Google wants to replace a new pixel 6 with refurbished phone ?? Up to 2 weeks wait time?

Posted 5th Apr 2022
Purchased a new pixel 6 less than two weeks ago from O2 device is paid for in full

Contacted Google technical support I was on the phone with them for over two hours got escalated to a specialist then he confirmed it’s best to have the phone replaced or send it to repair centre which is third-party and nothing to do with a Google

Phone is less than two weeks old from o2 but two different people confirmed that Google will replace it with a refurbished phone ??!

Is this standard ? I’m confused how Google can replace a new phone just purchased what are refurbished one? A process that can take up to 2 weeks after I send my phone in which also seems very long.

Just wondering what is my best options? Maybe contact o2?
I have paid for the device fully and canceled the contract.
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