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Roberts Stream 107 FM/DAB/WiFi Internet radio (refurb) - £74.99 at Roberts eBay outlet store
Found 17 h, 46 m agoFound 17 h, 46 m ago
These are returns or have cosmetic blemishes I assume. I've been looking at getting one of these for a while, waiting for Black Friday. But when I saw this offer on eBay I went fo… Read more

Correct, there were just 3 comments on Gadgetspeak, all negative. For the really detailed reviews see Amazon where people knew how to set this radio up. 81% of those Amazon reviews were 4 or 5 star. Internet radios are known to be a bit fiddly but once set up, can receive stations in otherwise no-signal areas, as well as stations from abroad. Occasional people who did get issues with their set got a prompt replacement. But really, this deal is aimed at those who were already looking for an internet radio like this and appreciate the £75 price vs usual £109.


That's only the comments the review itself is fair highlighting the pro's & con's some people will give negative reviews because they don't like the brand, they don't like the model, they expect far more for their money, etc,etc...


I bought one of these a few years ago from CEX, grade A and I really like it as a kitchen radio. It sounds lovely. The DAB is very limited in channels as I'm in the communications black hole of Cornwall, however the internet radio stations are vast, for all music genres. I've never been able to stream from the network as it was beyond my patience to set up. I listen to this everyday and don't regret buying it. I think I paid £50 add it came boxed like new and has been flawless. That's my review over Hth


Every one of the user reviews on that page say it is useless


Fair review here;

iPhone XR 64gb £190 upfront; £34 p/m 24 months on o2 (15gb internet, unlimited texts and mins) @
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
£1006 over the full 24 month period seems a very good deal based on the RRP being £749 for the new iPhone XR. Effectively makes the contract part of the deal £257 over the 2 year… Read more

Sorry but have to vote cold - you can get the same deal with E2Save for £165 upfront


It's not the same LCD. It's the same PPI.


If I'm paying premium price it's an important part IMO.


Screen resolution is not how you measure the quality of a display, its just how many pixels there are, why is it so hard for you to understand?, and surely if it looks good in person thats a reason to buy or is a number a more important buying decision for you?


PPI is the same, 828p screen, premium price for a midrange spec. Everyone used to rip apart the Sony XZ1 compact, X Compact, Z5 compact using a 720p screen. They came in sub £500 and they had smaller screens to justify. You can hold most screens side by side and be perfectly happy, that's besides the point. Iit's not a bad phone, buy it. Just a deal this is not

Virgin Mobile 4G | Free Speed Boost to 70Mbps
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Got this in an email, free speed boost to 70Mbps (faster than EE's double speed tier, EE still has 4G+ which goes up to 90mbps)

Lol, well I guess it’s a much more professional service aswell given people don’t just autoreply impulsive and wing like a call, they actually have the time to research answers -No matter how long the replies take :D Good news, hope some improvement happens :3


...that's one of advantages and other you can sit and watch Netflix while awaiting another text 8) Btw, got this morning email confirmation that both sim cards, my and wifey's are on their way, so will report back once will get them installed (highfive)


“Why not try our Text Messaging Service? It’s a great way to get help with your Virgin Mobile services - and it’s free! Just send your query to 07533016422 and we’ll text you back. Messages are free when sent from a Virgin Mobile connection. We’re open 8am - 10pm Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm weekends” Well at least you can have VMobile requests/actions recorded in Texts now (y)

BS_Man wasn't chat, but via text messaging, 07533 016422, or one of the option via 150 (789)


Oh right... where did you find the link to it ? 20-25 mins!! (shock) Hope your have a speed improvement too :)

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Star wars insulated growler £4.99 / £5.98 delivered @ internet gift store
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Stainless steel growler reduced to £4.99 from £49.99. Not sure it was worth £49.99 but now it's a bargain price and delivery is only 99p too. Got a few good items in their clearanc… Read more
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My Mrs uses M&S Egyptian cotton drawers to insulate her growler. Works a treat.


