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LUMINOSITY RGB MIDI TOWER GAMING Case(CA-02S-KK) £24.95 @ Overclockers
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Listed as B-Grade but they have 10 in stock, which means that these are likely new. Even if a customer return, there is little risk of anything going wrong with this one. The … Read more

They've stollen the name ! :D Loving the Amsterdam...


Ha, yes, that'll explain it! Thanks


Kolink .. seem to be pushing their way into the market. I would buy this If I was after a large case .. At £25 you cant go too far wrong


This offer applies to OcUK Forums members who have 250 or more posts and have been registered for over 90 days, orOcUK Forums members who have been registered for over 12 months and made at least 100 posts


I can't seem to get it to offer me free shipping, any ideas?

GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 1060 ITX EDITION 6gb £235.99 / £245.89 delivered @ ocuk
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Again the 6gb gtx 1060 but from a different brand. Sorry just notice this one as well.
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There are rumours but nothing confirmed. Remember people were saying this about the 8th generation chips for about a year. If you need a new card, buy one.


I'll be very pleasantly surprised if there's an 1160 released in two months. I'm in the market for a new GPU as mine has decided to visit the great scrapheap in the sky but I'm really not convinced we'll see the new 'mid range' series of Nvidia GPU's until Christmas. Sounds as though the 1180 (or whatever the top end might be labeled this time around) might be on the way with all of the recent rumours, though.


The 11 series is imminent. This is not some "If you keep on waiting, you'll never buy" situation. This is two year old tech that'll be replaced in the next two months.


I have a gtx 1060 (a full size dual slot one) and found it underwhelming for the money. Not that it's a bad card, it's just considering the difference in price between the xx60 models in previous gens and this one, well I was disappointed.


Check my original post

KFA2 GEFORCE GTX 1060 OC 6144MB £239.99  / £249.89 delivered @ Overclockers
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Torn in between waiting or picking this up for first build. 60NRH7DSL90K, Core Clock: 1518MHz, Boost Clock: 1733MHz, Memory: 6144MB 8008MHz GDDR5, Stream Processors: 1280, VR Rea… Read more
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I was comparing the models as you get them out the box as they are both overclocked models as standard and both have the same specs. If you are going to overclock further then I concede I know nothing about what either are capable of but I do know it will also be dependent on the pc you are putting them in and not something i'm likely to play with a great deal hence wanting an overclocked one out the box. I've tried previously copying others settings for the same card and not found them to be stable which again points to the actual pc they are in. I don't have any flash liquid cooling or aftermarket fans in my XPS just the bog standard cooling so my internal temps will be higher than those running bigger fans or liquid cooled systems.


Yes but the difference is in the overclocking ability...and cooling .. The card can be overclocked to the extreme unlike other cards and still be stable performance. That the big difference in the models. Best Regards,


LOL the EX OC has the same specs as the MSI OC one I bought.


My bad sorry..My son has the EX OC edition ....That`s my mistake...Sorry ...Every thing I mentioned was biased on that model. Apologies for the mix up..The OC edition is still a cracking card and is still a better alternative than the MSI . The EX OC is the Beast and runs closer to a 1070 than any other in it`s class . ;) Best Regards,


I'll stick with the higher clock speeds of my MSI card and you can stick with your blogs.

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Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Decent price for a Gigabyte 1070Ti, triple fan so will run cool and should be able to be overclocked to near 1080 performance
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I was just linking to the card the OP was unable to find that had been mentioned in an earlier comment.


The Gigabyte card is far superior to the Armor card you link to here which has a budget-basement cooler and fan. Read some reviews.




You can get a 1080 for a few quid more here https://www.overclockers.co.uk/palit-geforce-gtx-1080-dual-8192mb-gddr5x-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-038-pl.html


Great price, don't get the lack of heat??

Zotac Gtx 1060 3gb - £179.97 @ Overclockers
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
This is a very good price for a cheap graphics card if you need one now. Price includes next day delivery by dpd. Yeah new cards are coming out but not for a while at this price br… Read more

Tell that to the devs bringing out 32-bit games using the same god awful engines.


