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Samsung S9 64GB. 4GB data, unlimited texts and calls. £110 upfront and £23 pm for 24  at
Found 16 h, 23 m agoFound 16 h, 23 m ago
64GB S9 with 4GB data, unlimited texts and mins for £110 upfront and £23 pm for 24 mths. Thought that was pretty decent! Vodafone
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No problem, you got me excited lol, £75 cb woukd have pushed me over the line for an s9 on EE with 4gb


Ooops sorry about that! Glad you found it!


Nevermind, found it...... But its for carphonewarehouse, not


Where is this? , i dont see £75 for


Going to be getting the Samsung Galaxy S9 myself with Carphone Warehouse but with O2 for 15gb for £34/month. TopCashBack are also doing £75 back on Samsung monthly contracts which ends in 3 days.

Samsung S9 £15 a month at unlimited text messages, unlimited calls, and 1GB of 4G mobile data
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
EE now offers the Galaxy S9 on a £15 a month with unlimited text messages, unlimited calls, and 1GB of 4G mobile data. There's also a one-off £240 upfront cost, bringing the total … Read more
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lol (y)


Point taken.


....maybe the small matter of £240 up front cost should be mentioned in title

Samsung Galaxy S9 on EE - 30GB for £33 per month at
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Great deal for the price given the amount of data given. No upfront cost and total contract value of £792
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I was a little hasty with the link... This is more appropriate


A direct comparison is difficult, the Xiaomi mi mix 3 if your looking the current best. If your looking close to the s9 specs, id say the pocophone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 4G 64GB Dual-SIM black


Can anyone tell me what the nearest Xiaomi equivalent is to this model please?


Not currently in stock at


Cheaper to get it from a work scheme for EE sim only 20GB £12.60 x 24 and a s9 from for £440ish.

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Vodafone sim only 20GB data+ulmt text/minutes £20 x 12 -  £11 by redemption @
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Vodafone sim only 20GB data+ulmt text/minutes £11 by redemption @

Or pac code whatever it is, they know its been used and they started ringing me 2 hrs later offering me a deal.


Thanks expiring this now then.


Are you sure about the puk code (skeptical)


28th October?


Voted hot

Pixel 3 XL 64gb - O2 15GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £34pm x 24 Months + £280 up front = £1,096 (with code) @
Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Compared to anything else seems like a good offer. When you consider the price of the phone, monthly rental is only £9.45 for 15gb data and unlimited calls and texts. Pay £280 up … Read more

Sorry am i missing something don't you just buy a Chromecast?


I think whilst it's a nice feature any 4k TV will already have multiple options to play 4k media considering most are 'smart' TV's most of which support wireless casting agnostic to the source i.e Netflix, youtube etc Again any 4k monitor will already in the majority of cases be hooked up to a computer of sorts, games console etc. Ergo this feature IMO caters for a small niche market? :)


I think people's votes are devoid to the notion of HUKD namely price. The cost of the contract is cheaper than most if not all SIM only deals. Irrespective to the phones functions or lack of seems to be the reason why down voted? :)


Nope, still doesn't sound particularly useful...


Just because you never had a phone with it does not mean it is useless.Have you heard of MHL ? This is the Newer form of it and very useful . Let's you play 4k movies from Phone to 4k TV or monitor . Use phone as computer. All new phones from Samsung , Huawei, Lg , Apple iPad (usb c ) have it .

Brand new OnePlus 6T for only £14.99 UPFRONT and £34 per month @
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
I recently bought the OnePlus 6 a couple of months ago switching from iPhone to Android. I will never regret my descision as I personally think it's the best Android phone around f… Read more
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Vivo and oneplus are both owned by bbk electronics so if vivo is tier 3 brand then one plus must be ? And you get a headphone jack with the vivo (which in my opinion adds infinitely more value to any phone ) and you get a bigger battery with the vivo


Much better camera, Launcher and in display fingerprint reader too. Great phone, and definitely more reliable than the Xiaomi, not that I have anything against Xiaomi. I'm holding out for their Mi Mix 3!


The £830 price includes a 15gb pm SIM tariff as well that probably worth around £15pm......makes this handset cost about £470.. I think the Vivo is too expensive for a tier 3 brand. 99% of users would never see any benefit in the 2gb extra ram either....


