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Tesco is one of the giants of British retail and one of the world's largest grocery retailers. With over 3,500 stores in the UK alone, the company has become a household name over its almost 100-year history. Here at hotukdeals, we collect all of Tesco´s worthwhile deals on a dedicated merchant page. Read more

All Tesco Deals, Discounts & Sales for September 2019

Spontex Sponge Scourers 20pk - £1.00 / Were £2.00 @ Tesco
02/10/2019Expires on 02/10/2019Posted 6 h, 0 m agoPosted 6 h, 0 m ago
20pk £1.00 was £2.00
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Baileys Almande 70cl Dairy Free Vegan Almond Drink - £5.00 @ Tesco Instore (Saxmundham)
Posted 8 h, 26 m agoPosted 8 h, 26 m agoLocalLocal
Baileys Almande Dairy Free Almond Drink 70cl Reduced from £20.00 to £5.00 Found in Tesco Saxmundham Could be store specific but hope this helps someone.
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Alpro almond milk and whiskey. (lol)


Lovely stuff!! I'm told it's a bit more watery than standard Baileys, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I liked it.. I don't do dairy though, so it's this Baileys or no Baileys. I'm sure the 4 bottles I drank over xmas and new year were around £16 a pop.


Hm....going by what you and @8ANNED have reported, it seems it’s probably only worth trying at such a low price (if at all). I’ll see if I can nab a cheap bottle to settle my curiosity.


Local only?


It is avery weak taste and not much thicker than milk I wouldn’t buy again, nothing like the regular

Bernard Matthews Turkey Steaks 200G - 75p @ Tesco
01/10/2019Expires on 01/10/2019Posted 8 h, 29 m agoPosted 8 h, 29 m ago
Chopped and shaped turkey coated in breadcrumbs Best ever crumb Pack size: 200g
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These are a few of my favourite things


Tried some today. Totally bland tasting, no flavour at all really




Preach it! Food of the gods.


Lipz n rsoles

Whitley Gin £8.25 instore @ Tesco (Rugeley)
Posted 10 h, 26 m agoPosted 10 h, 26 m ago
Tesco (rugeley)
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Anyone know if this is just store specific?


I heard that 3 years ago (lol)


The Blackberry gin is absolutely delicious!


Oh dear, sorry you didn’t enjoy! I know the taste will be subjective but IMO the rhubarb taste is there but not overpowering. It just gives a nice edge with a touch of sweetness. I drank mine with ice. Lovely. What’s your verdict on the rhubarb and ginger gin


It's because summer is over.

Lots of Method Products reduced in price at Tesco - Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner Now only £2 (Save 1/3)
TODAYTODAYPosted 14 h, 36 m agoPosted 14 h, 36 m ago
Method Kitchen Cleaning Spray Clementine 828Ml Hello, we're method. We are people against dirty®. In your hand, you hold the power to join us in the good fight. The fight to ma… Read more

Thanks OP, love these products. It's worth checking out Prime Now if you have access, They have a lot of these products reduced to £2 and also on their "Buy 5 get £5 off, Buy £10 get £10 off" and "3 for 2". Downside being you have to pay the £3.99 delivery, or get your order total up to £40 for free delivery. You can just top it up with Amazon gift cards and apply them to your own account for later use.


There's madness in this method... :{


60p cashback at the moment on green jinn too!

San Pellegrino 6x330ml Sparkling Orange, Lemon, Blood Orange £2.65 with Tesco Clubcard £3.79 without @ Tesco
02/10/2019Expires on 02/10/2019Posted 16 h, 13 m agoPosted 16 h, 13 m ago
Plus 75p cashback when using Greenjinn app San Pellegrino Sparkling Aranciata (Orange) San Pellegrino Sparkling Limonata (Lemon) San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Blood Or… Read more
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"new recipe" 😫


£2,52 in w and a further 75p off with green jinn = £1.77


They do it in the states but on everything in the store and it gets really annoying if you forget the card!


Last week - they call them Clubcard Deals


What is the deal with more expensive without a clubcard, when did that start?

