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Private Internet Access VPN 2 Years + 2 Months + 95% Cashback (£2.20 Effective Price)

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About this deal

Not many VPN deals around at the moment so thought I'd post this for anyone looking for one.

I bought this a while ago when my Nord subscription ran out and performance and speeds are just as good if not better on some locations.

Private Internet Access More details at
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  1. duffinjonathan's avatar
    Mods - you've changed the link to iVacy?

    And the price I put in the title. Why?? (edited)
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    Hi, Sorry i've only just seen your comment, from taking a look into this, this would of been changed
    as this is simply a cashback rate/offer, these posts would normally be moved to our Discussions section as cashback is not guaranteed.

    But on this occasion, instead of moving to a discussion, one of the team converted it into a suitable format for a deal listing and published it.

    To note -

    We allow cashback bonus threads on site (like an opt-in bonus) and also the upload receipt and claim cashback offers; but not just rates (which covers set % and £ cashback).

    Any questions feel free to shoot them my way .
  2. FREEZIN_WOLF's avatar
    Private Internet Access (PIA) is an entirely different company.


    This is a bit misleading in my opinion.
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    Mods have completely changed the link and name I put in the description! Makes no sense. The deal is on TCB of you want to check it out.

    No idea why they've done this
  3. Mclwrth's avatar
    If you have the TCB browser extension, go direct to PIA and activate the cashback in the cart, you can get 3 years and 3 months for £65/£3.25 after cashback.
    lucyferror's avatar
    Where do you have 3 years?
    There are 3 options - 1 month, 2 years and 6 months
  4. netmagix's avatar
    PIA is ok for Netflix only (again quite temperamental). It does not work with Disney, Prime, Sky or anything else. Server selection is great but speeds are average across the board. However for 2 quid you cannot ask for more :D.

    Update - Disney plus works on my iPad. No luck with my firestick yet. (edited)
    marco806's avatar
    I've just set vpn to an USA location and Disney is playing without any issues.

    "Onward" playing, which from a Google search, is only available in USA..
    52706886-0Enwo.jpg52706886-0JldR.jpg (edited)
  5. Meowsters's avatar
    Had PIA for years been okay on and off but lately cant find a server under 300 ping no matter what I try but for £2.20 its good for a backup.
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    I wonder if that's network or WiFi related as I've just tested on my phone connected to London and got a ping of 23. Never been an issue for me personally 🤷‍♂️

    Edit: just tried a few locations and switched between Wireguard and OpenVPN protocol and all except USA were below 50ms ping. Maybe try different protocol and switching the locations (edited)
  6. FragileBoris's avatar
    Editors' Note: Intego, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost and ExpressVPN are owned by Kape Technologies, our parent company
    UK based so subject to 5 eyes access... (edited)
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    They've been audited and proven to not log so this doesn't really matter. Also proven in a court case.
  7. Just.Wondering's avatar
    I bought the 2 years service recently, Cashback paid out in around 4 weeks
  8. marco806's avatar
    This is a great vpn. Particularly good for I p t v
    Cashback paid out quickly too, for me.
    Mine expires in June....Will buy again with different email. (edited)
  9. Renegade95's avatar
    Good deal, I had them in the past, and there are no issues whatsoever, especially since they don't keep the logs. Will buy again when my current one expires. :/
  10. eeradikator's avatar
    Have some heat sir
  11. jaspar's avatar
    Maybe a dumb question, but can this be used to extend an existing account?
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    I think it's new sign ups only. That said, I don't see what would stop you using another email address to sign up
  12. hacksaw_jim's avatar
    Can you stack this on an existing sub?
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    I don't believe so unfortunately. That said I don't see why you couldn't use a new email address and sign up to get the deal. (edited)
  13. dllhost's avatar
    does it support torrenting? (edited)
    duffinjonathan's avatar
  14. Roph's avatar
    PIA is owned by a literal spyware / malware company. They're also based in the US - you cannot trust them at all.

    There is a reason you won't find spammy VPNs like Nord or PIA on guides like PrivacyGuides.
  15. Maizie1691's avatar
    I can't even get on the site it just keeps saying "Secure connection Failed"
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    Try this - topcashback.co.uk/pri…ss/

    Just asked a mod to update the link as it's wrong/not working.
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