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Vodafone 5G Sim Only - 60GB, Unl Mins and Texts for £20 pm - £100 auto cashback - eff £11.67 per month / 12 month contract @
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Previously posted great deal, which is still live and available to order. Auto Cashback of £100 which makes a straight up cashback deal than redemption offers. 5G sim from Vodafo… Read more

Yes they have and 9 times out of 10 it's not started the clock.Might aswell make use of it whilst it's on.


Banging mate. I think i will port my number from Vodafone to Voxi. My Vodafone contract ends in 6 days from now. I will just port it to Voxi on the 6th of June. I dont know if anyone has done it before but i will give it a try.


Just started my 6th month.


I get that. Makes perfect sense. How long have you been using your voxi on unlimited plan please?


So I didn't see the point in buying the 60gb or u//l deal until I see what happend to Voxi .2 months more and it's going in a router so broadband a tenner for asking as it lasts then buy a u/l voda SIM for £16.50 after cashback is the plan .

Vodafone SIM Only 60GB + unlimited calls & texts - £20/month + £240 total over 12 months / £138 Cashback by redemption @
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Cashback is quick by submitting bills online 60GBData (5G) Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts You can now benefit from Vodafone Global roaming if you have any Vodafone Pay Monthly pl… Read more

The applying for cashback every other billing month puts me off slightly. If it was done auto, for example simple login the app request cashback then I'd do it. It's all cheques now I've been told. Quite old fashioned?


Pretty much the same experience, with Three for 3 years, lousy service last 6 months or so, I'll be moving to VOXI end of June, if not before. I'm in N.London.


Thank you Now, to go for that, or stick with voxi for a while hoping similar deals can be had once they start counting down data?


It's also on - have a look at the sim only deals and select Vodafone, it will appear in the list.


When was that exactly, & where from?

iPhone SE 64GB, Vodafone £22pm (24m) + £85 upfront 6GB data £613 at
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
This is a cracking deal for the new iPhone SE. £22 per month plus £85 upfront for: Unlimited calls, texts and 6GB data on Vodafone. * Don’t forget Topcashback for £35. Thanks @t… Read more

Me either, I’ve just seen a few comments on here and other places about poor battery capacity which has put me off a bit. I’ve got a 6s just now which is still fine with the only exception being shocking battery life. Doesn’t seem much point in me upgrading to a very similar phone if the battery isn’t great. Although I suppose 25 a month isn’t much for a new phone these days XD


Don't know much about iD, thought it was something to do with CPW using 3 network. The data would be fine for me, I've never used more than one gig of data on my current contract in any one month and it says the data roles over but I can understand it's certainly not for everyone


It’s cheap, but it’s 1/ iD mobile, and 2/ 500MB to 1GB Not bad at all if it suits you though. Thanks for sharing (y)


You can get this really cheap (total cost) with iD mobile if you don't mind only half gig to one gig of data, no upfront and either £23 or £24 per month


I’d not actually researched the battery. I got this for my Dad, who had the SE from 2016, so I’m sure this battery will last longer. When you work it out with the upfront cost, this is about £25.50, so I was aiming for around £26 when we contacted EE upgrades. Would have probably even gone up to £27-28 to save the PAC hassle, but EE couldn’t come close.

VOXI £10 / Month Sim with first month free by using Code saving you £10 inc Free Delivery at
90° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
After going to the link please choose £10 6GB Offer which includes 2GB extra for free Unlimited Minutes and texts Get Free VOXI sim Get £10 Voucher on Activation No upfront cost a… Read more

Cheers seen that but there was a few in playstore.



I'm Huawei Honor so android.


This is the official app for controlling your router for Apple phones. Good luck


Thanks a plans coming together (y)

Refurbed Apple iPhone 11 & 22GB data - Vodafone - £30 per month x 24 Months / plus £100 upfront - Total Cost £820 @
-339° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Dont forget possible £35 cashback from Quidco. Experience the latest smartphone technology with iPhone 11. This handset features the A13 Bionic chip – Apple’s fastest CPU to dat… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I think if it was gold I'd have bought it.


It could have been a 24 carat plated phone with diamonds on the picture. Picture didnt matter.