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Tesco Figs Minimum 3 Pack £0.39 @ Tesco
30/09/2019Expires on 30/09/2019Posted 21 h, 16 m agoPosted 21 h, 16 m ago
Now £0.39, was £2 :D Looks like you may get 4 in a pack! Offer valid for delivery from 17/09/2019 until 30/09/2019
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I love crunchy dead wasps, yum yum


Figs will not continue to ripen after they are picked like many other fruits , so when buying figs make sure they are soft to the touch then you know the fruit is ripe and will be sweet and delicious ! The crunchy bits are seeds, not wasp parts




Bees being given the equivalent of dementia or being killed by crop spraying is well documented. If you're claiming that bees aren't harmed in non organic almond farming then you're wrong. Edit: they're called colonies I believe


Strange, but true :p Hot too (y)

Pineapple or Mango 59p each / Brocolli 39p @ Tesco
30/09/2019Expires on 30/09/2019Posted 21 h, 40 m agoPosted 21 h, 40 m ago
Starting tomorrow pineapple and mango 59p each. Also Brocolli 39p. Offer is online and instore. Tesco Pineapple 59p Perfectly Ripe Mango 59p Brocolli 39p

To point out the blindingly obvious but fresh 5 where are the other 2 and how much? :)


Soup, or smoothies too if that is your thing. best part of it lots of flavour :)


Don't waste the stalk, slice it thinly and stir fry it with chilli, ginger, soy sauce and garlic or use it to make soup!


Nah, the stalk's just as delicious ;)


Why would you waste the stalk? For me its equally as good as the flower head. Pell off the tougher outer stalk then slice it up use it stir fry or cook at the same time as you cook the rest of the broccoli.

Tesco Red Seedless Grapes Punnet 500G £1 @ Tesco
30/09/2019Expires on 30/09/2019Posted 21 h, 40 m agoPosted 21 h, 40 m ago
Nice offer starting tomorrow at Tesco :) Offer valid for delivery from 17/09/2019 until 30/09/2019
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I just bought today from lidl for 95p


unfortunately because people refuse to support local traders and shop everything in big supermarkets you just don't see any greengrocers, butchers , fishmongers .. etc anymore Sadly i see everyday people buy flowers from my local M&S or Waitrose when there is a street corner florist right outside which is much cheaper and has more selection .


Oh for the luxury of a greengrocers. A town with no greengrocer but 3 betting shops. (annoyed)


Not sweet or very nice they go mouldy after a few days ,i have bought on one occasion,never again they are tastless sacks of water & supplied to all the big supermarkets. You would be better buying them from your local greengrocer is my advice.


Not sure, how this is comparable to LIDL one, but they are on offer for 95p https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/Offers.htm?articleId=25270

Comfort Fabric Conditioner Pure White - £5.80 @ Tesco (Extra Stores Only)
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Comfort Fabric Conditioner Pure White 166 Wash £5.80 at all the big Tesco Stores in the 'Bulk Buy Section'
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It is a good deal but not all of the Tesco Extra stores have these bulk buy aisles. My nearest Tesco store is one of the biggest in the UK and they don't have it. Yet when I travel to the North West I see them in stores there


People who are quoting the prices elsewhere, please be careful as there is a 5 litre bottle which is only 45 washes but looks identical. Very sneaky by Comfort.


That's only 45 washes, this is 166 washes ;)


2 for 8 something in Costco last week .


£5 in Morrisons.

Tesco - Haribo Supermix/Starmix/Giant Strawberries/Squidglets/Tangfastic 190g - £0.85 was £1.25
02/10/2019Expires on 02/10/2019Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
190g £0.85 was £1.25
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My local Tesco does lots of yellow stickered low-cal food at night - or salads, as we Glaswegians are notorious salad-dodgers. Fast days make me a bit tired, and cold, but it's do-able. I do have treat days. Unfortunately when boyf visits, he cooks beautiful meals and eats takeaways and my willpower crumbles.


How are you not feinting? That's mad unless it's all eggs and tuna


Haribo Treat Size bags are 50p in Poundland at the moment (have been for a while, and I visited one yesterday). Picture from 30th August, but still ongoing: Haribo Sweets - Golden Bears 190g, Super Mix 190g, Balla Stixx Strawberry 160g (Argyle Street, Glasgow - but I saw Supermix in Trongate, Glasgow yesterday - nearly bought them but I'm doing 500 calorie days, boo) Edit 16th September:I can eat some tomorrow (party)


15% off sounds like a pretty 'sweet' deal to me (y)


Well, it's only 15p cheaper than some of the Haribo in Poundland, but still....

