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iPhone XS 256GB, £550 up front, £34 a month £1366 total) Unlimited Mins, Texts, 15GB Data £1366 @ on O2
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Appreciate the upfront cost is not for everyone but I thought this was pretty good for the 256GB XS for those like me who are happy to pay more up front and less each month. Cheer… Read more

What is a real phone, boy?


Someone needs to dethrone Apple. It would be fun to watch!



Get back off that edge young lady


£750 for a phone with no 1080p display. Real good value.

Vodafone SIMO Unlimited Minutes, Texts, 50GB Data with 12 months Entertainment Pack and Global Roaming Plus £30 p/m - £360  (£17.50 after cashback) @
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Vodafone SIMO Unlimited Minutes, Texts, 50GB Data with 12 months Entertainment Pack and Global Roaming Plus (£17.50 after cashback) Entertainment - Red Entertainment plans come wi… Read more
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I've bit. 4gb that comes with the S9 deal just doesnt go anywhere these days. Partner is having that sim card. Not expecting Topcashback to pay out the £10 as theyve already paid out this year on my S9 vodafone contract but given it a try anyway. Sounds like cashback is easier now than my last attempt at a cashback deal 10 or more years ago, where you had vouchers to send off and weren't quite sure when to send them, although they did pay when I got it right.


I was told by three that I could port to three. So probably same for other networks. You could always port to a PAYG then back to contact as well.


I dont think you'll be able to port from vodafone to this plan. has to be from a different network


My Vodafone contract ends on the 5th October , got my pac code . At the moment I’m on 20 gig data and Spotify for 19 quid . They can’t get anywhere near that price now so this seems like a good option to me . I believe i wont be accepted for this deal cos I’m not a new customer so would I be able to get my wife to take out the contract and then port my number accross ?


Thanks. TCB as well I think.

iPhone XS  64 GB £1092 total over 24 months with 4GB Data @
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
I realise not many people will cal an £1000 phone a bargain but For anyone looking XS deals this was is brilliant. 24 month contract with Vodafone unlimited minutes and texts (upfr… Read more
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Nope, I still don’t understand. Never mind, you win.


Ok try it only a Chinese phone


Not really, you don't understand why people post iPhone deals and I'm not sure you will let anyone explain it to you.


I'm not an apple user but i agree with that statement mostly because Samsung customer services are worse than car boot sale so after a year people are looking to offload them for someone else to deal with the issues


Good deal. Heat added

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Iphone xs 64gb EE 30gb data unlimited calls and txts £500 upfront £33 per month - £1,292 @
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Will probably go cold but if it helps people who do want to buy one get the best deal then its worth posting. The others ive seen posted all have 4gb or 15gb with o2 ect. This is w… Read more
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I think they do. I ordered this deal because I recieved this email.


Hmm i payed 38 a month with 30gb ult min txt and a 256 gb s9 plus a few months ago on o2 with carphone... but wish i waited for the note 9 I could have gone 15gb for 34 but thought of getting more data. I dont think its worth it.... but if you want it and cant get out of apples eco system then go for it. As apple will never drop their prices...(doesnt mean its worth what they say)... but that being said as a deal its good as the price is hard to find...maybe wait till black friday?


I dont need an apple store i just sold an iphone x a week ago, i know the face unlock is better on iphone x, but then you have to pull up on the screen to finish unlocking so its no quicker than the samsung and finger print is unlocked in half the speed


So, you'll get a traditional sim from the carriers. You'll then be able to select another carrier using the eSim method. Note, the carrier has to be eSim compatable (any carrier that supports iPad and Apple Watch cellular will) and you'll need to wait for a software update from Apple to enable the feature.


Big banner ad on the homepage advising that if you order by Thursday you'll get it on Friday.

iPhone Xs Max 64gb, £630 up front, £23 a month (£1182 total) via on Vodafone
Refreshed 18th SepRefreshed 18th Sep
Naturally those who either hate Apple on principal, or simply feel that any phone costing more than around £300 is a bad deal will automatically vote cold. For anyone who actually… Read more
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I did ask. But the figure to pay is all of it


Good news - the iPhone I received from is unlocked. I’ve tried the vodafone and a three sim and they’re both fine.


Took the plunge and ordered for delivery tomorrow despite buying an iPhone X just 4 months ago. I’m on Voxi (Vodafone) already so can cancel that anytime which is great. very happy with vodafone reception and speed,I can roam freely in europe too for both data and airtime. now I need to sell my iPhone X. 8)


Could the contract be cancelled and keep the phone in anyway?


Mines unlocked!!!

Best iPhone XS deals I've found...£410 Up Front / £34pm x 24 months = £1,226 @
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
There's a few to choose from but as usual seems to be leading the way for iPhone XS deals. The link goes to the front page but if you look through the deals at the bo… Read more

if i found one of these i would smash it and put it on youtube what a ridiculous price for a phone there is no difference from a 150 one to a £1000 one


Well said


Two basic types of expensive phone buyer, be it Apple, Samsung etc: Rich, so they dont care about saving a few quid, they just want it yesterday. Poor, who buy it on contract to make out they are one of the above. The same now happens with cars; kids go to school in 2nd hand clothes, yet mummy drives a new car.


