Posted 10th Feb 2023
Anyone done this? I came across some comments that people can buy cheaper using Argentina VPN.
Is there a guide on how to do this and any downsides?
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    I have an Arg account but set it up quite a while ok. Back then you used be able to buy UK steam cards then apply them to your Arg account but they days are gone. I keep my UK and ARG account separate, I do VPN to ARG when using that account not sure if its required but I do it just to be safe.

    Now I have steam deck its much more of a pain tbh.

    In theory you could friend your UK and ARG account and do library sharing but seems pretty risky to me. Last thing I want to do get my UK account banned with over 700 games in it!
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    I share my arg and turkey accounts with me and my son's UK account. (edited)
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    It can be done but you risk your whole account getting banned so it depends how much you care about your account
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    your better off making a new account then getting the games via vpn
    or look on ebay for the game you want pre brought on a steam account. i have been looking for the game "rust" but i have decided to wait until its on sale because i want it on my own account.

    what game are you after ??
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    There's certain people online that will convert your account you will need an Argentina credit card people charge between $2-5 for the service and you get a fresh account.
    You will need to buy Argentina steam gift cards
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    Turkey not Argentina as they stopped selling Argentina vouchers so the price went up. You cannot buy Argentina with a card.. only vouchers
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