Tidal HiFi Plus Family - via Nigeria using a VPN - £5.76 cost per month

Posted 25th Sep 2023
Tidal HiFi Plus Family subscription to replace the now defunct Tidal Argentina deal. Cost at the moment £5.76 pcm for the multiuser family HiFi Plus account (cost varies with exchange rate).
*** Update, Tidal Support confirmed billing is in Nigerian Naira, only dollar symbol used on Web site for Family HiFi Plus.

See full message text in comments. ***

**** Update 2: Support now confirmed the dollar price is USD, completely contradicting the earlier support person. So sorry it's not going to be £0.77 as originally posted but £5.76 by the time it becomes GBP, but this is for the most expensive multi-user Family HiFi Plus account, obviously it will be less per month for a single account or HiFi account.

Apologies to all for initially getting this pricing wrong.

Step by step method I used on Android phone.

1. Install Tunnelbear VPN (free account)
2. Using world map interface within Tunnelbear select Nigeria. A VPN to Nigeria will be started.
3. Open a browser (Chrome/Firefox etc.)
4. Type tidal.com into browser
5. You are now looking at the Nigerian Tidal home page
6. Select the account type you want (I opened a HiFi Plus Family subscription).
7. Choose new account name (this cannot be the same as any Tidal subscription you may have had previously)
8. Choose password.
9. When screen changes to add payment method (debit or credit card, I used Revolut virtual Mastercard) disable Tunnelbear.
10. After (not before) Tunnelbear is disabled, enter card details and verify card payment.
11. An email address verification will be sent to your chosen email address.
12. Re-enable Tunnelbear to Nigeria
13. Go to your email client, locate the Tidal account verification email and press the link. You will be directed back to your browser and your Tidal account will now be open with a valid subscription.
14. Log back in to Tidal check all is good.
15. Close Tunnelbear
16. Open Tidal app, log out and log back using your fresh username and password
17. Start using Tidal without the VPN.

Optional parts:
1. When handing out family invites make sure you and your family member use a VPN when making invite and accepting invite or Tidal will fail to allow the family member due to being in the wrong country. Once invite sent and accepted, VPN can be closed down.

2. If you want your existing playlists, artists, albums and tracks moved from your exiting (old) account, go to Support Chat on Tidal website (VPN not required) and send in a request for them to copy these from old username to new username. You can even tell then it was an Argentinian account. Within 24 house they will moved everything for one.

Job done, enjoy cheap Tidal again.

This took me a goodly while to figure out the process. I Hope this helps someone.

P.S. If I've got anything wrong please let me know, these step are my recollection of how I did it yesterday.
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  1. DealHugger's avatar
    I think it is very obvious it is 7 USD, as even in Nigerian Naira, the regular price in Naira has always been in hundreds and thousands, never 7 Naira.

    The customer service obviously did not know what he/she was talking about, which is expected. Let's be honest, Tidal has been a mess since being acquired by Square/Block.

    We just need to use our common sense and be prepared to pay 4 or 7 USD when the first bill hits.
    kyser143's avatar
    Finally some common sense 🙌
  2. miketg89's avatar
    After a week of my daughter complaining to me to "fix the internet" after Tidal stopped my Argentinian account, I am forever in your debt sir.

    Seems to be some doubt surrounding the cost. $7 for full family seems very cheap if USD for official pricing so it's worth a punt.

    Also note that, if you're using Gmail (may work with others), you can add a full stop in your address and it'll still come to your inbox - eg. abc@gmail.com > ab.c@gmail.com
    dré.'s avatar
    or you can add +tidal (or +anything) after abc@gmail.com = abc+anything@gmail.com
  3. DealHugger's avatar
    I actually think the price displayed on the website is in US DOLLARS.

    If you read this thread: thenativemag.com/tid…ia/
    and 51056144-3IGGS.jpg
    The exchange rate fits quite well with what the article was talking about.

    The reason why it is priced in US dollar is probably due to the volatility associated with the local currency.

