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iiyama G-MASTER GB3466WQSU-B1 LED display £389.93 @ Quzo
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Immerse Yourself In The Game With The Curved Gb3466wqsu Red Eagle With Freesync Premium Pro. Inspired By The Curve Of The Human Eye The 1500R Curved Va Panel With 144Hz Refresh Ra… Read more

When I tried to contact them about the *tons* of software issues I had with the flat version of this, they told me they had no stock and couldn't send me a replacement. I had to return it to CCL. No offer of a firmware update or anything like that. And it's a shame there's no way to do a user firmware update. The glitching, crashing and other issues put me right off what was previously a flawless brand for me.


Most reputable e-tailers have already done the firmware update at this point. I think you'd have to be very unlucky to get one that requires an update. But you're correct. If it needs a firmware updating after arrival,you need to send it to a repair centre. iiyama do cover the cost of shipping both ways though. (y)


iiyama is still a good brand, currently I'm sat infront of a iiyama Prolite X3272UHS 4K screen, that I've had for a few years without any problems - and yes back in the day they produced some of the best CRT monitors with Sony Trinitron tubes you could buy.


You have to sent it to repair centre to have a firmware upgrade


Already mentioned but i'll reitirate that they were a household name when it came to monitors of the CRT variety and widely repsected for a quality product in the era of Y2K. Not sure what their LCD stuff is like but they are a reputable Japanese firm and their most recent monitors have received good reviews overall. That said I think the quality control on some of the latest models got some bad press but issues were fixed with firmware updates. As with anything it's worth doing a bit of research but they aren't a company to avoid imo.

LG OLED65BX6LB 65" OLED TV £1449.95 @ Quzo
-121° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
LG OLED65BX6LB 65" OLED TV £1449.95 @ Quzo£1,449.95 Free P&P Free
A very good price for the BX, an excellent value OLED TV. I know there was a deal for the CX for only £70 more

Absolutely no way that I’d buy this from a company that I’d not really heard of before rather than just going to Richer Sounds.


CX was only £50 more with 6 year warranty last week, the Panasonic 65" is only £1299, this is a bad deal.

ASRock X570 Taichi AM4 ATX Motherboard £267.02 at Quzo
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
ASRock X570 Taichi AM4 ATX Motherboard £267.02 at Quzo£267.02 Free P&P Free
Been after this board for a few weeks, and this is the cheapest I’ve seen it. Supports AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen 2000, 3000 and 5000* Series Processors (*with bios update) Intel Wi-Fi … Read more

I have this board and it's not perfect. PBO seems largely broken and chipset fan is poorly placed and can get a little noisey depending on your GPU cooler design. At this price though it's worth considering. ASRock have been good with BIOS updates.


Oooft, she's a beaut! Cannot justify that on a mobo, but wish I could.

ASUS Prime Z590M-Plus Intel Motherboard with PCIe 4.0, 9 DrMOS power stages, Intel Ethernet, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C £169.63 at Quzo
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
ASUS Prime Z590M-Plus Intel Motherboard with PCIe 4.0, 9 DrMOS power stages, Intel Ethernet, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C £169.63 at Quzo£169.63 Free P&P Free
Intel® LGA 1200 socket: Ready for 11th and 10th gen Intel® Core™ processors Enhanced power solution: 8+1 DrMOS power stages, six-layer PCB, 8-pin ProCool connector, alloy chokes a… Read more

My order was cancelled and was told that they cannot get any stock.


Yep that just about summons it up for me and others. Now i consider ssd a big improvement and that's about all the upgrades i do these days with a decent i7 or amd should be ok for work and web no gaming unfortunately no time for it, occasionally taking of the dust of my box1


I was all into the overclocking stuff and keeping temps down while tweaking multipliers. If your bothered about shaving seconds off boot up times or adding a few fps to games then crack on is my advice. Like you say, with age and experience you realise your paying an absolute fortune and spending hours of running benchtests for the sake of 5% improvement in performance is just not worth it.


I use to be in all this, but priorities change. Cheers (y)


If your into benchmarking and posting scores then you will need it. Average run of the mill user won't gain anything from it more than a middle range board would provide. Offers future proofing but I always find if I buy the best chip I can afford at the time, I'm looking eventually to replace it all rather than update the chip on its own.

Intel Core i5-10600KF processor 4.1 GHz 12 MB Smart Cache - £173.20 delivered @ Quzo
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Intel Core i5-10600KF processor 4.1 GHz 12 MB Smart Cache - £173.20 delivered @ Quzo£173.20 Free P&P Free
Faster in most games than a Ryzen 5 3600. Processor cores 6 Processor lithography 14 nm Processor manufacturer Intel Processor Family 10th gen Intel Core i5 Box … Read more

I've seen enough comparisons of the two ;)


Or, to put it another way, "Buy AMD coz we don't like Intel, do we?"


