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VOXI by Vodafone 30-day rolling SIM only deals, Endless social media data, Unlimited calls texts & picture messages No contract £10
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
I think it is the best offer on the market. Endless Social Media ‘Endless’ means unlimited use. With endless social media, you get unlimited use of these social apps and websites … Read more

I'm surprised this has been voted so cold. Hot from me !!


Ahhh interesting! Maybe this will get hot after all then!


Online, it is merely a Javascript check that pops up with "Oops, sorry, you're too old!" if you put a year too long ago. As it's technically a Pay As You Go, there's no credit check. And it would seem no other checks for age when bought online. I believe you can pick up a VOXI SIM in Vodafone stores, and they're supposed to check your age with ID, but even then, you could just say you're picking it up for your younger sibling, etc. There's no lower limit, so I guess I could always say it's for my 5-year-old.. ;-)


Interesting age! Do they not check via credit check/any other means at all then?? Agree re the WiFi calling and VoLTE, would be useful. One thing to point out is that Voxi as far as I'm aware do use Vodafone's 800 MHz spectrum (as well as other frequencies), whilst MVNO's like Plusnet & Virgin don't have access to EE's 800 MHz spectrum, so in my experience indoor signal was poorer compared to Voxi.


There's a fair bit of video on Facebook and Instagram, but yes, their 'benefits' is marginal. However - they do offer 'packs' to add on top: Endless Music Pass Stump up £5 a month for a music pass and you’ll be able to stream tunes from Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, SoundCloud, Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music Endless Video Pass Pay £7 for a video pass and you’ll be able to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DisneyLife, Vevo, My5, YouTube, UKTV Play and TVPlayer, which includes channels like MTV & Comedy Central. Bare in mind this also covers access via a WiFi Hotspot - unlimited video streaming for £17/month across all of the EuropeZone, might be really useful for some people! And you can turn the packs on and off each month as you desire. Could be very handy for use on holiday, if you holiday in Europe (and if we're even allowed to set foot in Europe next summer...!) I'm a happy VOXI user for the past 3 months, and will stay until there's a better SIM only offer I can jump to, but for £10 a month, no contract, inc. roaming, I can't beat it (and I can't go on Three or EE due to no signal at home). Only downside of VOXI vs. Vodafone is there's no VoLTE (4G calling - better call quality) or VoWIFI (WiFi Calling) with VOXI. Which is a shame. Andi Age 38, err, no, I mean 18. XD

Free BeatsX with any iPhone, £0 upfront, 0% interest @ VOXI
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Seen this on Techradar, looks like a great deal. Also seems to be on all iPhones not just the XR/XS! https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/get-free-beatsx-headphones-with-iphone-xs-… Read more

Nope, these are "wireless" earphones, as in they connect to your phone via bluetooth but still have a cable connecting both earphones together. They make very good gym earphones, they are water resistant but not waterproof. Had mine for around a year and still going strong, good sound quality and the way the cable sits on your neck is definitely the most comfortable earphones ive used whilst running, as the weights that sit on your shoulder keep the cable from bouncing around and yanking out the earphone. Fast pairing and nice integration with apple devices aswell due to the w1 chip.


It is showing as £239 at CPW for me, and now OOS.:{


Do you have a link please?


;( Yep, carphone warhouse, just checked n they only have it in gold right now


brand new?

SIM Only 45GB Of Data for £20 at voxi
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
For under 30’s only. Unlimited social data. Unlimited calls & texts & picture messages. Use in Europe. Thought it might be of use to anyone looking for a temporary chunk of… Read more
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I was joking but thanks lol


No, they say it'll still work. And you should still be eligible as long as you were a customer when you were under 30.


what happens if you turn 30 whilst with them, does your phone just stop working on your birthday? aha!


It's completely illegal, which is why Vodafone has offered the plan as they don't know any better.


Yep but it can't be carried forward it seems

VOXI Data Promo (Triple data extended)
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
These are the same prices as the triple data promotion which ended 17th November 2018: £10 = 6GB (was 2GB) £15 = 15GB (was 5GB) £20 = 45GB (was 15GB) ALL PLANS = Unlimited soci… Read more
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Was wondering why my 6gb had never decreased! Thought it was a glitch on the website or something but this might explain it! Had no problems with the network personally but only been on for a month. Was on Plusnet before and this seems to be just as good, if not slightly better, coverage-wise


That makes sense. That's pretty good and hopefully it'll be for a while, for your own benefits! 😁


Yes I’ll be receiving 6GB data every month that I top up for 24 months. What I, and a few others is saying is that when we log in, none of the 6GB has been used. So we are effectively on unlimited minutes, data and texts for £10 a month until further notice.


"for 24 months". Have you been a customer for 24 months? If not then you will be on 6GB. I actually can't wait to join VOXI in June - it appears they give existing customers already on the network these promotions like triple data, unlike other networks I've used!