Why is has this not expired?? It’s out of stock and has been for hours


You could sip from this all day



You ain't seen nothin till you're down on a muffin

Virgin Media, 100 fibre, plus TV and weekend calls. £32 - 12 months £20 set up Free double speed internet upgrade - £400
17/11/2018Expires on 17/11/2018Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Normally you receive vivid 50 broadband but are now offering free upgrade to vivid 100 broadband. No other provider can match broadband service at this price . Includes player TV p… Read more
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£144 Quidco for me on this via Quidco Compare.


the problem with virgin is the 4x a year price increases and 1 hour plus to cancel


With you there!!! love the fast internet but literally some of the worst customer service I (and probably most) have ever had so just be careful with that if you have any issues. Otherwise enjoy the good deal


Cancel and if no one calls, call them and say you had a missed call and you think it was from retention team.


Do you think the retentions team would call if you join virgin as a new customer then try to cancel within your cooling off period claiming it's too expensive for what it is ?

Vaillant vSMART Internet Room Thermostat - Combi Pack    £131.10 Excl. VAT £157.32 Incl. VAT @ Mr central heating
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
The vSMART internet room thermostat from Vaillant lets you control your heating and hot water anytime, anywhere from a single, easy to use app. Compatible with the entire ra… Read more
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That thermostat is sure big and ugly. It looks like ambisense is another smart heating product and is expandable and not compatible with vsmart which I think it replaces. Have to do more research on which one to go for.


This might be an option


Further research and seem Vsmart does not support heating zones :( I guess I can use those old fashion manual radiator thermostats instead.


I don't think vsmart will do zoning. Might be wrong though. Ask Vaillant tech support they are usually helpful (y)


Sounds like an idea however I don’t know haven’t looked into it myself but I am sure there are some 3rd party products that can if your boiler manufacturer doesn’t. I seem to have the minimum in that respect - radiators balanced and all with those turnable radiator valves

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Star Wars Darth Vader Fleece Christmas Stocking only £3.79 delivered @ The Internet Gift Store
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Ideal for your presence (sorry, I'll get my coat) Fab price, elsewhere, from what I can find this is around £8 to £12 100% Polyester Featuring a satin panel with embroidered ed… Read more



its a shame it cant fit a lightsaber. love it tho!


getting Fleece'd by Vader for that price


99p for delivery


The fleece is strong in this one *gets coat*

Google Pixel XL 2 £100 upfront and £23 per month with 4GB internet allowance = £662 @
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Great deal if you don't have £490 to buy as PAYG. Around £7 per month for contract. Use code SSAVE10UPG to get this price and don't forget Quidco

Yes u stay on outdated software with no support lol on pocco. I would go for android one phone now, im on pixel xl and looking to change so will go for nokia 7 plus cause i agree since nexus range google have been ripping us off.


Doesn't work


Buy poccophone for yourself and stop this circus.


Dont pay Google Tax for old phone with old hardware. Buy Poccophone or Nokia instead. Cheaper and better.



Lovely Nan Light Up Frame £1.89 Delivered From The Internet Gift Store. Bargain!
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
A lovely little gift - ideal for Christmas. Only £1.89 delivered when you use code HAVE5OFF. Free delivery on everything too.

Delivery for other items isn't free either, it's £2.95 under a £35 spend.


Agreed. Great deal for one person out there. Hope they find them. Maybe Twitter can help.


Heat for lovely Nans<3


Great deal but unfortunately that's not my Nan.


OOS :-( xx

SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus (include line rental) + £90 Quidco Cashback - £390 total
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
So looking for a new provider as my existing BT has now finished (remember this… Read more
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So just a quick update as I got my arse into gear, spoken to the retention team and signed a new contract for £32 for highest BT Fibre line of 67MB. Signed for 18 months. Isn't too bad I suppose.


so a reading a lot of reviews it seems quite bad....


Absolutely horrific. Would not touch with a barge pole. Oh and good luck trying to get out of the contract.


Been with SSE since moving to my new house, nearly 3 years now, I can't really fault it. We're not on the top end of Fibre only 17mb due to the area being pretty poor - but three tv's can stream tv without a problem. Torrent downloading without anyone else on the connection can hit 2mb - no trotting on this end. Lastly, I tried BT briefly - but I didn't rate it the customer service was poor, it seemed to be slower than SSE and something I hadn't realised everything was blocked - no Kodi, no torrenting, could barely stream - I was able to get out luckily. Personally, I just wish the speed was faster, but thats not SSE's fault - the deal along with the Quidco is a bargain.


