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Pioneers of 3G and 4G mobile services, Three are one of the UK’s most successful mobile phone companies. Whether customers want to purchase contract or SIM only deals, or any other mobile products, they can find great discounts at the HotUKDeals Three listings. Read more

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Unlimited Data - Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G 128GB + Unlimited Minutes & Texts - £29pm + £49 Upfront / Total £754 @ Three (Existing customers)
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
This is an existing customer deal, feels like a decent one if you want this phone and can't afford it outright (with only £49 initial outlay), though the sums work out cheaper if y… Read more

PMed - link is banned on HUKD


You got link to that? Official?


Hes the money spending expert (usually!)


Yes I'm surprised (not voting either way on this one though as don't really know the phone). 😁


Yam the Martin Lewis of hot uk saving expert.

Three Sim-only Unlimited Data/Texts/Minutes inc 5G £16 per month for 24 months (£384 total)
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
New sim-only deal from three only £16pm for unlimited everything. 24 month contract which is a long time for sim only but when it is this good a deal, why would you want to chang… Read more

Can't cancel my 3 contract, i just rang them and they said ring back in 48 hours!!!!


Ahh that does make more sense. Lol. Thanks for clarification (y)


The £13 in recurring monthly discounts will stay for as long as you keep the contract (minimum of 24 months). The 6 month half price means you will pay £8 for the first 6 months. I got the same 6 months half price offer. If it were in fact £29 per month and 6 months half price then that would be £14.50 per month not £16 if my maths is correct so that wouldn't make sense (y)


Hiya. I've took this deal but I'm a bit unsure about the length of the £16 a month. The way it reads to me is that it will be £29 from month 7?


Yup signed up and came with half price for 6 months surprisingly Just checked the first month bill...

Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 12GB data £8 per month for 12m @ Three
Refreshed 14 h, 37 m agoRefreshed 14 h, 37 m ago31/05/2020Expires on 31/05/2020
Good offer for those that don't want to go via the cash back route. £8 a month gets 12GB of data as a flat rate for 12 months. Check Network Coverage (… Read more

If you are leaving a mobile provider you don't have to call and queue to talk to them, just use the PAC or STAC codes to request to move or end your service. I used this last year to move my number from three to another provider and it worked great.


I called them. I was already on 1.5GB for £5.25 and they offered 2GB for £6 or 8GB for £8. All 30 days. Not dependent on having home broadband with them. If you have BB with them, the price drops to £6 for 8GB.


Sadly, it's probably still bad knowing Three. In my local London area after five years the speed has actually gotten worse... I get better speeds at 3G than 4G. But hey it's cheap.


You don't think there's any chance it's improved in the EIGHT YEARS since you tried it?


I was with Three up untill early last year. Wouldn't let me cancell over the phone, had to write a letter and sent it. Still kept sending bills and billing me, then got baliffs letter .. blah blah blah. Paid it, currently Suing Three for loss of earning , hassle, mental abuse , threatening behaviour. Need I go on ????

Huawei P30 Mobile £25 p/m £100GB Unlimited Minutes / texts - 24 months £29 upfront at Three
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Key features 6.1" Full HD OLED touchscreen Leica Triple 40 MP / 20 MP / 8 MP main cameras Super nigh model photography 32 MP front camera 128 GB internal storage Kirin 980 high eff… Read more

Personally I use the new tab & ignore the hot tab, plus I sometimes vote based on the temp, e. g. IMHO this deal is meh, had it been +200+ I would have voted cold (it is not a daily newsletter contender), but where it is not a contender to be iced, but has been, I voted hot.


The new iPhone SE had well over 1000 heat and it was standard RRP. People vote other products cold because they don't like it. The site is full of junk with people posting the same deals now. It's getting worse!!


Idiots and sheep effect - recently same deal posted a day apart, the one £1/month dearer went warm while the cheaper went cold. Years ago a deal was posted & iced so quick someone didn't see it & posted it a few days later - went hot (400+ degrees I believe). No other explanation! 'Not for me = cold' is another group I take issue with - I hate rotten fruit (I'm an ardent apple tax dodger), but I generally skip over the iPhone/iPad deals, unless I happen to have recently seen a similar deal & know whether it genuinely is a good or bad deal.