Well, spending that much on it would not be a deal. But when you can (and lots will) spend that much on it based on RRPs and average contract costs, and instead only spend £1,226 on it, that would save you money, it would be what you might call 'a deal'. And given the roughly 18-38% saving (based on your price of £1500-2000), a pretty good one!


O2 rejected my application apparently just had the email. Never been rejected credit before

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iPhone Xs 64gb O2 £46 per month £275 upfront  with 30gb data and unlimited texts and data.
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Not a bad deal for the iPhone XS from mobiles. £46 a month with 30gb data and unlimited texts and data. £275 upfront fee but can claim £80 back on quidco.

This is cheaper, it would cost 20 a month for 30gb if your lucky so by getting this deal youll save over 100 compared to a sim only and buying phone cash. Not a bad deal but expensive for a phone with less tech than a samsung retailing at 729 6 months ago


I know it’s a lot, but I remember spending similar on my first ever laptop 20 years ago. It was a brick with Dell written on it. Dedicated graphics card that scolded my lap if I used it for more than 10 minutes. And I was proper skint back then


Ok so I have always bought iPhones. I never thought I would ever see a phone priced like this and they really aren't any better than my current 6S. I'm out Apple, your prices have gone too far.


You should know already that HUKD community are poor people looking for an opportunity to save few quid and not spend thousands. Why people keep posting these kind of deals here? Yachts, iPhones and Cuban cigars...


The only thing revolutionary regarding Apple is the ridiculous price. Sadly other manufacturers had to follow suite :(.

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Black £23pm x 24 months + £80 upfront = £632 @
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Black £100.00 upfront 4GB data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts seems like a decent deal. not sure if cashback is available

Yeah , Vodafone deals ended I think...


This is £1001 now...... :o expired


Let's agree both aren't great But the telephone service coverage is better on three Three also share mast with ee who are known to have the best coverage


3 alot more shocking.


Interesting to hear experiences on Three. I've been with them before and found them fine, whereas Vodafone billed me incorrectly on multiple occasions and also applied a price increase to my contract that was above the publicised percentage rate. Just goes to show how variable these companies are in terms of customer service.

Samsung S8 on Vodafone £50 upfront £18 per month £482 total. 1gb Data Unlimited Minutes and Texts @
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Samsung S8 on Vodafone £50 upfront £18 per month £482 total. 1gb Data Unlimited Minutes and Texts

I switched from s8 to s9 and the battery lasted longer on s8, cant really tell the difference of the processor to be honest just that its not as power efficient and the stereo speaker isnt major really so if you dont want slow mo camera function s8 is a great phone. If you used an s8 and s9 you wouldnt really know which was which


snap (shock) (shock) just hukd.i think its a cracking deal :D


Well processor bumped up to latest one. Erm after that the stereo speakers seems next biggest. Slow mo on camera erm, erm, yeah. Oh it will get Android Q and the s8 likely won't. £85 more for the s9


I need a new phone...any major differences between the s8 and s9


Pretty decent deal. Not sure why this is going cold though

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Vodafone  -Unlimited minutes, texts and 4GB data - £95 upfront, then £23 per month (24 month contract) @
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Looks like a good deal from what I can see...I've searched to see if posted before and couldn't find any deals posted at this price. Via so possible £26.25 cashback … Read more

Blimey, that's increased a bit!


£170 upfront now


Why didn’t I think of this??


unless you just pay your bill lol


The p20 pro is awesome... Best phone I've ever had and as for the camera quality.. Wow!!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Black 4GB Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts - £195 uprfront/ £23 PER MONTH - Term £727 @ Mobiles
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Due to network restrictions you are only limited to 1 Vodafone deal per person within 90 days. Item 1 - New Contract Remove … Read more

Was this posted by a phonecare employee ?


Go to vouchercodes and Search for every phone from them are sim free




Also £30 Amazon voucher with vouchercodes, not as good as 256GB grey version deal for £5 more but still good deal


DEAL20 to make it 175 upfront

Vodafone 20GB data/UM/UT for £20 (£11 after cashback) @ Mobiles
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Recommended deal on Vodafone Sim Only 20GB data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts Save £108 Cashback by redemption £11.00Per month / 1 year £20.00 before cashback
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There's a 50GB version WITH Red Entertainment for effectively £17.50. I'm currently with mobiles and would wholeheartedly recommend them - will likely use them again as contract comes to an end in a month so hoping that offer will still be available.


Can anyone advise who has gone through TCB in hope of extra cashback?