I wish Nvidia would stop producing these cards, they are gimped compared to their 6GB counterparts and 3GB definitely isn't enough for newer games, hell it's not enough for older games like Fallout 4 if you plan to mod them to any degree.


I'd agree with this, having played skyrim with multiple mods, my gpu memory usage does venture well over 3gb and that's only at 1080p. 6gb+ definitely offers better future proofing.


It's only 3GB. I'd not recommend anything less than 6gb these days unless you want to play at 720P resolution.


Good card. Good price. Heat added.

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Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Dual 8gb GDDR5X PCI-Express Graphics Card - £474.89 Delivered - Overclockers
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
When I was initially looking was £499 but has now dropped to £469.99 Edit: price now £464.99 + delivery Amazon price has gone up Details; GeForce GTX 1080 Dual 8192MB GDDR5X PC… Read more

https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Palit-GeForce-GDDR5X-Express-Graphics/product/B01N6WDT8V Bet you nearly wet yourself with excitement to tell me when you finally saw the price increase since the 16th when I made my original post. Sad. Besides, the OC price is £474.89 when you factor in postage so still not as good as the eBuyer deal posted earlier this week.


Amazon price has gone up to £526 OC price has been reduced to £464.99


It's now £479.99 ... which is £489.89 with shipping. Still a decent price so heat added, but it's not quite as cheap as it looked. Still, GTX1080's seem to be on offer at this £460-470 mark basically every day now, and 1070tis at £400. Prices are almost back to normal. Yay!


Come on 1080 TIs....you can be this cheap!


This is not "£469.99 Delivered". So yeah, buy from Amazon. Still, nice to see GPU prices finally go down! :)

KFA2 GEFORCE GTX 1070 EX OC 8192MB GDDR5 GRAPHICS CARD £349.99 @ Overclockers
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
**Free shipping** In stock on the 18th, so pre-order now This is a very good price for a non-reference GTX 1070 with a fairly decent cooler. As an added bonus, KFA2 have a U… Read more

They hope to have them in at some point next week, but who knows, the could get delayed again, and it may be June. :)


Ok, I get it. You dislike their pre-order policy.


Any idea when they are going to be in stock? Just says pre order, but no real time frame given.


If you pre-ordered you now have to ask for them to refund the difference, as they already took the money.


Update: Price is now £349.99 and still has free shipping (a further £10 saving)

Found 13th MayFound 13th May
LED Backlit, 2560x1440 Resolution, 100.000.000:1 Contrast Ratio, 350cd/m² Brightness, 4ms Response Time, 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI, 2 Year Warranty No idea if any good, I'm no exper… Read more

Input lag is used as an umbrella term these days. It used to mean how long before a signal coming in via HDMI gets turned into a signal trying to change the LCD panel's content. For TVs with signal processing this was generally awful, 100ms, that sort of thing. For monitors since they do no meaningful processing it was close to 0. Pixel response time it how long before the LCD panel's image changes to match an incoming signal to the panel, it's pretty uniform across any one technology and manufacturers tend to quote the optimistic grey to grey values so take them with a pinch of salt. "Input lag" could be used to describe a combination of both these days.


Got this last month for the same price at eBuyer. Excellent for the price. I use it with my PC and my Nintendo Switch. Pros: * IPS - great viewing angles * 1440p - better than full HD and does not have problems with Windows scaling unlike 4k * USB 3.1 ports x 2 + USB type C x 1 * Great design, very thin bezels + metal aluminium frame * Great speakers, DTS surround * Flicker free + Eye protect Cons: * No VESA mount * No earphone port * No height adjustment (only tilts) 4ms is more than enough for games and is the best you can get for IPS panels. 1ms monitors are TN panels with worse viewing angles.


I got this a while ago and it pretty good the only complain is the brightness is very high even on low for gaming it pretty good unless you are PC master race which than you should be speending £500 above


Quality all the way mate ;)



Palit GTX 1080Ti Super Jetstream 11264MB GDDR5X GPU £698.99 @OCUK
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
This is probably gonna get a load of stink, but thought id post it anyway for anyone looking for a 1080ti. This appears to be lowest price 1080ti going by pcpartpickerUK. Nice to… Read more

I'm still rockin the 980ti version from Palit. Excellent card but there is coil whine when I use MadVR. Rather annoying.