Network signal depends on location. Three is the best in my area. The spec still trumps on new devices. Each to their own I suppose. If people actually knew what this site should be about, it's finding the best deal for that particular product. I'm not gonna vote something cold because I simply don't like it. And the phone is around 12 months old.


Agreed network signal is not the best , phone is 2 years old , and the Chinese spying oh well we know USA and others are at the same game ,

4G Unlimited broadband B535 Router - £30 per month with £29 upfront (1 month contract) @ Three
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
No Landline Needed. Just insert your Three SIM to get online quickly and easily. Multi Device Connection. The B535 Mobile Router allows up to 64 gadgets with Wi-Fi connectivity to… Read more

You have 14 days to cancel any purchase online.You'll be charged pro rata surely.


Would it be possible to use a three sim only sim card with unlimited data almost permantly in this router but occasional putting the sim card in a phone when very occasionly out of the house? TIA


How are you lot getting these speeds my 3 SIM in this device I'm lucky to get 8 download...and I mean lucky...must be doing something wrong!




Neither registered on my name. Just filled the online switch form.

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Pixel 4 64gb - Three - 30gb data - £30 upfront and £30 a month for 24 months (£750 Total)
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Seems to be a good deal from Three on the main website for the Google Pixel 4 and a good amount of data. 30gb Data Unlimited texts and calls Includes: Personal Hotspot Go Roam … Read more
Avatardeleted1875685Get deal*Get deal*

According to GSMArena it's about the same. You can see their endurance ratings for both at the bottom in the link below:


Any better battery performance then IPhone se 2020?

Three Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts and Data for £16 per month (24 month - 5G Ready) @ Three
2041° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Update 1
This deal will end on Sunday (May 24)
Nice little exclusive for your lovely lot. Threes ever popular unlimited sim, offering unlimited data, texts and calls for just £16 a month on a 24 month contract. Know a few offe… Read more

As far as I'm aware, get in touch with Three (which is difficult at the moment as their systems are down) and say you want to turn your SIM into a pay as you go SIM when your contract finishes. This takes 30 days, but once done you can then transfer the PAYG SIM number - your old contract number - to a new contact. Just means you will have to use your new contract number for a month before getting your old one back. I'm currently trying to do this myself 👌


You have my condolences


I meant the world, my bad! im no Londoner, but have to work there.


The deal is still active on three


Is this open to existing three customers?

Three mobile sim only deal 1gb data 12month contract - £5/month = £60 total via Uswitch
-333° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Yes there was a deal for £8 a month for 8gb but Im at home using my WiFi so dnt need loads of data allowance, this is cheaper per month. 12 month contract Unlimited minutes… Read more

no thanks iam on pay as go three thank god * Never go in contract with three* never any 4g mostly on 3g+ the network is a joke they need fix their service and 4g first before saying 5g is the fastest best go with 02 or vodafone better service


What WiFi outages? The WiFi wasn't out, it was 2 ISPs - one for hours and the other for minutes a handful of times!


That may be true, but it is not always the case - Smarty do not get access to band 20 - this can be a curse (all that is available in your area) or a blessing (if more bands are available, you may get faster speeds off band 20). See my previous posts for more details.


Good deal if you don't use much data.


I had smarty for a month but the signal was poor for me, I've have now gone to sky 02 and the difference is night and day. Sky was 8 quid a month for unlimited text calls plus 8gb data which rolls over. Cashback £30. 12 month deal.

Three UK to offer all customers free access to NHS Video Consultations
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Customers of mobile network operator Three UK may be pleased to know that they will now be able to access the NHS’s new video consultation service (provided by Attend Anywhere) and… Read more
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The worst network varies by postcode let alone millimetre, it’s a radio wave not a landline.


33.7 download for me £6/mth unlimited calls and messages, 4 Gb data


The worst network in uk.



How do you mean ?

