Ocado discount codes

Ocado Discount Codes

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Ocado specialise in delivering food and drink, household items, clothes, toys and many more products directly to the doors of their customers. They also allow customers to make big savings via Ocado discount codes and gift cards, and their latest deals are all listed at HotUKDeals. How to redeem Ocado vouchers

All Ocado Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

-£20Take £20 off plus Free Delivery @ Ocado

Minimum spend:£80

Expires:in 12 days

Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Excludes tobacco products postage stamps infant formula the purchase of Ocado Gift Vouchers and food donations with Ocado. Other exclusions may apply. 

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-£20Enjoy £20 off plus 12 Months Free Delivery with this Discount Code @ Ocado

Minimum spend:£80

Expires:in 9 days

Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Excludes tobacco products postage stamps infant formula the purchase of Ocado Gift Vouchers and food donations with Ocado.

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30% off
30% off *New Customers* 30% off first order @ Ocado
Terms & Conditions New customers only. One first shop voucher per customer and per registered address. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher offer. Deli… Read more

Minimum spend £60.... standard discount alwasy been offered.


For some things it is expensive that’s true but for others you can get a good shop at a reasonable price. With 35% off that’s a good deal


I get this email all the time. I open it up click the link then leave it. They then weekly send me a 35% off code with free delivery for a year. Never taken the offer up as I’ve seen on here people saying it’s expensive? X

30% off
30% off 30% 0ff new customer code at Ocado plus free delivery (minimum spend £60)
Minimum spend £60 maximum reward £25. (So get get maximum reward, ISTM you should spend about £83) Use the code VOU0042734 or VOU0312427. Order by 30/12/2018. One voucher for cus… Read more

damn got this when trying to check out with the code Sorry, this voucher can't be used because some of your account info matches an existing Ocado account.


fwiw when i google it i get this voucher i have logged in a new account and buying stuff now VOU9182034


Hey! Thanks for posting this. I posted and used a similar deal exactly a year ago. I know because delivery charges have appeared on my book a delivery screen! Has anyone tried signing back up witj a new account at same address? I currently pay by paypal but could switch payment methods and maybe close old account after a while? I intend to use the gmail trick batman@gmail.com can also use batman+2019@gmail.com and year after can do batman+2020@gmail.com Has anyone tried this? Thanks!


Yup, but i found this voucher on some airline magazines, not that it makes any difference, I think their current offer expires earlier.


don't know why this would be so cold, it's a standard ocado offer

30% off
30% off 30% off your first Grocery shop at Ocado.com PLUS FREE DELIVERIES FOR YEAR
Its a massive discount of your grocery bill but you have to be a first time shopper at Ocado.com. The minimum spend is £60 and the max reward is £25, so a great saving! Its only va… Read more

Sopur order arrived today. The whole shoppong experience from when you first go on their site to checking oit and delivery ia the best i have seen.wish I could ha e imported my favourites from sainsburys as that did not work.


Hi alwayslfc , it's for 12 months from time you place first order


Heat, will be placing my first order with them


When you say free deliveries for a year? I take it that's for a full year from sign up or is it just until the end of 2018.. Sorry for my ignorance but never used thus company before. Thanks

More Info
More Info Ocado online grocery shopping. 30% off first shop + FREE deliveries for a year
30% off first shop + FREE deliveries for a year They are great value for money and have all my favourite products min £60 spend and £25 max discount

Because the foods are generally of higher quality, and for that you pay more. I especially enjoy their chorizo, its a billion times better than all other supermarket chorizo. Also their chicken is better. Etc.. Etc


I guess I'm the type that likes shopping for my food in person and find it more difficult finding what I need online, prefer it to be physically in front of me


Ocado is an online supermarket. As far as I know Lidl don't do home deliveries so there is no comparison. I personally hate groceries shopping especially with the strange-o's that shop at Lidl. Lidl do not sell many of the items I normally buy either, why would I do a separate shop? - that's time and hassle.