I also took advantage of their £21 a month deal, never had any issues, would have stayed with them, but their prices went up a lot and got a better deal with Sky. I found SSE really reliable, the hub supplied at the time was better than my current sky hub, I actually had to buy a powerline for my son to use his ps4 online, which I didn't need to do with SSE.

Drama Llama Cushion only £2.84 delivered @ The Internet Gift Store
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Fab price for this delivered. Spotted it and bought for my vey own Drama Llama (my daughter) and thought I'd share for any other HUKDers who have a Drama Llama in their life (I'm l… Read more

I got mine today and its not that flat, I fluffed it up a bit and its fine especially for the price.


This cushion was very flat until opening fully didn't look like it had an inner cushion if you buy this you'll have to buy the cushion for inside


Back in stock guys


Similar cushion in matalan


wow, i didn't know that, i suck.

Star Wars Death Star Darth Vader Heat Change Mug £3.99 delivered @ Internet Gift Store
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
Fab price for a Heat Change Mug. Twice this price, and more elsewhere. Official Death Star Heat Change Mug Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use The impressive Death … Read more

Oh I see, thanks :{ I watched the Solo film last weekend and enjoyed it :)


All the origin and one off films have been put on temporary hold due to Solo being a flop both at the box office and critically.


Is it true that a Darth Vader film is being made or just speculation




Thanks @Skinny.Chris - added that now, totally forgot about that code

Unlimited Data,Minutes and Txt Sim only deal for £25 on 12 months contract @ Virgin -  Virgin TV and Virgin Fibre Households
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Superfast 4G 12 month contract Unlimited data + Unlimited minutes + Unlimited texts £25 per month Exclusive to Virgin TV and Virgin Fibre households

Works with other speed test apps though just not Ookla


yes, and I think I pay half for the same as a 'loyal' customer


Just click speed test button in the speed test app. Nothing what to do. If it never works on 4g on your phone then I guess the network settings aren't ok on your phone for that network's SIM


BT is the same as EE essential plan at there double speed option but nowhere near the level of EE max.


Linksys Velop Intelligent Whole Home WI-FI Mesh System 2-Pack AC2400 £99.99 / 3 - PACK AC3900 £149.99 Delivered @ Box
Refreshed 11th OctRefreshed 11th Oct31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018
Thought this was a nice saving on the Linksys Velop Home Hi-Fi system. Similar to the BT home WiFi system that's usually popular on site, however this comes from the folks at Links… Read more

I have the triband 4400 and they are miles ahead in performance and tech. These would be decent for a small home, with light use, but performance users should look at the bigger version. with my 4400s I can connect to my external WiFi cameras that wouldn’t connect to my asus WiFi router


I've a couple of wireless routers around the house and still had less than stellar WiFi performance until I turned the power output DOWN on the routers. It really is true, the quieter you become, the more you can hear. I know the mesh is supposed to be smarter but you can achieve pretty good results with what you having laying around and save a few quid while you are at it. If only I could figure out how to get the bt hh6 to stop rebooting when used as a wireless AP.


Is it possible to buy two of these and effectively have one set of four?


Same for me as well.


I have an old ish house with thick walls and we struggled so much with wifi. Tried quite a few things and went for these in the end. They actually worked much better than I thought they would with most areas getting a great connection. So although still not perfect, I've found them pretty good and I paid a lot more than this. EDIT: I actually realised I bought the AC4400 so slightly beefier than these. Mine work well but can't speak for this version.