Huawei P30, T5 tablet & Gt watch for £29 a month 19 upfront- 4gb data plan 24 months £715 at Three
97° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Huawei P30, T5 tablet & Gt watch for £29 a month 19 upfront- 4gb data plan. 4gb Data allowance 24 month contract Unlimited minutes and texts Personal Hotspot. Go Roam Around t… Read more
Samuel2303 Direct link

Samsung S10 128GB (Various colours) - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 100GB £30 per month (24 month - £29 upfront) at Three
83° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Much cheaper than the S10 i posted last week, but still giving you the 100GB sim for £30 a month on a 24 month contract. (£29 upfront) Various colours this time around, including … Read more

Any one have the s10 and how do you find it battery wise, reliability and overall build? Is there any bad points with this phone? I am considering getting it but would love to hear any feedback from someone who has the phone.


The only thing that puts me off the p30 pro is the lack of micro SD slot and 3.5 jack as I back lots of good quality earphones and wireless ones don't last long enough. I'm gutted that I missed it on your O2 refresh deal tho.


You can get exactly the same deal for the p30 pro, which if it was me, would be where my money would go personally


I didn't see that, I only saw it at £32 per month. £65 cashback works out at £2.60pm making this deal £27.40pm if my maths is correct. How does the master of mobile phones rate the S10 please?

MrSwitch Click through from TCB and it's the same deal, plus £65 cashback

3 Unlimited 12m x £24 (TCB £62.50/Quidco £60) at Three
-214° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
£24 on Three website and for existing customers page?? £18 per month via cashback sites.
Get deal*Get deal*

Expired as mods emailed me back on my incorrect price ‘edit’ enquiry saying the £18 was *including cashback* (lol) (lol) obviously if you read the deal it’s £18pm + possible cashback. One guess is they can’t read or understand maths & English at (confused) millennials eh! (excited)


WTF would admin change £18 to £24


Is Vodaphone truly unlimited - I've been using a 3 sim for our home broadband for a year now - it works well, but sometimes its spotty - on a good day 30mbs - which is way faster than fibre in our area.


Get Vodafone from £8.50 a month/12 month, 60gb + quid £10 and be happy



Three Unlimited sim £16 a month 24 month contract £384 Total - MSE exclusive offer
295° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr SIM Only plan Unlimited data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 24 month advanced plan Includes: 5G Ready at no e… Read more

Link does not work


They'll ask you the date and time you placed the order as they said there was a small window when orders went through and they'll honour those. I can't remember the date but the time is on my screenshot. Good luck.


Thank you very much. Appreciate it mate. If you perchance got those screenshots could you forward to me Thank you


3 SIM data Very low speed at peak hours, and weak signals.


My wife has been on 3 for years, its not as fast as my EE sim, but the fact my wife can tether my daughters iPads when we're out of the house, without data worries is brilliant. Its also good (not great speeds but good for maps etc) for abroad. Ive used in places such as USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia and its been fine for light browsing and ordering Ubers. We live in the north-west and our signal is great all of the time but its defiantly slower in London, although weve never had issues with no signal. Assuming you have a good 3 signal at work and home, its a great deal (and assuming you never need to call 3 customer service)

Pay As You Go Unlimited Calls - Text - 4G / 5G Data - £20 Monthly (Up to 6 months) @ Three
768° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Pay As You Go Unlimited Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Text £20 Monthly 20GB - £15 Monthly 10GB - £10 Monthly
Get deal*Get deal*

You should move to Three's £24 monthly contract with unlimited everything


I am on 3 unlimited everything for £10 is it worth me moving and if so which provider?


I wouldn't be happy at that. You can do alot better!


u might be in a lucky area. rest of country usually not so lucky. i rarely get more than a 1-2mb


Would this work on a existing sim using the Three app or do I need to order a new one?

