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Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 10 Devices 1 Year £16.99 @ Amazon Deal of the day - 30% off Some Kaspersky Security Software
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Part of Amazon Deal of the day - 30% off Kaspersky Security Software Kaspersky Internet Security 2019, 10 Devices includes antivirus and firewall to protect your devices from v… Read more
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Thanks for that. I also have an IT background and currently work as a senior IT consultant for a company providing IT to 18,000 users. I work with the security team and we provide anti virus to all of our clients and I am fully aware of the issues that having sub-optimal security can cause. I tend not to get my information from the consumer magazine Which?. Not everything you said was wrong but let me point out what was; * "If a solution doesn’t have anti-ransomware solution then clearly that's a risk" - Kaspersky does have an Anti Ransomware solution. * "If a solution does not have a password manager thats fact not bullshit" - Kaspersky does have a password manager. * "AVG and Avast free software actually has better protection than Kaspersky" - Maybe Which? says it does (I can't read the article as I don't subscribe' but many others say they don't. In fact they score quite poorly for malware. Also the paid for Kaspersky (don't forget they do also have a free one) provides so much additional protection I find this statement a bit lacking. * "BitDefender and ESET offer the best protection and services" according to you and Which?. In fact looking at all the other information on the net you can see that different companies rate them differently and sometimes BitDefender comes ahead of Kasepersky and sometimes the other way (I am yet to see ESET beat Kaspersky). However from what I can see Kaspersky is always in the top 5 and is often awarded the best. My general problem with your comment is that Kaseprsky will not provide decent security "I know consequences that come from having sub-optimal Internet Security solutions". While Kaspesky may not win in one or two categories, all security experts seem to agree that it is an excellent product and will provide very good protection. I am certainly not saying that the others you have mentioned will not be good enough (I swap between them depending on reviews and price) but 10 devices for £16.99 a year for a top security product seems like a very good deal to me. So my final comment as someone working in IT security is that any Anti-Virus is better than nothing. Free ones are OK but will miss some of the features of paid versions. As for paying for one if you can find a deal with any of the top companies close to this price then go for it. If not then for the vast majority of people this will be brilliant and provide what you need.


I agree. Quite a lot of it’s suspect these days because they don’t have the resources to do proper testing of anything costing much more than a pack of detergent so they rely heavily on member feedback on anything more expensive. IT and cars are completely out of their league.


This is precisely why I stopped subscribing to Which? Some of their stuff is well thought out and properly researched, other stuff less so. Their reports on both IT and also cars seem to be rather suspect.


As a Which? member I do take some account of their reports and views, provided they’re properly evidenced. Frequently though they’re not, and their knowledge of IT is seriously limited. I’d pay little attention to anything they say about virus checkers.


Which? consumer magazine recently did extensive tests on virtually every solution and their conclusions are as per my message. Its not bullshit, if a solution doesn’t have anti-ransomware solution then clearly thats a risk. Similarly if a solution does not have a password manager thats fact not bullshit. On test, BitDefender and ESET got high results for every security category and are both Which? best buys. I am not trying to convince anyone to buy anything but as I have an IT background I know consequences that come from having sub-optimal Internet Security solutions.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 1 Device 1 Year - DL code £12.23 Amazon
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
see this on here now and then and my other half says she needs it. cleapest at the moment. I know the price fluctuates a fair bit. Blurb: Kaspersky Internet Security 2019, 1 Dev… Read more
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Just put a fake email.


It doesn't shut up about registering though.


Thanks I had never considered eBay. This deal has done epically well...


Kaspersky is one internet security protection which never failed in my experience as norton back in 2003 completely ignored any viruses on my PC...


As you said, there has been better offers in the past. And when one compares what's available on eBay in comparison, it's not very good. Also, most people have multiple devices to protect - here's a 5-device, 1-year offer for £10.64 from a business seller: I've bought these kinds of codes from business sellers in the past few years & they've been fine. Previously used to get them free via Barclays, until they ended their partnership with Kaspersky.

FastestVPN: Lifetime Subscription (10 Devices) £15.73 @ FastestVPN
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Even cheaper this time around, direct from FastestVPN themselves. 200 servers in over 27 countries, 256-bit AES encryption, unlimited bandwidth and more :) In today's age of ha… Read more

has anyone actually tested the killswitch functionalilty? Was reading through some reviews, and while they were from Jan, said the killswitch only kills the web browser, and has no effect on the torrent use. Would like to think that is since resolved


I'm not sure via their app, but using OpenVPN for Android you can select which apps use the VPN connection.


