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Pioneers of 3G and 4G mobile services, Three are one of the UK’s most successful mobile phone companies. Whether customers want to purchase contract or SIM only deals, or any other mobile products, they can find great discounts at the HotUKDeals Three listings. Read more

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Three 12m UNLIMITED (hotspot)data/min/txts sim now £27pm (£324) Quidco/TCB £70
LocalLocalFound 12th OctFound 12th Oct
£7pm price drop from £34, no hotspot limit, EU/Go Roam/Go Binge (£21.17 pm with cashback) It’s coming home it’s coming home, broadbands leaving home... ;) Go Roam - FREE in … Read more

Yep confirmed, did it myself last week for me and a friend


Lol he was making a joke - you don't need Go Binge on the unlimited data plan. Because... you know that you have unlimited anyway? (lol)


OP is expensive route to AYCE everything. Can alternatively achieve £19/m for AYCE everything inc unlim tether, Go Binge, etc on 12m contract via £16/m 30GB plan then in-app priceplan change (not upgrade) to £19/m AYCE everything. Possible additional benefit of cashback when initially ordering the 30GB plan.


"It’s coming home it’s coming home, broadbands leaving home" :D


It was always on there depending on Threes mood lol 4GB/8GB/12GB dependent... Jee wonder what it is now with all the Oct changes (lol) Edit: answer - 10GB on Business, 12GB Personal, 15GB Mobile Broadband

Free Upgrade to first class on Stansted Express @ Wuntu
06/11/2018Expires on 06/11/2018Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Useful if you're going to airport between now and 6.11.18 Only for THREE customers 1. Select Use now on the app 2. Book your journey 3.Enter your code and finish your booking … Read more

Happy to give both my codes for now tv pass anything kids cinema or ent


Hahaha classic customer “assistant” (lol) I cant believe she took the coffee back off you (excited)


Any spare codes plz


But nothing gives a better BO smell than a Ginsters Cornish Pasty.


....... Other pasty brands are available (highfive)

Three Sim Only offers: 100Gb Data All you can eat Mins and Text Go roam 27 countries Go binge £20pm 12 months - £240
Refreshed 9th OctRefreshed 9th Oct
100Gb Data All you can eat Mins and Text Go roam 27 countries Go binge 30Gb Data All you can eat Mins and Text Go roam 27 countries Go binge

thats an incredible speed test. wowza


Great signal for me at home. Less speed at work but i'm in a huge building more than fast enough for the internet and YT etc.


My daughter has a cap, but this doesn’t seem to apply to all countries: Despite repeatedly warning her NOT to use data in South Africa, we had to pay £44 extra for what seemed to be a few minutes of data use there


Three state the limit themselves on their own web page “ Use of your data allowance in Go Roam in Europe destinations is included subject to a fair use limit. If you have a data allowance of 15GB or more, you can use up to a fair use limit of 15GB of your data allowance (or 12GB if you’re on Pay As You Go) at no extra cost.”


These rules do not apply to frequent travellers.

Three Sim only 4GB with UNLIMITED Go Binge Netflix streaming, AYCE mins & texts 9 p/m 12 months £108
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
Three's "Go Binge" is supposed to be reserved for plans with at least 12GB data allowance. Go Binge allows unlimited Snapchat, Netflix & Apple Music. However, there is a tr… Read more

I did all this the last time and ended up with 12gb/200 mins/unlimited text for 8 quid a month.


Can somebody point me to the link to the three complaints chat


Worked for me, thank you


Worth noting that Go Binge for Netflix content it doesn't include things that are streamed in HD.


Why would you need go binge if you already have unlimited data ?

Three Advance Plan retention deal - 12GB Data, Unlimited Minutes and Text, Personal Hotspot - SIMO 12 month - £156
LocalLocalFound 5th OctFound 5th Oct
This is an existing customer deal rather than new customers so will only appeal to Three customers rather than everyone here. I called up Three with the view to leave to join iD M… Read more
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Well now it doesn't seem such a good deal




And unlimited minutes?


A lot of people claiming they are paying lower, I think not all parts of the package are probably like for like in comparison. I still do the old fashioned talking on the phone so minutes are important as well as data. Lower prices must be limited minutes even if data allowance is the same.


I tried to get this and they said £13 (comments above suggesting it’s lower??) I’m currently paying £10 for the essentials sim plan (4gb, unl mins, text) I was offered the advanced plan, 4gb data, unl min and text at £8 a month Not sure if it’s a good deal, I would prefer 12gb data for £8 but they won’t budge and say it’s not available ?

