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Edifier S880DB speakers - £209.99 @ Overclockers
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
These a great small speakers. Price excludes delivery. Price everywhere £259.99 Overclockers sell it for £209.99 + delivery (next day £8.70) but FREE delivery if you registered o… Read more
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There are better speakers than Q Acoustics, but I doubt there are better speakers for the money. I have the 3010s and 3020s and they are incredible speakers, especially given that the 3020s have been available from Richersounds a couple of times for under £100!! There are some great relatively cheap Raspberry Pi and audio Hats (I used IQAudio DigiAmp+) which offer exceptional sound quality for the money. I ended up with a WiFi streaming speaker for significantly less and with better sound than dedicated Airplay speakers.


That's fair as well I was not aware that it's not easy to get them these days. I'm just a huge q acoustics fan as the sound theirs speakers produce is hard to beat at the price range. Yet I'm aware that, there are better speakers on the market. Good luck with your purchase


Ok fair enough, was just wondering why I can't find them any more, I assume there may have been issues so pulled. I am looking for some decent computer 2.0 speakers would get these but they stand out too much, prefer to listen to and not look at the speakers.


I had a pleasure to test them for few days couple of years ago and they were superb not only to hooked up to pc. Ended up using my Sony AV receiver and second zone with passive q acoustics 2020 speakers. It was just an idea to consider, I'm not discrediting S880DB at all I still make the offer HOT. (y)


cant find them anywhere, cant be that great then surely?

Corsair SPEC-OMEGA MIDI TOWER GAMING CASE - RED TEMPERED GLASS (free Corsair 3 FAN PACK  worth £74.99), £86.69 at Overclockers
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Delivery included in price. THE FEATURES OF THE CORSAIR CARBIDE SPEC-OMEGA MIDI-TOWER: Extremely stylish design for gamers in red and black Front (partial) side panel in tempere… Read more

U2 :)


Great deal, the fans RRP at £60 - £70 alone.


The Corsair Mondeo ST


I wasn't aware that Corsair made ugly cases!


Made from old mondeo parts apparently.

Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Price includes delivery. Bundle Contains: SPEEDLINK Ultor Illuminated Frameless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, UK Layout, Red/Black SPEEDLINK Contus Gaming Mouse, Black/Red SPEEDLIN… Read more

Obviously still a great deal even with delivery, but how do companys still get away with charging nearly £10 delivery in this day and age? I wouldn't even mind if it was a monitor or a tower.


Ugh. Non standard layout. Not ISO. Cold.


Delivery about 10 pounds.


now £35!? bargain


Wow, amazing...

Intel i7 6950X CPU | 10 core 20 threads at 3/4ghz
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
This is probably pretty niche but nonetheless I believe it's a good price if not the lowest it's been at retail. Ebuyer have for £1700 next cheapest I saw was Amazon US at $1400.… Read more

(lol) (lol) wow so negative? if done right u will never have to rma it but if you do there is a way around it ;) :{


well it's delidded, so who cares? you can't RMA it.


Which CPU did you delid?


i won the silicon lottery on mine its deli-did 5ghz all cores 1.26v 70c on stress test.


Some thermal issues reported ?

OCUK KINETIC ZX Gaming PC-I5 9600K, Intel Z390, Nvdia RTX 2070 GPU - £1318.94 at  Overclockers
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Not too much into PC builds myself..... 9700K can be added for an extra £101, but personally think 9600K should do the job pretty well. CasePhanteks Eclipse P350X Glass Digital… Read more
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I went for the Scan one in the end.


Which did you go for?


thanks bud :)


I like the the newer energy efficient CPU's eg the T or S from intel , and the E suffix from AMD 9600s 2700e etc etc .....This looks like reasonable ..but too big IMO ...


