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Huawei P30 Contract Deals From £727 (3GB Data) + Free SONOS ONE £727 @
Found 1 h, 22 m agoFound 1 h, 22 m ago
Some cracking first deals for the p30 standard. Screen shots below all include the SONOS one. 9gb is the standout, and use the code 10OFF for an extra tenner off the upfront cost… Read more

Was watching the official huawei one! Could it be that you were watching a different stream? :)


Nope, using stock images taken with a DSLR and implying they were taken on a phone. They've been caught doing this twice in the last 12 months.


You may have been watching a different stream as there were a few that they put out. Everyone in the live comments noticed.


Didnt see anything wrong with that mate!


Tbh, I never do, find them utterly boring, the deals I find interesting though ;)

Samsung Galaxy S10 ultd mins, ultd text, 5GB data £24pm + £290 upfront £866 total @ Vodafone 24 month contract
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
24 months of £24 £290 upfront £866 total Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 5GB data Vodafone
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DPD are notorious for "losing" items, hopefully you get a replacement sent out soon.




It's a descent price. Hot from me.


I ordered from Samsung for S10+ at £899, with free wireless buds and a trade in value of £350 for my Samsung S9+. After various calls, DPD have lost my phone. Probably in DPD's driver's back pocket.


I looking for a good deal sim free if possible on S10e , there seems to be nothing about.

Oppo RX17 Neo 128GB Blue
1/4/9/20/30GB Data - From £467/£528/£504/£576/£552 Effective Total Costs @
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
5 excellent total cost deals, 4 of which require cashback by redemption. All on EE with varying data all with unlimited mins and texts. Don't forget topcashback for possible ext… Read more

Wow that is a super duper hot deal! Wish I got one now :(


I don’t mind redemption deals - I got the S9 on Vodafone with 100GB data for £16pm after cashback on Black Friday. The network has been great and customer service excellent - also, unlike O2, I can actually get 4G and it’s usually 40Mbit/s+ in Southampton rather than under 1... I’ll be porting O2 onto that when it’s in it’s last month.


Yeah, I think January was the launch date, obviously launched with cpw and its offshoots at the same time. Oppo find x and rx pro as well. As for the contract, no I doubt you will £21 per month is excellent imo. People on this site generally hate redemption cashback deals, but they make for some of the best deals, if you stick to the redemption process obviously.


I’m looking at this pic and all I can think of is pizza (confused) @Mrswitch is this the first time an Oppo handset has been offered up in the UK natively? Same company that own OnePlus. I might jump at this one then, I need to renew my EE line anyway and I can sell the phone and get the S10 separately (I have one on the way anyway) - better than trying to find a cheap S10 contract! I doubt I’ll beat £21pm after cashback with any half decent phone included. Just had a look at the phone and it seems to basically be a ‘OnePlus 6T with an SD660 SoC’. Not sure why they’ve gimped it with a mid-range chipset...



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5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb White £24pm - £115 Upfront £691 Total Cost @
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Excellent price for the XL, cheaper than the sim free price currently. Going through topcashback, voucher codes or Quidco will get you up to a further £40. With heaps of power … Read more

Spigen neo hybrid is a good one. Doesnt seem to be many of the usual, branded screen protectors atm.


Really think id bother mentioning it if I hadnt followed the terms each time? Loads of reviews stating the same if you check tcb reviews.


No, well you can but they'd charge you £667


Is this a deal you can buy the phone and then cancel the contract, (keep the phone)


Which case and screen protector are you all getting?

Google pixel 3 5GB data & unlimited calls 24m contract Low £24 monthly with just £40 upfront on Vodafone at for £640
14/04/2019Expires on 14/04/2019Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
5GB data & unlimited calls Low monthly of £24 & a reasonable £40 upfront. Not bad for a premium phone. Use code 10OFF to get the upfront cost of £40. Total cost of full … Read more

Think O2


who is this with


But you are paying £616 for this over 2 years. That's for the phone and SIM.


that same £800 phone will be worth a quarter of that price by the time your contract is up and will have been superceded by 2 or 3 further newer phones. people spend the last year with essentially a phone they wished they could change but cant due to contractual issues (and fines/charges/additional contracts to make any changes). 12 months needs to be the limit for phone contracts, sim contracts I can live with but not phone contracts.