An ok-ish phone not for £830.99 that is too much ,I think getting the vivo nex s for £530 is a much better deal it still has the snapdragon 845 and 128 GB of ROM but it has 8 GB ddr4 ram rather than 6gb ddr4 ram and the vivo nex has the self raising camera eliminating the notch . it also still has the in display fingerprint sensor


Buts the 6t isnt waterproof, doesnt have an amazing face unlocking camera, doesnt have an amazing camera array on the rear, it ditched wireless charging, and it has a comparatively tiny battery. Ill keep my mate 20 pro :)

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iPhone XR on o2 £34 p/m - £185 upfront 24 months 15GB Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts £1001 @
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
iPhone XR for 34 and £185 upfront Comes with Apple iPhone XR 64GB Blue 15GB Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts In Stock Monthly Cost £34.00 To Pay Today £185.00 + Delivery… Read more

£500 wouldn't have been for a new x. That would have been used. A new one is still either more expensive or around the same price as an xr (depending on whether you find something in eBay). As for your critique of the screen, you've clearly been reading a tech blog. The normal user doesn't view content 'off axis' or see smearing colours. Like I said, I have had both and have no complaints about the xr's screen. It is extremely good in my opinion.


It might go free but I cannot really see it, iPhone contract prices are always ridiculous. Normally a lot cheaper to buy sim free and get a cheap sim


Fair enough about the screen size, but sadly LCD panel on the XR is pretty average. Smearing colours, poor off axis colour, grey blacks and bad motion blurring and as you mention a pretty naff resolution at such large size. In comparison to basically the best screen you can get on a phone, there really is no competition. Iphone X 256MB were floating around for £500 on this site the other day, I know which I would chose.


£1001 they just had to squeeze that extra £1.01 :)


How does the XR have better whites? The oled display on the XS is far "whiter" in colour and gets brighter as well.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128GB Black, Unlimited Mins & Texts, 15GB Data, o2, £180 Upfront, £34pm, Total £996 @
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128GB Black Unlimited Mins, Texts & 15GB Data, on o2 £180 Upfront, £34pm Total £996 via uSwitch or direct at The phone retails for £900 on … Read more

You are calling me an iPhone snob, doesn't read well that sentence on the screen on my Redmi Note 5. I also don't want to argue. Shame you felt that we were and took umbridge to what I said. If you think it's worth iPhone prices then all the best to you. I see no evidence of that. The main complaint about iPhone or Apple products in general is "you can get that hardware cheaper elsewhere" as very little is proprietary. Some people complain about software, although that argument is a bit 90s now. The reality is that lots of people think iOS is better and prefer it. Regardless of things like battery throttling. In that light I have to wonder what the value proposition is here. Presumably the hardware is that much better than the iPhone that it can counter balance the lack of the recognisable label or the ecosystem that the apple software and hardware inhabits. I don't see that. I don't see a phone which aught to be better than next year's iPhone to charge this much. I don't think it is, it's a fail from me. Incidentally windows was discontinued a while ago in mobile devices as far as I'm aware. Nokia was the main windows phone distributor and they are android these days. I don't follow it though, not really interested in windows phones or anything Nokia have done for about thirteen years now. Again, not arguing with you. Glad to have had the discussion. All the best. Oh and we agree, iOS is largely better, there's one or two things better about Android but blah, not really, I can see iOS adopting those features quicker than Android adopting the iOS ones. That's also from the point of view of someone who has used both and developed commercial and third sector apps on both. I currently use an Android device and I like it a lot, just prefer apps and 80% of the experience of Apple software more.


Agreed if it's only the design that you're considering you can get similarly styled android phones for much less. In fact this phone isn't even competing in the same ecosystem as the iPhone X so I think it's comparing apples with oranges (pun intended). If you want an iOS phone or the Apple branding you won't be looking at this. This phone's competitor is Samsung. Huawei are raising their game. Ostensibly it's technologically superior to the S9 and even the Note 9 (I own the Note 9). Its downfall may turn out to be reliability (gluegate?) and the quality of customer service. Time will tell and as I'm sure you'll agree, the market will be the judge. All our opinions are just that.


Technically you did but honestly I don’t care, I’m not arguing over it. Yes the phone isn’t as well known in the uk as an iPhone for sure and yes iPhone snobs will pull their nose up at the brand, prime example here in your case. Personally I think IOS is better than android too but doesn’t make this phone any worse for it, it’s either IOS or Android really, Windows OS is terrible (if it’s still going). I think tech specs are better than some iPhones and I believe they are one of the biggest phone makers so surely they must be a well known brand in some counties. Anyway I’m not recommending this phone anymore with the stated issues of screens and hope that people see that from this freezing cold deal. Although we have seen this glue behind the screen of most brands including the iPhone.


Cheers for the answer, I've got a master's degree in business but appreciate the point you were making. Having said that, given you can get an iPhone type phone design for a fraction of the price I don't think it's worth paying the same price as an iPhone X. At this price it would need to be much much better than the iPhone X.