ModelCoresThreadsBase clockBoost clockTDP Ryzen 9 3800X 16 32 3.9GHz 4.7GHz 125W Ryzen 7 3700X 12 24 4.2GHz 5.0GHz 105W Ryzen 7 3700 12 24 3.8GHz 4.6GHz 95W Ryzen 5 3600X 8 16 4.0GHz 4.8GHz 95W Ryzen 5 3600 8 16 3.6GHz 4.4GHz 65W Ryzen 3 3300X 6 12 3.5GHz 4.3GHz 65W Ryzen 3 3300 6 12 3.2GHz 4.0GHz 50W


Not really, at this time, the price is the lowest for this card, that is the deal :)


But isn't the whole point of the critique that for only ~5% more (£10) you get a card that performs ~15% better, thus making this not a deal at all, as RX 570 prices have been as low as £130, and you can pick up a 4GB variant for around £140 right now. It is a card better suited for 1080p, with the RX 580 more capable for 1440p.


Not relevant to the posted deal :)


Irrelevant (y)


Focus on the posted deal :)


Have this card, and it performs adequately at 1440p provided that you are prepared to back off a bit on the detail levels. However, you really must have a well ventilated case and an adequate power supply (450W plus) or it sounds very much like a Rolls-Royce Trent spooling up (other high-bypass turbofans are available) XD


As others have said, definitely worth waiting for the inevitable announcements coming soonish. If you're not in a rush, wait!


R9 290 is probably faster solo. Crossfire R9 290 needs about 500W for the GPU alone! Not worthwhile, hold out for Vega if you want to upgrade.


Apparently the RTX2060 will be announced with performance matching and eclipsing the 1070 gtx but for around the same price at a current 1070, AMD's new 30 series should be announced officially too hopefully.


At this point I would wait and see if there is any Navi announcements (as per the rumours) at CES next week.

Radiance G1 - Intel i5 8400 Powered Asus Gaming PC @ OCL
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
+ Add Kolink Levante Midi Tower Airflow Gaming Case - Black Tempered Glass + Add TeamGroup 120GB L5 Lite SSD 2.5" SATA 6Gbps 3D NAND Solid State Drive + Add Team Group Vulcan T-Fo… Read more
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cool, I didn't do too badly then :-)


Nah, looks great. It's very similar to mine except I got a case with front fans for extra ventilation. You'll be running pretty much everything at 1080p/1440p at over 60fps with that build. 4k as a waste of resources as far as I'm concerned :)


Thank you, I have made this one up from part picker https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/GtGgxG , I guess it could be a bit better


Ah, well it hasn't changed much and apologies if I sounded a bit of a turd. You can get a good gauge for what hardware to consider from Digital Foundry analyses and the like. For your budget though I'd recommended a GTX 1070 for the GPU if you can afford to scrimp on certain components or if you've already got HDDs and the like. Avoid the mini versions of GTX graphics cards as they tend to operate far hotter than I'm comfortable with. The latest AMD Ryzen CPU's are the best value for money and (in my opinion the best for overclocking), whereas while more expensive the latest Intel chipsets are more power efficient. The latest CPUs aren't going to come into their own for while however as games aren't utilising the multiple cores and threads they feature, but they will in the next generation of games if the rumours of a Ryzen hexacore CPU being in the next consoles is to be believed. I think scrimping on RAM could be detrimental in the long-term though; 16gb at 3000hz will likely future proof you years. Here's a useful article on the best GPUs of this year: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-12-20-best-graphics-cards-2018-7001 Anyway good luck on your building adventures (y)


Easy, I have just been out the game for quite while and stuff has changed

Sapphire RADEON RX VEGA 56 PULSE 8GB, £319.98 (£9.99 delivery) @ overclockers (3 free games)
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Specification: - Base clock: 1208MHz - Boost clock: 1512MHz - HMB Memory clock: 800MHz

Finally decided this is the card I want, just in time for the price to go back up. Damn...


I did some looking around and a lot of emulators do apparently. Unfortunately the one I really wanted to use is citra (3ds emulator), which is one of the few that doesn't have it yet. It sounds like the devs are planning on adding vulkan support though, so there's still hope I guess.