I was sure that was the case.. but laziness prevents discovery (lol)

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Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB Prism Black  15GB data & unlimited calls. £34 a month £40 upfront. With O2. Total cost 24m £856 at
28/03/2019Expires on 28/03/2019Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Quite difficult to get a reason deal at the moment on new Samsung. This has a reasonable monthly cost & upfront cost. £34 a month & £40 upfront cost. Use code SPC10 to get… Read more

Fair enough.


£40 is nominal. £175 nearly £200. Purely from logical point, I would agree that the plus deal is better.


That's probably why, folks can tolerate £40 upfront. Not so £175.


It's not my deal. I'm just wondering.



Huawei P20 Pro: £24 a month 24 months with £60 upfront fee / 5GB data & unlimited calls on Vodafone @
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Use code TECHP20PRO to take £25 of the upfront fee. Down to just £60. A very reasonable amount considering the very low monthly cost of £24.

Probably virgin, 36 months contract. Murderers get less time.


I think he means you just pay the £404, the £18 gets cancelled in cooling period... I think


Wasn’t there one on a tv advert, with no upfront cost?


A decent sim only would cost £10 per month. Over 24 months that's £240! ADD this to £404 (£16.80) Comes up to £26.80... Factor in the warranty from the carrier.. monthly deal wins. Or am i missing something?


Buy a nearly new Huawei P20 Pro phone from O2 for £404/- with the cheapest £18/- per month contract. Cancel the contract within the 14 day period and keep the phone. Use a sim only deal, there are several good offers in the market. I bought mine just before Christmas and it was a brand new phone with not a scratch. it does not come in the original box but comes with a charger. No headphones included.

Huawei mate 20 Pro.15GB data & unlimited calls. £34 month. £40 upfront. With O2 at
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
One of the best phones you can buy. Fantastic cameras & battery. 15GB data. & Unlimited calls. £34 a month & reasonable £40 upfront. Use code SPC10. Android 9 (Pie) 6.… Read more

Cheers bud,even more tempting!


£40 upfront. Apply code SPC10 to get £10 off


Up to £50 uofront,still very tempted,it's this or the £580 Wowcamera deal!?found this deal for my son a couple of weeks ago,it was this or the the S10 plus for the same monthly,(same 02 deal) but £250 up front,he went for the latter and loves it :D ,i'd have gone for this.

iPhone 8 64GB, £137.50 upfront £24pm 2 year contract - vodaphone, 5gb data, unlimited mins/texts at
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Vodafone newbies can get 5GB data + unltd mins & texts* on a 64GB handset (via Use code MSEIPH8 and it’s £137.50 upfront, then £24/mth over the 2yr contract. We… Read more

(lol) (lol) (lol) Yep I’ve already been beheaded. It’s a moneysavingexpert deal.


Your gonna get hung, drawn n quartered for this. I posted similar yesterday and it went -200 degrees. iPhone 8 30gb data at £33 month.

5GB Of Vodafone Red Extra Data - 64GB Google Pixel 3 XL £24 Per Month / £165 Upfront £741 @
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Another cracking deal from mobiles, for a handset that you can't get under £690 sim free. You are getting... 5GB Data (Red Extra) Unlimited mins & texts Pixel 3 XL 64gb £165 U… Read more

What they've done on the camera really baffles me, and that was even before Night Sight which is also an unbelievable achievement. I would have liked to have seen them add a wide angle on the back, I get why it's on the front but I just think it's so useful on the back. I think Apple gets away with under speccing because the user experience is what they expect, and their expectation is limited to Apple devices. However with Android I would say users are generally more aware of what's out there and Google can't get away with things like 4GB of RAM / the memory mangement issues of the Pixel 3 considering what OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei are doing. I've said it many times I'm more than happy for Google to shamelessly steal whatever they can from other manufacturers on hardware, they don't need to reinvent anything here because they're software speaks for itself. Just deliver the modern day standard on hardware that's all they need to do!