I didn't say that. You don't understand. iPhone is a premium 'designer', if you will, label. This isn't. Untwist your knickers.

O2 12m sim 5GB unlimited min/texts £240 + £100 auto cash back @
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Unusual o2 12m sims cheap as with auto cashback*, this is the entry level others are available via link^ works out £11.67pm after cashback. £140 annual. For those who need a o2 sig… Read more

O2 works very well in London since they bought 4G band 40 in auction. But EE Essentials sucks very badly . Only EE max works well . When EE talk about speed and coverage , they talk about EE Max and not EE Essentials, so they lie . All the data in your plan , but no data when you need it due to low priority on EE network with EE Essentials . O2 do not discriminate like this and treat all customers equally . Plus with O2 Priority , I get free coffee every week.


Why O2 is the reason why I moved to EE


So not O2......


First EE then plusnet


who/where did you get this deal from ? what network is it with ?

OnePlus 6T 6GB RAM 128GB Mirror Black £29pm £60 upfront total £756 @
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
seems like a good deal. may be cheaper with vouchers ( i dont know any myself)

Calm down nerd


So your mind said OnePlus but your Heart says iPhone.


Because iphone rules !!! Does whoot ever the f* want


No not yesterday, everyday. He works full time as a netizen on hukd, never miss one single oneplus post.


I thought the price is bad enough not even Sam of London did not come here, yet scroll in down I felt sick seeing Sam's words again.

OnePlus 6T on o2 - Unlimited Mins and Texts, 15GB Data £34 per month (24months) 99p upfront  £816.99 total @
30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Few people have been asking me for o2 deals with a low upfront cost, and thought this OnePlus deal hit the sweet spot in terms of monthly cost, upfront and allowances. 99p upfront… Read more



Maybe yours did it to you in the IQ department. Cannot even do a comparison of what is available . Just be a sheep of Oneplus. I had Oneplus 2 in past but never looked back when I have much better and cheaper options with so many more phone manufacturers with many more useful features.


I love computing , but Caveat Emptor. All that glitters is not Gold . Especially not from Oneplus.


Couldn't agree more, my 5T is the best phone i have ever used, might also pickup the 7T next year depending on price and specs


That's a very good deal, i pay 37/month for Oneplus 3T, with 30 GB data from O2. I hope similar deal to this one is available when i am ready to upgrade in May. Downvotes are from people who are not interested in buying OnePlus on contract. I am going to get OnePlus from O2 again, regardless how does the price compare to other phones including Samsung and other "flagships". Oneplus is the fastest charging phone and yes it does not have SD, but guess what, with 128 Gb storage, i still have 39Gb free after 1.5 year and i hardly bother to delete anything. My husband just got Galaxy 9+ and i hate all the nonremovable bloatware it came with.


Yes unfortunately you have to do that with all providers these days!! Annoying I know!!


So when you cancel at the end of your 1 year contract (and want to keep your number) do you have to port it out to another provider and then back to Vodafone? thanks


Thank you that helps. My son's had the same deal for years and feel it's time to shop around.


Yeah so the first year I forgot to cancel it after 12 months and I got charged the full amount which was £20 which you can't get cashback on but then I just signed up to another 12 month sim


Do you know what happens then at end of 12 month contract does the cashback element stop and you pay the full amount pm?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Black Vodafone/2yrs/£23pm/£265 upfront £817 total contract with code @
Found 27th OctFound 27th Oct
First off, credit to Repton on their really good deal - which I voted hot. I was looking at Repton's deal and noticed that if you choose the black model you can buy it now (rather… Read more

Now upto £390. Seems to go up and up each day!


upfront now £370


There is now an upfront cost of £325, shame as I was about to get this ;(


For 23/mo I get the cellphone + the monthly 4gb and unlimited text and calls?


Some people are too thick to understand a conversation (excited)

Samsung Galaxy S9 @ - £100 up front / £23pm x 24 months = £652
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
4g data Vodafone £23 month , £100 upfront total contact £652

Just went for this. I was paying 11.50 sim only with same mins and data. Got 25 cashback and 10 off voucher Code so great deal.


Not a bad deal at all if you take off £10 a month for a SIM only deal with 4 gigabytes of data this works out at £412 for the phone on its own


Some people like me just don't use data, everywhere I go seems to have wifi and if your with Virgin download the Wifi app and you can connect to any virgin router 8)


You can get £10 off upfront cost using code on quidco plus £25 back. Hot for me!


