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[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Play Rainbow Six: Siege - Free (16th-20th August)
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Another Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend is dropping this coming 16th August, with pre-loads for uPlay and PS4 going live on the 14th. The weekend will run on PS4, Xbox One and PC … Read more
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Free dlc trial again or completely free??



Sweet, loved the beta, but other games at the time peaked my interest.


I have been playing this since the Beta and absolutely love it. Mind, you would think in all of that time I'd be amazing... I suppose someone has to be target practise for the new players.


I gave up so early on like mission one or two - the whole control system annoyed me and I seem to remember I AI annoyed me

TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX® SIEGE - GOLD EDITION  £34.99 OR £28 (with Uplay 20% off discount)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Some of the deals aren't that great but if you are still looking to hop into Rainbow Six Siege on PC, the gold edition (which includes year 3 season pass + 10 outbreak packs + base… Read more
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Yeah by saying its free is implying if i buy the base version of this game i will have access to all the content ever made. Which is far from true. The only free content that is released is maps. Still great game and okay deal. But you will get none of the year 1 or 2 operators with this. Just base operators and year 3 as and when theyre released.


I mean there are a few months in between every content drop (by that i mean when they add new operators in to the game) and it is more than enough time to get enough renown if you play on a regular basis though for a lot of people that is not even an option. About the skins which can only be purchased with real money, well i can't really say anything against that.


Well isn't really free. Even If you played for 8 hours a day you wouldn't be able to unlock every operator. Skins can only be bought with real money also


Cd keys also do the complete edition for ~£45 which has a lot of content for the money. That went cold too though as like the previous poster says this seems like a lot for an 'old' game. People don't realise it's getting better and better with more and more free content being added


Unfortunately for the people who don't have R6 this seems like alot of money especially for a 3 Yr old game. The reality is that they are actively developing this game and the creators want to make this a timeless classic like counterstrike. Of lately they increased the rrp price as well because it has grown so much. Its a really backwards mentality but if you believe that this game will last another 5-7++ years that initial £35 is worth it. I'm tempted to get it on pc as well as I currently have ps4 and heard they are fixing hacker issues. (y)

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Free spartan DLC pack for Assassin's Creed Odyssey ( Which launches on October 5th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.) 
Refreshed 26th JunRefreshed 26th Jun
Redeeming your gift is simple: Register and your Gift from the gods will be added to your arsenal when Assassin's Creed Odyssey launches on October 5th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  Read more

As I say when it's free I don't see the issue. Most people have an Internet connection and will be able to download this. Having to pay for content for a game at the time of release is different!


From Wikipedia : Downloadable content (DLC) is additional content created for a released video game. This is just bait. The way this is going anything past tutorial is going to be payable DLC soon !


Well a): it was less about Ubisoft being these new amazing RPG makers - because they are nowhere near that pedigree, but what they are doing presently is a better RPG experience than what the old masters Bioware are currently offering with Anthem. B): CD Projekt Red are the developers of Cyberpunk 2077.... not quite sure why you are (apparently) offended by that. It's just the truth, and was meant with no pretence or motive other than just stating the fact and that my original comment was between Ubisoft and Bioware.


I'm not arguing with that statement at all champ. I was disagreeing that Ubisoft are these new amazing RPG makers as you were implying. They're just not. Bioware on the other hand were amazing, and I agree all of those games are classics. Anthem looks like a big steaming pile, just like the last mass effect game did, so clearly they fell off. Your statement that cdprojekt red makes Cyberpunk - not bioware was completely unnecessary.


Bioware (of old) WERE the past masters of RPG; the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, Jade Empire, SW:KoToR - I don't see how anyone who knows their video-game history could argue with the statement that they were leading the way. Now Anthem looks more like an online multiplayer and the action in single player RPG is coming from Ubisoft of all places. What out of any of that clarification do you seem to have issue with? :/

The Division 2 Beta Sign Up (PC/PS4/Xbox One) @ UbiSoft
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Not much to say. If you want to try it before release, there is your chance. Personally I think it looked better than the first one (graphically). But I did not like the game happe… Read more

Loved both the Division and Destiny. Couldn't really get into Destiny 2, which is a real shame, because I absolutely loved the first one. Nice to know I'm not the only one!


