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Prestige Dura Steel 5 Piece Pan Set - £59.50 at Duneln
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Dura Steel ensures cooking with confidence, ease and quality, for when the whole family pop over for tea. Durable and versatile – the sturdy stainless steel structure is shaped cle… Read more
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Stock for delivery ONLY when posted, no reserve and collect. Even with optional delivery charge (Free Post 3-5 days or pay for Express delivery), cheapest deal about! Hope this helps someone. (y)

Scoville Neverstick 5 Piece Cookware & Pan Set £35 @ Asda / George
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Reduced once more Fill yer boots Scoville Neverstick 5 Piece Cookware & Pan Set 5 PCs This 5 piece Scoville cookware set is perfect if you’re just starting out in a ne… Read more

Just be aware that some people with induction hobs have had issues with these pots, myself included. They are marketed as induction compatible but of the set of three I bought last week only one actually worked at all and very inefficiently at that.


If you ordered online, you'd have an email confirming your order. I've taken a print out to confirm an order once before and had a refund this way. Go into you account online n follow the returns procedure, print out and enclose it with the items you wish to return.


Same here


Mine keep sticking now aswell not even 12 months old but not got receipt to return (mad)


Have had these for almost a year And they are among the best pans I've had

Tefal Easy Care 9 Piece Pan Set for £20 @ Dunelm
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Spotted a useful cooking set (y) Designed by Tefal, this nine piece easy care non stick pan set has been created with Tefal's unique Thermospot technology which lets you know… Read more
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Oos Coventry


OOS enfield 😬


OOS Leeds :(


Oos near me


No. Never got one. :(

Spectrum Turquoise Aluminium 5 Piece Pan Set - £17.50 @ Dunelm (Free C&C)
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Feels like a good price here for the 5 piece pan sets - as usual free click and collect from any Dunlem store Description Bring a spot of sophistication to your kitchen worktops… Read more
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Basket empty ???


Click n collect


I just placed an order for click and collect - are you trying home delivery maybe


Not allowing check out

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Scoville 3 Pan Set £26.64 @ Argos (other pans available)
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
I previously posted the 5 pan deal but thought this was also a great deal to post as a separate post. Pans include 16cm, 18cm, 20cm with lids.
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So your message made me do a test...I have a 26cm Jamie Oliver sautee pan which is great but none stick is starting to wear a little. This 26cm pan was supposed to replece. I put a litre of cold water in each pan and put it on full blast. The Scoville kept switching the ring off as if no pan on the hob - totally cold. The instructions state that if the heating area is not big enough then the pan may not be detected. I decided to switch sides - as I have a custom heating strip at the left had side of the hob. This time the water did heat up in the Scoville - quite well though to get to aggressively boiling took about 1min 30 secs longer than the Jamie Oliver. I have one other experience that I think is relevant - I had a small egg pan which was ok but didnt heat nearly as well as my other frying pans - the coating on the base starting coming away after less than 12 months and then it wouldnt heat at all. My theory is that decent induction pans are made from Induction compatible material - these Scoville pans are aluminum and probably coated to make them induction. Thanks again for the heads us - I think it is going back despite it working ok ish on the big side as it is hassle to only work on one paricular ring of the hob and I suspect the coating issue will arise.


I'd be interested to learn of your experience too. I've just initiated a return for a Salter set delivered by Amazon today. (mad) No puns intended, but there seems to be some element of pot luck, some induction hob owners reprt they are no good, others have no problem. I couldn't get the smallest of these Salters to heat at all but the medium one would-but not efficiently and only on the largest ring area. The largest I just didn't bother trying. I bought a three pan set, not a pair, and I expect the highest setting to be ferocious. Both sets have dimpling on their base, though, and I'm sure that's the issue. I've got a set of Le Creuset cast iron with completely flat bottoms and they perform as well as you'd expect - but they're damn heavy! Ultimately, both Scoville asnd Salter are marketing pots as induction compatible which they must know, one would assume, are simply not compatible with all induction hobs and that it is the design that makes them so poor.