Yeh, that was my point.


Good point!


It’s just the wrong picture on the deal. iPhone 11 is full screen with the notch, just has lcd screen rather than the OLED of the Pro models and less cameras

Vodafone 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 60GB for £20 pm (£100 auto cashback - effective £11.67 per month / 12mo) @
1284° Expired
Refreshed 21st MayRefreshed 21st May
Update 1
Offer extended until Tuesday
Thought this was a fab offer for a 5G sim from Vodafone offering 60GB of data, with unlimited calls and texts for £20 per month, with £100 of auto cashback , reducing the effectiv… Read more

Auto cash back is sent via cheque to your address, after 38 days.


I would think straight into your account every 3/4 months but I could be wrong


Well it finally started showing as 4g but signal strength was super low.


3G or 4G? What's the signal strength like?


i have ordered the autocashback contract and received the sim card today, however, in the invoice come with the sim card it didn't say anything about the autocashback. Can i ask how would i receive the autocashback? Would it credit to my bank account automatically? or i will receive a cheque?

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iPhone XR with EE at £34/month for 2 yrs with 6 months free Apple Music and EU data £75 upfront at
-330° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
iPhone XR with EE at £34/month for 2 yrs with 6 months free Apple Music, 6 months free MTV Play and UK minutes usage in 48 EU countries. … Read more

I feel for you man. Just wait it out if you can. No point tying in to something else, you’ll kick yourself when prices drop again. Get that new SE. I took the deal out for myself. I had a contract too, but it was a cashback sim only and wasn’t worth paying to upgrade, so I got the 11 as an additional line. I can share the data anyway. Plus I’d just moved house and had a 5 week wait for broadband. My way of looking at it, was not that I got a surplus iPhone contract, but that I was saying £8 for a sim only with some extra data for a few months. I can cancel it soon.


Tell me about it. My current contract is about to end. It was for an s9. Included 13GB of data AND Spotify premium for two years (effectively knocking 9.99 a month off for me). After two inflation price rises it's still £34 a month. Anything similar right now is literally around double the price.


I took that contract for my wife. I was still tied to a contract at the time. Now that it has finished I am on the lookout for similar deals and nothing comes even close to it!


Gotta subsidise all the nhs freebies the government are giving out ;)


I bought my XR on Black Friday via Carphone warehouse...... £33 a month, unlimited calls unlimited texts AND 60GB Data. this is a poor deal, especially considering £75 up front.

Vodafone sim only 60gb (5G) - £20/month = £240 total / £8.50/month after cash back = £102 total over 12 months @
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Having missed out on the deal from Fonehouse last month, I came across this which is almost as good (£1 per month more after cash back) and for pretty much the same sim deal. The… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Your Vodafone account will show you when this contract ends. Get another deal that time. Use PAC code to choose this one. There is no concept of notice period now, when you use your PAC, your contract is closed. As long as you do that after your 12 months contract is over, you don't have to pay any penalty or notice period charge. You will just pay pro rata took that date plus any extra usage.


I just ordered this today, anybody know when you have to upgrade (notice period), so you don't end up paying two bills when this is up for renewal, like I did few years back with e2save ?




Text 65075 after 24 hours. The three website explains it fully. No need to call


How did you contact 3 for pac code ?

Google Pixel 4 : £15 upfront with code/ 24m / EE / £31 pm for 24m / 20GB Data, Unlimited Texts& Minutes- Total £769 @
76° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Google Pixel 4 On EE £15 upfront with code 'TREAT10' 20GB Data Unlimited Texts Unlimited Minutes £31pm Brilliant Deal

I am same as you I got it for pure android and the camera! I have the radar and always on display switched off! Yes it's not the best battery life you will ever get but it's no where near as bad as the reviews make out! I got the 128gb XL version on eBay so I recommend trying to find a good deal on there!


Is that with everything running? I want this phone mainly for the barebones android and camera, so would disable everything I could to save battery life.


I get about 4/5 hours screen on time!


How terrible?