Huawei P20, EE £28 p/m 24 months No upfront cost. Usual unlimited calls and 9GB internet allowance £672 @ Buy mobiles
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Get the finest mobile phone camera on the market for £28 a month. No upfront cost. The contract gives you unlimited calls/texts and a generous 9GB internet allowance. Contract is w… Read more
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Yes but I told you twice, you don't need to be an existing customer. Just type in any random mobile number and it says your number qualifies for the discount. I did it and I'm not an existing customer and when I log into my three mobile app my plan says £25 including a £5 loyalty discount


Yeah it's for an additional line it says, friend just tried it


I got this deal on EE with a Pro 20 twilight but with 10 GB for £29 a month


You did it wrong that's why, you Google three existing customer deals and buy online


I got this phone delivered Friday, I asked numerous times about the deal you mentioned, they kept telling me it's for a second line only, £30 for 4gb is the cheapest I can see now too :-(

Royalcraft Wentworth 10 Seater Cube Table Set £899 @ Internet gardner
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
In the Internet Gardener clearance sale reduced from £1699. John Lewis currently have this set on sale at £2199, posted this 2 months ago when it dropped to £1099 a… Read more

I’ve got mine and it is better then expected - pure quality. Be warned the package with the table in is massive and weighs 95kg the 2 delivery men really struggled as did I, but we made it in one piece.


Thanks Redromski. I have been looking at this set for quite a while. Had got John Lewis to pricematch but then they said they don’t deliver to Northern Ireland! Saw that it had dropped with IG yesterday and rang today to purchase. Delighted. I’ve spent ages looking at various options and this looks great quality. Service from IG excellent so far and will update when received but couldn’t be happier so far. Thanks for your heads up


Agree 1 year warranty is not enough but all polyrattan is not the same. Good stuff looks and feels more real. Analogy wpuld be plastic plants i guess.


There’s sure a quality / comfort feel to the more expensive suites, but i guess the populous is comparing this to the much cheaper stuff that is on the highstreet. Have spent a fair bit of time trying out different qualities of suites and found that the most luxurious stuff is north of £1k. If you don’t want something that feels like the proverbial ‘favourite armchair’, then buy cheap.


FREE - The Internet Archive adds 1,100 New Arcade Machines!
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Do you like arcade old school games like Outrun, Paperboy, Shinobi? Then this is for you :P The Internet Archive, have now added over 1,100 old school Arcade Machines to their sit… Read more
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No Thanks. I think my palm has only just recovered from years of joystick abuse. WHY was the Atari Joystick SQUARE? Anyway, looks like most of these are Spectum Games. Only Zaxxon is worthwhile IMO and it doesn't work on my machine. :(

Defender... Amazing!


Have some :D


This is good for a look, but they are unplayable due to lag. I can complete Outrun and Paperboy (Hard), here I can't even get psat the first level.


heat for the Outrun screenshot

TalkTalk Friends & Family Deal £19.95 p/m 18 months includes line rental - Faster Fibre Broadband £359.10
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Faster Fibre Broadband UK’s lowest fixed price Fibre TalkTalk Friends & Family Deal £19.95 a month was £33.50 For 18 months, including line rental Add a FREE TV Box or Ha… Read more

Also connected Friday, been excellent so far, a solid 39Mbps over WIFI, whats most impressive is the Router, much better reach compared to our old BT Smart Hub


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Its the main reason identity fraud in the Uk is so bad because all the call centres went to India and Pakistan the worlds most corrupt countries they cant even play cricket without cheating. I work in IT security and I can tell you the problem is actually getting worse and these companies know full well its going on but do nothing they are more concerned with keeping it cheap! The talktalk Indian call centres are the unholy pisspot of god awful customer service - you can be on the phone for hours literally for a simple tjhing a British call centre like plusnet could fix in 5 minutes! Seriously check it on google - they pay these call centre cretins £15 and they just harvest all your details using their mobile phone cameras - there was a documentary on it and i think Watchdog featured it 5 years ago but still these companies keep farming out your info to the turd world! Virgin media are just as bad except its also South Africa and the Phillipines with them!


FIL been connected today, went without a hitch, online account showing correct price as well


No you can get a boost for £7 a month , then no contact other than it renews each month just remember to remove it. If you do it through the website it comes up at £12 a month , I did mine on chat and it was easier :>

BullGuard Internet Security 1 Year Subscription
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
The giveaway page is in Czech,Use google translator if you need.t. For a very limited time, you can get a one year licensed copy of BullGuard Internet Security, completely free of… Read more

Downloaded but only got 2 months' free trial :( Thanks anyway.


Thanks OP, deal still available. Automatically activated as 365 license.


Took a couple of attempts and final worked, thanks op


For years now


be smart, use common sense :-)

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