Why because it's quality over quantity and its delivered to your door for free......... :/


Ocado is quality for sure, plus the luxury of buying Waitrose stuff as well from the same website, I love Ocado, the delivery totes are much cleaner, the bills amongst the best in terms of detail, you get what you pay for

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30% off
30% off 30% off first grocery shopping + free deliveries for 1 year @ Ocado
QAs title, seen in a plane magazine. Code is generic and was same on all tearable vouchers. 30% off first grocery shopping (min 60 spend, max 25 discount). Spending 83.34 maximize… Read more



Thanks for posting Elbandito (highfive)


From tcs: Grocery Vouchers apply to products in the following categories: Fresh, Food Cupboard, Bakery, Frozen, Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee, Baby Meals and Finger Foods, and Toiletries. Discount does not apply to products in the following categories: Household, Pet, Kitchen & Dining, Home & Garden, Beauty & Clothing, Health & Medicines, Newsagent & Entertainment, Toys & Games, Alcohol, Non-Food Baby products, tobacco products, postage stamps, infant formula, the purchase of Ocado Gift Vouchers and food donations with Ocado.

£10 off
£10 off up to £10 off chocolate and wine @ Ocado
Not sure if it is account specific but I had an email from Ocado today Valid for deliveries 20/06/2018 to 18/07/2018 Minimum spend £40 This voucher cannot be used i… Read more

Nope no restrictions on delivery slots


Hi with the smart pass were the delivery days restricted only I have a code for 30% off first order and 12 month free smart pass but couldn't see anything in the t&cs about when the pass is for. Thanks


Worth looking out for near birthday. Thanks for posting


I think they send you one of these every year as an anniversary present. Ie a year after you joined, I usually get one every November


Just tried it - doesn't work for me ;(

30% off
30% off 30% off your first Ocado grocery shop and FREE deliveries for an entire year with a Smart Pass using code VOU8271450 @ ocado
voucher code VOU8271450 For all you T&c's fans keep reading, it'll get exciting for you ;) Here’s an offer you won’t want to miss: 30% off your first Ocado grocery shop and… Read more

Rubbish can't use with 🍺


I'm learning to take it easy...


I'd have been insulted by such an assumption/accusation 8)


Cheer's op (y) Good Post


Now I get it, you thought I'd get £20 for every person that uses the code, I bloody wish.

£55 off
£55 off £55 off your next 4 Ocado Shops (Spend = £240 Min)
For new accounts at Ocado you can make use of these 4 voucher codes to reduce the weekly shopping bill. Week 1 - £20 off a £60 shop Week 2 - £15 off a £60 shop Week 3 - £10 off a … Read more

I have an account which I have I have only used once (new customer promo). I have received this email. I assumed the codes are either unique or one use codes. Edit: Sorry didn't realise this was 4 months old - oops.


I added £61 items to my basket and used the code, it says its invalid. I contacted customer care and they said its only available for some customers - depending on ocado's liking.


Does not work on both my accounts 😡, nothing about new customers in the t&c


Yes please. PM me?


I have got 2 codes for £20 off £80 spend if anyone wants them Valid until end of March

30% off
30% off 30% OFF Your First Shop + Free Del for a Year @ Ocado min spend £60
30% OFF Your First Shop + Free Del for a Year @ Ocado Voucher code: VOU9141070 min spend £60, max reward £25

To be honest I can't give you a definitive answer, having read what I have from various Ocado punters all I got the jist of was 'new customers' who aren't actually new customers get found out as old/existing customers so won't get new customer deals.


Hi, what does this mean ("implement new customer rule most stringently")? Won't deliver paid-for order at all? Won't honour discount given? Or, once delivered, final receipt won't apply the code already confirmed at checkout? Thanks.


I got a load of them for new customers too so they hardly anything exciting, Ocado implement the new customer rule most stringently. Different email addresses, different forms of payment(even with different surnames) matter not if the 'new' customer comes from an address that already has a registered customer.


They are for new customers just to let you know If you want them please private message me Thanks :)


Hi I will have them!!!

More Info
More Info 50% off fresh products in ocado (max £25) for new customers @ Ocado
Simply register, shop online, and enter the code VOU2150897 by 11.59pm on Sun 28 Jan to get you 50% off fresh food - meat, fruit & veg etc - when you spend £60 on almost anyt… Read more

Is this a regular deal?