    In short, the HIFI Plus will cost $4.67 per month, and the HIFI Plus Family will cost $7 per month, going down the route described here, which is still quite good.
    awoodhall2003's avatar
    Unless different I was billed for a year for the Argentinian account in what showed $, but was indeed charged Argentine Peso. I'd assume this will be the same, it shows the $ but will be charged in Nigerian Naira. If not, worse case scenario get charged a month and can decide...as still an ok price.
  4. Rocklett's avatar
    Tidal Support have confirmed Nigerian Naira as billing currency and explained how they work it out. They said:

    P**** **** (TIDAL)

    Sep 25, 2023, 8:00 AM EDT

    "Hi ****,
    Thank you for contacting TIDAL Support!
    The currency, country and subscription amount associated with an account are determined by the IP address from where the account was registered. This information was permanently set during account creation. After checking your account, we can see that it is registered from Nigeria so that will be the country and currency we will be using for billing."
    Bbqueue's avatar
    Right, I'll get going at setting it up, you're a star🌟
  5. grantchristmas's avatar
    Hi Guys
    Beware I never offered the free 30 days so payment has gone through straight away at $7 US dollers £5.72 (Monzo Card) HI-FI Plus Family
    kyser143's avatar
    Thanks for confirming which is what I thought it would do. Still a good price but not at Argentina rates
  6. weeve's avatar
    I’m sitting in deepest Nigeria as I type this. It’s not and could never be 7 Naira. Haha. It is 2.56 usd, plus 4.67 usd etc at moment on my local sim. 100 Naira might get you a water from a road side vendor…
    Rocklett's avatar
    OK interesting, thanks for that. I've written back to Tidal Support asking for further clarification on the actual amount that will be billed in Naira. I will update the post with whatever Support says as soon as I hear back.
  7. Ianinaus's avatar
    This thread contains a google docs with global Tidal pricing which looks up to date to me, reddit.com/r/T…ey/. Congrats if you end up paying 77p. Good news is that Nigeria is cheapest after Argentina, but £2.86 for Family. Not allowed to post direct link to doc.
  8. m1kehunt's avatar
    Just had a look at "the spreadsheet" we're not allowed to share which is on a reddit post highlighted by a previous poster and it says $7 on there lmao

    Here's as snapshot (sorry for bad formatting)

    South AfricaR59.99R119.99R89.99R179.99ZAR£2.61£5.22£3.92£7.84£1.57

    Still the cheapest as we've lost Argentina..
  9. DealHugger's avatar
    It gives me US price I think for whatever reason...
    Rocklett's avatar
    Tidal just use the dollar symbol, it should billed in Naira at around £0.77

    No, just using the dollar symbol, not US Dollar (edited)
  10. DealHugger's avatar
    Actually in OP’s screenshot, I think he/she is paying $7/month as well, which is exactly what I am getting.

    Unless the $7 in the screenshot is in Nigerian Naira?? (edited)
    SunkissedTraveller's avatar
    Mine was coming up at $4.xx though.
  11. Wise_Turkey's avatar
    Just done it and for tidal nigeria with the bearvpn on was charged $7 USD for tidal family, so £5.72 GBP. Not sure why its more...
    Rocklett's avatar
    Have you actually received an invoice? The first month is free, so you don't get charged until the following month after sign up. Other users on here have confirmed they are billed in Naira
  12. Batman4089's avatar
    How do family members join? After I send invite via email do they need to use vpn to setup their accounts?
    bullion's avatar
    From the description: When handing out family invites make sure you and your family member use a VPN when making invite and accepting invite or Tidal will fail to allow the family member due to being in the wrong country. Once invite sent and accepted, VPN can be closed down.
  13. SuperDan's avatar
    Mods need to correct this deal now.

    Despite the OPs confirmation from Tidal CS, overwhelming evidence being shared in this thread make it abundantly clear that the price is actually 7 USD.

    Not 7 Nigerian Naira (0.74 PENCE), and certainly not 77p (for which the Tidal Sub price would have to be listed as either 733 Nigerian Naira or 0.94 USD).

