going, but the writing's been on the wall for a while now. As usual staff get stuffed over while the bosses run with the cash

Smartthings hub in Maplin (Edinburgh) - £40
-65° Expired
Posted 2nd Jun 2018Posted 2nd Jun 2018LocalLocal
Smartthings hub in Maplin (Edinburgh) - £40
Plenty left on the shelf in Edinburgh

Sheffield Hillsborough is closed but the one in city centre is still open.


Tottenham Hale and Edmonton are closed


Pretty sure Holborn is closed


Harrow (closed )


If your in london Area I think the stores in Central london will be open the longest in the london area as they are still restocking shelves mainly from left over stock from stores that have closed Also on the final last day a maplin store (not much stock will be left by then) is open do not be surprised if you see 70% off, 80% off, 90% off + Buy one get one free / 10 for 1, 5 for 1 / a large box or bag of stuff for £5-20 These Central London stores have the best stock Kesington (lots of random stock) Liverpool Street (lots of audio visual, computer cables) Oxford Circus (lots of random stock) Tottenham Court Road (lots of audio visual, computer cables) Bayswater / Queensway (lots of random stock) All these London stores have closed Clapham Junction Croydon Enfield Town Forest Hill Kingston Upon Thames Marble Arch New Malden Streatham Wimbledon Wembley These London stores might still be open or perminently closed Beckton Camden Canary Wharf (Still Open) Chadwell Heath (Probably Closed) Charlton Ealing Edmonton Hammersmith Harrow Holborn Monument Putney St Pauls Staples Corner Strand Stratford Sutton (Probably Closed) Tottenham Hale Uxbridge Other Stores Open (based on other maplin deals posted on hukd) 1st Manchester 2nd Manchester Stockport Crewe Norwich Reading Doncaster Milton Keynes Farnborough Banbury Thurrock Lakeside Other Stores Closed (based on other maplin deals posted on hukd) Bradford Woking

GameMax liquid cooling system for £15 instore @ Maplin
366° Expired
Posted 2nd Jun 2018Posted 2nd Jun 2018LocalLocal
GameMax liquid cooling system for £15 instore @ Maplin
Head to your local Maplins! The 120mm version is £15 The 240mm version is £20 May break your PC but hey a deal is a deal!

Using liquid too cool is by far one of the most efficient ways to do it.... For a pc, it's insanely safe these days, assuming it's done right. It's just like how your car has its radiator and what not, but on a much smaller scale in a pc


Excellent price but all stores in my area have now closed 😞


Picked up a 240mm for a transportable setup where a big air cooler is too much weight hanging off the motherboard. It's a basic AIO with no control software so pump is always full on, noise level is fine for price, it's louder than my Noctua D15 in my main rig. The always on 7colour LEDs on the fans are easily disabled by carefully snipping the red wire on the fan, but I have swapped the fans for 2 x Noctua NF12s I had spare. Note the stock fans are sleeve bearing so need to be vertical.


Could you be more specific please? Like what targaid says, &/or your PC case is not meant for it.


Good deal for £20 if you can still find them. There were loads available when they were £40 in my local Maplin and nobody was touching them. Apparently some guy bought the whole stock when they dropped to £20, will probably see an ebay dump of them soon for stupid prices. According to the Kitguru review it performs similarly to the Cryorig H7 (£30 air cooler) and has a whiny pump. The lighting also cant be changed, so you'll be stuck with the tacky circus lighting. Not worth above £35 in my opinion.

Maplin 60W USB Type-C Charger (for MacBook / Laptops) reduced to £5
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Posted 1st Jun 2018Posted 1st Jun 2018LocalLocal
Maplin 60W USB Type-C Charger (for MacBook / Laptops) reduced to £5
Maplin have reduced all of their power supplies including the 60W USB Type-C Charger to only £5 - useful as a replacement charger for a MacBook or other recent laptop with USB-C ch… Read more
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Full list of london stores closing including dates


My local store done these for £3, they went crazy on deals like buy one get 2 free on all car accessories and they where marked at like £1 and £2 anyway lol. Seems like my store was the only one to have some actual bargains


Needs to be faulty to refund or exchange


You can only return if its faulty unfortunately.


They Mite exchange it for another product small chance

Logitech Z200 2.0 Speakers - £17.49 @ Maplins
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Posted 31st May 2018Posted 31st May 2018LocalLocal
Logitech Z200 2.0 Speakers - £17.49 @ Maplins
Loads in the Norwich store today. Part of their closing down sale.
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Great budget speakers, I bought the black ones a few months ago


I bought two, though in black and 20% off that marked price. The sound was disappointing, though I think was expecting too much at the price, that I was being unreasonable. I gave the other pair to my mother, they don't sound great via her iPad, either, but better than nothing. They look good, at least, which was important to her, really pleased with the way they look.


Got these when I built my pc and tbh not that great. Still good price though.

