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Tefal Ingenio Expertise Non-Stick Induction Expertise Cookware Set, 11 Pieces, Black £120.72 @ Amazon France
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulShipping from FranceShipping from France
Seems like a good deal. I was charged £116.34 in total on my Monzo. Set contents: pots and pans 16/20; frying pans 22/26; wok frying pan 26; airtight lid 16/20/24; frying pan 2… Read more

You were right. I’ve updated the title


Got excited seeing the thumbnail thinking it was a Devo hat


11 pieces, not 13? Or is it linking to the wrong page?


have had these for 5+ yrs without doubt the best I've had.. still looking good


No 'PFOA' gets a thumbs up (y)

Tefal 5 Piece, Comfort Max, Stainless Steel, Pots and Pans, Induction Set - £51.99 @ Amazon
723° Expired
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Box Contains 1 x 14 cm Milkpan 1 x 16 cm Saucepan with lid 1 x 18 cm Saucepan with lid 1 x 20 cm Frying pan 1 x 24 cm Frying pan
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You can get glass ones I think can't you?


You never cover a paella with a lid. All the Spaniards I know (my other half is Spanish and we spend a lot of time in Valencia) cover the pan with a slightly damp dish cloth.


I think stonewares are good. I'm using le creuset now.


I highly recommend the ProCooks range of frying pans.


Yeah I dont go near it, bought some ceramic pans earlier this year love them. Good film too reminded me a bit of The Insider

Tefal Oleoclean Pro Fryer FR804040 - Deep Fat Fryer £84.99 @ Costco
317° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Got one of these in middle of lockdown to curb McDonalds cravings, paid £120 for it, great price, £99 at Curry’s at the moment The Tefal Oleoclean Pro fryer is unique: it filter… Read more
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Have the compact version and love it, easy to maintain and re-use and the size of that one in particular is great for portion control as you’re not tempted to overfill.


We have had ours for a year or so and it's ideal. The filtration idea is great on it and handy as it stores the oil on the container below (especially that we don't use it that much). Also it strips right down (so you can take off the electric/heater so the rest can go in the dishwasher if need be.


Has anyone seen this in store today?


Dutch oven + thermometer mounted on the side is a great way to fry. I have a small fryer but the temperature accuracy is off and pouring out oil is messy. I've tried the Dutch oven way like they do in a lot of YouTube videos and it's great once you learn how to control the heat. Easy to decant the oil after too, just set a fine sieve over a food container and pour right in. Doesn't have a basket you can pull out but that's no big deal. Obviously you can use it as a slow cooker and for making bread too.


what a load of rubbish, actifry is only good for using less oil and that is about it, it takes a heck of a lot longer to produce an inferior tasting product and it does this by using a lot more electricity. Try a bit of fresh battered cod in your actifry and see how you get on :) They say the actifry is healthier but lots of oils have a low smoke point and start to break down into some nasty stuff once they reach that smoke point, yes your actifry temperature sensor controls the heat of the oven but the oil coated food gets a lot higher temperature when the heat is directed straight at it hence the browning.

Tefal Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker £65 @ AO
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Looks like decent price for what it does. Quick and easy: Choose from five automatic programs – four recipes and one cleaning – on the simple control panel and click 'start'. Easy… Read more

I have the Morphy Richards one. It is excellent. Well worth the money and so easy to use.


My boss bought me one of these recently, nice boss I know lol.. It makes great soups although annoyingly for a tefal product there are several recipes that stick to the bottom.. I make broccoli and cheddar soup with it (because no thanks to blue cheese) and that needs elbow grease to get off and I made cream of tomato with passata and tinned tomatoes and that burnt so badly to the bottom, took about 30mins to get off. Keeps soup hot for a very long time even if you open it (which deactivates the keep hot function). That highlights the biggest problem for me, opening it removes the power so you can't open it to stir or take a portion and then put back on the keep warm function as opening it makes it forget what it was doing. Makes brilliant soups though :D


I have added some description.


It's a 65 quid blender?