Unlimited data/minutes/texts/ Three existing customers - £18pm (18 months) Term = £324
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Just checked my three app and this was showing up. 18 a month for everything unlimited. Cracking price.
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I signed up to three a few days ago £16 for 30GB. On the app upgraded straight away £19 unlimited data


Hmm, is there any way I can get this to work for me then? I really need this deal lool


It’s not upgrades it’s the change plan option, although idk if it works from essentials to advanced plan.


Can someone please help me on how to get unlimited data+mins+texts for £18 pm? Whenever I check my 3 app for SIM upgrades it says I need to call, and when I call the person can only offer me £20 pm for 100gb+AYCE mins+texts... Im currently on ' Essential SIM 8GB data All-you-can-eat minutes - 12 months' for £12 a month


Right now I now the trick :) ,,,I've only managed get all unlimited for 18 pounds but for me it's ok. You have to speak with them on live chat. Try through 3 app. But do not mention to them about upgrade or cancellation. Tell them about a " change of plan " Like I said. It worked for me in the end. This is the link to someone who tried this first. I've only read about this method today :).

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Three removes tethering cap from 4g mobile plans
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Not sure if posted but a welcome addition Mobile operator Three UK has today quietly removed the “ Personal Hotspot ” usage caps on their 4G mobile plans, which means that custo… Read more
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Earlier in the year here in Leicester I was getting 0.75mb. Moved to a new place less than 20min walk from the old place and I'm now getting a average of 12mb.


Anybody seeing 4g+ yet ?


I believe my view to be balanced l? I’m aware not everyone is going to get good speeds, then again there are people who won’t touch Vodafone because in their view they are a god awful company with terrible customer service ( I’m also aware that this might not be the case for everyone) I’ve never used Vodafone myself so I can’t comment. I know people where I work who struggle with EE coverage and I get full strength. I’ve also got a virgin sim only and there are places I get signal with virgin and not three and the same the other way around. My point being is it’s all down to personal experience. I personally have give my 30 day notice to ditch my 450mbps fibre connection. If in a couple of months they throttle my speed because of how much data I’m using, then so be it. As I’m only paying £5 a month instead of £60 for my fibre a risk worth taking. If it doesn’t work out I’ll just take out a new contract with my landline provider.


lol "balanced view"? no offence, but just scanning through the last 2 pages, over 50% of the posts are yours... don't worry about me anyway, did as the last poster has, and took out an AYCE sim on a 1 month contract. i was planning to check the speeds over that period before i made my mind up, but there's not a chance in hell i'd take out a year's contract for my primary internet knowing that it could drop to such awful speeds, and that when it does, 3 will basically fob me off with "we aim to have it fixed today", every day, probably until my contract ends or i just bin it and move on with my life. i wish Vodafone did do unlimited deals, but then i suspect capacity is the reason they don't. i'd much rather a company was honest about what they could deliver than promise the world and deliver a service so bad that i wouldn't bother taking it if it was free.


Good option to try first.

£2 WHSmith Meal Deal OR Free Greggs Hot Drink OR £3 Bella Italia/Café Rouge/La Tasca/Belgo/Las Iguanas + Free Gym + Deliveroo £4 off @ Wuntu
TODAYTODAYRefreshed 9th OctRefreshed 9th Oct
EDIT 2: Offers extended by another week, also £4 off Deliveroo when spending £10 for 'new' users + free PayAsUGym day passes for 'new' users. EDIT: Looks like Wuntu have chang… Read more
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Why are my 👂🏿s burning?


It will expire tomorrow at 23:55, then the offers will refresh. Patisserie Valerie is back, @AW0079 will be excited if it's slices of cake!


I think it's the same amount of time.... :/


I don't get the expiry date on the Gregg's offer. it says time left to use 1day 5 hours and then below that says show staff your code expires 16.10.18 2355. so when does the code actually expire?


Free delivery if you sign up to a Deliveroo Plus 30 day trial. ;)

WUNTU -  Free Greggs Hot Drink from 10/10
TODAYTODAYRefreshed 9th OctRefreshed 9th OctLocalLocal
*Updated 10th October - same offer on tomorrow* Free Greggs hot drink with Wuntu from tomorrow, includes cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Speciality Latte (Pumpkin Spice, Caramel or… Read more
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Stop buying anything from Greggs,trust me...


they told me I could have the large one if I wanted and not have to pay anything extra. duly obliged because free is good but more free is better.


Does anyone know if you can get a large drink and pay the difference?