Maplin 256MB RAM - £2.52 instore @ Maplin
-46° Expired
Posted 30th May 2018Posted 30th May 2018
Maplin 256MB RAM - £2.52 instore @ Maplin
Maplin closing down sale. They are selling 256MB of RAM for 2.52. No wonder they are closing down.

Went into Maplin today and they were doing ‘lucky dip’ boxes of cables and other stuff from £10-£50 taped in brown boxes


My local closed last weekend, was striped bare and the best stuff gone, got a few deals on switching mode power supplies for 3 quid, vga cable for 20p. I will miss maplin used it quite a bit in the past and yes it generally would be cheaper to buy online and save a couple of quid. There is still a market for old components, i sold an old pc for 200 quid a few weeks back with 64mb 72pin edo memory, i doubt many would remember that. 5 years back would be bin worthy but rarity has a way of increasing value.


buy the lot, your indoors makes a killing


They're really not all 5-stars on Trustpilot. Trust me, when you buy a stick of DDR2 and it turns out to be DDR2 ECC or an RDIMM or something else they didn't bother checking so you're left waiting and it happens a few times you get frustrated. But it's the lesser of two evils to me, at least you do have the returns policy with them and if you take it back to a store they'll just refund it. I've had 86 sticks of RAM off them in the last year (we scan them as they come into the business) and had to return 23 of them for various issues (mostly not working or wrong model) - most recently a stick of G-Skill DDR4 Ripjaws that looked great but was faulty. It's because they get the order at HQ then issue it to an individual store and that's the issue, some stores are run by people who don't care or don't deserve to run them. Luck of the draw. Yes, you can take it back but when it's a £2 stick of RAM, it's a bit annoying wasting your time dealing with that. And obviously, no, I wouldn't buy a RAM upgrade if I didn't know what it was but I'm talking about online orders if your local doesn't have it.


in mine everything was a bargain & there is still tons to be had i got a fab media keyboard for £5.20 & tempted to get another as a spare, a Logitech G403 Prodigy wired mouse for £24 & lots of other stuff

instore @ Maplins Bluetooth Keyboard - £12
-223° Expired
Posted 28th May 2018Posted 28th May 2018LocalLocal
instore @ Maplins Bluetooth Keyboard - £12
Bluetooth Keyboard that has multimedia keys etc. Got one yesterday and works perfectly with the Sony TV. Just got another for iPad mini.

Might even see it at Poundland lol


Wembley store was closing today but nothing reduced further. They were packing leftover stock


Bradford store were packing stock up to send to Doncaster at dinner time. Was looking for deal on rechargable batteries but not reducing them.


Presume unsold stock will be sold by creditors to resellers and dumped on ebay soon?


I’ll probably give one of our local stores a final punt tomorrow night then leave it. A lot of things still weren’t budging price wise last week. Some of the staff were saying they hoped as much as possible went before closing so they’d have less clearing to do at the end.

Logitech K750 Solar powered premium keyboard £31.99 Maplins in store (Milton Keynes)
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Posted 28th May 2018Posted 28th May 2018LocalLocal
Logitech K750 Solar powered premium keyboard £31.99 Maplins in store (Milton Keynes)
This is an 85 pound keyboard for less than 32 quid. Yes you can get cheaper keyboards but not at this quality. I bought the last one in the Milton Keynes Maplins store so don't go … Read more

Never had a problem with me be in the 4+ years I’ve had it. Though was only £25 from Tesco at the time. My time machine is out traveling right now. Could be back any day now or never, so can’t take bookings I’m afraid.


Maplins are going bust - great deal if you can get it


These are brilliant. Such soft action and looks great too. No issues with the solar charging. Just like a solar calculator.


This is the best action keyboard i've ever used partially because it's so thin and flat and rarely needs to be actively charged - it all happens in the background. A few times in winter i'll leave it on the windowsill to catch the morning sunlight, just in case.


It charges in my office with the lights off, never ever seen it drop below 100% charge as a result.

Maplins - Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit for £79.99.  Instore Only.
-67° Expired
Posted 27th May 2018Posted 27th May 2018LocalLocal
Maplins - Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit for £79.99. Instore Only.
Maplins has Extra 20% off most things. Just picked this up for £79.99. The easy way to turn your home into a smart home. Kit contains: A SmartThings Hub Hub that can connect… Read more

None in the sheffield centre store, the staff didn't really know what Samsung Smartthings were.


Deliveries stopped about 6th of May when all the delivery drivers were let go and they closed the distribution centres If new stock does comes into remaining stores then its gonna be the last remaining products from stores that just closed.


Thanks! The one on Sheffield will definitely close soon if they do not get deliveries. They only have cables left, all very cheap, what is in the store will not cover one member of staff wages.


All stores will close by July The largest stores with the most stock will stay open the longest


Just to point out it may also be worth keeping an eye on Very, as we got this for £69.99 after the £30 new customer credit when they reduced it to £99.99, plus we also got £7 from TopCashback (which was unexpected).