Software even more valuable than hardware - look at camera - plus add expensive after-sales support, as good as Samsung if not already better and approaching Apple's heights. On the hardware front, I largely agree with you as well, so far Google has kinda got away with bit of underspeccing (for example face recognition) but Apple is still much guiltier on that front. Competition is only going to heat up further and rivals making big strides with software so there's only one way to go (doubt they'll slash prices so they'll have to man up on specs)


Pixel 3 feels like a stop gap between the 2 and 4, like they ran out of ideas for the 3, and are going all on on the 4.. exciting stuff!


I have and if true, it looks really positive and makes you wonder even more about the merits of the Pixel 3!!


Have you seen the renders of the pixel 4? Hole punch display, Dual Camera.

Google Pixel 3 offering a 5GB contract for just £24 a month and only £65 upfront (with the code TRUSTED10) at
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Vodafone offering a 5GB contract for just £24 a month and only £65 upfront (with the code TRUSTED10). At present, a SIM-free model will set you back £599, but Vodafone’s contract t… Read more



Beta sudrija!


I should have done that. My bad.


You could have helped the OP by putting in the link.


Each Pixel has been released in October so far. So I would expect the 4 to release around then.

Samsung S9. 2GB Data & Unlimited Calls - £20 a Month x 24 Months - £90 Upfront - Total Cost - £570 @
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Total cost over 24 months with Samsung S9 is £570. Pretty decent considering the S9 is still a premium phone. Very low £20 a month with £90 upfront cost. Use code SPC10 to get the … Read more
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£20 a month... FOR NOW. don't forget annual RPI hike (i think 2.5%), starting this month. so maybe wait to get a contract 'til next month. so beware, £570 is not really its actual full contract amount.


Agree and personally... Sick of curved screen phones. The S10e is far more appealing that the S10 imo. I'd personally go for the P20 PRO offer posted earlier than this (as an S9 owner)


I am just pointing out your childish insults, as you cannot accept you posted a poor deal and you missed out on posting the £353 deal. Resorting to insults often indicates poor education, low IQ and low wealth.


Petulant & touchy. Very sensitive soul for someone so abrasive.


Do you know people have the right to post comments without being insulted? Try it and delete your childish insults. I already voted cold, since I was intelligent enough to buy the S9 for £353. I saw the deal posted on this site, and purchased. I voted the deal hot.

Huawei P20 Pro. 5GB data & unlimited calls. £26pm / 24mths & £25 upfront with code / £649  on Vodafone @
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar25/05/2019Expires on 25/05/2019
One of the best camera phones you can buy with a huge battery to boot. Low monthly of £26 a month & a very reasonable £25 upfront. 5GB data will suffice for most users. Use cod… Read more

Wow this is a good deal. Absolutely amazing phone


More silppy than a rats ass on ice.



The upfront cost should be £35 before the £10 discount. You must be on a different deal


Currently using the P10 lite which was a fantastic phone for the price. The only downside is that the P10 lite is unusable without a cover as the glass back is so slippery. Is the p20 Pro as bad, gliding all over the place?

NEW iPhone XS 64GB £34 per Month + £350 upfront = Total Cost £1,166 on O2 @
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
New iPhone XS 64GB on 24 months with 15gb data and unlimited calls and texts £34 per Month + £350 upfront = Total Cost £1,166 @ or 30GB Data Unlimited Mins Unlimite… Read more
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Muffle ? I’ve heard no complaint about this problem from anyone else !


Speakers muffle on this version. Xs max better investment. I got both for testing.

5GB On Vodafone Red Extra - Huawei P20 Pro £80 Upfront with code - £24.00per month / £656 total cost @
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Seemed like a cracking deal, again 5gb datat wouod be more than enough for me. £90.00 upfront cost £656 total cost £24.00 per month 5GB Data Red Extra details: Take your … Read more

Anyone know if Huawei are going to release a fix to the 4K video stabilisation problem with the P20 Pro? Thanks.


Ok thanks.


If it's camera you need, then the pixel 3 imo is one of the best, however, the p20 pro at this price, or the deal posted by @adamderak earlier today, are absolutely cracking deals for a phone still selling in some places for £549. The benefit with the pro is the 4000mah battery, something rare in a flagship up until recently.