Can anyone tell me please, is it possible to only use selecting apps via the vpn? eg Chrome, Steam, and Plex to continue bypassing the VPN, but all torrent and Firefox traffic on the vpn?


What are the speeds like without VPN and with VPN


I just signed up to a 3 year NordVPN subscription and it works great. I could be classed as a 'Heavy' torrent down loader. All legit stuff. Honest. (angel)

Private Internet Access VPN 1 Year Subscription £29.56 using code via StackSocial
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Cheaper VPN providers are available, but PIA has been known and trusted for years, so hopefully this may help someone :) While there are some things you can afford to skimp … Read more

Anyone had experience buying from StackSocial? Some fairly poor reviews on trustpilot


Thanks, ordered.


Great service and one of the few that have been proven in court no to keep logs unlike others who say they don’t have have provided them in court. Speeds are excellent and software reliable unlike others.


Cheers... I'm finding this out with PIA it's about 1 a week and I'm running out of IP addresses. So if I'm playing whack a mole Nord and ExpressVPNs are the ones to get?


@utigers Yes, use obfuscated servers that change ip addresses frequently like Nord or ExpressVPN. Use a provider that allows dedicated IP addresses. There is usually an additional fee for that. Blocking VPN ip addresses is a game of whack-a-mole, you just need a VPN provider who changes addresses frequently - PIA does not. Small sites generally can't keep track of VPN users. Of course there are special cases like countries that try to block VPNs like China and Turkey where you often need to put a bit more effort in.

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Use Firefox Send to send up to 2.5GB of files which can be shared with whoever you want free
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Mozilla has publicly launched its Firefox Send service, which enables users to exchange large files with the added benefit of encryption. By signing up for a free account, it’ll b… Read more

This says it uses end to end encryption. Cant see anything about Wetransfer.


Wet Ransfer


Anyone trying this with a low bandwidth connection (your upload speed will be about 10% of your download speed (of course in this country)) It does work. You may find using a wired connection helps. Not wi-fi Having a single tab may help (firefox). Having something else working in the background (e.g an email client) may stop it working. The problem seems to be it just seems to pause without giving any indication that it has paused other than the % doesn't go up! And there is no retry. You just have to start again. Try with a small file eg 100MB first! My 2 cents


What's the point? And 2.5 GB lol, when Drive and plenty other services are out there


Which VPN do you use? If not already mentioned somewhere

F-Secure Safe 2019 Security Suite for 1 Year / 5 Devices - Free @ F-Secure
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
This was posted a while back, but then it seemed to be provider specific (Virgin Media) , but this time it seems more widely available - as I don't have Virgin - and also had a ma… Read more
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I'm having real problems with my computer since downloading this free version. It has blocked literally every site that I try to access - even my work sites. For every site that I want to go on, I have to go into the tools section on F-Secure and add each website that I want to access. I've tried accessing links from, for instance, Hotukdeals, and I just keep getting the following message - This site can’t provide a secure sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR I've found that I can turn off F-Secure but then my computer is not protected. Is everybody else having to add each website that they want to access, manually via the tools section? My work emailed me instructions for some jobs that I had to download, and F-Secure wouldn't even let me do this (even though I had added my work as an allowed site), so I had to turn off F-Secure so that I could read the instructions for my work.




no need to wonder anymore, its on My Computer, it came with Aol, it always leaves debris, all downloads do its just that you can't see them


Where is your evidence for that sweeping statement I wonder?


Why does it need to make and manage phone calls?

[Retention deal] 300mb FTTP internet with BT Broadband with free gift - £45.99 a month for 18 months
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st MayLocalLocal
I am moving to a new home soon and am lucky enough to get fibre to the premises which means estimated 300mbps download and 49mbps upload which is fantastic considering the rural lo… Read more

Doubt TalkTalk will use Openreach's FTTP network since they currently run the UFO network in York & their upcoming Fibrenation service. Unless they don't receive enough funding for Fibrenation then they may just go back to reselling openreach's services.