Watch the video in the description ;)


quote him properly, he said plural. Gaming Performance isnt really a merit when it's cherry picking resolution and game. Nothing hot about this deal.


So better gaming performance is not an "overal merrit"?

Zotac GeForce GTX 1660 - £211.81 delivered @ Quzo
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Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Zotac GeForce GTX 1660 - £211.81 delivered @ Quzo£211.81 Free P&P Free
Super Compact 4K, VR and HDR Ready Dual Fans FireStorm Utility

Thanks for that link, somehow I couldn't find that myself when doing a general search. I was tempted to cancel my £290 1660ti pre-order for this but I think I want MOAR power. This deal lasted at least 12 hours before the GPU-Hoover cleaned them up, now all gone . . .


Oos now so expired post


FE edition in the UK has been £370, that’s the price since launch on nvidia website


Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 price With a starting price of $329, the GeForce RTX 3060 is actually cheaper than the RTX 2060 did at launch, which started at $349. $329 may cost £300 in UK.


Yeh they only launched on 2017. Hence why folk may not know them

Acer ED273URP 27 inch WQHD Curved Monitor - (VA Panel, FreeSync, 144Hz, 4ms, 270 cd/m²) - £242 delivered @ Quzo
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Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Acer ED273URP 27 inch WQHD Curved Monitor - (VA Panel, FreeSync, 144Hz, 4ms, 270 cd/m²) - £242 delivered @ Quzo£242 Free P&P Free
Just received my Acer Monitor and blown away by the value - still avaliable so sharing with the community! This is a very decent screen with adequate specs for most gamers at a rea… Read more

This is honestly extremely competitive for a 1440p, 144hrz monitor. It's VA, which is a bummer, but it supposedly is quite good for a VA panel for motion blur and ghosting. Suprised it's not hotter tbh.


This is wrong information


If I was looking for a 31.5" then yeah definitely would go for that, unfortunately 31.5" is just too big for gaming in my opinion


Both probably better, but both cost considerably more.


Yeah that's a better pickup, apparently its 385 cd/m² according to rtings.com

Acer ED273URPbidpx 27 inch 144Hz WQHD Curved Monitor £242.09 at Quzo
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Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Acer ED273URPbidpx 27 inch 144Hz WQHD Curved Monitor £242.09 at Quzo£242.09£259.997% off Free P&P Free
Crisp, true-to-life colours come alive in Full HD (WQHD)2560 x 1440@144 Hz resolution Sharp 1800R curved screens provide more impressive experiences Share what's on your screen w… Read more

Anyone know what version hdmi this has?


That model number is QHD - good price for a 1440p 144hz. It's a VA panel


to be fair, I think there must be some marketing info somewhere that has that error as the description on Amazon has the 1080p mention too lol The response to questions indicate its 1440p though


Full HD display ED3 series brings users into a perfect colorful world in Full HD 1920 x 1080, and provides the finest natural and sharp original quality with In-Plane Switching* panel and 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio (confused)

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook 10.1" Mediatek 4 GB 128 GB Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Blue, Gray Chrome OS £283.24 at Quzo
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Posted 31st Aug 2020Posted 31st Aug 2020
Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook 10.1" Mediatek 4 GB 128 GB Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Blue, Gray Chrome OS £283.24 at Quzo£283.24 Free P&P Free
Back in stock! Same store as a few days ago, same price too. Add £3.49 for next day delivery. MediaTek P60T, 4GB LPDDR4x-SDRAM, 128GB eMCP, 25.7 cm (10.1") Full HD 1920 x 1200 IPS… Read more

Out of stock


Good price, but shows out of stock? Was going to see if PCW would price match, but I assume only if in stock?

Samsung 55" QE55Q90T QLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with TVPlus/Freesat HD - £1243.86 delivered @ Quzo.net
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Posted 29th Aug 2020Posted 29th Aug 2020
Samsung 55" QE55Q90T QLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with TVPlus/Freesat HD - £1243.86 delivered @ Quzo.net£1,243.86£1,39911% off Free P&P Free
Samsung’s Q90T QLED TV lets you experience spectacular picture detail, with vibrant colour, exceptional contrast and HDR 2000 brightness that doesn’t fade over time. AI optimises b… Read more

I have a 10 bit JS9000 first iteration of quantum dot Led and the color banding has alway been quite noticable


Any colour banding?


Lol, looks like ALL of their Samsung TV's are out of stock. Is this site legit?


Is this better than B9 or c9? I believe no risk of burnins and its brighter Plus hdr10 plus


Is this a dodgy retailer?