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NORD BASIC 2YR VPN sub + 3 months free with VAT (£67.23 without VAT) + possible 100% cashback via TCB

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+20% VAT or 0 VAT if you live in Jersey/Gibraltar


NordVPN More details at
NordVPN has currently 3 days free of Atlas VPN Premium, the referrer gets 7 days free campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. Saeed's avatar
    Jersey/Gibraltar 🛫 for 0%vat
    52644509-gZysu.jpg (edited)
  2. davecom26's avatar
    how do you get 100% TCB? Mine says 85%
    cristiandan's avatar
    Same, wanted to get it but only 85% I wonder if it’s for tcb premium members only
  3. originalli's avatar
    The highest tier has 1tb cloud storage... Does the offer apply for this too?
    indyjukebox's avatar
    No, I only got £74 cashback. Cancelling the order now. Waste of time really.
  4. sean8566's avatar
    On my PC, Google seems to know all the Nord IP addresses, and won't play ball. I have had to uninstall Nord to be able to search with Google again.
    kubasar's avatar
    Wouldn't be better to stop using google rather than something you paid for?
    Use duckduckgo instead of Google and if not satisfied with results you can always add prefix !G to your search and duckduck will redirect it through Google. (edited)
  5. heathead's avatar
    Turn off the auto subscribe, though. I was on a 2 year basic, and it auto subscribed me onto a 1 year ultimate package. A bit naughty.
  6. Jacob_Z's avatar
    I would not touch Nord with barge pole after using alternate like Windscribe
    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Strange, I’ve stuck to nord vpn for years and I don’t have any problems with it. I always change my Netflix or Amazon video location and the servers are always super fast.
  7. Sliwka's avatar
    Is it only for new Quidco members?
    Benjamin_Ho's avatar
    TCB I think :/
  8. originalli's avatar
    Basically for free then?
    pavthebeast's avatar
    No cashback on 20% tax
  9. miaccumulator's avatar
    The ultimate one is even better. It pays you a full reimbursement if you get scammed online. I'm thinking about it. When's the deadline?
  10. Saeed's avatar
    100% Tcb already tracked
    originalli's avatar
    New member account? Or renewal?
  11. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Wht is basic
  12. DJXX's avatar
    Accidentally did it on an email that I had subscribed with years ago. Cancelled via chat but no email confirmation yet. Anyone else have experience of cancelling?
    Belsi's avatar
    Have you had a reply? I have done the same.

    not messaged them to cancel yet as I thought I had 30 days but this dosent fill me with confidence.

  13. Burak's avatar
    Is this only for BASIC or can be used 100% for the PLUS one?
    Paul_c8c's avatar
    I see no reference to BASIC anywhere...
  14. antsgame's avatar
    Done quidco 💯% off before I got my cashback in 6 months or so
  15. unfinished_sentenc's avatar
    Not £68 for me anymore . Am I doing something wrong?
  16. happymanuk's avatar
    Are people getting the full 100% back or slightly less ?
    Saeed's avatar
    91p less
  17. Sinkhead's avatar
    Do we have to use the same email that we used to sign up for TCB?
    indyjukebox's avatar
    Not really. TCB ae ok with others buying through your account. They just want the clicks and subsequent revenue. Something like completesavings, on the other hand, will not accept anything other than you buying through them.
  18. Belsi's avatar
    Just signed up thinking it was a unused email address.

    i had previously used it two years ago with them on my billing. Oops I don’t think the cashback will work cos it will probably be classed as a renewal.

    guess I’m cancelling within 30 days
  19. Duckman's avatar
    If you use a non VAT tax country, wouldn't that risk TCB not paying out?
  20. _txrxn's avatar
    Is there any point adding a coupon ontop of this?
  21. pijus.paul's avatar
    Is it better than the one on privacy.deals? Also I have used cashbacks before it didn't work on vpn (edited)
  22. Onepoundfish's avatar
    100% cash back on NordVPN via Topcashback. Expires today.
    arjun311's avatar
    Mine didn't track into cashback, but the visit it recorded. Trying to lodge a claim now
  23. Benzal's avatar
    Only showing 42% on TCB.
    Is the offer over ?
    52659198_1.jpg (edited)
    alex1972's avatar
    Even lower now at 34%. Deal expired.
  24. sjr88's avatar
    Thanks for posting!

    Out of interest, how long did peoples TCB take to track? I did mine around 8pm last night but still waiting
    Burak's avatar
    Right away
's avatar