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Samsung Galaxy S9 -  £28pm 40GB 4G Data, Unltd Mins & Texts -  £15 upfront at (Various colours)
Refreshed 24th NovRefreshed 24th Nov
Seems like a great deal, just ordered one. With code save10 upfront reduced from £25 to £15. Good deal with 40GB of data on vodafone. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been the star of MW… Read more

Remember if you use the code it will nulify the Quidco!!


Got this deal on BF, Voda sent me a bill for £72/month, Mobiles trying to sort it out 3 days now, no more deals from them anymore


I got mine without any issues, just a bit longer than usual for delivery due to high number of orders. That said, Vodafone sim been in over 24hrs and still not registered, email does state it could take up to 48hrs but surprised its actually looking likely.

Bully are one of online retailers getting a lot of flak at the moment about not honouring BF deals REVIEWS


got mine today xD


Thanks for your comment, if you want a good deal then to do a 5-minute admin task, is something you should be willing to take on board. After all, this is a deal-finding website and sometimes you may have to do a little work to get rewards. Once again, your comment is much appreciated. (y)


I have one of these deals through e2save and it takes less than 5 mins to go onto voda site to copy the bill and send it to e2save via the online portal. They even tell you which bill to send in and you have 60 days to send it in. Makes my bill approx £14 month instead of £25. Something that could be done on your phone while on a break at work, in the bath etc. cashman.


This is getting posted weekly!


Cash back via redemption tends to be a bit of a faff, good IF your super organised, BUT, for mere mortals, who have a life, sadly, cash back timescales is going to be missed..


Shame as I noticed they were offering 6 months of FREE Spotify Premium to Sky Q customers when I was on my Sky account earlier.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB (£189 Upfront/£32pm/10GB Data/o2) £150 Cashback With Samsung (Effective cost £817) £967 @ Mobiles
Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Take into account the £150 claimable cashback with Samsung here , £25 cashback with Quidco + £2.50 bonus, makes the total cost of this contract £814.50. You can get these in good… Read more

Yeah, must've, sorry


Great deal but I must be blind, I can only see £215 upfront so £205 with code. Has the price changed?


For anyone who is interested, I have called the company and they are single sim versions


Does anyone know if this is a dual sim version?


Returning my Note 9 from MusicMagpie and getting this.

Huawei Mate 20 pro £991 over 2 years with o2 contract - £175 upfront and £34 pm @
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
The latest phone sim free currently retails at £879. This deal is £175 upfront but 15gb, ultd mins and txts on o2 at £34/month for 24 months. Total £991 plus possible quidco giving… Read more
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But I want to be friends.


We have decided, it’s cold, that’s why it’s at -300. Move along kid.


I wise old man once told me..... "stop feeding the trolls".


Same low powered chip. Because I can.


1. Why mention a Snapdragon chipset if the the Mate 20 Pro runs a Kirin 980 ?? 2. Why vote if a deal is hot or cold based on your own preference and not that of the deal ??

iPhone XR 64GB - £38 P/M + £85 upfront - £997 @
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
iPhone XR 64GB - £38 P/M 30GB Data Unlimited Text Unlimited Calls £85 up front cost (£10 Of Cost with voucher)
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Yes you're right that's what I said UK hot deals. 😃😃😃


Here we go again (annoyed) it’s HotUkDeals not AndroidiOSDeals


No you haven't had the pixel if you did you wouldn't have said name one androids device gets update after year and the S9 isn't a year old yet. So who is talking (poo) (poo) (poo) . I'm just talking to facts not making any rubbish up. People can spend whatever they like. People on here once a good deal that's why it's called UK hot deal not cold deals.


Been on android and iOS.... have had the pixel and s9 and iPhone so your comment is (poo) (poo) point is you can’t tell ppl what to buy with their like money.... no this no that :/ like the buyers don’t know that already


I think you only living in the Apple world just get out and have a look at other Android phones that gets updates like the pixels.. there are a lot of Android mobile gets updates after a year..

Samsung Galaxy S9 - £521 (£396 after quidco + cashback) with Unl Min/Text & 1 GB Data on O2 @
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Went on to purchase the 23 per month O2 3GB/1000/1000 deal but found a better deal since I dont need any data. This comes with 1 GB data so may not work for everyone but cant go wr… Read more

Sorry for ur experience. But my story is a complete flipside. Ordered online. Used code for extra £10 worked. Used Quidco £25 tracked. Received a text msg to contact and after contact, Contract approved. Receiving my phone today via dpd. Glad i made a decision. Thanks OP.