Minimum spend is also £60 with max discount of £25


Thanks Op (y)


Fresh food VouchersFor fresh food vouchers offering money off products, the discount will only be applied to products in the Fresh category, which includes fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish, dairy, eggs, chilled drinks and other fresh food, with the exception of Flowers and Qookit Recipe Boxes. Discount does not apply to products in the following categories: Food Cupboard; Bakery; Frozen; Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee; Baby & Child; Toiletries; Household; Pet; Kitchen & Dining; Home & Garden; Beauty & Clothing; Health & Medicines; Newsagent & Entertainment; Toys & Games; Alcohol and tobacco products; Flowers; Qookit Recipe Boxes; postage stamps; infant formula; the purchase of Ocado Gift Vouchers; and food donations with Ocado.


"when you spend £60 on almost anything across store" Which is extremely easy to do with Ocado.

£60 off
£60 off Ocado 12 months deliveries FREE with £60min spend (30% OFF) First Order @ Ocado
First, " New customers only. One first shop voucher per customer and per registered address. " (We're trying it with a different email address - no idea whether it will work) ** I… Read more

Min spend £60. **EXPIRES TOMORROW** Had our first order last week and just confirmed 5mins ago that we have the FREE Smartpass for 12 months (can order for ANY day rather than just midweek for example). Quite surprised because my other half already had a midweek SMARTpass running (expires this week; £60 wanted to renew). So 1. same house address 2. but different account holder names (sir names different) and 3. different email addresses. ** Bargain** (assuming you're happy to to pay Ocado/Waitrose prices).


Does this mean spend £60 and then get 30% off (so you spend about £40 overall)? Or does it mean you have to spend over £60 including the voucher discount (so you end up buying about £75-80 worth of stuff)?


Thanks, might give it a go if they stock the stuff I usually buy.


And it'll be a different account name too. We've been quoted for a midweek pass renewal for £55 and then spotted this. Some may feel we're cheating John Lewis Company but, every little helps. (despite their prices, delivery service has been the best of all supermarkets, though their fish and veg quality/choice is not brilliant.)


I posted a similar deal a month ago. A few days after my first order they sent me an email confirming I had the pass. Would be very interested to see if works with a different email address but same actual address! But I noticed I was able to put my parents' address in as an additional delivery place.

30% off
30% off 30% OFF your first shop (Max £25 off) at Ocado
I logged in today as been looking around for deals and before my eyes it shows up as your first shop is 30% off. Which is like their example of minimum spend of £60 and then you wo… Read more

I think it has to do with something like the delivery, I think any way.


isn't 30% of £60 in fact £18 which would make it £42 and not £35?

30% off
30% off 30% off and free delivery for a year!
New customer offer 30% off min order £60 and you get free deliveries for a full year. valid til 3rd December and says only certain postcodes. Worked for me though! :) you have to… Read more

My order been cancelled when i changed my name but tried to order for the same adress. They said my postcode already been used and it is not ok for use with new customer offer. But you can try and let us know ;)


Forgot about that will give that a go as well also i got a free gift last time.


As far as I know you can still get another fiver off by signing out of their marketing going back to the main page and it should pop up


Thank you will give it try.


Yep you just need to use a different email/phone number and maybe misspell your name

Free shipping
Free shipping 30% off Ocado and a 12 month free delivery pass (new customers only)
Well I'd never used Ocado before until I did a search and they were the cheapest on the product I needed, then I came across this deal which is pretty good! 30% off your first ord… Read more

Found the exact same offer 30% off min order £60 and you get free deliveries for a full year. valid til 3rd December and says only certain postcodes. Worked for me though! :) you have to check yours at: ocado.com/validpostcodes3


This is good, most times Ocado have deals that are better than other supermarket and their drivers are the best....


Local market men LOL.


Yep.. working


I did it that's why I posted it, it's not too good to be true it's as I've stated :)

£60 off
£60 off 25% OFF 1st order + 1 Year Free Del @Ocado
25% OFF 1st Order + Free Delivery for a Year @Ocado Min spend is £60 and expires 28.08.17 Code: VOU7617284 I shop here quite a bit and just spotted this on the homepage… Read more

How many people can use it or it is only once?


Heat thanks op! (y)


Great deal, thanks very much op.

Newest Ocado Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
£20Take £20 off plus Free Delivery @ Ocado3/02/2019
£20Enjoy £20 off plus 12 Months Free Delivery with this Discount Code @ Ocado31/01/2019
£1£1 Off Oppo Ice Cream in Ocado22/03/2019
30%*New Customers* 30% off first order @ Ocado14/12/2018
30%30% 0ff new customer code at Ocado plus free delivery (minimum spend £60)30/11/2018