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Posted 27 April 2024

5PCS Morphy Richards 970002 Induction Frying Pan and Saucepan Set With Lids, Stay Cool Handles Themocore Technology, Stainless Steel Pan Set

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  • 5 PIECE SET – includes 16/18/20 cm saucepans and 14 cm milk pan/24 cm fry pan to cater to a wide range of cooking tasks
  • THERMOCORE TECHNOLOGY – eliminate hot spots and create even heat distribution across your pans for faster, more efficient cooking
  • POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL – features high quality construction to ensure your pans have long-lasting durability
  • STAY COOL HANDLES – the phenolic design keeps the pan’s handles cool to touch so you can safely cook and serve your food
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE – receive your standard 1 year guarantee, then an additional 9 years when you register the product online within 28 days of purchase

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4334077-ITqIQ.jpgCelebrating over 80 years of outstanding quality and workmanship, Morphy Richards are proud to have delivered unrivaled results since Donal Murphy and Charles Richards first began their housewares business back in 1936. Currently more households in the UK have a Morphy Richards product that any other small appliance brand.

  • High quality stainless steel saucepan with pouring
  • Polished stainless steel finished exterior
  • Satin finished interior with capacity marking
  • Featuring double spouts and pouring lid
  • Bakelite stay cool handle for safe use
  • Energy efficient bonded stainless steel base
  • Suitable for use on all hobs types including induction
  • Dishwasher safe




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  1. I_Zebra's avatar
    I don't see why these pans cannot be used on any job type. In the reviews on Amazon people said they were using them on gas and it actually says for any job type in the description but not the title.
    These look a good set it you are usually cooking for one of two as the pans are quite small. They are 48% reduced. Voted hot.
    Drained lids are a useful addition and save on washing up, but that is something you can do without most people manage without a sieve or colander with just a normal lid for most things.
    You have to be a little bit careful with any pan with this type of screw in handle. Just fill the pan with water after use and leave to stand before easing up rather than submerging the whole thing in a bowl of water to minimise the risk of water getting inside the handle and rusting the screw in bit. A lot of pans of all types have this connection and this problem.
    The pans are advertised as guaranteed for 10 years. I saw a complaint in the reviews that this was not honoured and that Murphy Richards had said they were not their pans but sold under license. Who knows how extensive this problem is?
    The other complaint about the pans is that they are not as non stick as non stick. I suppose you mean when brand new. I have used stainless steel frying pans for years with no problems whereas a non stick coated one would be a health hazard. There's never been a scare about stainless steel pans whereas the safety of non stick coating, especially as it begins to wear has been questioned. There have been concerns around aluminium leaching in to food if used to cook wet, acidic dishes.
    sheffield788's avatar
    I think the title wanted to make it obvious that this works with induction. As far as I'm aware, the induction pans work with any hob, while the other ones are not good for induction. I would've called these 'any hob,' but perhaps the word 'induction' in the title is this to show in the search engines when you look for induction.
  2. pbryd's avatar
    I have Morphy Richards pans similar to this and they're fantastic. The strainer lids are a great idea for pasta and they're easy to clean.
  3. adriangriggs's avatar
    Thank you! Just what we’ve been looking for and a great price. 🏻
  4. vinit9's avatar
    Thanks ordered
  5. sheffield788's avatar
    Bargain and hot. But I replaced my pans with Tefal Ingenio, to save space and to look tidy.
  6. Alex5454's avatar
    Only use stainless steel pans to cook. Others have lots of health hazards. I have this pan set and it's very decent for the price.
  7. ronin13's avatar
    Now that's what I'm talking about. Stainless steel + straining lids + measuring markers. Absolute steel at this price. Beats my my no.1 budget brand Scoville. And makes the likes of Meyer Prestige and their low grade tat such as Circulon and Anolon, look like the junk they really are. Super HOT from me OP
  8. SteamedLobster's avatar
    Kid hopefully going to uni in September just bought one ready for that!
  9. kjra's avatar
  10. PG1953's avatar
    Bought and received. Decent quality pan set. Ive given up on non stick "lifetime guarantee". I have cast iron for frying, these fit the bill, but only time will tell. (I wont be choosing "manufactures packing only" option again, box was split open on receipt, but pans not damaged).
  11. SteamedLobster's avatar
    Just received mine as well and seem good especially for a student starting Uni as these cost what a cheap basic non-stick set in B&M would have cost. The non-stick set would be trashed within 5 mins of use by our "kids" using metal tools on the pans! Don't forget to register them for the 10 year warranty though I fully expect that is a useless warranty as they'll claim any and all damage after a year is "normal wear and tear" or "misuse".
  12. I_Zebra's avatar
    I agree with you. I made rather a meal of it as I'm not sure how well this is known. This seems a good set for people setting up a home for the first time rather than the cheap non stick sets usually marketed as setting yourself up sets. (edited)
  13. ran123ran's avatar
    Can these not be used on gas? (edited)
    fijwood's avatar
    Pic 5 shows all compatibility
  14. fijwood's avatar
    I have this set my handle just fell off my frying pan, but their used daily at least!! Can't get a single frying pan for less so ordered another lot!
    I_Zebra's avatar
    Avoid leaving the pan to soak in the sink before washing up to prolong the lifespan of your pan. Just put a bit of water in the bottom of the pan and leave it to stand. (edited)
  15. I_Zebra's avatar
    These are sold directly by Amazon. So you are covered by their guarentee. On the web page for these pans they are described as
    "High quality stainless steel saucepan with pouring
    Polished stainless steel finished exterior
    Satin finished interior with capacity marking
    Featuring double spouts and pouring lid
    Bakelite stay cool handle for safe use
    Energy efficient bonded stainless steel base
    Suitable for use on all hobs types including induction
    Dishwasher safe"

    Elsewhere on the page there is talk of pans "suitable for all hob types except induction"
    Further down the page in Product Information they state that 97002 is "gas stovetop compatible"
    I've never heard of stainless steel pans not being suitable for gas . If you want the pans I think you should buy them. Amazon seem to copy and paste product descriptions as the page talks of models 970002 and 970112 for the same item. It is confusing for customers. It is likely that there was a previous model which did not work with induction jobs and they tweaked the design to solve this. Gas hobs have never been fussy about steel pans.
  16. sandybanga's avatar
    5pc stainless steel set for this price is amazing. Heat added. Excellent find
  17. dude1974's avatar
    Not sure about these pans if Amazon reviews are anything to go by.
    Reading reviews from owners after a year or two don't look promising , pans splitting handles breaking off and Morphy Richards not honoring warranties .
    SteamedLobster's avatar
    Yeah I don't know how these companies legally get away with not honoring warranties. It should be illegal to offer ones that you know you will not honour since after 1 year its never going to be classed as a "manufacturing defect" but a "wear and tear/misuse issue"..... We even had problems with £130 Dr Martens shoes where the heel worse down after 3 months use and they said it was "Wear and tear"....
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