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Steep Winter Games Edition - 70% discount PS4, Xbox and PC. From £12 (£12.60 PC) @ Ubisoft
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Seems a great deal for a well reviewed game. This deal expires today I'm afraid - I got back from work and saw it. Someone might be looking out for this. Deal available on console … Read more
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I'll be honest, I TOTALLY missed this! (angel) Now I remember why I switched to PC games mostly. I just automatically assumed all the prices would be for digital download. Poor form from Ubi. :o (poo)


Can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself, so disappointed!


That delivery charge is steep! (excited) ...I’ll grab my coat :S


Yeah cold on ps4 and xbox as £8.99 delivery ruins the deal. Decent for PC though


I’m with you here! You’re better off getting it from Base for £14.29. That delivery is extortionate!

Get the Gold Edition for the price of the Standard - Various Games @ Ubisoft
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Seems to be a good deal if your have been waiting/wanting these games. Offer ends 22 October 2018.
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Rip off


£8 for delivery


Was tempted with the extra 20% off aswell, but I will pass now, thanks!


Indeed one oldish game is listed at £85 even with the 50% of its still over priced


Reminds me I need to go back to 3, killed Vaas and never played it again,

(UBISOFT) Exclusive in-game content in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Log in log in and follow the steps to redeem your code.

Worked for me. Thanks for the heads up @Apundir


Enjoy your Level 5 sword everyone


Guess I'll be looking for a copy of Black Flag then.


hi, tried it there and it came up as 'this code has already been used', so its likely a one off. Thanks anyways!


I’ve got a code, it may work as above if it does please add to the OP for others to use. Athenian weapons 9JR6-3396-33EG-YP3G

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Assassin's Creed spin off for Android/iOS FREE next month @ Ubisoft
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Ubisoft has announced that its free-to-play Assassin's Creed spin-off, Assassin's Creed Rebellion, will arrive on iOS and Android devices on November 21st. Fallout Shelter style.



Christ, their £50 game is full of in game purchases, imagine how bad this will be


I agree, Fallout Shelter was fine (though I didn't really appreciate the lootbox of the Lunchboxes). No real need to pay to progress though.


Don't give them any ideas :).


Saw the picture and thought it was Assassins creed Lego for a moment …..

assassin's creed odyssey 20% discount with 100 uplay points £43.99 @ ubisoft
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
Same old story, go to site, use 100 points to get 20% of game also get free DHL postage ( normally £8.99) you also get 44 points back lol cheaper than some stores by £6
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not always about cheap, you use some of your points IMHO played for 10 hours now and lacking from the last game


I have seen this cheaper else where . Thanks for posting though


People who are worried about the poor devs at Ubi... You do understand the actual price for them to reach a revenue level is roughly around £10-£15? The release price always contains a "hype based" margin. Namely, the price for the Turkey store is always cheaper. Are you saying those big companies are letting any selected countries to rob themselves? NO! This is a subject of valuation. The price depends on how much the buyers are willing to pay in certain countries before they consider a game is overpriced e.g. their purchasing power. People who think the profits go directly to devs are the ones who are allowing those big companies to always push a price a bit higher by defending and justifying their enrichment at your expense...


CD keys are based in Dubai from what I have heard


Amazon have a listing for the Xbox Gold Edition @ £55, but it is OOS. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Assassins-Creed-Odyssey-Gold-Xbox/dp/B07J32NRK3/

Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edition (incl. game, vinyl and steelbook), free shipping, possible 20%off @ Ubisoft Store - £47.99
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Something for collectors here. You can get it for all three platforms. If you are part of Ubisoft Club and have enough points, you can get 20% off making it £38.39

With Ubisoft you're right as far as the "common" collector's editions like all the ones you'll see in Game or on Amazon such as "The Father Edition" for this game but the UbiShop exclusive like this Mondo one or the "Hope County Collector's Box" do tend to sell out and stay sold out and only increase in price. That's what made me comment saying that this was mad that they still had some to sell, especially because this version was supposed to be limited to 4,000 units in some way.


Happens every single time with Ubisoft collector's editions, I have no idea why people pay full price for them at launch.


shame its 64.99 on PC :(


I only have £9 or £10 postage options :( initially it it said free post, but at checkout £8.99 is the cheapest


Seems a bit mad that these were supposedly limited to 4,000 units yet were available for ages after release and now pop up again. I got this one as well as the one with the big resin deer skull and it's a really nicely packaged edition and I've added heat. Massively disappointed with the game though if I'm being honest. All of the forced repetitive main missions majorly broke the flow of the game and ended up making me not care at all since they were so shallow too and (no spoilers) that ending could have been great if it wasn't for such a pathetically weak story propping it up, it was like story wise they only put any effort in for the last 5 minutes. (Really irritating too that apparently the only main lore foreshadowing or even explaining it was split between a radio news story you might never hear and an extremely limited preorder bonus book.)