Looks like I have yet more research to do. Of course, I could just tell her my plan to buy her one and then let her choose it herself - (y)

Tefal Indian 30cm Chapati Pan £10.50 @ Dunelm - Free C&C
572° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Great price from a good brand considering non branded ones cost near this. Make delicious chapatis with this non-stick pan from Tefal, benefiting from a rimless design, this dish… Read more

Desi brothers bonded by love for chapati.


These are great for crepes as well.


Just FYI.. We make chapattis, pancakes, dosas, eggs all in the cast iron ones now and they are absolutely brilliant! They will need good seasoning (or you can buy pre-seasoned ones) and looking after but we wouldn't go back to anything else.


Never ever use non stick coated pans! Especially for chapatis. The non stick coating is seriously dangerous to health as it comes off in every dish you make


Simple rule for the uninitiated....If it's not heavy enough to threaten a bash over the head, it's not suitable for chapatis ;)

Tefal Easy Fry Precision EY401840 Digital Air Fryer - 5 Portions / 4.2L / 1.2kg - £69.99 @ Amazon
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Good sized Air fryer with some decent reviews. Price seems to jump around with £69.99 being the cheapest it goes for.

Not impressed with this, to be honest. The amount of noise it makes is excessive. As much as I complained about my old Salter fryer in the post above, at least it didn't sound like a jet engine when it was running. :(


Looks like it’s out of stock


(y) Thanks for sharing @SaladDaze


I ordered one of these to replace a Salter EK2205. Turns out that Salter air-fryer is a scam because it is advertised as having 4.5L capacity, but the actual basket size is 2.8L (4.5L refers to the entire cooking area, which is highly deceiving as it does not state this anywhere in the advertising material) Now furthermore it has developed a fault of 'ghost touches' on the control panel where it randomly alters the temperature and cooking time when you're not looking. Not helpful. This Tefal one should be a welcome upgrade! (y)


We have one of these, well worth the price. Great product.

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Argos Tefal Actifry Original Air Fryer 1kg black - £99.99 + free Click and Collect @ Argos
219° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Eat healthy - cook with little to no oil. 1kg food capacity. Oil capacity 0.01L. Digital timer. Removable bowl. Removable filter. Odour filter. Cool zone to keep the oil fresher f… Read more
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Great first post @katejones1 (y)


Had two of these in the past and they didn't last long (just enough to be out of warranty). Have they improved in build quality yet?


Tefal easy fry 4.2L on Amazon at less £70 is better and I have just bought the easy fry. Also Ninga is good but find the tefal easy fry 4.2 just pops it due to extra size. Would have gone for large ninja but no stock at the time.


I've not had one before! Been tempted for a while and then made the decision and we locked down. Kept seeing salt and pepper chicken recipes all over the internet and was gutted I hadn't got one!


I'm tempted, this would be our 3rd Actify though (lol) we had the old ones a while and they were very grubby (wouldn't come clean), so we replaced them with a Tower Air Fryer, but it isn't anywhere near as good.

Tefal Electric Pressure Cooker | Cook4me + Connect (6 portions) - £119.99 using code and free delivery @ Home and Cook
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Really good deal for for a fantastic piece of kit. Pressure Cooker, Browner, Steamer, Recipe Provider, it really does it all Currently £314 on Amazon (shock) Product Detai… Read more

Amazon sends out invitations to the best reviewers. It is not something you can apply for.


Vine.. I wish! How did that happen?


I like the tech on it which I haven't seen on things like this and at this price point


Yeah I think this being most expensive in range at £314, which is a lot for a countertop appliance in reality for what it is, so you are probably right this model didn’t sell like others.


I think they are trying to get rid of stock, was on the tefal site the other day, and this item popped up with £150 off their online store price.

TEFAL Select Grill GC740B40 - £65.98 @ Costco
83° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Included in this week's members savings - Tefal Select Grill GC740B40. TEFAL Select Grill GC740B40 Electric Health Grill – 5 portions / 1800WSelect your meat doneness, for restau… Read more

Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @Jaro92 Hope to see more soon :)


This is in store only, warehouse deal.