Most titles don't have vulkan support. Emulators definitely don't.


ah very nice thanks. Gonna try some higher frequency oc's


That's the fan speed curve. It basically shows what speed the fan aims for at any given temperature. You can drag the dots up and down to adjust the fan speed at those temperatures. For example, if you want the fans at max speed at 72C just pull the final dot to the top, or if you want it to be faster overall pull all of them up slightly. Edit: it seems like you can also move them side to side to change the temperature represented by a particular dot. They won't let you move the target temp past 72 anymore, whichbkind of sucks, but there's otherwise a lot more options now

Citizen Gaming PC from Overclockers UK with 3 free games - £150 off - £799.99 @ Overclockers
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six Core/Twelve Thread Processor 8 GB (up to 16GB) DDR4 3000MHz Memory Optional SSD 2TB Seagate Hard Drive AMD RX 590 8GB Graphics Optional WIFI … Read more
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I would assume this is overkill if you're not gaming - I think you could probably shave a couple of hundred quid off if all you wanted to do is office stuff and web. I think if all you wanted to play was footy manager you might be fine to go with the integrated graphics on a Ryzen 2400G setup, for example. You may want to check this with someone else first as I'm learning about this at the moment, but that's my hunch.


This might be a stupid question but i'm going to ask anyway! Regarding the overheating issues - i literally just want a good fast PC for everyday use, but one that is built well for performance, but will not be doing any gaming(at most it will be football manager!) - This is more than capable right? I don't want to drop several hundred on a naff PC world build, or a thousand on an iMac, particularly. Opinions would be great, thanks. I would take the OS off this and add in a Wifi adapter, and then i'd just need a monitor?


Thinking of buying this for my son, what ssd would you suggest and is it worth upgrading from 8 to 16 gb, will be removing the os to keep the cost down


Ordered last month for my son, bit worried now, any recommendations for which case to change for and how much they will charge


Great price but be warned: the RX 590 has an incredibly high power draw for the performance gain over a 580.

Enthoo Evolv Shift X Mini-ITX Tempered Glass Case - Black or anthricite £96.05 delivered @ Overclockers
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
i have the smaller version of this case and am impressed with its layout and aesthetics. this larger model adds more room for longer gpu's and larger radiator support. also if you … Read more

Yeah undervolt helps. CPU isn’t an issue that’s AOI water cooled and vents directly out the side. Not pushed that much, it rarely gets even a little warm. I’d consider a WC solution for the GFX if it wasn’t so expensive. I’m more likely to buy one of the nearly entirely glass cooler master cases and just accepting it doesn’t look as nice. Then just have 4-5 silent 120/140mm fans rather than one big one!


It's a shame but like most itx cases they work better with a full water cool solution. Did you try undervolting the GPU and CPU to reduce temps ?


I got a Asus 1060 6gb. I put fan when gaming on 75% and temps stay below 65c. Got bottom fan and two side intakes set to max 1000rpm and exhaust fan to 1000rpm. My air cpu cooler set to 1500rpm. Tad loud but once in game can't here it.


I got the case in gun metal. Love it. Cable management is a tuffy but once it's done. It's beautiful.


Are they blower cards? I suspect that may help massively. My XXX 580 is the usual dual fan job and so the heat mainly goes back into the case rather than out. Big intake fan & plenty of positive pressure & its fine. But like gaming in a hair salon.

3 x 120mm AKASA case fans at Overclockers for £15.07 (free C&C or £4)
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
3 for the price of one .... AKASA is an ancient swaheeli word meaning "gentle breeze that cools your bonce" and thats just what these fans will do ...ALTHO be warned they have no… Read more

These Fans are quite good at moving enough air they are far from silent ... I have arctic Freezer 12 elsewhere which is much quieter. Not a great deal of noise but more than I was hoping for, even when being run in Silent mode from the BIOS .. debating whether to keep it in the PC .. I'd really like it to run at minimum speed, Which I thought "silent" would do ...4 pin PWM ...FYI ...STick to NOCTUA fans from now on (light brown) :(


Like a store but not a store, a shop... You must not ever leave the home.