Ha read my comment below


I ordered s9 today on02 £23 month deal and after they confirmed the order I received a txt asking me to call I rang and the guy at customer service said I had failed the credit check with 02 because of my address but if I would like to go with EE for £28 a month they could do that?? I think this is insane.. They cannot pass my credit for 02 for less money but can if its for more! I have never failed at my address, I am with Sky TV and fone-, Three mobile fone, 2 bank accounts car registered, etc etc and never had bad credit I dont understand whats going on! So for that I don't recommend this company, I think the 02 deal is just crap to lure you in to customer service so that they can try an sell a bigger deal. I might have known it was too good to be true MOBILES.CO.UK


I did this for the contract only (went for the 3gb data option), am selling the phone for £385 sim free and sealed, makes the contract around £75 for 2 years , which will save me around £120 (y)


Thanks OP, ordered and received my handset today. I did not use Quidco, instead used vouchercode for £30 Amazon cashback. Thank you Rooney 10 too. Greatest deal for someone who does not need more than 1GB of data.

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Google pixel 3, 15GB, Unl Min text- £34 - 50 upfront @ (Term = £866)
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec Google Pixel 3 64GB Just Black 15GB Data Unl… Read more

me too!


I'm hoping the black friday deal will come back. I spent too much time contemplating that I was too late in purchasing it


Thanks for the heads up about the pixel stand promo, didn't know. Oh and FYI you can't combine the 20-25% Google One code with the 8th December promotion. It states this in the T&Cs.


Everyone take heed....This is how you respond to a deal that's not so good. Take a bow lad!


The phone itself is £639 at a number of places (CPW gives a Google stand for free) and lots people can get even cheaper prices from the 8th at Google store using the 20 or 25% code from Google One promotion. So the plan is at least £9 per month which isn't bad but it's a 24 months long contract and sim only prices are constantly dropping. All in all this is not bad price if you really want it now but not sweet enough to call it a deal. Btw for pixel 3 mobilephonesdirect was doing £26 per month after cashback, free handset, 100gb data from Vodafone during black Friday.

iPhone 8 64gb £29.00 month £90 upfront. Total £786
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
iPhone 8 with double data on o2. I don’t want to go past £30 a month so this looks a good deal.
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O2 - up and down like a yo yo yesterday :D


Possible £25 quidco


I’ve been looking for my son, cheapest I have found so far.


Is this is a fairly good deal? Been looking around and usually I buy phones outright but Mrs needs one now..


Just done it

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black Free Phone 15GB data Unlimited mins texts Save £192 Cashback by redemption £100 Cashback o2 (£34/£26) @ Mobiles
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Few hoops to jump through, but worth it I guess. £34 per month before cashback £26 after. This is on o2 15gb data, free handset, Unltd Texts mins, get £100 Cashback with Samsun… Read more

I woldnt recommend this company


It is, really confused why it's so cold as well haha


So depending on TCB/Quidco (TCB says £20 for me, not £30), it's £816-£100-£192 = £524 for 24 months, potentially even cheaper. Given the other deal got super hot at £399 for this device, this'd make this 15GB O2 contract £5.21 a month. Lol why is this currently -76 heat? Is this the best S9 deal out there you've seen, Mrswitch?


Hahaha nice (lol)


Twice the length of the middle to the end... apparently :{

Vodafone sim only contract 20GB unlimited mins unlimited texts £20 pm. After cashback £11 month so £132 year @
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
20GB, unltd mins & texts - £20/mth. From Vodafone* after cashback equivalent to £11 a month Save £108 cashback by redemption on Vodafone Send your claim in line with the Cash… Read more
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Hi is this deal for new customers only ? I’m currently with vodaphone and they can’t match this , but am wanting a sim only deal for my daughter


My cash back has not tracked at all after 6 days on topcashback, it does say wait 7 days but everything normally tracks instantly or within a few hours from my previous experience. How's everyone else's tracking?


Has anyone else had a cashback claim declined due to having an outstanding amount on their account? Are you supposed to wait until the direct debit has been taken before submitting your bill?


Nope, get your PAC from existing network, soon as you get the new PAYG sim you can move your number then the day after your number has moved ring the PAYG network ask for your PAC and then move back to VF soon as you've got the new sim from or E2Save or who ever else is doing a great deal.


