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Posted 12 July 2023

3 Pack Magnum Vegan Salted Caramel for £1 or White Chocolate Berry / Caramel & Almond for £1.29 @ Farmfoods

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  1. defgimp's avatar
    These are £1 in Heron if that helps anyone?
    Heron also had the raspberry version……50569781-Txw20.jpg
    It was the “plant based indulgence” that swayed it for me, didn’t buy them
    P-A1XAKS's avatar
    You're missing out, they're gorgeous
  2. P-A1XAKS's avatar
    Just bought a few more packs today, these are gorgeous.

    Salted caramel ones anyway, I was hoping the raspberry would be like aldi's vegan fruit first ones but the proper magnum one lack taste for raspberry (edited)
  3. futura's avatar
    Avoid the vegan ones, theyre manky!
    Swedish glace ice cream is by far the best if anyone needs it to be dairy free
    GamerFirebird90's avatar
    Swedish Glace used to be a lot nicer, but since Walls acquired them, they went down hill... Also they contain quite heavy amounts of Soya which should be of note.
  4. Bobbyboo's avatar
    Could do with one (or two) of them now! Heat added 🔥🔥
  5. Sylvester88's avatar
    Thank you so much. I've been dying for some ice cream but vegan stuff is normally so expensive
  6. Sylvester88's avatar
    These are still on offer - I've bought 23 packs so far but have run out of space in the chest freezer
    marka885's avatar
    19 packs here
  7. tonyawesome69's avatar
    I had the white choc berry 2 weeks ago at this price from Farmfoods, quite nice (edited)
  8. ultrak3wl's avatar
    I find the vegan or non-dairy ice creams to be fine for taste. The problem is though that they are almost by definition aimed at people who are reasonably interested/concerned health-wise about what they eat. Which is me. I don't buy ice-cream *at all* because of the ludicrously high sugar content and the vegan ones are no different in fact some can be worse.
    mutatedllama's avatar
    Disagree, most vegans are that way because they're opposed to animal exploitation. I don't know anybody who would be opposed to the occasional Magnum as part of a balanced diet.
  9. marka885's avatar
    Bargain price i have stocked up for my daughters. Heat
  10. michaeldudley's avatar
    Had raspberry ones in Heron Huyton 
    angie14's avatar
    Yes in Bootle store too 👌
  11. savsac29's avatar
    Before you know it, they will be in local shops at 3 times the price.
  12. Birkybird's avatar
    Thought they would be good for my grandson who is allergic to dairy but they contain milk ?
  13. thedazler's avatar
    Will check out farm foods in the morning before work. Didn't know they had a white chocolate version would like to try that.
  14. angie14's avatar
    That is farmfoods, mine is Heron 👌
  15. jay.bharakda's avatar
    Seriously vegan
    angie14's avatar
    Great for people with dairy intolerance too 👌
  16. savsac29's avatar
    Same price in farmfoods, but you would be lucky to get any as the shop keepers buy them up to sell at a profit in their shops.
    angie14's avatar
    Yes I had seen the farmfoods post but none in their store. I was made up when I spotted these today in Heron

    Yes I agree (edited)
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