I found this in my junk folder after a few days and still haven’t received a text to say that things are back to normal, and as a result, I am still on 6GB

Voxi Unlimited calls & texts + 45gb 4g data £20!! (rolling contract)
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Seems a crazy good deal to me! Powered by Vodafone too. Use in Europe for free too! Daylight robbery!
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OR..... How do I set up a VOXI account for my kids? https://help.voxi.co.uk/1040526372


or you can order sim card for someone who is under 30 (cheeky)


I can assure you that if you use social media you will be talking to people in the uk as I previously worked in the social media team, the team will be able to help you out with anything you need and Vodafone stores are available to help VOXI customers :)


No stores or U.K. call centres as overheads, if you think your saving £180 how much is Vodafone really saving on Voxi (with offshore live-chat customer care). It’s a business and customers come bottom of the pile.


Fact is over 30s probably use less ‘free’ social data than under 30 so this policy is actually costing them money in data provision from high users and no incoming revenue from +30. Its a crazy policy tbh. PS) You need a new wife not sim. ;)

Voxi - SIM only - 1month rolling contract - £10
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
Voxi - SIM only - 1 month rolling contract - no credit check - unlimited minutes+texts+social data + 6GB data + £10 Amazon voucher= £10/month "VOXI is only available to under 30… Read more

I got this and when I log in my data never decreases, 23 days in and still 6gb left, excluding social media I've used 26gb so far


Suprised this isn't hotter. Took the 6GB Sim today. Waiting for it in post. For 9 year old son ;) ;)


Isnt that exactly what these guys are doing. Excluding by age and not by say useage. I understand stuff like you use more you pay more but just because you are 1 year older seems wrong


I am certain there is a economic reasoning for students and pensioners ie not much money However ageism is ageism and unless there are better reasons ie young drivers statically causing accidents it should stop


Think its about time that changed. Ageism is ageism

Cheap cheap cheap Sim Only Deal with Voxi - £10 monthly rolling contract @ Voxi
Found 22nd Sep 2018Found 22nd Sep 2018
Hi All, This is a new brand I believe started recently by Vodafone. They give you unlimited Data usage for many social platforms such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat,… Read more

If you’re not sure like I was give them a go absolutely fantastic no throttling fab speed 4g Voda network with excellent coverage


Not sure why it's expired as it's still available. According to their website it's usually 2Gb but if you sign up by 17 Nov you get triple data for 2 years.

VOXI: £10 for 6Gb, Unlimited calls, texts and Endless social data ( for aged under 30 years only)
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
£10 for 6Gb, Unlimited calls, texts and Endless social data ( for aged under 30 years only)

Now extended to November.


I am about to apply for my niece who is an oversea student, but I am over 30! How do they validate the age ?


If it benefits the entitled Millennial snowflakes then it isn't descrimination.


Should be called the Logan's Run tariff.


This deal might come across as ‘dodgy’ but VOXI is a underrated network, specially for students like myself. Offering The Triple data plan (ends 16th September) is a bargain, adding unlimited social data gives it a advantage over giffgaff who offer 6gb of 4g data on a unlimited plan. I sympathise with people over 30 who can’t get it, but with minimum wage & very low student loans, I appreciate that I’m now paying £10 a month instead of £45 (I understand that I was paying for my phone as well, I’m fortunate mine still works fine after 2 years) if you need any information or advice on this offer just DM me. It shouldn’t be cold because of the age restriction, where’s the student at!🔥

Get Triple data with Vodafone. Plus unlimited social media data use eg 6GB £10pm / 15GB £15pm / 45GB £20pm @ Voxi
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Endless social data + 15GB for everything else Endless calls Endless texts Endless European roaming Endless picture messages Flexible 30-day rolling plan
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Is it me or are the prices for data going up all the time? Ive been on 20gb for £20 for years now. So Only the 45gb seems like a deal to me. The rest are about average. Not gonna vote either way.


Their customer service is really poor


Why does Vodafone deals usually get cold votes. I understand their Customer Service is rubbish or are the deals poor too? They used to be the top operator 10 years ago. Wonder what happened


Yeah there is no validation on age when you set up the account, you can put what you like


Filled out my date of birth by mistake ooops ;)

45GB 4G Data £20 Unlimited Mins & Text & Social Data 1 Month Sim /£10 for 6GB /£15 for 15GB at Voxi
Found 30th Jul 2018Found 30th Jul 2018
At Voxi from vodafone. Get triple data. I have just logged into my voxi and noticed my double data is now triple data. It seems to be the new deal 'triple data' on all plans for… Read more
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I had issue with mine managed it friend however didnt receive is spent ages chasing and gave up, ive literally just had another paid out automatically so not been too bad for me


Shame they messed around with friends bit so confusing tracking them now to get the free £10


Whats the point i can burn data tethering with a few devices if you dont need it then fine itc cheap anyway


Some people don't have wifi or prefer a more solid connection many reasons but also some are smart like yourself and save money where you can. Data can also be tethered so that maybe a good selling point to voxi


Except if your job ask for it, what the point of having a lot of data. I mean if I want to use internet at home, work, coffee shop, friends house, etc... I use the WiFi. Online gaming, email, browsing internet do not use much data. Only videos use a lot, but it would be a silly reason to pay that much for that.