Second option - do I need to give 30 days notice before moving number elsewhere?

Vodafone Sim Only Deal - 2GB/1000Mins/Unltd Texts (£13.00 - £4.99 With Cashback) £156 @
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Thoight this was a good little deal.... You get... 2gb data 1000 mins Unlimited texts On Vodafone £13 per month With £96 Cashback By redemption So £4.99 per month effectively. … Read more

Lol. No mate I just get about a bit


Are u a bot? I see you everywhere...


Oh OK, thanks, well I csnt help with thatb :) (embarrassed)


I have keyword alerts setup On my appTo inform me Of specific deals that I might be interested in. I have not set up Any keywords Specific Two Vodafone mobiles telecommunications or any other kind of crap. I also get Various other deals Which I have not included in my keyword searches. My point being And hot UK Deals don't bother to listen is there app is broke and they need to fix it


Come again?

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB O2 £23.00 /month and £40 upfront + cashback SAMSUNG £100. 1000 min / Ulmt Messages / Data 3GB. £492 @ Mobiles
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec for £100 cashback! Effective monthly cost = £20.50.

Your claim has been reviewed and provisionally approved for payment. Your purchase details have been sent to our accounts team for verification Thanks again maxmix


Sorry Got it now :) All done :) maxmix


maxmix Am I on the wrong page lol ! These dates are for November :( maxmix


Thank you ;) Will do mine tomorrow :) maxmix

Samsung s9 EE 4GB Data - Unlimited Mins & Unlimited Texts £33 p/m 24 months - £792 @ - Save £96 Cashback by redemption
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
4GBData Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts Free Handset £29.00per month £100 cashback - claimed through Samsung £25 after cashback £600 total costover 2 years Enjoy up to £150 cas… Read more
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sorry i had posted the o2 deal but was edited to this - agree there are better deals. sorry!


For £33 you get 30gb (on uSwitch)


You’ve identified a great deal. Strangely, in your deal the monthly cost is shown without taking into account the extra £100 Samsung cashback, but in the 1gb O2 deal on the same site, the monthly cost is shown taking the £100 into account. In other words, your deal means one pays 75p/month more for 3gb extra data.


I got one from SmartPhoneCompany... S9, 64GB, Unlocked, 100GB pm, Ult min and text (dont know why we even mention text, 24 months, £36pm but its a cashback deal which (if and when I get it) will work out to be £16 pm.


Hmm.. surely the O2 deal is better? It's £600 before the Samsung cashback. So that would make it £500 over two years?

Samsung s9 in any colour at £18/month with £150 upfront. £582 over 24 month @
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
1GB Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts £150.00 upfront cost £18.00 per month £582 total cost over 2 years. £25 for order via Quidco and £10 off voucher code VC10OFF will eventuall… Read more

There should be an option not to choose it. Also they have dropped the upfront cost at £99 on O2. “ SAVE10 “ coupon will take it down to £89. Then claim £100 from Samsung website for the purchase between 4/12 - 24/12


Can anyone tell me how to avoid paying the phonecare insurance that seems to come up during purchase ?


It's a good deal but I'm not sure why you feel the need to have a go at 'SAD PEOPLE' who use more data than you do, but okay.


Read the above third last comment


1gb is a joke

iPhone XR 64g vodafone - 100gb of data £40 upfront unlimited mins / texts £36 p/m 24 months £904 @
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
I’m new so hope this is allowed- ive never seen a better deal for a brand new XR - £36 a month , £50 upfront but reduced to £40 with code VC10OFF. 100 gig of data!!! Unlimited call… Read more

Yep ! Back to stupid price now. How do I end this?


Looks like it’s finished.


Most likely due to the recent black friday deals where same plan as this one worked out at £27.50 per month with no upfront cost (fierce)


Nice to hear - I thought I’d done something wrong!


Not sure why this is voted cold, even for the iPhone haters its still a great deal :{

64GB iPhone XR with unltd mins & texts, 100GB data: £40 upfront (with code MSE10), then £36/mth* at
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Received on the MSE email this morning. Moneysavingexpert backed - 64GB iPhone XR with unltd mins & texts, 100GB data: £40 upfront (with code MSE10), then £36/mth No Cashba… Read more

I got a xs max from these the other day and that came unlocked. Tried 3 different Sims and all worked perfect so I'd assume the xr will be the same.


