Posted 6 February 2024

Amazon prime video

Good morning, I have a question about amazon prime video. Is there a way I can see what's on before I sign up. I know you can get a free 30 day trial but I would prefer to see what's available before I do that. Everything I want to watch says its available on prime such as the old TV series different strokes I really fancy watching again but don't know if it's on there any help would be much appreciated thank you
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  1. Doug_'s avatar
    I don’t know if you can log into the Amazon Prime Video app on a phone or TV and browse without a sub. The JustWatch app shows where you can watch lots of stuff.

    Vikings: Valhalla (2 series) is available on Netflix.

    On Amazon Prime Video, some things such as Vikings (6 series) are ‘Included with Prime’, others such as Diff’rent Strokes (series 1 of 8 ) are ‘Available to buy’. (edited)
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    Yes the Justwatch app is very useful for finding out which shows are available to stream where.
  2. Agent-006's avatar
    justwatch UK app or website
    But after entering the title it will show which platform it's in.
  3. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Amazon prime
    different strokes
    Available to buy only

    But it's free on YouTube!
  4. Marceline's avatar
    If you know what you want to watch you can google it and open the Amazon page for it - if it says free with Prime all good, otherwise will quote a price for renting/buying. Not sire if there’s an easier way - this should be best as it will be the current info from Amazon… (edited)
  5. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    Only season 1 is available to buy on Amazon and Apple according to JustWatch.
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    I have Amazon Prime but I find that they have so many links to other streaming services (that you have to pay for) that I find it difficult to navigate.

    Many of the streaming services they link to (for a fee) are rather obscure or for niche areas.

    There is a "free for me" option you can select.

    You may find this page useful (link below). But select the "Store" option at the top, then the "Channels" option to see how many other streaming services they offer (all for a fee)…nt/

    I mainly pay for Prime for the free delivery.
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    Checkout the separate Prime app on the fire stick(it's blue prime icon) that maybe better.
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    Since yesterday there are ads on Prime Video content unless you pay extra (£2.99 pm) (edited)
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    I cancelled because of the Ads. Im not paying to watch Ads as i can do that on ITVX.

    Amazon should have restricted content if they want more money instead of introducing Ads.
  8. Bigfootpete's avatar
    Don't bother, it's gone downhill the last few years, nothing really worth watching apart from the Reacher series. And apparently they are going to introduce ads even though you pay to watch.
  9. Deedie's avatar
    "Everything I want to watch says its available on prime such as the old TV series different strokes I really fancy watching again but don't know if it's on there"

    surely you have answered your own question. If it says its there, then its there!
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    Not necessarily because when I was looking for vikings it says available on netflix and it isn't also I think you have to pay extra for some titles on prime video
  10. slimy31's avatar
    For me the headache is that not all things on Prime are free. I remember wanting to watch 24 again, we saw that it was on Prime but only when you go a bit further in that you see it was an extra cost.

    I think it also happens if the program is on Paramount, it'll show as available on Amazon but then you have to sign up for Paramount on top of Amazon.
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    I signed up to Paramount on Amazon to watch the Trek stuff, but Prodigy is now on Netflix, (which is fine), but they've pulled a load of stuff recently - like the new Quantum Leap.
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