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Arthur C.Clarke - Rendezvous With Rama (Kobo EPUB/Kindle Edition) - 99p @ Kobo/Amazon (+10.5% Kobo TCB)
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Also @ 99p: Arkady & Boris Strugatsky - Roadside Picnic https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/roadside-picnic-3 Ursula Le Guin - The Dispossessed https://www.kobo.com/gb/en… Read more

City and the Stars is his best imo. Hot tho...


If you get the Kindle edition you can add the audible to most of these very cheaply


Superb book. Every sci-fi fan should read this.


Try and not read it in one sitting, the twist at the end, if I can call it that, is brilliant.


I already has it. But haven't read it yet.

Kobo Clara HD eReader, 6" Illuminated Touch Screen £79.99 @ Kobo + 8.4% TCB
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Kobo Clara HD eReader, 6" Illuminated Touch Screen £79.99 @ Kobo + 8.4% TCB
If anyone missed out on the Clara HD deals over the weekend it seems Kobo forgot to put the price back up. 4p more expensive than the John Lewis deal and no 2 year guarantee but To… Read more

Think I realised what I've done I've loaded PDFs onto it, I must have converted every single book to pdf and although ok they are not great to read as the text isn't that unjustable on a pdf. converted them to epub and now I can play with the different fonts and sizes and makes it alot more enjoyable to read from.


Difficult to say whether it's a problem given you've not owned an reader previously. Ereaders in general are slower to refresh compared to other technologies however the page turns on this device are quick, certainly no slower than a Kindle. Have you tried a book purchased from the store? It's maybe possible that the stuttering could be caused by the way the books have been converted? Try Calibre again perhaps, otherwise get in touch with Kobo and ask for an exchange in case it is a dud device. Retailers such as John Lewis and Currys will have Kindles in store if you want to compare the page turns between the devices.


Shouldn't lag, my Kobo Aura from 3 years ago swipes fine. You updated the firmware by WiFi? How many books did you load onto it?


hows everyone getting on with there kobo, i got mine today, ive loaded some books, i actually a bit disappointed ive not owned a ereader before but its a bit slow and stutters from page to page. is this just the way the are, im tempted by maybe the kindle would be the better option, maybe im expecting too much


waiting on delivery of mine. ive converted all my kindles using another up as i couldnt work out the calibre so i havent found if this new program worked, when i try it i will report back as it was free and literally a drag and drop

Altered Carbon - Richard Morgan (Kobo EPUB/Kindle Edition) - 99p @ Kobo/Amazon (+10.5% Kobo TCB)
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Altered Carbon - Richard Morgan (Kobo EPUB/Kindle Edition) - 99p @ Kobo/Amazon (+10.5% Kobo TCB)
Four hundred years from now mankind is strung out across a region of interstellar space inherited from an ancient civilization discovered on Mars. The colonies are linked together … Read more

Compared to the book even below average


Is this the t.v show with James purefoy in?


This is a very very good book / series. Far superior to the TV show. Heated.


Felt the book was far superior to the tv show. Much more of a noir detective story. Plus the sister being basically a ninja??? Paid about £10 for this 5 years ago... Grr...


Fan of his since watching The Killing. Robocop remake was OK. Found the Netflix transition of this very good and refreshing

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Sea of Rust - C. Robert Cargill (Kobo EPUB/Kindle Edition) - 99p @ Kobo/Amazon
Found 7th Oct 2018Found 7th Oct 2018
Sea of Rust - C. Robert Cargill (Kobo EPUB/Kindle Edition) - 99p @ Kobo/Amazon
Fast paced post apocalyptic wild west robotic romp, what's not to like?!