Thanks, heat added (y)


Same. Can't find it anywhere. Maybe shop only?


link doesnt work and cant find on costco website

Tefal Easy Fry Precision EY401840 Digital Air Fryer - 5 Portions / 4.2L / 1.2kg - £65 @ Amazon
295° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Good price for 4.2L digital air fryer... (y) The Air Fryer's capacity of 4.2L provides up to 6 servings Compact design with XL capacity Adjustable temperature from 80 to 200°… Read more

Thanks mate saw that earlier (y)


Thank you! Missed last time but bought now, was after one for a while


Just to let you know, it has dropped in price again today. (y)


That a different model you are looking at EY301 at that price. This is the EY401


Bought last time. I think it’s really good, works well, easy to clean.

Tefal Titanium Excel All-in-One Square Pan and Glass Lid (Free C&C, £3.95 delivery)
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
A very high quality multi-use pan, for slightly cheaper than it's been in the past. Typical price seems to hover around £50. Price matched at Amazon, which can offer free delivery.

Thanks OP, didn't manage to get this from Argos but had a delivery from Amazon today. Very pleased.


Gonna be the same https://www.tefal.co.uk/c/TITANIUM-EXCEL-SQUARE-DEEP-PAN--STEAMER-BASKET--SKIMMER/p/2100109508


Amazon is showing a different size 28cm but Argos one is 32.5cm These might be same if Amazon is showing base size and argos at the widest. Any idea?


Often this price on Amazon. Great pan, oven safe so perfect for dishes that go from hob into oven, like mac n cheese can also deep fry


It's a really good price for a top of the range Tefal. Comes with lid too, and a steamer attachment. Be warned that 28cm is on the larger size of a pan, might not fit in a cupboard!

Tefal Kadai Pan 26CM - £17.50 (+£3.95 Postage) @ Dunelm
80° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunLocalLocal
Only click and collect available and no home delivery Featuring thermospot technology, this non-stick Indian Kadai pan indicates when the pan is at the perfect cooking temperatur… Read more

Not available


The scoville in Asda is better imho, and cheaper at £12 or £13


Its deeper and kadai is a deep pot like a wok to cook something on a high heat and quickly


What makes it an Indian pan?


I posted this as click and collect from store as delivery is not available on this, so if you can click and collect it will save you delivery charge and it will cost you 17.50£ only

Tefal Electric Pressure Cooker | Cook4me + (6 portions) £159.99 @ Home And Cook
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
A very good deal for the connect model of this well reviewed Tefal electric pressure cooker. Use the discount code to get this price. Amazon is selling it for £283.12

Most likely the "connect" feature to apps and the step by step instructions. It's also ONLY a Pressure Cooker and not a All In One like alot if multicookers/pressure cookers around this price...


Genuine question. Why would you spend so much on this when you can buy a standard hob pressure cooker for about £30? Where is the value added?


This is for the + connect version so is a good deal.

Tefal Chef Delight Wok 28Cm - £9 @ Tesco
441° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Thermo-Spot® turns fully red when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. It guarantees: perfect texture, perfect colour and perfect flavour, for delicious m… Read more
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Yes, although some stores show as available..!it isn’t. Click and collect won’t substitute too. So I got none. I tried in 3 stores




Ordered a grocery delivery from Tesco for this wok but it's not in my grocery delivery today :(


"Sorry, this product is currently unavailable"


I’m not disputing that & I’m most definitely not your mate (lol) several members have set up offers in the same way with no dispute from anyone, if you’d stated this information in your original post then we wouldn’t be having this oh so pleasant discussion. I’m my honest opinion & it appears by the up votes several others have too, 331 & counting, as the wok has decreased in price the op is well within their rights to add it as a NEW deal!

Tefal Chef Delight Titanium Pro Frying Pan 28cm for £13 @ Tesco
449° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more
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@Gonzo2011 please could you check stock for me for the wok and the 28cm frying pan in Cardiff? Thanks


Deal does not exist, after waiting 3 days then travelling 12 miles to pick up at Tesco, they do not have the product. Spoke to the manager at Wishaw store Steven, and he was as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Not interested at all, basically same nothing to do with Tesco, it's the site I was on, that's to blame. Arghhh!!!


Just collected my shopping but they didn't have this item in stock ☹


Hi. Can you please check Cardiff for me, with preference to Pengam Green. Thanks.


Now £8!