I tried the Gregg's Pumpkin Spice thing earlier (after hearing a lot about the Starbucks version). It tasted of nothing. I very nearly went back in and told them they'd given me the wrong drink. Strange experience.

Free A5 card from Thortful via the Wuntu app with 3
LocalLocalFound 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Yes I’ve said free but you have to pay p+p which is 70p any A5 card is in the offer, just paste your code from Wuntu in the promo box on the checkout screen. Save £3.29

Does anyone know if this has now expired, as the offer and code have disappeared from my Wuntu app? Thanks! (y)


I find that on the front page they have ‘featured pals’ with the profiles of some of the kids having an especially tough time and there’s also a TLC page so that is usually where I start. I recon any of the kids will appreciate the thought and my tip is to include the siblings in the card as they go through a tough time too and often get overlooked.


I just had a look at the 'Find Pals' page ;( Would be useful to know which ones haven't received cards yet or maybe haven't received as many.


Nope. “Free” means “at no cost”. It’s not a subjective term you can just use to make a bargain, deep discount, or nominal cost sound more appealing. Something either has no cost or it has a cost. If you were going to pay to post a card anyway and this cost you, say, an extra 20p for the card and you wanted to consider this a bargain, fair enough. That’s subjective.


That’s lovely. Will do this

Huawei p20 pro unlocked dual sim on three mobile 4gb data £29 upfront £25 per month 24 months or 8gb £28 @ Three
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
EDIT black back in stock now, more blue available on Friday according to three chat. So you can get the above deal by going to the link for three existing customers, however you do… Read more
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Received my phone today. Happy days! All made better by the efficient DPD delivery app. Told me exactly what time (within 1 hour), how far away & whom would be delivering the phone. Thanks to OP/all who replied to my posts & also DPD.


Thanks all.


You just click which one see images below


Yep , can't remember how I did it now , but from memory think it was accessible by swiping the toolbar down at the top of the screen


That’s good. Thanks Is it easy to switch between the two?

Three deal Huawei P20 Pro in Black.  12gb on Three.  £32pm + 29 up front - £797
LocalLocalFound 1st OctFound 1st Oct
I have been looking for a while for a good deal on the P20 Pro. This is the one I settled on. I have had bad experiences with EE and Vodafone, so wanting to move away from them. I… Read more

Would say you over estimate cost for 12gb on 3. £15 gets 30gb advance plan

Three Mobile retention deal - £15 for 30gb - £180
LocalLocalFound 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Just off the phone with Three and ended up being offered: 30Gb data AYCE mninutes / texts feel at home hotspot go binge for £15 a month on a 12month contract. seemed like a good … Read more

How did you manage to negotiate a contract via the live chat? they are refusing to speak to me on there & keep asking me to ring in. I rang in and the guy said the best they can do is £17pm for 30GB. Any tips? I was quite polite as well.


They offered it me for £15 with 30gb, AYCEC, AYCEM, go binge and roaming. Can't price plan change on chat if you're on an old plan like me, that's what they said. I need to upgrade.


Yes, it includes everything as it’s on the advanced plan


Does your deal include feel free at home?


Leon Perdigal red wine (75 cl) for £3 at Majestic Wine  from Three- via Wuntu
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Just visit your local for a £3 bottle for the weekend! Promotion dates: 28.09.18 only.Code expires 28.09.18 at 20:00.Get one bottle of Leon Perdigal red wine (75 cl) for £3. Off… Read more

Generic ah, oh my Wuntu That’s news to me In that case, happy wine WINology


The codes are generic guys, no one in their right mind would trade.


I can offer wine codes in trade for costa codes


Happy to trade both my codes if anyone got now tv kids or cinema pass they don’t want or not need


Nice, thanks. Sometimes Wuntu is wonderful

Unltd mins, text and 30GB data £17/month @ 3 possible £12/month after £60 Quidco cashback.
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
12 month sim only plan from 3. 12 month contract All-you-can-eat minutes and texts 30GB Personal Hotspot Go Roam Around the World 71 countries Go Binge Sounds good to me.
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Told you, bunch of bumper klutz, there a rip off


I really pushed them on the price. Ultimatum they don’t want you to leave ... I might have got it lower but £10 unlimited is just fantastic.


You were right. Got my pac code.


So far I lived in a couple of places in the UK . It was Preston ,then Oxford , then Leeds ,then Coventry and right now other town. Right ,,,,I'm with Three for nearly 10 years and I really have enough. Yes it's a long time being with them but right now I've decided to finish this journey :) speed of internet - not good. Coverage not good. They have really good deals but sadly it's not enough.