I have had a fair few Palit cards in my time, there stormx cards are a bit cheap and nasty, but their higher end cards such as the Super jetstream tend to have excellent coolers and well designed.


This is a far better cooler than either of those. Easily worth the extra.


1080ti is available on the nvidia store for 679 if you're interested...


just said it on another deal, given the evga 1080 ti ftw 3 costs £900+ on amazon at the moment, thats not a bad price at all. heat. This is what the 1080ti should cost before those idiot crypto currency miners took all the cards, and destroyed the market for gamers. ive said it before, and ill say it again, crypto currency miners should all be burnt with the amount of energy they have wasted to a crisp!

TEAM GROUP XTREEM " EDITION" 16GB 4000MHZ £188.99 Overclockers
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Seems like a good deal for some higher speed DDR4 ram.
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Should do CL14 as it shares the similar xmp profile as my team group tforce and dark pro 3200. Not sure why they have so many different names for the same ram :/


Speed outranks CL rating, so 4000MHz CL18 is roughly equivalent to 3200MHz CL15. See this table


I'm not sure I fully understand timings but this is what you would call CL 18 right? Isn't the higher the number the slower the latency? I don't get what the other numbers mean so maybe that's why I'm confused.


£197.69 if you need shipping, unless you pair it with another item that comes with free shipping. Great speeds and timings - high speed Bdie downclocked and with very aggressive timings are what the Ryzen CPUs love, especially the 2000 series (and how the 2700x gets to compete directly with the 8700k in gaming). Heat added


Do keep in mind that despite being rated for 4000mhz, only certain CPUs will actually be able to handle that frequency. Regardless, they should be able to handle underclocking to 3600mhz/3466mhz/32000mhz with aggressive timings, which will work with just about any decent CPU/motherboard.

SteelSeries APEX M750 K/B w/ FREE Arctis 5 7.1 headphones (worth £99.95) - £129.95 @ OCUK
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
£249.9 worth (£149.95 keyboard plus £99.95 headphones) for £129.95 Free shipping (which combines for other items too - tested with the £399.95 Zotac GTX 1070 ti mini and shipping … Read more

buy sticky white paper and cut out SSD size. Stick it on top so it hides the horrible crucial design.


Thankfully, in this free world we don't have to understand all of the choices other people make (especially something as innocuous as aesthetic and lighting in your PC case choices), and it's perfectly okay to not like what other people do.


I can't undertand this people with lighting everywhere, keyboards are "ok", sometimes are useful... but the rest are just useless annoyances


It's odd - I 100% replied to this yesterday, apparently the comment went into moderation, then disappeared lol. It doesn't distract me, but there's a few factors: 1. I've got the main RGB strip set to a dark purple now which is very unobtrusive, 2. the pics are from my old Galaxy Note 4 and are quite overexposed exaggerating the effect you see here, and 3. a little ambient light is actually very good for your eyes when playing at night. I'm not as much of a fan of the flashing rainbows looking like the Las Vegas skyline on an acid trip, but a more subtle and static colour combination has become very pleasing to me now.


what an awful looking thing!

Zotac GTX 1070Ti Mini onsale @ OCUK - £399.95 (or Amazon linked in description)
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
*EDIT* - delivery price not included, so if you need standard delivery then its £409.85 **EDIT** - Amazon link here, kudos to Andreas0013 for the find: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d… Read more

Very Kind of you!


Don't worry about it mate. Your deal is further up the list now, and so long as it helps people to find the best prices, that's all that really matters. I'll expire this one instead :)


Apologies I may have stolen your heat. I posted the amazon deal, it didn't flag it up sorry. They are back in stock on 19th at the price you've shown. I can expire my deal if u want.


Great deal imo. I paid 350 for a 1070 last year, 50 quid more for a boost is worth the cash


Oh wow! Seriously? A company, promoting their own deals, on a deal based website? Outrageous

GeForce GTX 1070 EX OC 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card - £338.99 @ Overclockers
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Preorder but cracking price about time they came down again

Oh. They will be slightly overpriced yeah. Anything up to sort of £50 to £100 more. The Asus strix type lines and evga ones tend to be most expensive. The best one to buy is something with 2 or 3 fans. They will all overclock the same so it's mostly down to aesthetics after ensuring the cooling is sufficient.