Pretty much all developer / publisher lies :{


Well it's on game pass so I'll give it another try (y)


I had no probs to log in and sign in for the beta!!!


Anyone else had trouble logging in?

The Crew 2 gets an open beta from June 21st to June 25th at Ubisoft
Refreshed 21st JunRefreshed 21st Jun
The Crew 2, Ubisoft's open-world multi-vehicle racing game, will have an open beta next week, just ahead of its 29th June launch.

Played on PS4 for about an hour , abysmal IMO and won't even be renting Feels like a PS2 game, how can they even be happy releasing this?


Beta tonight on Xbox 1S was light fun but nothing impressive. I assume its really been built for the Xbox 1X.


I was a fan of the first game but honestly just do yourself a favour and wait for Forza Horizon 4 if you're on any platform other than PS4.


Just spent a couple of hours playing the beta (PC), it's shockingly poor and riddled with bugs. I've continued playing just to see how many things I can complain about. How old is this build because they can't possibly release it like this :o I'm calling it now, this is the last Crew game Ubisoft will release.


Definitely one to get cheap! Mind you, I’ll be playing the likely to be superior FH4 and other top Xbone gamesvia game pass if that’s a thing now. I can’t see me buying any of them if they are available on game pass. Microsoft will make more money that way, we will spend less money that way. Win win (y)

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[Uplay] For Honor Starter Edition for free [PC]
Refreshed 18th JunRefreshed 18th Jun
The For Honor Starter Edition provides access to the full game, story mode and all PVP modes, with a different system for unlocking heroes. The main difference is in hero availa… Read more



You can beat anyone in this game with skill. You don't have to buy your way to success. If you have no skill then maybe not for you ;)


Windows Defender doesn't like it either.


I've been playing this all day! It is really quite fun when you get a good match! As it's still valid would recommend getting for free!


OK - so I played a bit of the training last night - got past the first bit where you level up stamina recovery and then did the second bit and got up to 'revenge' but not yet learnt my special move i started mutliplayer as wanted to see if it would do newb vs newb... and i found two other people with same rank as me (zero) and won both games 3-2 :) so an enjoyable FREE experience so far! nice father's day gift! thanks!

Far Cry 5 PC £37.49 from official UBISOFT store - (-25% from £49.99)
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Official store .... Great price! ***************************** OK,for those of you who don't like to give your details to those third party grey market sellers then you can now ge… Read more
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Possibly too late to save this deal, but £29.99 (with 100 uPlay points) would have been worth mentioning.


Fair enough! I bought it third party and had to redeem there anyhow. Steam is £50 !!


Ubisoft store.


No idea why this is cold given the low price!

Might and Magic® Heroes® VII - Collector’s Edition £19.99 at Ubi Store
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Ubisoft e3 sale. Selling e17 games for great prices. Plus if your a member 200 Ubisoft points knocks 20% off It’s my first deal so go easy on me
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Comes to 28.98 with shipping unfortuantely (before discount)


What was the shipping cost?


The thing I loved about Homm3 was that some of the Heroes were unique and OP. Like Solmyr with his Chain Lightning and Deemar with Meteor Shower, especially combined with air/earth expert skills respectively. They made all heroes exactly the same in 4 and 5 only the portraits and names were different. Didn't really get into 6 or 7. After the cool story on to the question, I already have the standard edition of 7 (which I haven't played yet though), is Solmyr the amazing Homm3 Solmyr or exactly the same as the other heroes with a cooler name and portrait i.e. no advantages to him?


100 points for discount not 200

[PC] Assassin's Creed Origins - £19.99 / Gold Edition - £29.99 / The Division - £8.40 (£6.72) / Gold Edition - £15.00/£12.00 - UbiStore (with 100 uPlay Points)
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Edition - £29.99 Possibly a bit of a limited deal to some as you do need 100 uPlay points to get it for this price, but I wouldn't sleep tonight i… Read more
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Thanks Buzz, been waiting for this and just seen it on Uplay myself. Just got myself a £1700 gaming laptop but I’ve been waiting ages for this so couldn’t not get it. Is it any good? New Odessey one looks good as well.


