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Posted 15 May 2023

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset - £509.99 / Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle - £549.99 Delivered Using Code @ CCL Computers

£509.99£529.994% off
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From the Manufacturer:PlayStation®VR2
Discover heightened sensory and emotional experiences through revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense™ technology with intuitive controls and 4K HDR** visuals in the next generation of genre-defining games.

Escape into worlds that feel, look and sound truly real as VR gaming takes a huge generational leap forward.

Discover heightened sensory and emotional experiences through revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense™ technology with intuitive controls and 4K HDR** visuals in the next generation of genre-defining games.*

What's in the Box

PlayStation®VR2 box contents:

  • VR headset 
  • PlayStation VR2 Sense™ controller (L) / (R) with attached straps 
  • USB cable (for controller pairing and charging) 
  • Stereo headphones 
  • Three pairs of earpieces 
  • Printed materials


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  1. greg666's avatar
    To all who have a direct comparison, how does this compare with Meta Quest 2? I have purchased a PS5 a while ago but not sure if the investment will make sense at the current time? The Meta Quest 3 is suppose to come out end of the year so maybe waiting is the right thing to do?
    Kataan's avatar
    I had a Meta Quest 2 for a while. It's a nice bit of kit. I added a Kiwi head strap which made it very comfortable to wear for extended periods. When my PSVR2 arrived I was part way through playing Red Matter 2 on the Quest 2. Obviously I wanted to play with my new headset so the Quest 2 was relegated to a shelf. It's now several weeks since my PSVR2 arrived. I haven't gone back to my Q2.

    Some advantages of the Q2 over the PSVR2
    - No fiddling around to position the headset to find the visual "sweet spot"
    - It's wireless
    - Massive library of games
    - If you have spent upwards of £1,800 on a gaming PC then you can play PCVR games by connecting the Q2 via a cable.

    Some advantages of the PSVR2 over the Q2
    - The OLED display with HDR support. Looks so good. Proper blacks, not dark grey.
    - All graphical processing is handled by the PS5. This results in significantly improved graphics compared to the Q2 which is powered by a mobile phone chip. (That's assuming the game developers have taken advantage of the power of the PS5 and not just ported it from a Q2 game, in which case it will only look better because of the OLED screen and potentially faster frame rates).
    - Haptics in both the sense controllers (including the triggers) and the headset itself.

    Obviously I chose not to wait for the release of the Quest 3.
    Now that the PSVR2 is now being sold by various outlets (not just the PlayStation Store) I expect the sales figures to increase significantly. Is it worth waiting for the Q3? Who knows. For me, I have absolutely no regrets.

    I suggest you check out some of the PSVR2 videos on YouTube by Beardo Benjo. He owns multiple VR headsets and has no bias towards any particular one.
  2. cr7hg's avatar
    Anyone that had a motion sickness with a first one tried 2nd one? What is it like? Shame there's no places to try them before buying
    andy_spoo's avatar
    I had slight disorientation with the first couple of game trys, but not since. I find the smooth movement option a lot easier to deal with (as it seems more natural) than the usually default option of a 'jump' / 'quick' move when rotating/moving left or right. It's supposed to be the other way around, i.e. the jump rotation is supposed to stop people being sick.
    A friends son tried it and he instantly fell sick and just would not try it again!
    I'm in my 50's and he's just about 30. You'd think a younger person could handle it better!?
    Trying it in a shop might not help, as Ian Hickton from Eurogamer says 'you need to get your VR legs', meaning you need to play a few relatively slow games to get used to it before you go to a fast pasted run around shooter (as an example).
    As long as you do NOT use a digital code that came with PSVR2 then you should be able to return it when buying it online because of UK distance selling laws. I know that Sony refused to take back units when people has used the game code, so buy another game first and decide you like it before using any code.
  3. hellachloe's avatar
    Same old rubbish low budget indie games with the once in a blue moon 1st party title isn't enough for me to want to invest £500 in a headset. Wish VR wasn't so niche. (edited)
    81980085's avatar
    I think VR will always be niche. I'm surprised Sony even made a version 2.
  4. Sieja's avatar
    can give 300 for a hardware without software. Only two big games are designed for vr2, gt7 and horizon where in 80% of the game you just climbing all the time and you can see nice landcapes. U fighting in a circle, and you cant move, generally quite overrated title. Sony released vr2 without good games, im not suprised why they struggling with it. New F1 2023 will be not compatible with ps vr2, when is compatible with all others vrs which supporting pc connection.
    Frostie5's avatar
    why is it not compatable with new f1 ☹️
  5. Splurge1803's avatar
    I think i'll wait until it goes down still, here's hoping Sony announce more games for it.
    g8spur's avatar
    I don't get the no games logic. I've had it since launch and have barely played a non VR game. Resident Evil Village, GT7, Pistol Whip, Pavlov and now Walkabout Mini Golf. All amazing.
  6. Buttmonk3y's avatar
    Got one on release and absolutely love it.
    Already some great games out for it with plenty more coming.