Not so sure about the battery after the updates.

iPhone SE 2020 Vodafone £26 a month, £150 upfront Plus free 2nd Gen AirPods, £40 Topcash back (Term £774) @
-263° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
iPhone so might go cold.. Vodafone 24 month contract. £26 a month with £150 upfront. "Free" 2nd Gen AirPods. 22GB data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts Without the AirPo… Read more

recycled iPhone 8 selling as a new phone can only be classed as crime not business.


Yes but since it's a del from Mrswitch it's bound to go hot regardless


Anyone know if the Three deal with Beats X earphones has expired? Can't find it and daughter wants to buy the phone outright as has a SIM deal already.


£419 is cheap IMO for any "Premium" Brand, Apple, Google, Samsung etc, you would have to go Oppo or another Chinese brand to get cheaper. Some people just don't want that. I guess you could get last years Pixel 3a for £339. But when a 4a comes out at £419 aprox price, will Andiord fans say that expensive for a Pixel, of course not. Double standards due to Apple hate. But lets be honest A13 bionic and at least 5/6 years update/security support. Hate iPhone all you want but they do have unrivalled support for their devices and the fastest CPU in the game.


it is by a couple of hundred pounds on RRP on release

New 2020 iphone SE start £566 @
-462° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
there is more deals available
Get deal*Get deal*

Link also shows also shows a Sim Free deal for £419 the same as Curry's APPLE iPhone SE - 64 GB, Black


Good deal 8)



What's the deal?


Don’t apologise OP. It’s a good deal for people who need a new contract. HUKD can be funny about contracts though so don’t be disheartened.

Galaxy S10 Lite @ - £160 up front and £19/month, 24 months contract
-157° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
I missed the recent Samsung deal with the 20% off voucher and thought I'd look for a deal for the S10 lite since it comes with the Snapdragon chip. This is for white although black… Read more

I'm not sure why pay monthly deals get such poor heat either. I'd probably snap this up if it was the s10. I'm looking for a pay monthly deal and I agree the upfront cost is slightly on the high side guess I'm just waiting fir them to come down a little further... Oops just the it's 2gb of data.. Maybe that's why.... Not for me


If this is a rubbish deal what’s better?


Wheres the £10 off voucher?


It's already there, £160.


Should add the hefty upfront cost on the title

Iphone 11 64gb - 5GB data, Unlimited mins/texts on Vodafone £22 per month, £320 upfront, 24 months, £848 total via
-304° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
£320 upfront £22/month 5GB data Unlimited minuted Unlimited texts

I know ....£320 upfront and then £22 a month....that's like a big hard kick in the nether regions....every month !


£320 upfront that's not a deal👎


7 months old phone in this economy is not good enough and 5gb is small


5GB of data is rubbish. Might be useful to someone though who doesn’t use much data

Iphone 11 64GB + Airpods 2nd generation- 6GB data, unlimited mins + texts on Vodafone , £22 per month, £340 upfront, 24 months, £964 total
-251° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
rudie111 is a devision of Car phone warehouse. Deals have been poor since o2 left the oarty


Would that make deals from o2 and carphone warehouse cheaper?


Terrible deals since o2 and car phone warehouse parted eays

iPhone XS 20gb £125 upfront £31 a month x24 - £869 @
-258° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
£30 cashback via Quidco
Get deal*Get deal*

Affordable Mobiles has a deal with Three, 100GB data It’s £40pm, but you claim cashback which brings it down to £29.75. Set reminders to claim the cashback. If you’re not happy doing this, ring your current network, go through retentions, ask them to BEAT or match the effective cost. It’s also worth checking mobilephonesdirect fonehouse Carphone Warehouse I haven’t used U-switch but believe they are good too. Lastly, is it definitely the XS that you want? iPhone 11 is £34pm with Three, 100GB, again that’s a cashback deal.


Affordable Mobiles, and it’s with EE. I paid £19 upfront but they removed that a week later. iPhone 11. Unlimited mins and texts and 45GB data. When I see a good deal like this I always ring my network and try to get them to match. I’m already with EE and the best they could do was like £41 or something. I’ve got two sims running with EE, because one was a sim only, with cashback to claim, so it makes more financial sense to leave it till the end, than cancel. Also, I can move the data and use it all myself, and with moving house earlier this year it was handy to have all that data. It runs out soon anyway. So anyway, ring your current network with the best deal you can find (even if it’s on a network you don’t like) and ask them to match.