;( That's a shame...I've collected it already. It also feels a good solid pan. Thanks for the heads would have probably stayed in the cupboard until needed if not for your post...will give it a try


Further to my post above, they are going back tomorrow. They are garbage on my induction, the first so-called induction compatible pan I've had a problem with. Two of the three simply won't heat at all and the third just barely boils water on the maximum setting. As soon as I transferred the water into the cheapest pot I've got and on the same setting, it started boiling like crazy. Very disappointed to find out they turned out so crap.


Brought a Scoville grill pan from George at Asda a couple of months ago for £9 - must say fantastic! Just ordered a frying pan from George online for £9 also! (highfive)

Scoville 5 pan set £43.29 @ Argos (other pans available)
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Argos have a 1/3rd off their Scoville pans including this set which includes 3 saucepans (16, 18, 20cm), frying pan (26cm) and wok (28cm). The 5 pan set sometimes comes on offer a… Read more
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Thank you for replying. I was afraid that it might not withstand the heat of the oven and may get damaged but you have cleared my confusion. (highfive)


Yes I use mine in the oven all the time , but not the glass lids , this deal is super as it includes the wok , personally I prefer cheap throw away works, ( home bargains ) as I can get the oil to smoking point before adding ingredients, take care have a lovely day , and thank you for your question ..... (y)


We have one of their larger pans and the lid fits our frying pan perfectly.


No problem with mine, have a full set and two of the large pots and they are fine. It might be useful to explain exactly what your 'problem' was.


They are regularly 'reduced' in ASDA, that's where we got ours for £30 and we swear by them.

30% off Le Creuset 20cm Cast Iron Casserole in Cerise - £129.50 @ Amazon
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Amazon have various discounts of Le Creuset cast iron casseroles. I noticed 30% of the 20cm Cerise casserole. Happy shopping!

Yeah, bread baked in this manner is good. But depending on the size of your oven, (badly insulated metal box) its guzzling energy compared to an instan tpot which can tenderise via the pressure cooker, ...30 minutes + warm up time, holds temp well thereafter, absolute energy miser. I've yet to try bread in my instant pot mind (6 litre version)


You have one of your dinner guests sit on it during starters to keep it warm. (y)


The good thing about a cast iron pot is it’s versatility. For example, I mostly use mine for baking bread, cakes, chilli con carne, curry’s etc... which are all cooked within 1 hour or so on a low heat.


Nice if you can live without sticking it in the dishwasher, yes dutch oven type thick cast iron is great for so many dishes but i'm in two minds, "more or less" the same can be achieved in terms of long n slow cooking but saving money on the fuel by means of something like an instant pot. low wattage, high pressure breaking down the sinews etc for a lovely hearty winter stew for example ((with a cast iron inner sheathing)) ..job done & simple inner pot of stainless steel to steam cycle clean with a bit f washing up liquid & water then a light scrub! I'd "like some" but my head says I wouldn't use it because I don't have an aga on 24-7 anymore & so its a shedload of energy using a le creuset (potentially) Great if you d have a farm home cooker / heater on though.


A lot of people do collect Le Creuset though. If this deal only helps one person then I will still be happy ... :D

MasterClass 2.5L Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish - Black  £14.40 with code free C&C @ Robert Dyas & Ryman Stores - 25 Year Guarantee
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Superb quality and excellent reviews too Apply code at checkout to get this price. Also 5L size You can become a great chef in your kitchen with this 2.5L Cast Aluminium Cass… Read more

I'd bet the majority of iron skillets in people's lives have rusted and been binned. I think it's the few rather than the many that take/have the time to scour and "season" them. Stainless steel, on the other hand: never had to do more than wash it with a sponge. Still shines, still smells clean.


Yeah all those decades-old cast iron skillets have just corroded away to nothing, haven't they ;)


Thanks OP! Bought the 5L with discount code! Going to smash out alot of batch cooking with this 8)





Scoville Neverstick 24cm Casserole Pan £20 @ Dunelm
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Reserve & Collect collect after 3 hours FREE Supplied with a lifetime guarantee, this casserole pan from the Scoville Neverstick cookware range has been made using an innovativ… Read more

They've had the £11 offer on this one a couple of times in Asda . This one is really good pot


I got one of these cheap from asda last year, had to click and collect though.