    Like most, fingers crossed for HL: Alyx but if it never comes, I'll still be happy with my purchase.
    JubilantPigeon's avatar
    It'll never come. Valve have been big into PC VR since day one, they've got a PC VR headset, so I'd be beyond surprised if they decided to port their showcase VR game to a major competitor's platform.
  7. kyeung's avatar
    This is clearly not selling well. By Christmas will be 400 - 500 with more games included. I'm so glad I did not preorder this at launch, drop in price already in only a few month I would be fuming
    g8spur's avatar
    Funny though how the people who own them since launch are incredibly happy ands it's only the people who don't own them complaining about lack of games and value etc. (edited)
  8. Noddydog's avatar
    I’ve got the PSVR (previous gen) and have most of the top titles. Sadly (for me at least) VR is one of those things where the spectacle and initial experience is the big draw. For a while that makes it worthwhile….but only for a while. If you like playing games for hours on end where there’s more invested in the narrative and gameplay (opposed to the development budget going into the mechanics and spectacle of the VR), then VR is likely to disappoint. There are (and will be) the odd VR game that is the exception to this, but based on the PSVR library, they are likely to be quite rare. (edited)
  9. DazLFC's avatar
    Thinking this might drop sub £500 by Black Friday
  10. ashtonjazz's avatar
    I had PSVR1. Barely played it.
    I bought PSVR2 after the Gran Turismo VR positive reception. All I can say is, it’s worth every penny for that game alone. I probably played more PSVR2 in the first week, than I ever did the PSVR1 across years.
    I tell my mates Gran Turismo VR is one of the pinnacles of gaming. And before this I wasn’t even a massive racing gamer.
    I did purchase a steering wheel as well.
    Unfortunately, with VR, it’s very hard to show people what they’re missing out on as videos do it no justice. But I justify the price to my wife by saying it’s like having an actual racing circuit and car in the back garden at a fraction of the price
    Snyper83's avatar
    Totally agreed. I have played 2/3 of Horizon and that is decent when you get the right settings too. For GT7 can you recommend a wheel please? 
  11. reggie_gimmix's avatar
    Reason I haven't bought the PSVR2. I had PSVR1. I did have a decent library of VR games (about 30)... many of which I never got round to playing much at all as I have a big game library. I was hoping most would be playable on the VR2 headset or would be patched or updated or something. So I sold my PSVR1 and move controllers etc..., but it turns out only a few have been updated for VR2. So I'm stuck with a library of games I never got round to playing on VR1 and can't play on VR2. In the end I recently purchase another PSVR1 headset from ebay. Maybe when I've done those VR games, the VR2 price will have dropped and I'll get it cheap then... at present it's just not worth me splashing out another £500 for it. If more games were compatible I'd have bought it at launch. (edited)
  12. MrSwitch's avatar
  13. BluHazard's avatar
    Bought the PS4 VR, wires and crappy Indy games. Not worth the hassle, bought the oculus and again not that great. Good for a day or 2 but soon gets boring.
    Floaty arms and crap movement.
  14. Beermonsteruk's avatar
    Doesn’t include the horizon game!
    sohailh1984's avatar
    Recheck the heading - it’s £549.99 with the game
  15. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    450 with a game and ill buy, guess ill be waiting a while
    hassaan's avatar
    400 is the bitting point for me i really wanna get into vr
  16. chumpyman's avatar
    Thanks op. ordered. went with top cash back too.
  17. dealhunter6k's avatar
    Sticking to my MQ2 as they've introduced a "lying down" mode, which is really why we all wanted VR. Can't recommend it enough.
    DonnyBrago's avatar
    I've been pondering what you mean by this.

    Do you mean you game lying down or is this a uh... Reference to some personal activity.
  18. paulj48's avatar
    only game I play on my version 1 is Beat Sabre and thats not even relesed yet on this.
    Kataan's avatar
    I really don't miss Beat Saber on my PSVR1 since I bought Synth Riders on the PSVR2.
  19. AegonT's avatar
    How much better is this over the psvr1, is it worth the upgrade?
    acmalix's avatar
    Huge upgrade in terms of tech no doubt.

    Few issues though; If you were feeling nauseous after using the 1st gen for a short period then expect this to heighten greatly as the fidelity really puts you in the game with the graphics upgrade.
    There’s not much in the way of backwards compatibility for your older games and also not that many games to warrant it for most people. So say if for example you’ve spent hundreds of pounds building up a VR library for PSVR, only a handful of those games have been upgraded to let you play them on PSVR2. Beat Saber been the most popular.

    But yeah, no doubt about the tech. If you’ve never had a VR system it’s ideal. Don’t think it’s selling all that well though reading a few different articles so I reckon it’ll get cheaper.
  20. DJ.Mole's avatar
    Il get it at £100
    Ianm's avatar
    Yup roll on the year 2030
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