    7 USD still a good deal - and people should be allowed to vote on it. But listing it as 77p on the 'hottest deals of the day' is a trap.... (edited)
    Bbqueue's avatar
    I just messaged and asked for it to be expired or moved to discussions, I'm guessing I won't have been the only one.
  14. moz147's avatar
    It's not usd its Nigerian naira mine is 0.75pm
    Happy days didn't notice my argie account had gone tits up
    Thanx op
    7 naira is 75p (edited)
    Rocklett's avatar
    Thanks for clarifying. I haven't yet received a bill as there's a month free but had assumed it was indeed in Naira, Tidal are just using the dollar symbol. I think they did the same on Argentina site rather than showing pesos.
  15. andyp2016's avatar
    My Argentina family subscription plan was around 83p for many months, last month went to £2.49 and this month randomly was 55p. All still works fine. Anyone else on Argentina and know what's going on? I pay using Revolut
    davidh5555's avatar
    They didn't notify some users of a price increase so gave them a month at the old price.
  16. Serkan_Candan's avatar
    When I verify the email it says you have been blocked. The con with tunnelbear is on. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
    njr911's avatar
    turn the vpn off and back on again and then hit refresh
  17. jockydee79's avatar
    My Argentinian still running as well. Next renewal scheduled for 2nd October at 589 pesto= 1.37. Revolut
    Rocklett's avatar
    Mine was working perfectly, then suddenly on the 24th September it completely stopped (this was my payment date).
  18. donny's avatar
    maybe I am going deaf but on signing up the sound quality is no better than spotify
    Duke_Nukem90's avatar
    If you’re primarily listening over regular Bluetooth it won’t matter.
  19. iNSPECTA's avatar
    Can I add my old Argentina account to this new one to save messing about with tidal support?

    EDIT: For anyone wondering.... no you can't. The family members account has to be created in the same location as the subscription. If you are creating a new account make sure you do it whilst connected to Nigerian VPN. (edited)
    Rocklett's avatar
    You can use a 3rd party app yourself to copy favourites from one service or account to another but they are not free
  20. Henno's avatar
    Am I correct in thinking that tidal still doesn't work with UK Amazon Alexa/echo devices?
    rev6's avatar
  21. Andy_Janes's avatar
    Well, it worked as described in ‘s instructions, but I won’t know about the 77p until 2 weeks time when the free trial expires! Fingers crossed I guess
    Rocklett's avatar
    Now confirmed with Tidal Support
  22. dré.'s avatar
    So, the family isn't the cheapest option for me (or am I missing something?)

    I am getting:

    hifi $2.56
    hifi family $3.85

    hifi+ $4.67
    family $7

    crap, I have now been blocked as there is a robot using the same IP as me....Will try desktop (WHICH worked). I signed up for the Hifi Family, had verified email (which IP issue arose) so all good.

    Thanks OP, have signed up for the family hifi plan to stream my own music and see what they pay me (edited)
    Rocklett's avatar
    Family HiFi Plus is the most expensive and still only works out at £0.77 a month 😁
  23. m1kehunt's avatar
    7 Nigerian = 0.75 PENCE (or 0.0075 GBP) (as per original screen shot) Doubt it will cost that.. I can't believe we all missed it. lmao

    $7 is still ok (ish) though.. (edited)
    Rocklett's avatar
    Doubt all you like, Tidal Support have now confirmed. I've updated the original post to reflect this
  24. polo321's avatar
    Just read this in Native mag --

    In Nigeria, the premium tier goes for $2.33 (currently #902.88) per month, while the family plan which accommodates up to 5 people goes for $4 (#1,550) per month. The HiFi tier goes for $4.67 (#1,809.62) per month, while the family plan goes for $7 (#2,712.50)."
  25. Confiteor's avatar
    Idea: stop cheating, start paying, support musicians and the good services that put music at our fingertips.
    Duby's avatar
  26. ethooo's avatar
    wow - I can finally use the Nigerian currency I had from some prince that was desperate to given me 1000-1 .
    best £10,000 I ever spent. Tidal on me everyone
  27. kyser143's avatar
    Worst part of this is I made the OP aware and ok he got a vague response from Tidal and he accepted that as being correct but should have shown caution to the fact someone had a payment taken at $7 and not 0.77p. I reported it to HUKD who basically decided it was better for the forum than do anything about it.