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Far Cry 1-4 + Primal on Uplay 65% discount - £28 + Possible extra 20% off with 100 Uplay points. (£22.40) RRP - £79.99 @ Ubi
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Far cry 1,2,3,4 and Far Cry Primal for £28. (RRP £79.99)Can get a further 20% discount code if you have 100 Uplay coins (from playing/buying other Ubi games) which makes it £22.40.… Read more
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Hmmm, I know what you mean (FC5 was really lazy) but I'd say FC4 is worth a playthrough. Also FC2 was great for its time. Not tried Primal (never appealed) but heard it wasn't bad?!


Git gud


With that malaria lark? Not a chance.


I think you mean 2


Save yourself a lot of time and just play Far Cry 3.

The Crew® 2 for FREE this weekend @ Uplay (PC) / Pre-loading is available now
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Hey PC players! Enjoy our Free Weekend to discover Motornation! From the 27th of September to the 30th of September, make the best stunts and races. Ride all kind of cars, bikes… Read more

The advert in the post above is quite clear to anyone who can read (y)


Why? Its common for games to have free weekend nowadays as you get to try and then hopefully buy (y)


Made sense to me but I am used to uplay and steam free weekends. Guess could be interpreted as free if you download this weekend which some places also offer. So yeah maybe free trial better.... Good point!


TY OP (highfive)


Is it not just 'play for free' this weekend i.e. not free, just free to try for a couple of days? If so, the title of the OP is very misleading.

Trials Rising Gold Edition £23.99 Pre-Order by redeeming 100 points @ Ubisoft (Free P&P + 20% off if requirements met)
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
This is a deal for active Ubisoft game players. Found this trick whilst purchasing the physical gold edition of Trials Rising. You will need to have a UPlay account and have play… Read more
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Tempting but not keen to pay now then wait until February. Also the Uplay download copy is £3.99 more... :S The beta was good (It feels like a combo of the mobile game and Fusion, I like it) and just a heads up there are loot crates but opening them isnt hidden behind a pay wall.


I thought about that as Trials Fusion was GwG so I don't technically own it :) but I couldn't find it cheap enough anywhere. Just searched on here and it seems I did miss the season pass on sale for £8 last month (doh), although that doesn't appear to include the awesome max stuff :/


oh right :/ if you get the awesome max edition that includes all of the dlc + the original game but that may work out cheaper if you wanted the dlc?


Full price on Xbox unfortunately even though the game is on sale (annoyed)


https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0001-CUSA00230_00-B000000000001002 its on sale atm, i personally think its worth getting if you play the custom maps a lot

[Free Weekend] Ghost Recon Wildlands (PS4/Xbox One/PC) 20-23rd September @ Ubisoft
Refreshed 20th SepRefreshed 20th Sep
Play Ghost Recon Wildlands for FREE this weekend! Explore the massive open world of Bolivia and take on the Santa Blanca cartel, alone or with friends. All weekend play the ful… Read more

Ha. True! I ended up getting it in the end as multi player team work was ok (not done p v p yet) and I increased difficulty and did some tests and found the other soldiers did have some problems getting shots. Thanks op for highlighting and ubisoft got my 17 quid


There are bullets that can penetrate through walls.


Just played this more... totally bored.... I maxed out sync shot... and you can get three shots at once.. what I didn't realise is they can shoot guys in bunkers through walls! it's totally op and stupid maybe it's not there on higher difficulty levels maybe it's better with people not AI... but how do the missions work that way?!


I'm kind of enjoying it. It seems like a game you can just pick up and play for a bit which is great for me working around looking after my son. I recently got sniper elite 4 but each mission is huge and this is more piecemeal. I am sure it will get a bit samey though... is it worth £16? Not sure.. but better than £40 or whatever! Not played multiplayer.. if there are two of you do you each get to control another CPU guy with sync shot etc? Whose game do you play when combine? I have done two missions on first level eg just got the radio started, as well as various side ops to boost skills. If you fail a mission it comes back. What happens on multi player?


Amazing game. Bought as impulse buy last christmas and still playing it now.

Assassin's Creed - Odyssey Gold Edition (Ps4, Xbox One, PC) £63.99 @ Ubi
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Not a deal for everyone, but if you've got 100 Ubisoft points you can get 20% off all editions of the new Assassin's Creed game, bringing the Standard edition down to £44 and the G… Read more
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Is this deal for a physical or digital copy?