10gb for £15pm. No contract. Unltd calls,txts,social data. @ Voxi
Found 21st Jul 2018Found 21st Jul 2018
10gb for £15pm. No contract. Unltd calls,txts,social data. @ Voxi
Voxi use Vodafone coverage and are (probably) owned by them. 10gb data for the first 2 years. For under 30s only. Social data does not include calls on whatsapp/messenger and does… Read more
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Also they do not ask for ID


This is now 15 GB for £15pm as VOXI have now offered triple data on all plans


Free under 2 entry to Thorpe park must be illegal. Or even free child travel on the busses? Should sue them too really.


Not many 18 year old girls go far balding pensioners with false teeth, they probably did you a favour :-D


Good luck with that, be sure to let us know how you get on won't you (skeptical)

Voxi £10 double data, now 4GB for 24months, previously 2GB. Unlimited mins, texts and social data. (Under 25's only)
Found 31st May 2018Found 31st May 2018
Voxi £10 double data, now 4GB for 24months, previously 2GB. Unlimited mins, texts and social data. (Under 25's only)
Previously was 2GB for £10, now 4GB 10GB £15 30GB £20 Lasts 24 months 1 month contract You can buy extras and other passes for competitive prices. Uses Vodafone Apparently under 25… Read more
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Apparently, you might need ID if you go into a store. I was told this when I asked how proof of age works myself. I didn't know they had stores unless they mean Vodafone as they use that network. If you go into a store though and it's obvious you're over 30, then I think that would be a bit embarrassing.


I've ordered one, not sure how it works with proof of age as I am not under 25 ! (cheeky)


how do they know how old you are ? Ask if you like Wurthers Originals?


I'm the named adult on my 3 year olds account :-o

VOXI £10 FOR 4GB DATA, PREVIOUSLY 2GB. Maybe account specific
Found 8th May 2018Found 8th May 2018
VOXI £10 FOR 4GB DATA, PREVIOUSLY 2GB. Maybe account specific
Got this through text just now.

It's a great offer and I've been using it for the past 3 weeks

VOXI Introductory Offer - Unlimited Social, Video & Music Data (Under 25s) from £10 @ Voxi
Found 17th Apr 2018Found 17th Apr 2018
VOXI Introductory Offer - Unlimited Social, Video & Music Data (Under 25s) from £10 @ Voxi
VOXI are currently running a promotion for new customers that gives you 6 months of Unlimited Video and Music streaming data, on top of your allowance and the already included Soci… Read more

I posted this last time I saw a deal for Voxi & the same still applies: Not wanting to scare anyone, but in their Privacy policy, they collect your passwords: https://www.voxi.co.uk/privacy-policy What we collect about you <...>Credential information – we’ll collect passwords, hints and similar security information used for authentication and access to accounts and services; I'm assuming they mean access to their services, but it doesn't define that. Not one for me I think, although the 'unlimited social data' was tempting.


Seaniboy, can you be more precise in your post? I am confused. Maybe a link or two would help for your last para about £20 free etc. Thanks


Net neutrality v unlimited mobile access is worth it, if some of these companies want to pay Vodafone for unlimited access it also brings down priceplan costs for us and profit for shareholders, apart from Unlimited 4G for Virgin Media (tv/phone/BB) customers unlimited plans are a few years off (still no unlimited 3G on or off 4G plans) so £25 extra to Virgin for a mobile on top of home services or nothing is the current status quo! And that Virgin UNLIMITED is speed capped by EE at 1MBPS at 400GB. Three Go Binge and Voda ‘Data’ passes are much better than EE Apple Music and o2s nothing to offer, 6 months free ontop is unbeaten, it’s a great deal, you can even get your first £20 month free by spending £7.49 on a basic 2G phone at Argos someone posted earlier (& a free Voda handset unlock code after the 30 days for no network spend - Voda doesn’t even do that but sister Voxi does ;)


I’m skinnier now than I was at 25 so I must be Uber, cool is so below me (unicorn) (excited)


Mixed views here. On the one hand I remember Aol and installing a browser to byoass their garden wall. Vodafone and o2 had their own wap sites. They want to keep you on vodafone music etc in an ideal world. And although I love Netflix was a while before it did not exist and so would not be covered so you stifle competition. But ..maybe this is a polite way of saying unlimited internet but no torrenting? Though most torrent sites blocked now for non savvy users...

Endless social data, calls, EU roaming & picture messages. FREE SIM - £10pm for 2gb @ Voxi (under 25's)
Found 15th Feb 2018Found 15th Feb 2018
Endless social data, calls, EU roaming & picture messages. FREE SIM - £10pm for 2gb @ Voxi (under 25's)
£10£2050%Voxi Deals
Unlimited data to use on social networks also with unlimited calls, texts & EU roaming. Free Sim included
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I hear that, loooool.


That wasn't the question that was asked though, was it?, lol. :-D


Well maybe that's what needs to change.


In legal terms age isn't a "protected characteristic" so you can be discriminated by age the others are.


I don't know who you are but I like your cut and would like to subscribe to your monthly newsletter.