Yes I know but I'm talking about when the third-party companies release their versions, not when Nvidia release the stock version.


Huh? When nvidia release the gtx 2070 or whatever it will be called, only the fan blower editions will be available for the short time.


Clearly aftermarket GPUs are available at the time the companies launch them. I was just asking whether they sell direct at RRP or only via retailers who'll inevitably jack up the prices.


Cheers for that, I'm definitely going to check out a 1440 monitor soon. I've noticed even running intense games it does use full power so im going to look at a new monitor, cheers for the information.

HTC Vive £499 w/ FREE Deluxe Audio Strap (RRP: £99.95) - £510.10 delivered @ OverclockersUK
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
OverclockersUK have a deal on today that automatically adds a free Deluxe Audio Strap worth £99.95 to your order when you purchase the HTC Vive VR Headset Bundle. Not sure how lon… Read more
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Halo is one of the best games I've ever played though


Yet to try a Vive but I love the Rift. Current VR tech certainly divides opinion :) I find the existing hardware incredibly inspirational and couldn't be more excited about future development and content. Totally appreciate that the resolution and FOV isn't quite there yet for some people, that's fair enough.


Haven't tried the vive or the rift, but I have a ps4 pro and psvr and will say the same sde is negligible must be due to the rgb sub pixels. The games look great resident evil 7 is a good example as is playroom vr and arkham vr. Other games ive played are more comparable to ps3 (graphically)but still great immersive experiences. Any how heat for the deal as is the best price atm :D :D


Im voting hot because this deal IS hot. Not because a mate of a girlfriends brother read somewhere that VR was overpriced/low resolution/whatever. Sounds like most of you have never experienced VR at all. If you have ever played games like Skyrim VR, Arizona Sunshine, LA Noire VR and many others you would know just how immersive VR is. Great deal. Well done OP.


I agree with others, when I tried VR (on a mate's custom built £1500 pc) I thought I was playing a Nintendo Wii game. Completely underwhelmed, and I had the impression that my mate was gutted that he'd spent so much to get such a poor experience ( but he didn't want to let on!).

Antec HCG 650 and 750w 80 Plus Gold PSU - Made by Seasonic - £79.99 @ Overclockers
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
This PSU is the made by Seasonic, and is 100% the same as the Focus Plus model. This is much cheaper though. Excellent. The Seasonic branded one is £89.99 OcUK also have the 750… Read more

Shame about the £10.50 delivery. I am on the market for a quiet psu atm.


My ongoing computer problems were removed once I replaced the generic power supply with one of these.


The nearest comparison would be this Seasonic PSU - but the Antec HCG costs less and has arguably a more attractive design. The very long 10 year warranty is great to see as well. Voted hot.


Heat given.


Hello. I'm a rep for Antec and I can confirm the components are 100% the same as the seasonic focus plus retail models.

PALIT GEFORCE GTX 1070TI JETSTREAM 8192MB £409.85 delivered @ Overclockers
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Cheapest 1070 ti deal I've seen. Clock: 1607MHz Boost Clock: 1683MHz Memory: 8192MB 8000MHz GDDR5 Stream Processors: 2432 SLIReady VR Ready PhysX/CUDA Enabled 2 Years Warran… Read more
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Interesting but as I say if that is the case well... the used market will be flooded with used gpu's that's where i'll spend my money. There are always people who have to have the best regardless of how they're ripped off they factor in sale of there old card and some how it's all good to them that stupidity gives us used cards, then we have the asics that will dump a massive amount of cards into the used market add to which if the new cards are so powerful then you'll see miners offloading there old gpu's to replace with new ones across each rig over time.