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 100GB for £34 per month (£29 upfront - 24 month) @ Three
31/05/2020Expires on 31/05/2020Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Another fairly decent offering on a 100GB plan, this time around it's the turn of the Samsung S10! This is a Three affiliate offer, so you won't find this via their online / tele… Read more
iPhone SE 2020 64GB - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 100GB, 1 year Apple TV+ £33 per month (£29 upfront - 24 month) @ Three
31/05/2020Expires on 31/05/2020Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
One of the better contract offers for the 2020 iPhone SE 2, offering 100GB with unlimited minutes and texts for £33 per month on a 24 month contract (£29 upfront cost). This is a… Read more

Works out to be £16.70 approx for the plan, Smarty are doing £15 for 100gb right now so if you can buy the phone outright on PAYG with the BeatsX and get a 1 month rolling Smarty SIMO or an alternative network, that would work out better in the long run 🤙


A loan would be more cost efficient at that difference in price, if it's £50-100, that's a fair price for spreading the cost over 2 years if you can't afford to pay the upfront, anything more and a loan would better suit the situation. Most people who can pass a credit check for this, would likely be able to pass a credit check for a small loan. Or even better an interest free credit card.


It is, but it's still dismissive of the fact that not everyone has that option available to them. Would be cheaper to buy my house outright than mortgage it too.


If my argument was valid I'd say that £200 is a lot of difference, but it's not valid so I get that


It's also not fair to compare a contract deal to sim free + simo combo. Appreciate it's clearly the cheaper option, but many don't have the luxury of being able to pay handset cost upfront, and for those more comfortable spreading the cost, they still want the best deal for them (y)

iPhone SE (2020) 64GB £429 on PAYG / 128GB £479 PAYG @ Three
2945° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Free BeatsX wireless earphones worth £89.95. From Three (all their phones are unlocked). iPhone SE 64GB £419 Required PAYG topup + £10 Potential Quidco - £15 Total after cashback … Read more
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3GB and iOS doesn’t eat ram the same way android does


I read some where this only has 2gb ram is that true seems extremely weak


I’ve just sold mine on eBay £45 so with the £15 cash back of and when it pays out means I’ve got a 128gb SE for £419! happy days man :)


Got my replacements BeatsX today. White box but leaflet inside says someting along the lines of we tested the ones you sent in, found they were completely broken so we have sent you these new replacements instead. Definitely say new rather than refurbished. Came with another set of tips and the wingtips too, which is handy as the set from Three didn't have the wingtips.


HAPPY DAYS! nice little surprise today

Xiaomi Mi 8 - 12GB Data - £19 pm / 24 month + £19 initial - £475 @ Three
72° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
6GB/64GB in Blue or Black Three Advanced plan details 12GB Data allowance 24 month contract Unlimited minutes and texts Personal Hotspot Go Roam Around the World … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Today it upgraded to Android 10... They must have finally sorted it.


It's updated to MIUI 11 and Android 9. Happy with that :D


Does the custom rom have threes WiFi calling?


Had deal since October got £50 casback as well, and always offered unlimited data for extra £3. Mui software but buggy, always updating preferred android one software on A2lite. Phone good quality but updates make it freeze occasionally.on miui 11 not an improvement over 9.


I have the global version and Android 10 is available for it. I have however left MIUI and am currently using a custom rom.

Huawei P Smart 2019 64GB Smartphone + Free Huawei Bluetooth Speaker - £118.99 + £10 Top Up & Delivered @ Three (Pay As You Go)
818° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Sporting dual 13MP and 2MP AI rear cameras, you’ll be able to capture the perfect moments in your life with crystal clarity. Unlock your phone with the 8MP front facing camera and … Read more

I'd go note 8t personally, sorry just seen this comment


Looks like they have removed the speaker from the offer


@MrSwitch I'm looking to upgrade my wife's phone, she currently has the Honor 9 lite and needs a better camera & battery. Would you go for this, or the Note 8T which Amazon have for £130? Ps I know the Note is only 32gb but not worried as would add an SD card anyway.


Does anyone know If the blue color will be in stock soon? Also does anyone know how bright the screen is, I currently have the old model P Smart and the screen is fairly bright though not amazingly so, I purchased Honor 10 lite, (same phone as this) and was very disappointed with the quality of the screen, had a yellow tint, not bright and has been returned, is the new p smart any better?


Well my phone died so I've now got myself one of these after previously getting my kids one each and my mum one. Can't go wrong at this price. Son loves the speaker so looks like I won't be seeing that! In case anyone was wondering, there's no Three splash screen, or indeed any evidence it was bought through Three, which makes me happy. It would have bugged me for sure.