I bought A.C. Origins during the sale with 20% off and it's really an amazing game. The sort if game you can take for a 15 minute stroll, hunting for crafting material or raiding an old tomb. I recommend it.


Anyone played this on GeForce now? If so what is the performance like ? Thanks Jamie


I brought ACO Gold Edition 1 week ago for £42.00 during their 40-60% off sale.


I've quite enjoyed Hidden Ones and COTP. Both give a reasonable amount of content while not deviating too far from the core storyline and lore.

Assassin's Creed Gold Edition PS4/XB1 £31.99 @ Ubisoft Store with 100 Club Points (20% off)
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
For those with club vouchers to use! Great price :)

It's £32.99 for the PC version, with the code.


Ah if only pc version was this price


Seems you have to spend £40 for free shipping


Ouch showing as £8.99 shipping . Ordered watch dogs 2 gold edition a couple months after it came out from them and took multiple emails and bout 2 months before it got sent . Also they send from Germany apparently so I’d be surprised if it is actually 1 day delivery like the checkout says. Either way heat as it’s the cheapest for this , just a heads up :D

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Play Rainbow Six: Siege Free this weekend (May 15-20th) - Ubisoft
Refreshed 16th MayRefreshed 16th May
Another free weekend upcoming for Siege :) Now at over 30million active players, and undoubtidly the best FPS this generation ;) Join over 30 million players this weekend! D… Read more
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LOVED this game since beta. its had it's issues lately but still growing player base. Console (PS4) seems to be getting low on decent players, everyone all sweaty these days and a lot less helpful when single-queing. When say decent - i don't mean pro-players - i mean people worth talking to.


That is more time than I spent with my wife in 13 years!


Squeakers? Curious. What platform do you play on? In my experience on PS4 they're few and far between. Even when I do get teamed up with kids I wouldn't automatically mute them, some of them have enough sense.


Don't worry, you won't have to, only people that tend to speak are squeakers and you can just troll them or vote them out of the match. Shame more people don't use mics though cos it's essential to communicate in this game, unless you're a mind reader?

Mario + Rabbids Kindom Battle Figurines (6" £9.99 or 3" £4.99) extra 20% off with code @ Ubisoft
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
6" Figurines for £9.99 each 3" Figurines for £4.99 each You can get 20% off by clicking in the banner at the top of the page. Delivery is £8.99 so worth it if you buy a few of the… Read more
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Got all 4 6" ones for £40.85 with £0.89 Assassin's Creed DLC. Easy way to avoid the £8.99 shipping fee.


Or maybe add something to bring it above the £40 free shipping threshold and then return that extra item within 14 days using their free returns.




Good idea but I've had and completed the game since release (lol)


If you don't have the game do what i did - add the game and figure bundle and the other 3 for total of £56 after discount. The bundle includes game, 6" figure and mystery 3" figure. At £8 per 6" figure its just £24 for the game and mystery figure.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Ubistore UK £4.49
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Cheapest price Blacklist has been in a while for PC. Lots of other older Ubisoft games also on sale here: https://store.ubi.com/uk/legacy-games

Awesome game - very polished




With him recently appearing in Ghost Recon Wildlands I'm still hoping for a new splinter cell game by next year (please ubisoft)


Don't forget the extra 20% off for 100 credits. Brings it down to £3.59!


Awesome game. One of few I completed. Currently enjoying mgsv v

[PS4/XBox/PC] For Honor Free to Play Weekend 3rd-6th May
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
If you’ve ever wanted to give For Honor a try, you can do so for free next weekend. Ubisoft has announced For Honor will be free to play May 3-6 on both consoles and PC. Players… Read more

Must give this another chance, pre-ordered and barely played it since launch.