Yeah but I can see sky taking a loss to gain BT customers, hopefully great deals then switch again after the honeymoon period is over. I'm expecting talk talk to also get on board so that's when the fttp price war will really get going.


Probably be around the same price as BT, if not more since Openreach is charging £38 a month & £92.00 setup fee for the 330/50 package so it'll come out around £49-£56.


Sky are going to offer open reach 330/50 fttp at some point this year, I'm planning on switching the minute the service starts depending on how much they undercut bt and what sky Q options they bundle with it.


If I was just browsing I wouldn't need that speed, however I do alot more then browse. I have never had a problem. Reliability is first class. I get no throttling either. Ping is 1ms. O Gaming is unbelievable, no lag online. I have Virgin at my other place and in comparison its night and day. Speed never drops below 900. Ever

60% off EVERYTHING @ Internet Gift Store
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
The discount keeps growing! Now 60% off of everything at Internet Gift Store. Delivery to be added.
Read More

Discount code expired?


I've missed it. it says expired now (fierce) would have been great if are'd shopped earlier


Not one thing I wanted except out of stock Snow White figurine & I've been seeing a therapist regarding tjis pecadillo for quite some time now.


It’s secure. I’ve also shopped there a few times.


Secure when you go to the checkout page.

TP-LINK RE650 WiFi Range Extender - AC 2600, Dual-band at Amazon £69.99
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Lowest I've ever seen this. Usually goes for close to £100 or more. Currys and a bunch of others are selling for £109.99.… Read more

Yes, I got it delivered yesterday. Paired it using WPS and I have a strong connection to the router. TP link software is telling me to move it even further away but wi fi extender is in optimal place imo. Now I have the same speeds downstairs/upstairs near the router. When I launched their tether app, any new device connected to the wi fi showed up on the app. Hmmmm steamlink connected to 2.4 ghz was listed but when I connected it through 5 ghz it was not showing in the app, does it mean it connects to the router not repaeater? Dont get it as Sony TV is connected to 5 ghz and is listed in tether app. Overall I am happy, I think. 170 mb/s downstairs and even strong the garden.


Probably, but not all have such a high budget to improve their Wi-Fi, or need such high-end specs/performance. The pair of Tenda MW3s I bought that did me fine (for my present needs) cost me only £40-45.


The Netgear Orb far better and only £70 Tri band also


Wow. For this price this must be the scorching hot ! I will help you get there, voted hot and ordered as I need one. The only better extender is nighthawk but it costs £ 150. It is a no brainer for me. Having read reviews of both devices this TP link for 69.99 is a steal? Am I stealing by buying it so cheap. Just wow !


Excellent thanks

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System - Triple Pack £279 @ Google
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System - Triple Pack £279.00 1 pack £99.00 2 pack £189.00 Can get from John Lewis price match and get warranty Might get more cheaper as JL is giving £5… Read more
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Perhaps it is my house, it is brick walls. I had the Tenda MW3s before tho and had no issues, only switched for the features.


That doesn’t sound right unless your walls are made of steel. I’m in a large 4 bed and 2 pucks (one at front of house, 2nd in middle of house) covers every room and my front and rear gardens.


Had for few years happy with them and no need to worry about the 'what if they are better' does the job and gets wifi in my garden where it was no existent before


I have these and here is my review: Pros: - Great app - Loads of features and controls - Auto channel switching, great in a built up area - Look great and USB powered Cons: - Far too expensive - Need google account to setup - Range is dire, need 4 for 'excellent' cover in my 1100 sqft 3 bed house, MW3's much much better range


I’ve had this for years on BT and Plusnet FTTC. Highly recommend buying a VDSL modem which then plugs into one of the google ‘pucks’. The puck then becomes the main router. Word of warning, this isn’t a true mesh system as each puck has to connect to the master. You can’t daisy chain them at all. It’s been great coverage and speed wise although the app and ease of controls are now lacking far behind the likes of the TP Deco.

NETGEAR RBK30 Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (Router and Satellite) - £64.58 - eBay/CCL
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I've been looking at something like this for a while, as our house has major black spots. I've hard wired where I can, but some places are an absolute nightmare. This seems to be … Read more

One more update - weirdly, moving the satellite to a plug socket less than 2m away doubled the speed to over 40mb. Worth experimenting with positioning, it seems!