    PS wish it was 0.77p as I would be first to jump on board and price at $7 better than UK but lots have purchased on assumption its 0.77p and its won't be (edited)
    thinwhiteduke's avatar
    There was a certain amount of intransigence on their part definitely - like there was no possibility it was USD rather than Naira, despite it not being clear cut. Still a good price, but you would be better off getting Deezer for 9 quid for the whole year. That still works.
  28. Joe_Biden's avatar
    smeders's avatar
    Come on mannn
  29. wackyraces's avatar
    My Tidal Argentina is still working and payment has been fine. Not had any emails about it closing as yet. Did they just close accounts. If they are I'll sign up to this one
    Arch12345's avatar
    Mine is still working too, but price has gone up.
  30. thermomonkey's avatar
    I really wish Tidal worked on Alexa
    Ianinaus's avatar
    I switched to a free Amazon.com sub to get access to Tidal skill. TBH it's nothing special. Spotify has by far the best access to Alexa. A lot of people in Aus use US accounts to get access to more skills.

    I currently have full Tidal, Spotify, Deezer and Apple accounts on Alexa, but will probably just keep Spotify. Plus I have the free Pandora and iHeart. My preference is to listen to an artist and similar artists. I say "play Sade station" and on Spotify, Apple, Pandora and iHeart I get what I want. If I say "play smooth jazz music" it's the same services that work.

    If you want Tidal to work like Spotify Connect you need amazon.com.au/Wii…RKY.

    Shout out if you want me to try any Alexa commands with any service.
  31. Bbqueue's avatar
    Part of me wants to get going and see if this works, but the sensible side is saying I should leave it a day or 2 and let the result adopters be the guinea pigs and see if the pricing ends up as USD
    Rocklett's avatar
    It's free for the first month, so neither I or anyone using my guide will know for a while. However quite few commenters have stated below the billing is in Naira
  32. bamolad's avatar
    In Nigeria on holiday as we speak. Can just open a bank account and I might be set for life.
  33. Ouzoherb's avatar
    Heat, great deal now Argentina is defunct .
    ayeworld's avatar
    Why defunct? I'm still using Argentina. I changed to my Chase account and it was accepted.
  34. Wise_Turkey's avatar
    Tu suscripción se renovará automáticamente al nuevo precio de $570 el 1ero de agosto o en tu próxima fecha de facturación (la fecha que sea primero).

    I had no idea they were changing the cost, never read my Spanish tidal emails so big thanks for highlighting the problem and workaround !
    hcc27's avatar
    TBF, my $570 Argentinian renewal was only £1.31 in GBP - hardly an earthshattering increase.
  35. gabbalot3's avatar
    Great find again, my Argentinian subscription is still running at the moment but is going to end shortly after as I was informed via email, this will hopefully keep running for a while, heat added OP, Thanks.
  36. iamqwerty123's avatar
    It just shows we in the West are so ripped off if these tech companies can still make a profit selling it for 77p in Nigeria. (edited)
    calILX's avatar
    I think they would rather just have 77p from users than nothing at all.. most Nigerian customers could not afford the western prices
  37. m1kehunt's avatar
    it's 100% $7 - 7 Nigerian would be under 1 penny! (as I said a few posts up).. OP got his decimal points mixed up..
    Rocklett's avatar
    You have a point, Tidal Support confirmation confirmed billing in local currency Naira but didn't specify amount, so I have written back to them asking them to clarify the actual amount in local currency. I'll update again when they answer.
  38. Rocklett's avatar
    Further update from Tidal Support contradicting earlier statement.

    "Thank you for reaching us back. 
    In this case, all subscribers from Nigeria are being charged in dollars taking into consideration the price for this region. We set and adjust prices for TIDAL subscriptions based on our costs of operation in each territory and other market factors."
    kyser143's avatar
    Mistakes can be made mate..

    PS got to throw this back at you...

    Consider yourself corrected. See update in original post
  39. BargainBaptist's avatar
    Going from $2 and some change to $7 is hyperinflation.
    They are making it harder and harder
    Rocklett's avatar
    I don't believe it is in US dollars
  40. ok11's avatar
    A big thank you from George Agdgdwongo
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