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Sonos One Bundle 2 for £348 @ Sonos
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
The Sonos One bundle in offer £50 off if buy 2, £20 off if you buy 1

They were 339, mustve increased price recently...


No it’s not. It’s £348, £8.02 more.


Same at Currys


£339.98 via D&C smart home


Also, Apple Music is close to fully work with Alexa (apparently later this month)...

Sonos One with Alexa £179.99 @ Sonos
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Not a bad price .... also save £50 when you purchase x2
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That's quite a deep commitment to the amazon echo world at that price - when there's also decent speakers in the Google world on the market :{


Wondering if there’s a newer version out soon as these are being discounted a lot now


sams price as currys


Not for New Alexa edition


is this not standard price ?

Sonos Beam - £349 (£50 Off) @ Sonos
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
£50 Off Sonos beam from Sonos directly
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Anyone got any links for these at this price again? Got the funds now!


For a soundbar it's pretty good. Of course it's never going to be as good as a true 5.1 system. I have the Q acoustics M4 soundbar too which sounds better I admit and was same price on release. But can't do half the things the sonos can. It is annoying it doesn't have DTS.


It's not the best sound. I've got one, I don't use it Perhaps it's the bear set-up you've owned but, for the money, you can do way better. To be fair, most soundbars are compromising and sound rubbish as a result.


You say that but it's a mix of speaker quality along with what it's being sent. Sonos do great speakers with the best app around. Albeit they are overpriced. I'd rather a great soundbar doing dolby digital rather than a poor one doing DD+


Sonos in John Lewis is priced at £400. Avoid and buy online.

Sonos ONE £174 @ Sonos
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Looking for an Alexa smart speaker, this one plays almost every music source, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music... Now with a discount!

*I was think(ing) the same about you 8)


I was thinking the same about you 8)


Loooooool you honestly are a keyboard warrior. I've got to give up now, you're so sensitive and defensive! "I've had a deal at 1248 degrees" LOL (lol) what is that a life achievement for you? Is HKUD going to make you part of the pepper expert programme? Keep posting deals please so I can troll you, you've been the easiest target.


Ha, ha, ha... you've posted one deal and it finished at minus 308 degrees (lol) Whereas I've had a deal at 1248 degrees. lol, go back to listening to your Beats headphones (popcorn)


Yes, definitely mate! Keep a look out for it! Surely it’ll do better than the cold deals you’ve posted 👌🏽

SONOS Subwoofer - £100 off £599 at SONOS
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
I know this is also avaliable via Amazon but this is an option for anyone that would prefer to purchase directly from SONOS.

Don’t understand how this gets heat, with £100 off, but the play base doesn’t with £150 off :/


Got the full set but if I remember correctly I paid 599 at Currys last year so not a deal really


Got to agree .great product huge price .Even refurbs are normally 550. Unfortunately these will go back to 699, soon.


I still find this expensive, I have a lot of Sonos products already but even at £599 I just cant justify this for a Sub even though I know the quality is there. Good find though op.


I’m invested in sonos heavily but even with the discount the sub is still too much imo. I would like to see it price at £400 and then I would jump

Sonos Sub refurbished £549 @ Sonos
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Most of my deals go cold. This might be useful to someone if in the Sonos audio environment and don’t want to shell out the full amount for the sub.

A 5.1 setup. Not Sonos.




Is it just in black?


Awesome just got the sub in black,Thank’s stitch123 ,you wouldn’t have a link to a refurb beam


If this is in your kitchen then what is in your living room?

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Sonos - Late Summer Promo - Save £39 on 2 x Sono Ones - Save £100 on Sub
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Sonos - Late Summer Promo - Save £39 on 2 x Sono Ones - Save £100 on Sub
Put on a blockbuster in the living room, the song of the summer in the kitchen, and a cool podcast in the bedroom. Or play the same thing throughout your whole home. For a limite… Read more
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Cant diagree with you on the multi room audio for music quote....we have Sonos in every single room in our home and its uses multiple times every single day. I simply cannot fault it.. That said, there are some fantastic deals on all in one HT pacakegs nowadays for just a few hundred pounds and this example has all HD audio formats covered and only Atmos missing (which isnt essential for most anyway)...this one is incredibly well priced and there are lots of options between £200 and £1000 and anywhere from £500+ would give the Sonos setup a run for its money


All very true. You do get flexibility with Sonos speakers, but that's only going to be useful with the 5.1 setup if you have a place for the speakers to sit. I've wired my surrounds into the walls so if I decided to move them somewhere else I'd have to patch it up. Having had entry-level 5.1 dedicateds previously (and anything below £2k in HT is realistically entry level), I agree that they will sound better than a Sonos 5.1 system for HT, but for music the Sonos system sounds a lot better though for the exact same reasons (less separation of sound).