Got it set up now. Works reliably in the garage and gets me a decent signal in lots of the garden, too. The connection to the satellite is shown as amber, though, and I'm getting just over 20Mb from the garage. I guess I'd get a better signal if I bought a 2nd satellite, but this speed is quite adequate for streaming. I think it's a nicer solution than a homeplug, but I don't know if I'd bother getting one if I already had a homeplug working. Of course, a lot will depend on distance and on the construction of the buildings.


Would love to hear your review from the garage to the lounge, I have a similar office shed and home plug is giving me just about 20mb wired, would love to try the orb as an alternative




Do these work with Vodafone fibre?

3 years  Private Internet Access £80
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
3 years of Private Internet Access for $99 (£80) so works out around £26 a year One of only a few VPN that allow port forwarding useful for p2p traffic

Good for you... But why bother spending £6.50...why not just setup a VPN Tunnel on your router? Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, my ISP's 0.5MB upload speed rather limits such nerdy homebrew options But thanks for taking the time to stick your oar in


"3 years of Private Internet Access for $99 (£80) so works out around £26 a year" Anyone who needs this calculated for them has no place being allowed anywhere near an internet connection...


Likewise. I have been using Pure for over a year now and they have given me 100% success on the iplayer. In the past I used PIA and Air, both were beaten by the BBC.


I used them for almost a year. Quite a dodgy company. When I signed up they confirmed they would provide geo unlocking for sites, -including the BBC-. Just as I was about to renew they dropped the geo location pledge. Got lucky, had it happened a month earlier I would have wasted a year's money.


I'd be a bit wary of rankings for VPN providers. Many of the top hits you're likely to get will be for promotional sites who will be interested in you choosing a provider who will pay them the best commission.

50% off VQ audio items including Which? Best Buy Suzie-Q internet radio
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Saw this voucher in a regular Classic FM spam mail. 50% of their entire range of VQ audio products on their own their their website . A bargain if you are after their products!
Read More

Hi, yes I think so too. I'll keep an eye out to see whether it comes back in stock whilst on offer. This one seems to be the best for me.


I am guessing it is now out of stock as I had ordered one. Still working for other items though.


Sadly it doesn't seem like the Suzie Q is available?

[Virgin Broadband/Mobile customers] Free F-Secure SAFE 12 Month Internet Security Subscription for 5 devices
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Just found this whilst browsing the web. Just put in the details and you will instantly get 365 days credited to your account. Seems like a good deal considering AV Test awarded th… Read more

Thanks for this never knew about this hopefully it is as good as some of the other leading virus protection software out there.


What would you like to know exactly ?


Please feel free to 'enlighten' us. :-) As I'm sure more than just me is interested in that one too, etc etc etc?, thanx.


Did you try the link I posted on an earlier post? I was also getting through to the "paid" version page but was able to sign up for the free year through my posted link.


I am a Virgin Customer and I have just tried to sign up for the free account but it won't let me!!!! Wants me to get the paid for one I expect (confused)

Plusnet unlimited broadband+line rental | Effective £10.24pm via Moneysavingexpert £197.88 (£122.78 after cashback)
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
I think this is the cheapest Plusnet deal atm. So you pay for the line rental for the whole year (£197.88 for 1yr upfront), you get broadband for free. If you go via Moneysavingex… Read more
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Currently virgin, but my package offer of 100Mb for an effective cost £18 is due to finish next month and i've not been offered anything decent (yet anyway) so looking for other options as the price is going up. If am honest, i dont really need a fibre service for my needs and if i did, it would probably be 30Mb, but the price at the time i jumped ship, was cheaper than the ADSL services. I'm expecting others who signed at the same time will be in a similar position so the retentions team might be busy for those looking for better offers. I was lucky enough that the virgin deal popped up at an opportune moment but my initial plan was to switch to another ADSL provider from SKY(their ADSL service was cheap and reliable) and return to them as a new customer as i had exhaused my continous deals with them for over a decade...hence the plusnet move. I've not heard good things about TalkTalk ADSL service, nevermind the others new ISP'S that have been/are popping up to cash in on the LLU market, but i expect a similar pattern with most of them at that price range. Needless to point out that am aware that consistency of ADSL services varies due to other factors including exhange distance and traffic shaping but my first port of call would be with SKY for reasons stated. My experience with virgin fibre has been fault free with no connection drops for the entire period. Only snag was on the initial installation, the phone line had an error but that was fixed with an effective followup... and the workmanship of the installation by the subcontractor (drilling and box placement) wasnt to my satisfaction. One thing that i've realised now that am looking to switch is that moving from cable to copperlines woud incur a fee even if you still have an existing copper infrastructure in your home (flirt) the cheapest i have found is sky who charge £20 and this is significant to me as i tend to compare packages on overall cost as opposed to monthly charges. I hope that was informative :)