Is this where they keep old Ford's? Lol

Rakuten Kobo - 1st Audiobook free. (old customer reminder)
Found 27th Sep 2018Found 27th Sep 2018
Rakuten Kobo - 1st Audiobook free. (old customer reminder)
I got some free books from Kobo a while ago and never really touched the app/website since. They have since started audiobooks and found I hadn't claimed my first free audiobook. … Read more

Rakuten took our movie credits back so I’ll get a free Audiobook (lol)

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Kobo Aura Edition 2 - Which? best buy - £ 79.99 with free shipping , was £99.99 @ Kobo
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Kobo Aura Edition 2 - Which? best buy - £ 79.99 with free shipping , was £99.99 @ Kobo
Discover a simple and natural eReading experience with Kobo Aura. Get lost in your story on the 6” Carta E Ink touchscreen that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold for hours read… Read more
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Thanks! Grabbed one at John Lewis


Anyone knows how to enable google play and 3rd party android apps on the Kobo aura editions 2 ? Just got my mom one, and there is an android app i need to install which has her favourite books Thanks!


Kindle offers better hardware for the money although has the Amazon restrictions. It's the typical printer ink, shaving kit selling model. I like Kobo but would not get this particular model or a 6" in general, just too small. The Kobo Aura One at 7.8" and 300 DPI is nice but has been 200 quid forever, the price needs to come down.


Just to add - it comes with a 2 year manufactures warranty


It looks like John Lewis have the same price. This includes their 2 year guarantee Good video review from the guys at Goodereader. They also have a comparison video with the Kindle Paperwhite 3 ( watch?v=2YCcmwavzDM )

Black Friday Deals at Kobo Up to 90% Off
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
Black Friday Deals at Kobo Up to 90% Off
Up to 90% Off at Kobo in their Black Friday event.
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Go onto the Goodreads website. Select the genre you like and you will find lots of book reviews. Hope that helps.


Can anyone recommend me some good reads in the sale?


You can use Calibre on PC and Mac to convert between Amazon and Kobo formats


Deal is on the books. You can get a free app from them to read the books.


Pointless.Only their oldest ereader.has 20 off, which is more.expensive and worse than Kindle and I hate Kindle. Nothing on Aura One. What is the.deal exactly?

Kobo Aura Edition 2 - Ereader with backlight- Free shipping! £79.99 kobobooks
Found 22nd Mar 2017Found 22nd Mar 2017
Kobo Aura Edition 2 - Ereader with backlight- Free shipping! £79.99 kobobooks
A very good ereader and a good alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite. Supports amost every ebook file type. Usually £99.99 but is on offer with 20% discount.

11.5% topcashback


Fan of Kobo hardware, but their customer support is DIRE. Own three Kobo's in the house, but any future buys I'm switching to Amazon.


I have the first version and prefer it to my latest generation paperwhite. The screen is nicer, there is no frame as such (front is flat with no lip and the screen light is even, unlike the kindle. Pity you can't download kindle books directly to it without faffing around with calibre.


I have both Kobe and kindle,to me the different is kobo you can access the Canadian library all books for free and use Pocket,kindle you got the Amazon resource and kindle email push function,hope this can help someone x


what's the life span on these, reading a lot of reviews of the paperwhite giving up around the 2 year mark?

Kobo Aura Edition 2 Ereader £79.99 with free shipping at Kobo
Found 17th Dec 2016Found 17th Dec 2016
Kobo Aura Edition 2 Ereader £79.99 with free shipping at Kobo
£99.99 elsewhere at the moment so 20% off. Not a bad deal and reviews are not terrible. It has a 6" Carta E Ink touchscreen, 1024 x 768 resolution 212 ppi, with night light glow t… Read more

I have a Kobo arc 10, with Android kitkat, but there is poor software support and no updates, not sure how it will fair on these devices, but it's something to consider before purchasing!


Hope you got your Kindle from JohnLewis for the 2-yr warranty, Amazon aren't interested in fault repairs if you've had your device more than 1 year. Own experience.


At more than twice the price? That's quite a budget stretch...