The 980 launched released $549 (TI: $649 dollars), 1080 came out at $599 (TI: $699). The 970 was released at $329, while the 1070 dropped at $379.Following that pricing structure, the 1180 & 1170 will arrive at $649 & $429 respectively. However the new cards will be using GDDR6, which costs 20% more per chip to manufacture vs the current GDDR5 ones. This will likely account for the additional rumored price increase. Take Ryzen 1800x & the 2700x. It's only £35 cheaper & doesn't even include a cooler. Add that in to the cost & the old series becomes more expensive than the new one. The I7 7700K & 8700K has a price difference of around £30 as well. The new 11 series will force vendors/manufacturers to price the old 10 series more competitively...BUT it's not going to be anywhere near close to what people are hoping/praying for. Rumored specs for the 1180/2080 suggest it's essentially a souped up 1080TI. Who is going to pay $700 for a plain 1180 when they can get a 1080TI for $400. Best hope of getting something from the 10 series at a 'reasonable' price is most likely going to be the Black Friday sales. Many people expect the 11 series to arrive in July, but my own guess is they'll drop right in time for the sales. With all eyes & furore over the new models, be it a time limited Amazon deal or a retailer punting their old limited supply, something somewhere will briefly turn up for the 1070/1080. Miss out on that & the next opportunity is the new 2019 AMD Navi cards that. Supposed to rival a 1080 but only cost $250.


For an average mortal, this card and deal is the best it can get - so buy it and worry no more


£459.89 ;(


Nope it's perfect for gaming

Zotac GTX 1070 Ti Mini £419.99 @ Overclockers (£429.89 incl del)
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
***EDIT - now gone further down in price so I have expired this post*** Seems like the best price for a GTX 1070 Ti at the moment. There's also a Palit card for the same price he… Read more
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Bad price but probably the best price out there. If you don't need one of these, wait until the price drops, then it will be cheaper to buy what you don't need. If you need one of these, wait until the price drops and look at other options e.g. play in 720p until then. If you absolutely must have one of these NOW, then you didn't look at other options hard enough. The world doesn't stop just because you don't have a GTX 1070Ti in your rig. Wait for the ****ing price to drop.


wasn't aware, cheers for correcting


Yeah that’s the same conclusion I came to given my Corsair mid tower case. That’s what I’m thinking 1070 ti sounds quite powerful and somewhat future proof to play at 1080/60fps with AA turned all the way up. 1060 6gb edition has been suggested as the perfect 1080p card but I have doubts about the longevity for it. Yeah even though it’s been in the back of my mind that the new gpus certainly won’t be as big a leap as the 10 series over the 9, I can’t help but feel the prices aren’t low enough to make the jump now worthwhile. Thanks for advice (y) 🏽


I'd personally go for a full length card if you've got a mid tower case. A 1070 ti is definitely more than enough to handle 1080p @ 60fps on max settings for pretty much most if not all games. If you're looking to save some money you could buy a used 980ti or a 1070, or possibly wait til the new cards are out to see what effect they have on the market.


Always find Overclockers expensive anyways . Rarely use them for that reason

XG258Q ROG STRIX 25" 1920X1080 TN FREESYNC 240HZ - £331.09 delivered @ Overclockers
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
Price including delivery Awesome monitor this,,,,, ROG Strix XG258Q is all about speed — making it the perfect monitor for eSports and first-person shooters. This Full HD monitor… Read more
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Thankyou Andy, I did treat myself to this. It may not be for everyone. However if you have a 1080ti etc this will squeeze the etc fps which make a huge difference in battlefield one etc. You can really feel the difference. I was tempted with the Alienware 240hz on here for £249 from very. That one would of been a compromise due to the poor reviews though. This one looks a lot better physically with its red led that shines on your desk etc and is a newer model. I can understand people saying it is not IPS If that existed at this framerate it would be perfect but it does not. I would like to get a bigger IPS 4k monitor sometime to go with it, and will look out for a good deal on here. Right now this is the fastest nicest looking monitor on the planet imho and I cant wait to get it as I have waited a long time to upgrade my 165hz WHQD 27 Predator, which is great for other types of games. Finally as far as IPS goes they look lovely however suffer from screen glow etc where these do not. These can also be calibrated to look virtually identical. Thankyou for reading.


It can even have 1000hz, but we have year 2018, and 1080 TN panels for 350 quid have no reason to exist


Looks good to me, thanks for posting @justhighend4u