Does anyone know if this is supplied unlocked?


Yeah, I tried too. They said they couldn’t match it. How did you manage it?


When did they price match? I got my pac code today they literally said they couldn't do it!


Managed to get this deal price matched with EE, after a little bit of nagging of course.

samsung galaxy s9 on o2 with 3gb data unlimited mins/texts £23 x 24 months £75 upfront @
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
this looks like a reasonable deal for someone who doesnt use tonnes of data , this phones still is nearly £570 on currys even if you go a new one for £450 the above deal in tota… Read more
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They put it in your bank after 90 days. Only blue and purple at that price.


275 auto cash back ? Does thus mean they send u s cheque when the contract commences?


100gb DATA on Vodafone £36 A month with £275 automatic cashback, making it £24.54. Mobile phone direct via uswitch. Nothing upfront.


Similar deal with Tesco (uses o2) works out at 885. So this is quite a good deal and similar to s8 prices from 4 to 6 months ago


For 2g voice signal it is, but o2 are left far behind by EE when it comes to 4g Thats my experience in Northern Ireland anyway. Vodafone are ok, but a shocking company.

Samsung S9 ,40Gb data, unlimited calls. £28 a month. £28 a month & £15 upfront
26/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Lots of deals on the Samsung S9, lots offering cashback. If you are not keen on cashback deals & just want straight forward monthly contract, then this could be for you. 40Gb … Read more

Good luck (y) I was a bit skeptical but placed order Wednesday night and received it yesterday evening so less then 48 hours from ordering to receiving!! Still can't believe it lol


Thanks for the tip! This worked a treat! :)


Carphone Warehouse criticised for Black Friday deals Customers were denied online Black Friday deals on and other retailers. Say's if you call them they will honor the deal.


Try the similar deal with e2save and see if they can fullfil. Same deal but 9.99 upfront instead of 15


I have brilliant credit rating, check with experian. But I have been declined this offer, Mobile said i failed credit check by vodafone. I rang vodafone and they said no issue on their side and were trying to sell me some of their in house deals. Mobile came back saying they still processing orders. It all abit fishy, someone is lying and I suspect it to be Who are unable to fulfil all the orders.

Huawei mate 20 pro. 100Gb, unlimited calls, vodafone £36pm / 24mths - 99p upfront / £864.99 @
24/12/2018Expires on 24/12/2018Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Huawei Mate 20 pro. Arguably the most advanced phone available. £36 a month. 100Gb, unlimited calls. In affect no upfront cost, just £ 0.99. Total cost over 24 months is £8… Read more
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I can't seem to find the deal?


How are you paying more than a deal that's at the maximum you would pay anyway? Unless you forgot to mention auto cashback in this deal here All a bit moot as it's out of stock anyway.


In reality all those cash back in 2, ,5 ,9 ,12 offers work very well for the retailers Most people forget , can't be bothered. In the end they end up paying far more.


Why would it be hot when it's so much cheaper elsewhere.

spinach_pie don't do auto cash back do they? I would always opt for company who doesn't do these horrid cashback plans. Hate them. This is a great offer and should be hot.

ONEPLUS 6T 128GB 40gb DATA unlimited messages and minutes WIth 10off makes it £65 upfront with Quidco £25 cashback takes it to £40 and £28pm
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
If youre wanting this phone - think this is a pretty good deal. Good camera on it

no i was buying a switch and getting the one plus for xmas pressies and with the £47 cashback on topcashback and the cashback from them and saving the £65 upfront it works out less than £100 for the switch plus a monster amount of data. Well worth it without the entertainment x


The 100GB data one you may not get the entertainment bundle such as Spotify though if that bothers you?


yeah i cancelled my order and got the deal with the switch and 100gb data! well better than mine


I got this (screenshot) however link for the 128gb is also below:


Link some

Samsung Galaxy S9 4GB Data On EE - Overall Cost £606 (
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
S9 contract through for 4gb EE package. 199 upfront reduced to 150 using tech49 code. Total cost of contract £606.

They have been pretty good for me, ive bought about 5 phones off them.


sounds like you've never used MPD before. They had some great deals but customer service must be an industry low.


For the phone and a 2 year contract I cant see anything that beats the price


I found better deal on with massive data. Also sum free price is £499.00


Already posted.