The Play:1 can be had for pretty cheap now. They're a good entry point for a couple of speakers. I'm using Home Minis around the house so waiting for the Sonos integration with those. I persisted with Chromecast Audios for a while but they were just too unreliable and clunky to use. Sonos just worked. They might have improved since though.


This is a deal but not really anything ro budge me. I am gonna wait it out. If it never drops then I will be doing myself a favour by not buying it.


Sonos is a long term buy in...Im up to 16 devices now but thats over many many years. In truth its not cheap but good kit rarely is nowadays. That being said, for me personally, the Home theatre stuff (Playbase/Playbar/Beam plus two Play 1s/One's and a sub) is incredibly expensive for what you HD audio, no DTS and all to move away from a few extra wires whilst requiring power sockets for all speakers anyway. For les than the price of a Beam and a Sub you can get a great quality amp and speaker package that will blow away any Sonos home theatre set. You can get deals on Sonos kit just need to find the right dealers....these guys have a few decent discount and every now and then drop the Sub or Playbar/Base down to £600...just need to keep an eye out. All Sonos edealewrs are doing the same posted deal and Richer Sounds even do a 6 year guarantee on all of their Sonos a good place to buy from for sure

15% off Sonos just create a playlist
Refreshed 9th JunRefreshed 9th Jun
just create a playlist and email to yourself to receive a 15% discount from sonos Blurb: Bond with Dad (No camping gear required.) You don’t have to trek into… Read more

A company that outsources aspects of customer services is guilty of poor customer service in my opinion. I've rarely encountered such stubbornness from a company. I bought the item in good faith that I would get the cashback.- I even checked it with sonos customer service before making the purchase. I was very disappointed. On the other point I am sure they will turn down Alexa at some point, but the first thing I did was google how to turn down the 'bong' and Alexa saying 'ok' but found that people have been complaining about this for 6 months+. I am not going to buy a product that promises to work as expected in x months time. Surely not a hard fix? If I want to turn off my hue lights with Alexa before bed I end up waking half the house !


Sonos customer service is great. The cashback is ran by a different company. You can turn the Alexa voice volume down in the latest beta version, full release coming soon. Google Assistance is coming this year too as an option instead of Alexa.


That's odd, last time round I got mine from Amazon and it wasn't RRP that I paid.


I’d be expecting the Cashback too. Fair enough not from Sonos direct but the fact it specifically doesn’t mention ‘cannot be combined with any other discount” for participating retailers makes it clear to me. It’s really disappointing when companies do this. I guess they didn’t mean offer the Cashback on top of other discounts but it doesn’t say that so they need to pay up. I like Sonos but this is poor. Good luck.


Hi yes I’ve been debating this with them all day and they have been amazingly stubborn. They have got me so mad I’m returning mine and will look at alternatives. I am new to sonos but they seem a poor company. No google integration and no way of turning down volume on Alexa (so it yells at me at night if I ask it to turn off lights). I try to steer clear of companies with poor customer service.

Audible now available for Sonos (again) + 2 free credits for new users
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Audible now available for Sonos (again) + 2 free credits for new users
Not a deal but I have been waiting for this for ages and totally missed the email sent by Sonos last month. From today, you can enjoy the world’s largest selection of audiobooks o… Read more
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Yes, that's right.


Excuse my ignorance, but how do the free credits work for Audible? Do "two free credits" = 2 free audiobooks?


I think this was posted already, have some heat anyways!!

Sonos Sub - Refurbished - from Sonos website - £549
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Decent price for Refurbished Sonos Sub if anyone looking for one . New is £699 in most places . Not sure how’s Refurbished ones will turn up as I just ordered one looks like only b… Read more

I think I now understand what you mean, but of course a stereo pair can have the volume adjusted on one of the speakers by simply adjusting the 'Balance'.


No if you pair in stereo rather than just group two you can’t vary the volume on one of the two only the two as a collective. If you group two separate speakers instead of running a pair in stereo you can adjust the volume of each independently from each other which I find necessary as we have an open plan living room and dining room. One is in each room in opposing corners so if sat in one room we want the other rooms louder to compensate and vice versa


Not sure what you mean 'you can't then independently adjust volume' any zone (Stereo pair or Mono) can have the volume adjusted. Are you meaning a Play 5 Gen1 and Play 5 Gen2 Stereo paired...I don't think I'd do that.


