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2 year Surfshark VPN starter pack / Surfshark One - £59.76 + 135% Quidco

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Some crazy cashback rate today
135% at Quidco

SurfShark VPN More details at
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  1. Brown-eyed-boy's avatar
    Is this good enough for netflix
    Professor_Chaos's avatar
    To an extent, yes, but Netflix getting wise to vpn and blocking servers
  2. indyjukebox's avatar
    Is this on a basic account as mine is only showing 112%?
    jd121's avatar
    I'm on premium and shows 135.
  3. Professor_Chaos's avatar
    I’ve had surfshark before and cancelled it as didn’t use it much. Does iPlayer work with this ? 
    and can I use a new email address (gmail alias ) and get cashback ?
    ogeran's avatar
    I managed to get iPlayer working recently when i was in Europe. It also opened a couple of UK betting sites which are usually notoriously hard to open once you leave the UK. I don't know if last time you had it, were you aware it now has a fake GPS function? It's pretty useful but you have to delve deep into phone settings and possibly developer mode to activate it. It has a fake id mode which is useful for multiple accounts when you're taking advantage of some HUKD deals! I personally really like surfshark but my needs are relatively simple and for advanced or specialist users I'm sure they may have different opinions
  4. utigers's avatar
    Excellent - ordered. Thanks OP with cashback it cost £22.50 for 2 years.
  5. neilix's avatar
    Can you use this to extend a current subscription with Surfshark or is this for new customers only?
    rodney_jxl's avatar
    think generally new customers only
  6. rodney_jxl's avatar
    Would this apply to any plan??
    sajidtg's avatar
  7. DealHugger's avatar
    Not the best VPN experience I had compared to ExpressVPN. Cheaper though.
    colliwag's avatar
    Agree but more than enough for your average vpn purpose
  8. prashanth_t's avatar
    how much time Quidco will take to track the purchase
    lazyfatboy's avatar
    Half an hour. Payment estimated August.
  9. Thackers's avatar
    Do all 3 packages get identical speeds? Same server access etc?
  10. Point.Blank.Rob's avatar
    Seems too good to be true but given it a go anyway
  11. jd121's avatar
    Bought also about an hour ago. Still waiting for it to track. Want a TV as well from currys but it says 'upto 40 percent cashback' so it's misleading. In 2 minds
  12. spurs142's avatar
    This is now showing as 180% cashback
    unfinished_sentenc's avatar
    Yes, pulled the trigger although finding it too good to be true..
  13. CallMeMcLovin's avatar
    Only showing 75%

    Only showing 75% :/ (edited)
  14. unfinished_sentenc's avatar
    It was showing 180%, would anyone know why it’s tracking approx 75%?
    Thackers's avatar
    Will of been typo.
    should have been reduced to 80%
  15. danie's avatar
    Been with surtshark some great now.
  16. damn7547's avatar
    Bought yesterday at 180%

    Forgot to take a screenshot of the 180% if anyone did can they post it here?
  17. Jason_Philip's avatar
    Tracked at £62.53 for me (spent around £50 on a 2 year basic sub).
  18. Professor_Chaos's avatar
    How often do these 100% offers come around ?
  19. dragonballz78's avatar
    Missed it... Showing 75% now.
    Professor_Chaos's avatar
    these offers come and go. Keep an eye on HUKD. There will be another 100% cashback offer within a month.
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