Who is your new provider, i jumped from sky to talktalk but the past few days the network had been so unreliable to the point that it was unuseble. Considering leaving as still within 30 days


As others have said, their package deal is good, but their ADSL service is at best mediocre (hence the offers) When i was them about a year ago, their service used to drop every weekend. I managed to use the price rise to jump ship. For anyone considering this deal, i would suggest a visit to the community forum to get a gist of what to expect.


Thank you will look into this mjunaid106


I think Now BB have a good deal. I had Now BB and just applied to get Plusnet. I get 16MB download on Now BB which is basically Sky.

Roberts Stream94i DAB+/DAB/FM Internet Radio with Spotify Connect + Bluetooth (Manufacturer Refurbished) from Official Roberts Ebay Outlet
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
With built-in FM/DAB/DAB+, Internet Radio, and Podcasts. With over 20, 000 Internet Radio stations and counting, plus thousands of Podcasts, you can listen to radio stati… Read more

Thanks for reply, indeed I've added Avantree headphones ( audition pro) and Avantree transmitter(audikast aptx) to my Amazon list for when I get paid next month. Looking forward to hearing my TV in gorgeous Avantree quality! Thanks again


Yes, they are. Most forums have them at or near the top of their lists. The model I got, from Amazon, is the Avantree Oasis Plus aptX HD Long Range. I tried it with my TV and I couldn't detect any lag. They're a bit pricey at £69.99.


Had this for three days now and you're correct, the sound is simply awesome. Been looking at Avantree transmitters and headphones, are they as good as the reviews say for watching TV without suffering any lag?


If this is good as the previous model, the Stream 93i, then it's a cracking bit of kit! I bought the 93i and connected it to an Avantree bluetooth transmitter to listen with my wireless headphones.


Superb radio sound quality has to be heard

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband, only £11.07 a month for 12 months after QUIDCO (tracked for me) + £40 wireless router !!! - effective £132.88
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
*** Do not be fooled by the "effective price" of the other Plusnet deal, as the Reward Card offered by Plusnet is NOT "CASH" , it is just store credit which you have to soend at a… Read more

Think yourself lucky - I'm with TalkTalk on their Faster Fibre - I've had a constant problem of noise on line for nearly 2 years now, which causes internet to be unusable for days on end after rain. I've had SEVEN Openreach engineers and I'm still in the same position - they seem to put it right for a few days, then after the next heavy rain I'm back to where I started every time. There seems no way of escalating a problem - they just send you round the same loop over and over - you need an engineer, the engineer comes and doesn't fix it.


All new Plusnet contracts guarantee Fixed Price Broadband. No increases to broadband or line rental during the contract. Maximum contract is 18 months.


I actually used my BT router for my new Plusnet connection. Just need to put in the new Plusnet login information into the BT router Then your girlfriend and her mum are both kneeling infront of you


I kept my last BT router even after they requested I send it back.


(y) 🏻

40% off EVERYTHING @ Internet Gift Store
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
40% off of everything online @ Internet Gift Store. Delivery charges still apply.
Read More

I just got an email about this, you beat me to it OP :) Says it ends Monday. Free delivery over £35 otherwise it's £2.95, unless there's a working free delivery code floating around that I can't find.

IoT Inspector (Free Internet of Things smart device inspection tool)
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
A handy tool for looking into what an those smart devices (assistants, doorbells, lights, smart heating etc) are up to. Mac only at the moment but Windows and Linux to follow soo… Read more

I suppose it all comes down to what data is being sent and who you trust, your antivirus by default usually tries to send data back for analysis and don't get started on what Windows 10 has been up to.


I can't help thinking it ironic that something to detect what your smart devices are doing seems all that data to a server in the US.




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