What's a local computer shop?


5 each may aswell pop my local computer shop

Akasa Three 140mm Fan Bundle £12.90 Delivered from Overclockers UK
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
This bundle of three 140mm fans has been reduced by 80% making it the same price as the individual fan. Selecting 2nd class shipping brings the total to £12.90 so a great per-fan p… Read more
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Same. Sorry, guys. I'm pretty disappointed as I was looking forward to getting these installed.


Buggers have cancelled the order as a pricing error :(






Whoa, those specs are way up there. Definitely a beast of a system and must have been fun to put together. One of these days I'll go with an AMD build...one day...

Vulcan T-Force 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz CL16 Dual Channel RAM at Overclockers for £99.95
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
For those in need this might be a good deal. Team Group Vulcan T-Force offers incredible levels of performance and quality that rivals the best. With stylish black/grey heatsp… Read more
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Don't forget overclockers pricey delivery charges on top...


They're timings. The lower, the better. You see them advertised as x-x-x-x Eg. 16-16-16-32


MSi B350M Mortar Ordered the Corsair 16GB (2x8) 3200Mhz at Amazon..


Search it on google.


Ryzen loves faster memory. What motherboard do you have?

RADEON RX VEGA 56 PULSE 8GB at Overclockers for £319.99
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018

I have this card. It's great.


in the market for a new gpu, only have a freesync monitor so happy to go with amd, not sure whether to get these as they keep dropping or wait a few months for the navi ones. If the rumours are right navi will be cheaper and much better performance! seems too good to be true


I have the sapphire version of this care and punted for this deal when it was £299, think it's a fantastic card and unbelievable value for money. getting the perfomance of 1070ti for around £200 (assuming you can get £100 for the three games)


I have had a bad experience with this one and the gygabite one. I was having artefacts and a white snow screen when freesync was activated on 4k resolutions and on 2k resolutions with DirectX 12 on and freesync on!! This problem was happening with the 2 cards and everything was back to normal when putting back my msi rx 470 very weird Tried 2 different psu as well with no luck


Nice! Review vid;

Intel Core i9 9th Gen 8 Core 9900K 3.6GHz OEM (+£149.99s Free items Inc Black Ops 4) + Next Day Delivery AmazonPay - £469.99 @ Overclockers
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Includes free next day Delivery when you pay with Amazon Pay. CORE I9-9900K 3.6GHZ (COFFEE LAKE) SOCKET LGA1151 PROCESSOR - OEM The Intel Core- series of processors have … Read more

Sorry it was a typo .. its poor money for value..


Didn't know AMD produced anything comparable at all. Good knowledge. Cheers


That's techies for you lol. And I count myself in there (embarrassed)


Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. For me, it wasn't a matter of not trusting them, just not understanding how it worked. Unimpressed that the staff were a bit rude in that thread though! Yeah, it's annoying when people don't search before posting, but they're your customers (skeptical)


The 9900k is value for money. Have you melted down and started smoking the box? The only way its value is compared to the other Intel HEDT chips and their expensive motherboards. I’m looking forward to Zen 2. Let’s hope one of my favourite arcade games gets a rerelease at the same time, “Slaughter House”.

Razer Deathadder elite USB RGB optical gaming mouse £39.95  Overclockers
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Previous price £69.95 - another great deal from ocuk guys, seems to be one day only deal but still great value for money! No need to introduce Deathadder I think! Free shipping and… Read more
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4 years isnt really very reliable, is this post a joke? it sounds like youve had a few.






username checks out..... :S


It's not silly at all. There's a market for everybody out there and you pay for whatever appeals to you and suits your needs.