No purely because you can’t then independently adjust volume on them then but I have tried it for testing quality and they do sound awesome in stereo


What's the alternative to sonos for a wireless setup? I'm currently a sonos user and thinking of investing in the sub for some bottom end but it's possibly also a time to look any alternatives around the same price point if not cheaper before I make the leap for the sub?

Sonos Play 1 (certified Sonos refurbished) £119 @ Sonos
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
I couldn't see that this had been posted before and I'd never noticed it on the Sonos website. Play 1 (not One) refurbed by Sonos, with the usual 2 year warranty and 100 day retu… Read more
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Bought a refurbished one, came yesterday. Cannot tell that it is a refurbished looks brand new, even has that new smell! Thanks op


Wow finally, that's been a long time coming, thanks for the heads up. Now that we have audible, I can highly recommend the Sonos system!!


Audible now available


Ordered less than two days ago arrived today from the Netherlands super fast delivery


Got my new white play 1 today. Thank you all that helped. And good luck to all who are still trying to order.

20% Cashback on sonos purchases.
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
20% Cashback on sonos purchases.
I haven’t quite figured out if you need to buy one product to get 20% off another or if you can simply claim 20% off your initial purchase but 20% off doesn’t look too bad. It seem… Read more

Peter Tyson (Authorised Dealer) has some great prices on Sonos products. I got a Black Playbase and a Black One for £818 (rrp £898) plus the maximum cashback of £160. White Playbase even cheaper!


Does any one have a code I could use? Many thanks


And... playbar ordered.


I bought a speaker on Black Friday in the eligible period.


Did you have buy the speaker first or did you get the code before?

Sonos One x 2 for £349 at
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Sonos One x 2 for £349 at
Valid until 4th April 2018, or whilst stocks last from Start and control your music with your voice, with Amazon Alexa built right in.Fill two … Read more
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Me too ;( ;( ;( ;( (fierce)


Just missed the glitch too!


I have the Sonos One and the Echo Dot, the Alexa on Sonos doesn’t have the full functionality of the dot e.g messaging or voice calls but it is improving. The recent update improved the mic ability so she can hear you much better and now she also plays Flash briefings and most importantly for the kitchen, the timer works.


​yes it is as you still use the Alexa skills as you would do on the dot or echo


Do these speakers give full access to alexa? Is it essentially the echo but with added Sonos abilities?

Save £49 on two Sonos Ones - £349 @ Sonos
Found 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
Save £49 on two Sonos Ones - £349 @ Sonos
£49 off when you buy two Sonos Ones direct from Sonos. Normally £199 sonos will reduce price when you purchase two of the new Sonos One speakers with Alexa built-in from the Sonos… Read more

same with 10 percent currys shame I want them for £150


Same price I believe in curry’s at the moment for the new Ones... should be be able to get 10% off also


This is a good deal - but classic sub zero fodder for HKUD types sadly. Heat from me.


Ye me too. Got three delivered this morning. Happy Days


I was lucky enough to get these from Currys yesterday and have them set up already!

£50 off - PLAY:1 (£149, Usually £199) and PLAY:3 (£249, Usually £299) @ SONOS
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
£50 off - PLAY:1 (£149, Usually £199) and PLAY:3 (£249, Usually £299) @ SONOS
£149£19925%Sonos Deals
PLAY:1 (£149, Usually £199) PLAY:3 (£249, Usually £299)
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Did some more research, for anyone that is considering purchasing Sonos one, it doesn't replace the echo dot. The strap line "does everything that Alexa does" is only true in a legal sense! Apparently, the intercom and phone functions are "echo" functions and not supported. The flash briefing (news) doesn't work yet and the support for music services like Spotify is limited. Many in the Sonos community are suggesting that the cheaper Sonos Play 1 and an echo dot is a better option. BUT even this model doesn't have a wired input, so integration whin Alexa is through a skill. Peculiar as problematic , if anyone like me, anyone wants to get into the Sonos ecosystem for better expandable sound, and wants to buy the latest product to be future proof.