I'd go with the Kobo Aura One if your budget will stretch


What did the retailer say? Assuming you didn't buy directly from Kobo. Onus is on them to prove the fault wasn't there from purchase if it develops within 6 months.

Kobo Glo HD - £89.99, inc. shipping! @ Kobobooks
Found 25th Apr 2016Found 25th Apr 2016
Kobo Glo HD - £89.99, inc. shipping! @ Kobobooks
EDIT: I expired this deal because it was supposed to end yesterday. However, the Kobo site is still showing it as active for whatever reason! Kobo have just dropped the price of … Read more

​That's a fair enough point. I think, ideally, if people remove DRM from library books, it shouldn't be to share more widely. And if you're not doing that, then you're risk free. All the same, I condone this practice when you've actually bought the book. As for libraries shutting down - I fear it becomes inevitable as soon as digital media becomes easy, and capitalism gets its hooks into the physical equivalents (which it has). If people really valued physical books but found them too expensive to buy and keep, I think we'd still have many libraries.


Thanks for the heads up! Been wanting to replace my broken old first generation Kindle for a while now. This looks great.


My understanding is that when you are "lent" a library book, they watermark it in some way that even if you remove the DRM it is still easy to tie back to you. I don't know how and it's entirely possible that it is just a rumour they are happy to allow, but I kind of hope it is true and that people don't take the 'pee', because with libraries all over the country shutting down, this could be another nail in their coffin. Here endeth my sermon :p


​ I haven't looked into it before, so just did some research. Seems it's perfectly possible: https://www.kobo.com/help/en-US/article/4349/borrowing-an-ebook-from-a-public-library As long as the library uses the OverDrive system, which it seems most in fact do. So yes, you can :) Alternatively, though, I would probably just strip the file of the DRM and then you can convert or transfer it anywhere/anyhow you want. And then, if you didn't want to feel like a pirate, you could delete it when you're done :)


So these can borrow ebooks from a library, unlike Kindles?

The Dreamshifters: Parallel One by Harry Dayle - Free eBook @ Kobo
Found 28th Jan 2016Found 28th Jan 2016
The Dreamshifters: Parallel One by Harry Dayle - Free eBook @ Kobo
Book 1 of the The Dreamshifters Trilogy. Have you ever had a dream so vivid it felt real? Maybe it was real. Maybe you are a dreamshifter. Jessica Kayne is an ordinary girl who w… Read more

It's free on Amazon kindle too!


thanks - always nice to have a freebie (why anyone would vote cold on a free book is a bit beyond me!)

{E Reader} KOBO GLO HD free delivery £89.99 from kobo store
Found 10th Dec 2015Found 10th Dec 2015
{E Reader} KOBO GLO HD free delivery £89.99 from kobo store
Bought this because all those ''self-help'' ebook torrents I have been hoarding over the years were a pain to read on a backlit screen, Kobo is more friendly for sideloaded books t… Read more
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No, they are probably saying that just because Malaysian airline crashed, doesn't mean air travel is not the safest form of travelling statistically.


40% success rate. I love when you say you've had an issue with a brand then someone pipes up that they haven't, as if that means I'm talking ****.


Had mine for the best part of 4 years - no problems with it.....


Both the Kobos I own are still going strong, after more than 2 years use travelling around the country and abroad. mike


I've had 3 kobos die within 2 years, crap brand.

happy readers ebook From McDonalds
Found 27th May 2015Found 27th May 2015
happy readers ebook From McDonalds
The code for the new horrid Henry happy meal happy readers ebook is 324535. Enjoy! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. ++++++++++++++++++ code gets the The Famous Five By Enid B… Read more

788323 for the great mouse plot


Angry birds book is 375722


Yep, Batman code doesn't work for me either, gives error. Adventure Time is same as I have on HM box and works fine.