No & Yes (y)


Does the 40gb deal include Spotify. My Vodafone simo is expiring this month. Will I have to port out and in again


Thanks again, but as stated previously, the 40GB package is a Red 'Extra' package and not a Red 'Entertainment' package. Cheers

50GB 4G Data / Unlimited Mins & Texts £30pm + Red entertainment) (£17.50pm after redemption) & More @
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Good value for 50GB after redemption, a little work but easy-to do! Includes choice of entertainment for 12 months of Spotify OR Prime Video OR Now TV OR Sky Sports Mobile TV &… Read more
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Is this only for new customers?


till the end of October at least


Do you know how long this offer is available for?


I would like to know this. The Vodafone website says the red entertainment is just for the 50gig


the speed from THREE is terrible. Vodafone is a lot better

£19 per month + £80 automatic cheque - unlimited minutes, texts, 18GB - 12 month contract = £228 @
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
12 month Vodafone sim only deal - £19 per month with unlimited mins and texts + 18gb data. Automatic £80 cashback so no claiming fuss, bringing the overall price down to £12.33

Has any one. Got cheque thanks


NOTE: If you want Spotify etc membership you cannot get this on this deal.




I used to be with three until I switched to Vodafone for the free Spotify premium


Could you please expand on the overseas packages please :)

Honor 10 128GB Smartphone  £319  @
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Honor 10 Blue - 128GB Smartphone £319 @
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anyone have experience with both? I see a lot of online comparisons but not many on camera quality. I see the minor difference in specs but wanted to know real experience with the actual photo quality and whether theres much noticable difference for the price difference?




Thats a bit of breaking news. UK warranty and after sales service cost a company money. (flirt)


Not exactly what I said. The warranty is not free by the way. You are certainly paying a lot for it with this phone.


What the hell, let’s just get rid of all warranties and consumer protection legislation, @dz1 says we’ll never need them so they’re just a useless waste of time... (cheeky)

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Twilight + £70 Amazon Voucher (Via VoucherCodes)- Vodafone Unlimited Mins/Texts & 4GB Data - £100.00 upfront (see OP for code) £23 p/m - £652 total @
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
****To qualify for Amazon £70 voucher, you have to click though via VoucherCodes link below and then purchase from Don't forget to use DEAL20 code when checking out*… Read more

Your 1 month rolling contract will be set up even if you don't activate the SIM.


You have to wait 60 days before you can use it. My voucher is being "verified" but shows estimated payable date. Log into to see this info.


Anyone got the Amazon voucher confirmed?


There's a good twenty apps I wanted to remove. Got rid of about fifteen. Many of them seemed to install right after I went through initial setup so I think if I was doing it again I'd go thru setup without connecting to WiFi/4G, and without restoring apps from my existing phone, check what's installed, and only then insert SIM card, reboot, and connect to WiFi.


There's a good twenty apps I wanted to remove. Got rid of about fifteen. Many of them seemed to install right after I went through initial setup so I think if I was doing it again I'd go thru setup without connecting to WiFi/4G, and without restoring apps from my existing phone, check what's installed, and only then insert SIM card, reboot, and connect to WiFi.

(Plus £70 Amazon Voucher) Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black Vodafone - 4GB Data - Unlimited Mins - Unlimited Texts - £120.00 upfront cost £23.00 per month - £652 With Code @
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Thought this was a good deal, using the code, and going through voucher codes here for a £70 Amazon Voucher, taking total cost to a theoretical £582 or £24 per month all in. … Read more

£23 again!


damn, alway late to the party :(


Yup, £30 now :(


cant seem to find any mention of the £70 amazon voucher, has this offer expired?


Excellent deal, better than buying the handset on its own! Just purchased the S9 Plus deal at £190 upfront/23pm but not sure I registered for the Amazon voucher correctly 🙈😩

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 £415 upfront, £23 x 24 = 967. Vodafone 4gb data/unlimited texts and minutes £967 @
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Ok, so it’s a big upfront cost and smallish data but it’s an £899 phone for £967 over 24 months. 4gb data Unlimited minutes and texts 24 months Go via Quidco for £35 cb too.

I see they have changed it to £554.99 upfront cost now.


Can’t find this anywhe


Only the purple one left in stock 😣 Edit: it's back again on preorder, stock expected on 4th of september. Boss deal, was planning on buying the note 8 for ~550£ but I rather pay 415£ for this.


Good deal for an expensive phone, but not enough data for me


Only £415 upfront? Bargain!

Huawei P20 pro for £23/month. 4GB allowance. Just £100 upfront -
23/09/2018Expires on 23/09/2018Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Get the premium Huawei P20 pro with its class leading 40 megapixel camera. The camera on this ohone is truly brilliant. It's a £700 phone but with this deal it's yours for £23 a mo… Read more

DId you manage it? I'm looking to do the same thing - currently on Vodafone and they can't match anywhere near close enough. Not sure I could be bothered with the hassle of this multiple port thing and don't want to lose my number!


Normally to keep a number you have to port it out to another network like EE and then port it back. Not sure if it has changed though.


I'll give it a bash then.


I can't see why not.


And I can then port the old cancelled number you think?