Im paying £4

Wuntu - Free Costa £2.45 gift card & WHSmiths Travel Store Free Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate + Others
Refreshed 28th SepRefreshed 28th Sep
Costa - £2.45 gift card Most likely will be on Friday 28.09.18 WHSmiths Promotion dates: 26.09.18 – 28.09.18. Code expires 28.09.18 at 23:55. Free bar of Cadbury Daily Milk… Read more
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Unfortunately I didn't have time to save my codes! Thanks for the information, next time I will make sure to save them.


for anybody interested ... I saved a few of the WUNTU PAYASUGYM codes from yesterday & tried applying one of them to a new PAYASUGYM account today & it still works so the codes do not expire after 7 days when the WUNTU offers change - they can probably by applied to an account possibly up until december 31st unless PAYASUGYM have a way of expiring them earlier manually so you have much longer to use for gym visits than if you had applied them all last week (where they would last a max of 60 days if managed carefully)


Usually they would not see your IP address, only your provider :/


Id use the tor browser to do that just in case they check IP address at registrastion its up to 60 days of gym as you have 30 days to buy a pass which then lasts for another 30 days


Ahh nice. I'm going to add them all to accounts now, month of free gym!

Samsung Galaxy A8 on Three retention deal £22 p/m free phone unlimited minutes and texts and 4 GB data
LocalLocalFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Samsung Galaxy A8 on Three retension deal £22 P/M free phone unlimited minutes and texts and 4 GB data p/m
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Good price if you can afford to pay that amount upfront


You can buy from Samsung for £299 outright. Or £199 with trade in of an old phone.



Three retentions deal - Unlimited Mins / Txts & Data £25 p/m
LocalLocalFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Call up the customer services and ask for all you can eat data. It is advertised as £27 elsewhere.
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Haha I Just been on live chat just now my other new sim plan is £13 600 minutes old sim plan is £14 200 minutes ask the person on chat to clone my £14 200 4 GB hotspot to the £13 600 minutes 30gb hotspot he was having non of it. Why do they make life so hard some times back in for round 2 tomorrow :D


I need unlimited tethering data to replace my broadband. What is up with putting restrictions on tethering makes you pull out your hair


Via Live chat. Usually just tell me to phone 333 or pop into a shop but finally sorted it 8) keep at em...


Got today for £25 I pay £29 at the moment


3 are so bloody irritating on calls though, constantly trying to flog me a phone I don't need tied to a rubbisher deal. I just don't answer the phone to them anymore. Getting a Chinese phone every couple of years works for me.

iPhone Xs unlimited everything bundle. £59 month + £99 upfront - £1515 @ Three
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Not a huge fan of the iPhone brand and having seen some horrendously expensive deals on here, thought this one seems more palatable. £59 a month and £100 upfront for the iPhone XS.… Read more
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qmmanggsQAx Sara


Some people spent £60 on a night out and 2 grand on a bag in one go. Really I don't get why people moaning 10 night out 60 pounds each cost you already £600. My list can go on some people spend atleast £4 to 6 pounds each day drinking coffee from costa cafe.


I will give it a go. Now to find a willing WoMaN(lol)


Sex is so much better, chocolate is overrated by the underrated (y)


Death 💀 by chocolate 🍫 ;)

Three Sim only - 100GB, All you can eat minutes and texts £18pm via Tech Radar
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Three simo advanced plan 100GB data, Ayce mins and texts all for £18 per month. This is through tech radars deals. Through Three directly it’s £20 per month https://www.techradar.… Read more
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I think he's right about the instore different policy in regard of cooling off period applicable only for online or by phone purchases..of course everyone here correct me if I'm wrong..but I seem to remember about the store purchases as well not being regulated by distance selling laws etc.


So the excuse given by three for it not showing is that you can't change plans within the first 5 days of taking a new sim out and also if you're transferring your number. However he confirmed to me that I can change to AYCE data for an extra £3 a month and will call me himself once I can change the plan. :/


You need to tell those robot bot scripts listen not here to upgrade,purchase any new phone contracts or sim contract sort me out me out with my price plan change always work with me they use that to get you off the chat stand you ground.


I'll keep trying I guess, last resort I'll speak on live chat but they've always given out wrong prices in the past to me. I was told the 14days cooling off period doesn't apply as I purchased instore and not online, the person in store said, is that true or another lie from them.


Same message for me for some times, then it appeared recently the upgrade offer. Either you need to try many times or it might not appear if you are still under the 14 days cool g off period. Or other reasons.