Posted 3 March 2024

Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One With A 1-Year Zwift Membership

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About this deal

5% off with perks at work.
Looks to be a generic code so might work for everyone?

Good deal to get the click and cog and 12 months of zwift included.

Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One unlocks a world of indoor cycling fun and fitness. With a 1-year Zwift membership code and Zwift Cog pre-installed, it has everything you need to achieve your goals—plus, it’s compatible with almost any 8-12-speed bike.

Effortlessly mount Zwift Click on any handlebar for seamless, quiet virtual shifting. Experience smart resistance that perfectly mimics every climb and descent. Take your training to the next level with the built-in power meter.
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  1. Adnams_'s avatar
    Not a bad little saving, but the Zwift Hub is on sale at Zwift for around £80 less, and the Jet Black Volt can be had for £210, which is a very decent price for a good smart turbo (no Zwift subscription included however) - I picked one up and it's quiet, accurate, connects flawlessly - recommended.
    farmphdbank's avatar
    I am also happy with the JetBlack (since early November). Zwift Hub is just a rebranded version with different firmware.

    There's a few disadvantages but so far I haven't felt any urgent need to upgrade. I am gradually getting more serious about Zwift though
    (gone from phone to laptop and now gaming PC with big screen plus just ordered rocker plate from CRC/Wiggle sale). If I change it would probably be smart bike rather than another trainer.
  2. dale7's avatar
    This deal is going nowhere fast
    chrisbass's avatar
    The way I ride I go nowhere quite slowly!
  3. Jake_Wright's avatar
    Just in time for when cycling outside is bearable lol (edited)
  4. Scissor_sisters's avatar
    not a bad piece of kit for keeping fit in the winter months. I have my 29er set up on a kickr v5.

    Timing is poop tho as summer is around the corner lol
    farmphdbank's avatar
    Always better deals buying out of season I'm kinda keeping eyes peeled for smart bike bargains (edited)
  5. FairPriceSystems's avatar
    works with any bike?.
    - perfection, electric bike it is, its the thought that counts right?
    farmphdbank's avatar
    I know you are joking but:
    1. There are easier/cheaper ways to cheat on Zwift.
    2. Some electric bikes have the motor in the rear wheel huh. This trainer replaces the rear wheel. You'd need an electric bike with the motor at the cranks.
  6. fishmaster's avatar
    I have a Kickr Core, but I never could get it setup with my bike. Chain skips and the bike is new. I guess I need someone to set it up for me. I messed about for hours with it so I'm unlikely to ever get it set it right on my own
    chrisbass's avatar
    assuming the chain, cassette and shifters are all for the same number of gears it should be realtively straight forward to set up.

    what bike do you have?

    this version should be even easier as you only need to get it to run smoothly in one gear and virtual shifting takes care of gear changes.
  7. chrisbass's avatar
    This was just expired (auto timed out I think) but the deal is still live
  8. Finnboy's avatar
    I have the Core, great trainer. I get moaned at though for my "sex noises" as I'm beasting myself to cross the line in second to last place. That pretty much sums up Zwift, it uses your own mind against you!
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