Definitely cold now - 10% off back on at Currys: Credit: Chanchi32


Cold. Standard price now. Could be had for £134 from Amazon a couple of days ago or from £149 from richer sounds with 6 year warranty


Agreed. A Play:1 and Sonos One can be GROUPED together as two different zones playing the same content. They cannot be PAIRED (or bonded) together as one zone in stereo (one speaker as the left, one as the right) or as part of a surround sound system with a Playbar or Playbase. Sonos may sort it out in time, hopefully. (Credit to MikeV at the Sonos community)


I think the only time they are not compatible is if you try and pair two different speakers together (I.e. a One and a play1) to create a stereo pair. I have two play1 and use them both separately in different rooms so the compatibility isn't an issue. If I buy another One I'm likely to use it in a different room. If you already have 2x play1 and were looking to buy 2 more to make them both into stereo pairs, just put the two existing ones together and buy two new Ones to pair together. Unless I have misunderstood I don't think this is a big issue.

Sonos Play 1 (£149.00) & Play 3 (£249.00) RRP reduced at
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Sonos Play 1 (£149.00) & Play 3 (£249.00) RRP reduced at
Save £50 on Play:1 or Play:3New lower price

sorry mate.. this is a deal site.. and sonos have reduced these ages ago. this price everywhere.... have to be cold....


Like you say it doesn't do it well. The voice control of music is poor, i'd rather use the app. I bought it to replace an Echo Dot but the Alexa in the Sonos One doesn't have all the features of the Dot, some Alexa skills didn't seem to work as well (eg Hue, Harmony) and the microphone is poor.


I thought it was £149 for the pair looking at picture, that would have been a deal


Dumber in the sense it has less capabilities... not that it necessarily does it well. Out of interest, why'd you send it back?


I'd say the Sonos One is the dumber one, sent mine back and bought a Play 1 instead

Save up to £100 - Play:1, Play:3, Playbase, Playbar, 5.1 Surround Sound Packages & Home Cinema Systems from £149 with possible 10% CB @ Sonos [BLACK FRIDAY DEAL]
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Save up to £100 - Play:1, Play:3, Playbase, Playbar, 5.1 Surround Sound Packages & Home Cinema Systems from £149 with possible 10% CB @ Sonos [BLACK FRIDAY DEAL]
Play:1 - £149, Save £50 Play 3 - £249, Save £50 Playbase - £599, Save £100 Playbar - £599, Save £100 5.1 Surround Sound Package with PLAYBASE and One - £1696, Save £1… Read more
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Thats shit. Same deal anywhere anyway


The soundbar / soundbase are very overrated


Plus possible 10% cashback via quidco


They only delivee in a 10 mile radius of their shop


No discount on the sub.... Booo

2 x Sonos Play 1 (black only) £298  - Direct from Sonos
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
2 x Sonos Play 1 (black only) £298 - Direct from Sonos
Free delivery, 100-Day Return Policy, Unlimited support Usual price £398 a pair - Direct from Sonos I know there are black friday deals for one which match (£149) but 0still goo… Read more

...OK? I didn't decide when to raise Sonos's prices, they did.


previous lower priced deals were when the pounds was already around 1.16 vs the EUR


Are you sure about this? I thought they'd be selling both models going forward.


If I recall correctly, they raised their prices since then, citing Brexit. So don't expect any deals to match last year.


still quite far from the <125 pounds per speaker seen at the same period last year. sales + 10% cashback via Quidco
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017 sales + 10% cashback via Quidco
Just checked the Sonos website and prices have been discounted similar to those currently on the high street. + 10% discount on Quidco available bringing the price down further if … Read more
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Looks like Sonos has been removed from Quidco? Managed to get my order in. Now expired


Says that "Sonos aren't offering cashback right now" on Quidco


Quidco tracked at ~10% for me :D


Are Sonos on Quidco??


10% cashback looks like its working now!

Found 24th Sep 2017Found 24th Sep 2017
£559.20Sonos Deals
remember the code PJ10-3SD3DTQWVP is added after you enter your name and address and it’s the next page 20 % off sonos speakers @ SONOS UK Example Below: PLAYBAR = £559.20 PLAY … Read more
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Anybody bought this and got the email code for the Amazon Echo dot discount that they don't want???


This isn’t working


Could be worth a wait. Always waiting for a Play: 2 and a Play: 4 too which are conspicuous by their absence.


But I think they will bring out versions with a built in mic so that you do not need an Echo in the same room, rather than just the software update which existing speakers will get to let them play nicely with an Echo. I am about to buy a pair of play 1s but wonder if I should wait and see