Tefal Ultimate Pure FV9845 Iron £109.99 at John Lewis & Partners
-184° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Includes 2 Year Guarantee and Free Delivery. Elimate creases with the Tefal Ultimate Pure FV9830 Iron. The FV9845 is suitable for vertical pressing, has 5 heat settings and has a… Read more
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No, that would be my missus.


must be the most expensive iron in the world.


I have one of these and it is amazing. The steam pressure is fab. Bit heavy because of the reservoir but would recommend it.


Decent steam generator territory


An you don't even get auto steam settings 😔

Tefal Delight 5 Pc Non-Stick Saucepan Cookware Set (Non-Stick Exterior) - £39.99 @ eBay / homeallure
245° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Brand-Tefal Manufacturer Warranty -1 year Features -Insulated Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Non-Stick. Colour-Black Set Includes -14 cm Milk Pan, 20/24 cm Frying Pan, 16/18 … Read more

More fool you for using a metal spoon. You know car paint scratches when you try to clean it with a wire brush too right? Tefal is excellent kit and it’ll last you for years if you bother to look after it.


Only a heathen would cook with metal on metal, wood or silicone only in any pot or pan unless you like the taste of metal.


Asian guests are different. They help themselves to everything (lol) "Su casa, mi casa" They want to help cook clean the dishes and so on. If you object they get offended. They clean dishes and lift the strainer and let all rubbish down teh sink drain.


I remember seeing a toxicologist saying that you needn't worry about tiny flakes of nonstick passing through your 'system', is very non-reactive (it needs to be to be nonstick). However, you should be wary of what happens to it when it burns (ie an empty pan on a high heat). The smoke could easily be absorbed by your lungs, and then it's actually in your system. Also it kills bird immediately, and is pretty nasty to fish, too.


Usual price on Amazon

Tefal Secure 5 Neo 6L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - Induction Suitable - £43.96 With Code @ eBay / nxs-ballymoney
158° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Was looking for a good pressure cooker and came across this one, can’t find it anywhere cheaper than this. Hopefully it helps someone who is looking for a good one.

All hobs compatible including induction.


I think so


Can they be used for gas hobb or only induction?


wondering if this one is https://www.argos.co.uk/product/5437434 different.........looks same?


Thx for posting.

Tefal ProGrade 5 Piece Non-Stick Induction Cookware Pan Set with Glass Lids £79.96 @ nxs-ballymoney /eBay
137° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
a genuine saving compared to other places Professional 5 piece non-stick induction cookware set. Titanium non-stick, metal utensil-safe interior Coating for extreme durability – I… Read more

Because it's easier?


Bargain for what you get. Thanks for posting and ordered!


Why would you put non stick pans in a dish washer? Let them cool and wash with warm soapy water. I have two Tefal frying pans had them a few years and they are still good


We use stellar 7000 range a bit pricey but worth it especially for induction.


Can’t agree at all - had several pots replaced due to coating being scratched. No costs, no questions asked, just had to email across a few photos.

Tefal Easy Fry Precision EY401840 Digital Air Fryer - 5 Portions / 4.2L / 1.2kg - £69.99 @ Amazon
219° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
was looking to buy a new air fryer and saw this had come down quite a lot in price at amazon. Product DescriptionThe Easy Fry Air Fryer is the healthier solution for your everyday … Read more

We got the mechanical timer version of this from B&M for £49. Pleased with it, although the lack of a basket means you have to use tongues , etc. to remove food when cooked. You have to keep the removable ' pot?' level when serving , if you tilt it the excess fat collected in cooking escapes through the lower vents onto your plate. Got used to it now but was a problem at first. The results are as good as our old Philips XL but take few minutes longer to achieve . This fryer is much easier to clean than the Philips too . We gave the old Philips to our son , got fed up of it filling the kitchen with smoke once it had been on five minutes. He thinks he's now cured the smoke problem by adding a couple of tablespoons of water before use, wish we'd have thought of that (lol)


Bought this a few weeks ago and I'm delighted with it. Had a Salter one before and it was absolute garbage, but this thing is wonderful.


Offer ended I think


Showing £100 for me.


Anyone know any basket that fits this

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