Grateful for these trials... Helped me save my money! Heat for the deal ;)


Not a fan of the game myself but I'm pretty sure dedicated servers have been implemented now which has solved the previous connection issues using peer to peer.


I wish it was this weekend


great concept, poorly implemented..... played since the beta - but due to host lag issues, drop outs, quitters, clunky ui.... this game is best avoided.... we want sparta... not waiting....

[PC] TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS GOLD EDITION (£21.12 with code for 100 uplay points)
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Use 100 Ubisoft points to get 20% off. Comes to £21.12! Extend your Ghost Recon® Experience with the Gold Edition, which includes both the game and Season Pass Year 1 giving you a… Read more

I’ve had this game for about 6 months on pc and I’ve racked up about 6 hours of gameplay. It just gets boring so quickly, doing the same thing over and over again. Shame really as it could have been great.


My two pence. I'm actually enjoying this with a group of friends. Not sure if I'd like it with random or solo.


My experience exactly. This game is not worth your time at all! Witcher 3 is godly good, I played it maxes out at 4K. I was getting about constant 100fps on my 100hz monitor! However, wildlands only gets me 60-80fps! I really thought running two 1080 Ti in SLi could get the job done!


I’ll be your friend, don’t worry ;) .


Found that if you're playing with randoms, others often tend to want to do their own objectives and the team ends up all over the map. Either that or when doing a mission there is very little team work and people go in solo "Rambo style." Much better if you can play with the same regular online friends. I've found it's easier to complete missions on my own rather than with randoms. It gets repetitive very quickly, got bored after completing around half the main mission and most side missions that increase your perks etc.

[PS4/Xbox One/Steam] Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Ghost Recon Wildlands is free to play this weekend on the above mentioned platforms. Play Ghost Recon Wildlands for free this weekend! Explore the massive open world of Bolivia… Read more
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My download speeds were so **** on Sunday night that I got to a fifteen percent download and gave up after two hours.


Yeah pretty much that - think you're right too, dont think I needed vpn in the end tbh. Bought giftcards from g2a, then used a specific url I found on reddit to add the codes to my account. For some reason, the one code added just fine whilst checking out... then there was seemingly no option again to add another. I think what I needed to do that at that point, was to add a local address and I probably would have seen the option, as I ended up having to do that anyway. Used a hotel address in the end lol. Once all done then it was easy enough just to buy the game. I probably over complicated it a bit but got there in the end! :D My xbox live expires in a few days, so might give another go as I saw a code for that for about £26 which is decent.


Think it's Argentina which need VPN for and laptop, although cheapest place, I've not got around to doing Argentina, Did you sus Brazil buy credit then add to account at checkout


Did this in the end and got the gold edition for £20. Bit of a faff figuring out what I needed to do, but straight forward enough once you've done it! Thanks for the suggestion blueflash


Ah nice! Not done the whole vpn/brazil thing before. Had a quick look on another thread, just a case of buying codes from seagm.com then paying via vpn on the br version of the xbox store? Any other websites? Looks like I'll have to buy 2 x 50 cards, still a bargain tho

Far Cry 5 Xbox One (Console Optional) - £43.99 @ Ubisoft Store with sign-up to Ubisoft Club
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
There is a 20% off for first purchases for ubisoft club members, free to sign up. Requires 100 points to redeem. Applicable console/PC and all versions of the game included or any… Read more

Thanks @Gilmanez , unfortunately for me just a couple of hours too late as I'd bought my copy from Smyths earlier in the day yesterday! (embarrassed) But otherwise I prob wouldn't have bought the Gold version there and instead would've gone for your deal. Ah well! Game's good though. Enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would


To add for anyone else reading, deal is still 'live'. I'll leave future posts to the "EXPERTS".


Jesus christ, all I was trying to do was help those like me that almost paid £55. Hadn't seen anything else posted when I searched the game on here all were over £50, but somehow voted 100+ cold :/ :/ .....some clearly don't appreciate certain deals. I completely get that it's been done for a while but just because a few of you know about it doesn't mean we all do.


Been doing it for about 5 years now, as have most people in here I'd imagine


One in December and one in January here...