Batman code isn't working for me, anyone else got a different one? Thx


adventure time book is 582477

Wanted Man [A PC Heckenburg Short Story] Free Ebook @ kobo store
Found 4th May 2015Found 4th May 2015
Wanted Man [A PC Heckenburg Short Story] Free Ebook @ kobo store
Get back to where it all started in this race-against-the-clock short story, as a young PC Mark Heckenburg tackles the first in a long line of very bad criminals… Including an extr… Read more
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Heat Added .... ALso Free Here As Well Op :) A Wanted Man [A PC Heckenburg Short Story] [Kindle Edition] http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wanted-Man-Heckenburg-Short-Story-ebook/dp/B00U1K18X2/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1430765866&sr=1-2&keywords=Wanted+Man

The Husband's Secret - eBook - 99p from Kobo RRP £5.49
Found 27th Feb 2015Found 27th Feb 2015
The Husband's Secret - eBook - 99p from Kobo RRP £5.49
I have a Nook eReader and I'm always on the look out for cheap ebooks as I'm loathe to pay full price for them. Been on the look out for Liane Moriarty's, 'The Husband's Secret'.… Read more
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I'm sure between you and your husband, you'll figure it out. Two heads are better than one!


Still no joy. I bought it at 99p anyway and it's there waiting to be transferred but I got so far and gave up, I already had a massive headache and couldn't even look at the screen anymore. So my husband has said he will give it a go when we have a quieter moment, isn't it annoying how 10 year old kids can do these kind of things with their eyes shut and at 41 I'm stuck in the dark ages, mind you I'm a mean shopper on the Internet, it doesn't affect me when there's a new pair of boots at stake.


It's back to £3.61 for kindle on amazon. I wasn't quick enough :-(


Let me know how you get on!


Brilliant book

happy readers ebook
Found 29th Nov 2014Found 29th Nov 2014
happy readers ebook
This is the code for the new happy meal happy readers book that can be downloaded for free via kobo and read on the kobo app. My daughter has several of these books on her kobo ap… Read more

731289 for the Roald Dahl.. The magic finger book


364892 for tge hotel transylvania books


751236 for the superheroes book


152293 for the Team Hero/ fairy book


How do I find the pokemon books they're not showing up in the results.

Kobo Aura H2O WATERPROOF e-reader £139.99  @ Kobo
Found 3rd Oct 2014Found 3rd Oct 2014
Kobo Aura H2O WATERPROOF e-reader £139.99 @ Kobo
WATERPROOF e-reader Great invention for reading in the bathtub :)

great idea but a bit steep!


its cheaper than the voyage.


And still to dear at that!!


only £139.99 in argos

Free kobo childrens ebook
Found 26th Sep 2014Found 26th Sep 2014
Free kobo childrens ebook
Download free Kobo ebook Scooby Doo with voucher code726629

Thanks dude! if only there were more books which were free.


thanks :-)


Thanks guys, link updated :)


Hi it is for Haunted Halloween


Looks to be Scooby-Doo! A Haunted Halloween

Free The Famous Five - Five and A Half-Term Adventure ebook @ Kobo books
Found 3rd Jun 2014Found 3rd Jun 2014
Free The Famous Five - Five and A Half-Term Adventure ebook @ Kobo books
Code is 732738 - code should be generic as was on three other boxes and all the same Expires 17th June :) George's dog Timmy sniffs out an adventure when he spots some suspiciou… Read more
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Didn't work for me Probably each code work 50 or 200 times.


Redeemed fine for me - thank you. Voted Hot


It's telling me that Kobo is unable to apply the discount code. Anyone found a way to get it to work? It'd be a steal!

Free fashion eMagazines & eBooks from Kobo Books when you download the Kobo app
Found 29th May 2014Found 29th May 2014
Free fashion eMagazines & eBooks from Kobo Books when you download the Kobo app
Free 14 day subscription to several Fashion eMagazines such as ELLE, Vogue, InStyle, Bazaar or contemporary eBooks when you download the Kobo Books app on your smartphone! There a… Read more
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