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Tefal Actifry Genius XL AH960840 Air Fryer 1.7Kg 1500W - Black / White £140 using code @ AO / Ebay
TODAYTODAYPosted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Link for Black Create healthy meals with this black Tefal air fryer. Because it has a 1.7kg capacity, there’ll be more than enough room to feed the whole family. As it has a hand… Read more

Thanks! fixed it (y)


Peasant. One likes one's Doritos gently warmed, with a side of cool Salsa. Or drunkenly smashed in my gob is nice as well.


I eat my doritos raw (y)


I've tried all these and the deep fat fryer is still far superior.


Well I never knew that Sherlock!!! :p :{ ;)

Tefal FR804040 Oleoclean Pro 3.5 L Fryer Deep Fryer 2100 Watt Silver £68 using code - UK Mainland @ AO / Ebay
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Whether it’s chunky chips or deliciously tender chicken, this Tefal fryer is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Because it has a 1.2kg food capacity, there’ll be plenty for ever… Read more

Exactly. That's why 200 degrees in my air fryer takes half the cooking time of my conventional oven even though I put that at the same temp.




How much science do you want, I've got more than a few degrees most of which included a good bit of thermodynamics so can explain what is happening in quite a bit of detail. However you don't really need it to intuitively understand spot temperature reading and thermal distribution in a volume is not static, even your example isn't right, if you have a thermostat in your room and it says 20c all that is saying is that the single point measure at the thermostat is 20C. To use that as an example, my room thermostat currently says 22C, but measuring by the window its 20, by the corner with my PC 24C, by back corner 19C. And oven is no different and heat distribution in fan assisted ovens is functional on: air flow rate, air flow path, air turbulence heat transfer to the oven walls, heat transfer from the oven to exterior, contents of the oven, existing thermal load.... Fan assist in ovens helps distribute heat across the volume inside an oven, however its not constant and ovens are not uniform internally in terms of insulation or thermal capacity of the structure or its contents. Many times the fans aren't particularly powerful as they are designed for long life duty cycles in high thermal gradient environments so produce relatively gentle air flow. Air fryers are all round beefier, design out as many heat loss components as possible i,e. windows and always have high flow and high turbulence air flow. Really to anyone that cooks this is all basic stuff, there is a reason you bake cakes in the middle of ovens and if you split top and bottom shelf even on a fan assist the top is always going to be hotter than the bottom. Again by your logic commercial bakers and restaurants should save a lot of money just using loads of normal commercial ovens because 200C is 200C and that's patently nonsense.


Well thats a lot of hot air (excuse the pun) but lets have some science on that an oven at 200c is and oven at 200c simple. It's thermostatically controlled it's ......... 200c (lol) When my room stat says 20c it's.... mmmmmm 20c and it's ...... air thats heated (lol)


Yeah that's not how fan assist ovens work and why they work better and quicker. If you take a pre-heated conventional, fan assist oven and an air fryer all at the same temperature they would still cook at different rates. Air is a terrible medium for transferring heat and the more air movement you have and higher turbulence you have the better the heat distributes across the volume and how much heat is transferred to the things inside that volume. You can test this easily with something basic like oven chips or fish fingers, you have a 5-10 minute difference on each for the same level of cooking. An air fryer has the ratio of heating element, fan and volume at the closest ratio possible meaning they don't just get hot quicker, they maintain that temperature nearly perfectly which all but the most powerful fan assists struggle with and the increased air flow means the heat transfer is appreciably higher. Like I said you can get a fan oven just as good, but my folks 1200 quid oven still doesn't cook as fast or as well as the already compromised airfryer in my 200 quid foodie. It's not like this is anything particularly strange or unknown, the difference is absolutely appreciable and readily observable.

Tefal Frying Pan 70p at Asda Dunfermline
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th JunLocalLocal
Bought in Dunfermline (no option for Fife in location!) for £0.70. It’s just a small one but for 70p it’s a bargain!

It's non stick!!


Can confirm that they scanned as 70p in Cwmbran asda, cheers for posting


Full price in Asda clapham Junction


Thanks for posting, nice find @paul.mcneil


Hence local deal (annoyed)

Tefal Manual chopper £9.79 (+£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
277° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Personally used this after recommendation by family and have since sung praises to everyone I've met. I've set up a price alert for this and it's currently at a really low price. … Read more

These little choppers are amazing, be lost without it in our kitchen.


Think I'll barge in and buy one, just to see how it copes with a whole coconut:


“Guarantee: With its durable mechanism, the 5 Second Manual Food Chopper is guaranteed for 10 years.” If it’s guaranteed for 10 years it seems like a great deal.


I’ve had 2 from Amazon (different brand). I love the product. Nice not to have to use power to chop up quickly. However I wonder if this one is stronger my last 2 that have eventually broken from wear & tear.


This or a mini food processor?

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Tefal 30 cm Comfort Max, Induction Frying Pan, Stainless Steel, Non Stick £18.99 Amazon Prime (+£4.49 P&P Non-Prime)
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Induction 30cm Pan. Lowest price for some time now. About this item Thermospot technology that lets you know when the pan has reached the optimum temperature to start cooking P… Read more

IMHO Always avoid honeycomb design in frying pans & woks


Tefal is overrated.


20 cm is also £12.99.


Really didn't like these.. The non stick, sticks


Other sizes on sale too. I wanted 20cm and it's there. Only 24cm missing.

Tefal Delight Cookware Set - Black, 5 Pieces @ Amazon £30
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
The set comprises of: - 14cm milk pan - 16cm and 18cm saucepans with glass lids - 20cm and 24cm frying pans The 2 frying pans feature Tefal's famous Thermospot technology, which l… Read more

Rubbish set. Non stick is all falling off and the handles constantly coming loose. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.


Watch this before buying


Have this set of pans, the handles keep on coming loose very poor quality