Posted 16 March 2023

NextBase 622GW Elite Package £261.75 with code @ NextBase

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622GW, rear window camera, carry case, 256gb micro SD - £349 - £261.75 with code

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17818207201680222635.jpgBig on protection
Stay visible on the grid
Precise location sharing enabled by what3words tells the emergency services exactly where you are – even if you aren’t sure.
16395266711680222657.jpg21399680001680222659.jpgNo data, no problem
Embedded precision location technology means emergency services can find you to within 3m, anywhere on Earth. Your location: always known and easy to share
19173164841680222675.jpg17770610011680222688.jpgEmergency SOS response
An ally in an accident
Crash detection feature automatically notifies emergency services if no movement is sensed after impact. The 622GW has got your back – wherever you are
10339212151680222705.jpgNational Safety Portal
Direct line to justice
Play your part in making UK roads safer by quickly and easily submitting video footage of dangerous driving to the police
5367392031680222730.jpg3104023271680222735.jpgIntelligent Parking Mode uses a motion sensor to guard your car even when you aren’t there, giving you peace of mind every day, everywhere.

Capture the world with your onboard all-seeing eye. Glorious high-quality 4K and advanced image stabilisation means no detail missed, no detail too small – and no blurring.
13798372091680222767.jpg13758364761680222769.jpgRock steady, detail heavy
Digital image stabilisation reduces vibration enabling crystal clear, slick footage. Always capture the finer details of the world around you.
2939941621680222793.jpg10860926441680222796.jpgVoice control built-in
All the Alexa features you love, now in your car. You don’t need to lift a finger to call home, play your favourite tune or save dash cam recordings – let Alexa do it for you while you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.
NextBase More details at NextBase
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  1. iEimis's avatar
    Anyone used their fitting service for £99 and can comment on it?
    delonesmith's avatar
    So easy to install. You paying someone to just tuck some wires away. Baffles me
  2. ian18's avatar
    Waiting for the new camera to come out. The IQ
  3. husnainmohammad's avatar
    Quick question. Do these install and plug in to the cigarette port of the car or can they be installed another way ?
    fruit_bat's avatar
    Both, to instal to the car you need to buy a cable
  4. andywedge's avatar
    Thank you for posting and well done on your first hotukdeals thread
  5. MrChicken's avatar
    Thanks OP got the package + fitting for £336
    MrChicken's avatar
    Slight mix up with the appointment but they did a great job with the fitting and very happy with it overall
  6. SwampMonsterSqueggy's avatar
    Excellent! Thanks OP! I was waiting to pull the trigger on this package for the last couple of weeks but could only find a 15% off code. 25% off including the fitting option sealed it for me at £336 all in.
  7. mgregory0's avatar
    That looks like a good price
  8. Feargal's avatar
    Anyone managed to get this hardwired to a hybrid car? Waiting on a reply back. I know Halfords say on their website they do not hardwire dashcams to hybrids and electric cars.
    tom_spolsky's avatar
    As long as you can find the fuse box it will be the same process. I did install similar on skoda Eniaq. Fuse box as always in glove box, no problems whatsoever.
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