Great pans from Scoville never seen the regular Stock Pot/Casserole Pan on offer always seen the coloured ones going cheap, good if you want one and want to save a few quid though Dunelm has a habbit of inflating prices as these are £22 everywhere well apart from Dunelm, but still a nice price if you need one, I will hold off till Asda finally put this on offer with the rest of them.


Good pans, but if you can wait, these regularly go down to £11 in Asda.

6L Slow Cooker for £12 @ Wilko (instore only +2 Years Guarantee)
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th MayLocalLocal
Also a good offer :) Instore only 6 litre capacity With 3 cooking functions Includes detachable ceramic cooking pot Our 6 Litre Slow Cooker is ideal for cooking stews, … Read more
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Heat :)

Wilko Pressure Cooker 6L £25 @ Wilko (In-Store)
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th MayLocalLocal
Now half price and in-store at Wilko. Serve up a feast with our versatile 6 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker. It cooks quickly to lock in flavour and goodness and has 10 automatic p… Read more

How compare to aigostar one?


Picked 2 up today. Thank you for posting OP


Bought this on a previous deal and it's excellent. I've thrown a bunch of meals together in it and you can even cook meat straight from frozen in it. Really handy.


Probably any that have stock as it states online that it is in store.. i think most wilkos stocked this at some point as I only have a small one near me and even they had it in!


Which store was this please?

TEFAL H801S514 Jamie Oliver 5-piece Cookware Set - Red - £59.99 @TheRange
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th MayLocalLocal
Great price for a five piece Tefal set non stick. Previous price at £130. I found it at the Leeds store and I can’t find it online. Top features: - Jamie Oliver cookware set wit… Read more

1/3rd off selected Go Cook collection inc pans, woks, baking trays and utensils eg roasting pan with 20 year guarantee now £6.50 @ Tesco
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Just noticed these on offer at Tesco - have the grill pan myself and its great for doing steaks in with the posh lines on like restaurants do. The trays are non-stick, dishwasher … Read more

I've had them for about a year, maybe less.


If you read the terms and conditions of the warranty it basically doesn't cover ANYTHING lol. The warranty is a total scam - these basically come with no warranty.


ENSURE YOU KEEP GUARENTEE ON WRAPPING & RECEIPT!!!I bought one (previous type) with 5 yr guarantee. The non stick coating flaked badly and that was with gentle cloth wash, not even dish washer which it is supposedly safe for. I returned it and they couldnt have been more UNHELPFUL! As was the HO Customer service. They wanted to refund the £6,50 I paid (not the new full replacement value). I stood my ground and got a replacement unit- only for it to happen again! Same process, same customer service issues.... and the new version was out. They tried to deny me a replacement but agaiII stood my ground and got a replacement. Newer one slightly better. I look forward to going in in 19 years time...!!!!


Was just about to say the same - don't think they've been around 20 years yet so pop them to store and see what they say


How long have you had them? Isn't there a 20 year guarantee with them?

Scoville Pan’s Reduced to £13 Instore @ Asda
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th AprLocalLocal
Features • Lifetime Guarantee including the non-stick! • Suitable for all cookers including induction. • Dishwasher safe. • Flake and peel free. • 100% PFOA free. • Neverstick+ Sup… Read more
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I bought these pans, so far have used the griddle pan on very high heat, handle was hardly warm when I finished. Still lots of these in my local Asda at this price.


I have never had a problem with a hot handle. I think it's due to the way it's constructed.


This is a superb pan .... chucked out all my old ones today as finally I have one that is truly none stick! As to metal handle as stated above, I have not had a problem.


I love these pans you can even do a fried egg without the oil and doesn't stick. Well worth the money


Metal handle is a big no-no, sure I'd love to pretend I'm a Chef and always carry a towel around the kitchen to pick hot things up with, in reality I'm poaching an egg and don't want to spend the afternoon in A&E with third degree burns. To try to be helpful (unicorn) Robert Dyas do the same pan with a plastic handle for another £4 But £13 is pretty cheap for a decent pan coating

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