Yeah i agree with vodafone. Havent tried audi but thats some bad luck. Hope you got them to pay for the damage.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Green) - Vodafone/2yrs/£23pm/£275 upfront (£817 total contract with code SAVE10) @
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
Edit - £10 off with code SAVE10 Now that the free watch and charger promotion is over, they've knocked £115 off the previous price for this deal. Might be a good deal for those wh… Read more

Has the screen of your P20 pro got any issues yet? Seems like there's a serious defect in them


Are the screens that are going green on all of these mate 20 pros part of this 'leading edge functionality' or is it just standard on an 'all round superior unit' like the P20 pro?..


Many people prefer to spend more upfront if it works out cheaper over the two years of the contract. I'd be happy to pay everything upfront if it meant spending less money overall. I guess it all depends on how much disposable income people have.


£275 upfront buts me off this can't see it as a deal TBF


Of course. Why would you use portrait mode when taking a portrait?... Sums up the problem really. The camera is very good in pro mode, but most people will use it as a point and shoot in auto mode. When used like this it it nowhere near as good as the camera on the pixel, s8/9, or iPhone 8 onwards. I'm not saying the camera is bad but for the best part of £1000 it should be as good as the others listed. DXO scores are a joke. Use the four phones above taking pictures of real things (kids, pets, holiday snaps etc) and the Huawei will be at the bottom of the pile. I used mine for about a month and it was very underwhelming coming from a pixel 2...

Voda 12m RED Entertainment 50GB/unlimiteds, 500 EU mins, 77 country inclusive roaming £30 p/m £360  + £120 (38 days) autocashback
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
1/3 off on auto cashback, no claims processes (y) £30 per month and £120 cashback* :D Free Sky Sport Mobile/Spotify/Now TV Entertainment/Amazon Prime Video (you can buy another… Read more

Tempted with this...


well there you go



good what you typed is pointless, essentially.


T&C of says you have 14 days to return your order. I thought this applies to sim contracts as well and you have 30days only of you go with vodafone directly. Anyway, I don't believe BF will have a better offer than this. The past 2-3 years, I found better deals outside BF.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black 3GB 1000mins Unltd Texts £23p/m for 24 mths £125 upfront on O2 £677 @
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
This seems like a good deal albeit the £125 upfront cost. (Handset cost is around £699) Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black Vodafone Network Provider 4GB Mobile Data Unlimited Minutes U… Read more
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But with vodafone. Might suit some but not me!



Yes, thank you. Better deal for sure!


If you search you'll find 4gb deal


The link i gave has been changed

Mate 20 pro - pre order 23pm , £390 up front , £942 total at
Found 25th OctFound 25th Oct
Free charger and watch too, seems the lowest price at the moment for it, but might be a deal for someone, says stock due on 13/11/18 only 4gb data though
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Cold due proprietary NM card slot not microsd


Notch can be turned off and there's a USB c to jack adapter in the box 😁


Had this on preorder for a week, but now the shipment date which should have been today has been put back by two weeks. What is going on?


Heat from me for the price and the phone technology. Being a Samsung fan hate Notch, no headphone jack and a camera bump. Otherwise an excellent phone


Unfortunately the Samsung and Apple fan boys will vote this cold regardless of how good the phone actually is. I have used apple for past 6 years and finally decided to make the change and ordered the Mate 20 Pro. It is a great deal for the spec along side the watch and wireless charger. Cant please them all.

Pixel 2 XL 64GB - £140 upfront + £18 x 24m (1GB data) on Vodafone at
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Excellent deal for those looking to buy the Pixel 2 XL outright. Quidco and TCB should also track at £25 further bringing down the total cost to £547.

Now ooo at CPW; I cannot see any deals that will come up!


So CPW has ~180 white 64gb XL's so dont expect much discounts to come


I doubt it, the original pixel is still for sale with brand new stock in argos etc


Exactly my sentiment stock is drying up; Google are smart and would have stopped manufacturing the 2/2XL in advance of the 3 launch. They are not like Samsung where they continue to manufacture older models where good contracts are to be had unfortunately :(


Black is out of stock, only White is available :(

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 £23 a month with £320 upfront with 4gb data on Vodafone at
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Ok another cold deal coming up, however total cost is £872 over 2 years making it effectively cheaper than buying it outright from say Argos (£899). Unlimited calls, texts and 4GB … Read more
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Cold . Due to high price with 4gb plan . Phone alone has been selling for £450 on eBay etc .


Hi what the best price on a uk or eu dual sim note 9 ?


Yeah went for s9 plus in the end. Was holding out for s10 but my s6 edge plus battery was getting a bit crappy.


Same dilemma, get the s9+. I got an international version from Amazon for £560 SIM free. No UK warranty but for that price it was worth the risk.


Single SIM.