Brita  maxtra plus 6pk £15 instore @ Tesco Feltham
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th SepLocalLocal
Brita maxtra plus 6pk £15.00 - £2.50 each @Tesco
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It depends on your filter. It's not better or worst, its different sizing to fit the different filters.


Maxtra plus taste much better . Been using since last year


Are the maxtras better than the classic filters? I'm still on those.


wow have to run there so good


I thought they meant there was a Maxtra and a Maxtra plus XD I've not had my Brita long and i've just been looking for filters so I wasn't sure if there were two Maxtra's (embarrassed)

Wkd Alcoholic Mix Pink Gin Flavour 700ml  £3 Or Any 2 For £5 @ Tesco
07/10/2019Expires on 07/10/2019Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Wkd Blue 700Ml - Smirnoff Ice 70Cl - Hooch Lemon 70Cl - Hoola Hooch Passion Fruit & Mango 70Cl
Costa Dolce Gusto compatible pods were £4 now £3 @ Tesco
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Costa pods for the Dolce Gusto machines (latte, cappuccino and Americano) available now for £3 rather than £4 (25% off) dont know how long the offer is on for but cheaper than the… Read more
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I did not. I swear I bought these before and it was 6+6. Oh well shows what I know!


Unless the poster meant less as in the 16 pods when you get those without milk.


Exactly the same amount.


I like these, only problem for me with most of the pod/ capsule machines you don’t get a mug full.


says on offer between 09/09/2019 until 02/10/2019

Princes Tuna 8 cans £6 - Tesco Broughton
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th SepLocalLocal
Tesco Bulk Buy Broughton Princess Tuna 8 cans for £6. £1 saving not massive but still a good deal to stock up on Includes brine, sunflower and spring water versions :)

What a plonker, sad to come trolling on HUKD, Oh well, back under the bridge.


He’s trolling and has been on other posts


I have no idea what you are on about either?


Breaks down to 51.7p per 100g Asda currently sells a 3 pack of Princes "Sandwich" tuna (as if there is a difference) that breaks down to 52.1p per 100g. So it is not such a saving, but it is compared to Tesco's normal prices.


Tesco are local in most towns?

Bulk Buy 2x840g Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut £5.76 - Tesco Broughton
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th SepLocalLocal
Spotted Tesco Broughton in the Bulk Buy section :)

I don’t know what your referring to. I’ve posted a deal re Tesco. It’s there for people to see and decide what they want to do


Funny how my last comment got deleted.. it's not about you or i ,it's about the community getting the best deal


Well I don’t have a Costco card or know anybody with one. Plus there isn’t one even local to me so Costco isn’t even worth while to me


Yes that is true, but at nearly half the price, I'm sure there will be many that have already taken advantage of this .and let's face it,even if your not a Costco member, many people know someone who is, and it's not difficult to get a membership anyway.just comes down to if you will spend enough to save overall.after the membership.


True but this a Tesco offer so open to the public

Pro Teeth whitening kit £3 at Tesco Instore and online
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Better Than Half Price Was £9.50 Now £3.00 Offer valid for delivery from 03/07/2019 until 24/09/2019

Says sorry unavailable for me


I noticed this the other day and had a look...its worth pointing out it's a tesco own brand....but at 3 quid it's a decent price (y)

Lots of different wrigleys Airwaves and Extra gum/mints on clearance in Tesco Skegness from 44p
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th SepLocalLocal
Mainly 5 packs of gum, different flavours from 79p to 99p :) the 4 packs of mints were 44p Most were dated May next year, the mints and the black mint gum were November this ye… Read more

heard the extra mints have been discontinued at the wrigley factory ;(


Got some in Hull Store last week, i believe they are changing to 6packs so selling all the 5packs off cheap


At last - a reason to visit Skegness.......... (shock)


Sorry, forgot that bit :D this was skegvegas’ tesco


I swallowed gum the other week (embarrassed)

Mint viscount, Tasties, Toffypops, Butterkist & Party mix 50p each tesco park road Liverpool
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th SepLocalLocal
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Back in the day, a pack of viscounts and doom on the ps1,this happened most Thursday after my mum had been shopping.


Not nationwide I'm afriad


My parents used to give the dog a Mint Viscount most days :(


Very nice deals- great find, heat (y)


Good price, ok for the family but not good enough for friends :D Added Heat