It’s worked. Thanks for this. You’ve saved me about £15. (y)


If its helped one person then I'm happy. Let me know if it works, I might have been an anomaly


Nice. Will order Starlink with some points I think. Was just asking because I did see this a while ago. Heat added. Shouldn’t have gone cold really. Their loss. (y)

Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
DLC I – FEATURES: Go even further in the Settlers 7 immersion through these 3 additional maps now available. TEMPEST TAIGA On this 2 player map, it is up to you to reunite the di… Read more
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Yeah, brilliant.


I had a demo of Settlers 3 back in the day that I used to play over and over, it was just the first map with no time limit. So relaxing just playing casually, listening to the woodcutter chopping and sawing, the clinking of the miners mining, watching the fisherman make his way to the waters edge and back :D Complete chill out game, loved it.


Love and got addicted to settlers 3 such a simple game


Wait until end of this year. Because of 25 anniversary of Settlers , Ubisoft refresh each part. The Settlers: 25 Years Anniversary trailer.


Similar, I spent days of my life on the settlers 2. Might load it up later :)

Trials Rising Gold Edition Pre-Order PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch with PRE-ORDER OFFERThe Jungle Rider Pack &The Wild West Rider Pack, expansion pack and 16-page artbook - £29.99 + £9.99 p&p @ Ubisoft
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Trials® Rising is the newest iteration of Ubisoft’s gripping motorcycle platforming series. Combining the core gameplay and over-the-top action of the Trials franchise with all-new… Read more
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I'd agree except for Trials Fusion, that seemed to stay at around the same difficulty, at least I managed to finish it without rage quitting :D


Still fuming they haven't made Trials Evo backwards compatible, like they said they would then BC was first announced.


That's awesome, well done you for finishing, now if you would like to take your put down comments away with you that would be grand. Thanks :)


I got tired reading the title before hitting the price and gave up.


There's a beta for the game coming up, I'll be trying it out to see if it's closer to the newer or older games. I think the series definitely peaked for me with the second game, bring back the excellent mini games from Evolution.

Trials Rising - Closed beta sign up (free) - 13th to 17th SEPTEMBER
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Sign up to be added to the free beta.

Just received my code, can preload it now apparently so it's ready for the 13th. Just need to make some space so I can download it, lol, at the risk of sounding old I miss the days when you could just get a game and play it straight away.


Voted Hot




i got it notg so long ago when it was on offer (gwg i think) ... from what ive seen and the fact fusion was strange i havent even installed it yet haha


If you thought Fusion was strange I'm guessing you missed Trials of the Blood Dragon

Assassins Creed Origins Gold Edition PC 50% off (plus additional 20% using 100 uplay golds) - £29.99 @ Ubisoft Store
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
50% off price 37.49 but spending 100 uplay gold coins will net you 20% off code to knock it down to 29.99!! Uplay coins easily earned whilst playing their other games. Also, not … Read more
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Thats nothing you want to see the size of Gears of war 4 pc.. 112GB bloody disgusting.. beautiful but also disgusting.


1080ti (for sli) will be flying cheap shortly (flirt) I’m sure it will bring the fps up and keep stable for you.


Bought it today and now just waiting for it to download. 63.77GB (horror)


Yeah, 1080Ti and i7-4790K @4.9 GHz here, but at 1440p. I expect all my games to run consistently >100fps @1440p, but it is impossible in this game except in the desert and least populated areas. At 4K you'll be at 60Hz and that is easy to pull off with no stuttering as you will be GPU bound and the game seems to cope better with being that. The lower the framerate, the easier it is to get consistent frametimes with this game. From what I have read, there is no consumer CPU out there yet that can keep up with the very low frame times needed for high FPS in the most populated cities.


No I haven’t payed for the gold. I’m not that big fan of AC. I just saying that although I got mine for free, it’s a good find for gold edition as it’s quite a enjoyable game actually. 1080ti/R7 1700/32Gb ddr4 in my rig so no limits for me. Does look stunning in 4k tho 8)

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Play Rainbow Six: Siege - Free (16th-20th August)
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Another Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend is dropping this coming 16th August, with pre-loads for uPlay and PS4 going live on the 14th. The weekend will run on PS4, Xbox One and PC … Read more
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Free dlc trial again or completely free??



Sweet, loved the beta, but other games at the time peaked my interest.


I have been playing this since the Beta and absolutely love it. Mind, you would think in all of that time I'd be amazing... I suppose someone has to be target practise for the new players.


I gave up so early on like mission one or two - the whole control system annoyed me and I seem to remember I AI annoyed me