If someone can find a better deal, please point me in the right direction. Thanks


Who did u get that deal with,? I’ve still got time to cancel (y) 🏼


this aint it chief

iPhone SE 2020 - 64GB - £22 p/m for 24 months (£75 up/f) - 6GB Data = £603.00 @
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
6GBData Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts £75.00upfront cost £22.00per month £603 total costover 2 years

You forget that each state has a different sales tax to add to that price, ours is £349 + tax. A little bump but it’s not a uk company so they don’t have to suck up to us


Ok thank you for the responses so guess I won't know till I get it. In terms of the deal I find it to be a good way to spread the cost of the phone over two years similar to buying from Apple direct with their 0% interest offer with a decent discount on the sim. Also £40 TCB Only annoyance is they are selling it in the US for 399 USD which converts to £323 which makes it a bargain over there but also means they are ripping off the UK consumer


I got an iPhone 11 from them in November, which had to go back - but it was locked to Vodafone.


Should be. My pixel 3a and a Vodafone contract came unlocked.


Hi can anyone confirm if the phones from this company come unlocked?

iPhone SE (2020) 64GB - £26pm for 24 Months + £50 Up front - Vodafone 22GB Data + Unlim Calls/Texts £674 Total @ £40 TCB)
-231° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Upfront - £50 Monthly - £26 Total - £647 Vodafone deal: 22GB unlimited text and calls £50 upfront £26pm Total - £674 Possible TCB - £40 Possible total - £634 On another thought… Read more

What would be the data speed as Vodafone seem to have alot of different speeds on there sims


One of the better deals. Should be hot


Looks like iPhone se 2016


Standard price. No deal here!

Apple IPhone SE 2020 Red 64GB + Free Airpods 2nd Gen | 22GB Data For £26pm & £145 Upfront - Total £769 @
234° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
£40 available at topcashback More power, better battery iPhone SE is supercharged by Apple's fastest ever smartphone chip, the A13 Bionic also used in the iPhone 11 Pro. It wor… Read more

What would be the data speed as Vodafone seem to have alot of different speeds on there sims


They are offering the same deal minus the airpods for £50 ish less over the year, so in theory getting the airpods for £100 (according to RRP)


Airpods aren't free, they are literally charging you upfront to cover the cost. Other than that would have been a good deal.


Adds to 780, and you get less data if voxi ever fix that in the 2 years. However that is flexible sim plan.


excellent sound good

Vodafone 5G (capped at 2MB/s) Sim Only - Unlimited Data, Minutes & Texts. £24pm (£11pm after cashback) @
-210° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
With 5G, roaming and download speed 2Mbps. You also buy tariff for £13pm (after cashback) with download speed 10Mbps.
Get deal*Get deal*

Unbelievable but they know some people don't pay attention and will be caught out.


The thread title is incorrect - the speed cap is "2Mbps" not "2MB/S" as there are 8 bits in a byte the actual speed will be 1/8th of that posted.


Isn't this a better deal? Can't see there is any restriction?


Does Vodafone think people are fools? How do they get ideas like this? I really cannot figure it out. So 5G and capped at 2MBps. I would call that a 3G, HSPA+ or an extremely slow speed 4G. Ridiculous.


Of course hardwire is better. I’d imagine like most people hardwiring isn’t an option, therefore mesh is an excellent choice and the closest you’ll get to hardwire.

Iphone XS 64GB Vodafone 6GB Data Unlimited Mins / Texts £150.00 upfront £26.00 per month 24 months £774 @ Mobiles
-302° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
6GB Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts £150.00 upfront cost £26.00 per month £774 total cost over 2 years
Get deal*Get deal*

Can't fathom this site sometimes. The John Lewis phone deal has gone really hot at £629 and this is freezing when the difference represents a 6GB for £6 per month sim and paying monthly instead of doling out £629.


They do well when they represent a real and appealing Hot Deal like this one by @robertr for an iPhone XS - 64GB Unlocked + 12 Month Apple Warranty where the price was as low as £500. (angel)


iPhone deals don’t fair well on here.


We and China and HK are in cahoots (y)


Good deal.