Thanks. Battery-wise the Pixel 3 seems to come out worst, but otherwise I don't really know what's best. Any opinion Mrswitch? You seem to know what you're talking about...


S9, or Google pixel 3?

Google  Pixel 3 64gb Vodafone 5gb data, unlim mins & texts £24/24mths + £65 upfront - £641 @
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
£24 month for 2 years £65 upfront with code 10OFF, do not use if claiming cashback Vodafone 5gb data Unlimited mins and texts Around £25-40 cashback from quidco or top cashback … Read more

Yeah mine did too, I called vodafone direct on 191 and they sorted it. It was a vodaphone mistake not, they sent over the correct info


Anyone ordered this and their voda account actually showing its a 26 a month contract? Like mine is showing.


Good point I've just read that, I've updated the post


Wouldn't using 10OFF invalidate tcb cashback?


They do O2 3GB and 1000 minutes for £23/month with £125 upfront. Works out £26 more over term (assuming 10OFF works on that too)

Samsung Galaxy S10 with unltd mins and texts 15gb data on O2 £966 @
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Here goes I am sure I will get an absolute drubbing for this but I thought it was a fairly decent deal. £150 upfront and £34 a month over 2 years. Given the handset cost is £799 … Read more

Will be too big for some but get your point


Samsung galaxy s10 5G will push the price of these phones down when it’s released as people will see that as the more premium one to get out the s10 range


True but face unlock is a gimmick anyway if you want true better security use a pin




Thought you were talking about bent iphones so i mentioned about Samsung hand warmers. Obviously we are talking 2 different things

Vodafone Sim : 20GB data/unlimited calls / Sky Sports / & 6 months NowTV Ent £20pm / 12m (£11 a month with redemption) @
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Vodafone red entertainment SIM deal. 12 months contract. Choose sky sports as add on for free & receive Now TV entertainment pack for 6 months. Instead of skysports you can c… Read more
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mine arrived on the 3rd day, from what i recall, the contract started the day i ordered


How many days they are taking to deliver the sim after order? I am on a 30day notice at the moment until mid of Apr and need to plan this switchover accordingly. Thanks


sorry to hear you got your first rejection in life, looks like you have been very lucky till now, if it makes you feel any better, i have been rejected by all sorts ... Jobs, girls, flights, pubs, bars, night clubs, dentists, bouncy castles, donkey rides ... the list goes on, too depressing to list all my rejections ... But i did get this Sim tho, so maybe my luck might be about to change (y)


I think they have this issue when the demand gets too high.


I've applied for this sim today and it is now the first thing in my life that I have ever been rejected for. I have a score of 999 out of 999 on Experian yet somehow I have failed the security checks. Has anyone else had this problem and does calling them help in anyway?

iPhone XR 64gb with O2 15GB data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts - £34.00 per month / £115 upfront with code at
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
iPhone XR 64GB in any colour for £34.00 per month with £115 upfront payment using code TRUSTED10. (Total cost - £931). Great iPhone XR deal with O2, 15GB data, unlimited minutes, … Read more

I’m surprised this got voted so cold... seemed to be one of the cheapest 15gb+ data deals without a large upfront fee. If anyone knows a better deal, it would be much appreciated.


Thanks. It’s a deal on mobiles I’ve seen


It did go to retentions. I was SIM only and asked for PAC as I was going to take one of the O2 deals on Call them and run the mobiles deal by them, they might match or better it.


Was that a retention deal? My EE is up and I’m on the hunt


Just picked up a 128gb XR for £45 pm from Vodafone with no upfront costs. Includes 50gb data, u/l calls, u/l texts and 2 years Spotify Premium.

IPhone XR Refurb, 99p Upfront then £34 per Month / 15gb Data from - Total Cost = £816.99 (With Code)
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar are having a sale on refurb phones this weekend with the code 25REFURB taking £25 off the upfront costs. They are doing the IPhone XR 64gb in various colours (no bla… Read more

wth is a Gizame. That ain't gang brah


Clearly Big in the Gizame


Yhhh boi how else wood I be able to flex XS max 512gb?


You from the hood ?


Quite the opposite. If you can't afford the good iPhone, you need an android.

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