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Got a cancellation email... anyone else 's get cancelled? They said their stock level on the site was slow to update and orders were taken after it went out of stock. Be interested to know what time people ordered...


Excellent set of headphones. Love mine.


expired, no more stock :(


Glad they have gone oos as I was seriously tempted.. (flirt)


No stock, says preorder for 1st November 2025. Don't think I can wait that long...

Fiio D03K Digital to Analog Audio Decoder/Converter - Optical / Coaxial - 3.5 / Component - £21.99 @ Advanced MP3 Players
Found 15th Dec 2016Found 15th Dec 2016
FiiO D03K Digital to Analog Audio Decoder/Converter The D03K is a digital audio analog converter which can transfer digital audio (optical / coaxial) to two channels of analog aud… Read more

Second ge. have problem with sound do not buy D03K02


Neoteck max 96k sample rate no bit depth uncompressed only. D2A no stated sample rate/bit depth whatsoever. Apples and Dates if you ask me.


Amazon/ebay full of these things and until you start paying much much more they're all the same cheap insides.


Cheaper alternative here, with power adaptor. D2A


Less than a tenna on Amazon for something similar - I use this one for the xbox one

Cowon Plenue D Hi Res Audio Player (Open Box) £123.55 at Advanced MP3 players
Found 9th Jun 2016Found 9th Jun 2016
These usually retail at £199 and I previously purchased a Fiio X3i from AMP clearance and it was in great condition. I imagine the stock would be very limited on this so hope it h… Read more

Can't see the open box one - must have gone otherwise would have had that especially with 8.5% Quico and a £10 Quidco bonus. Shame it appears to have gone.....

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Flexson Desktop Stand for SONOS PLAY:1 - Single Unit (Black or White) £24.00 down to £10.00 delivered @ Advanced MP3 players
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
Might be of use to SONOS PLAY:1 owners. Currently £23.91 on Amazon UK website

did they improve the sound enough to pay full price for them ??


Just arrived. Strangely from Amazon


​Was a deal of the day yesterday. Snooze = lose !


Price showing as £24


still letting you pre order

Soundmagic E50S - In-Ear Isolating Earphones with Mic & Remote £44.91 @ Advanced MP3 Players
Found 19th Mar 2016Found 19th Mar 2016
Decided to upgrade from my Soundmagic E10's. According to reviews, it's meant to be worth the extra money. Microphone works with both Android and iOS (there's a little switch modul… Read more
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nice find, thanks for the code


These are very good for the price HUKD Deal


Out of curiosity, how much were they going for?


I have these and have to say that they're amazing for the price. I was lucky and got them on the Amazon black friday sale. Worth it though

Cowon Plenue 1 (P1) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB Music Player - £540.00 delivered (£486 with PROMO CODE) RRP740£- AdvancedMP3Players
Found 17th Feb 2016Found 17th Feb 2016
I think it's a steal for the price. Reviews & impressions - This deal is valid for next 3 hours only! Edit - £486 with PROMO C… Read more

Like most products, small gains have exponential cost implications the further up you go. I'll never buy one, as Mike Oldfiled stated on his Amarok cover, I'm a cloth eared nincompoop.


Over a setup costing a fraction of the price of this player.


i had one but sold it and got Sony zx2 which has 3x times longer battery lifr plus wifi, sounds as good as cowon


Marginal gains over what? LW radio, MP3 player, iPhone or previous generation Cowon devices.


Marginal gains people. Not worth getting excited about.

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Sony NWZ-M504 8GB Walkman® /Bluetooth Headset/Earphones £69 Deal of the Day @ AMP3
Found 15th Feb 2016Found 15th Feb 2016
Today Only. Seems a great price,mixed reviews but most negatives are from people who expect it to transmit bluetooth,when it clearly states it receives only ! Enjoy clear, enhance… Read more

Good find ordered one then read the reviews lol. But I will make my own mind up. Within 1 hour it's been dispatched with a tracking number so on ball . Amazon reviews not good but YouTube unboxing look promising.


Why not buy the SBH52 instead of the 54? Both are the same though 54 appears to be newer gen, both don't have storage so as redkop says, are just BT receivers.


I think SBH54 is just a receiver,with no built in memory so cannot be used as a stand alone MP3 player.


how is this compared to SBH54?

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi - £13.95 (Delivered) @ Advanced Mp3 Players or 2 in a bundle for £23.40 (Delivered).
Found 13th Jan 2016Found 13th Jan 2016
Limited time left on this offer, (Less than 4 hours at time of posting). Update: It seems the offer is still on. Also there's a bundle offer of 2 sets for £26, so £13 each delivere… Read more
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Update: Advanced MP3 players were really good about this and resent my delivery very well packed this time without any quarms.


Actually I had a real crappy time getting mine from FedEx, they posted a card, I logged on and told them where to leave it, they posted another card, I phoned up and told them the delivery agent did not follow instructions, they said he would do it the next day, they didnt. I phoned again and finally they followed instructions. The product packaging had clearly taken a battering by this time and was split and broken. I contacted the company who are now getting FedEx to collect and they plan to send out a replacement. I have got it sent to my workplace because FedEx seem unable to follow simple instructions. I was thinking it was just me, seems that FedEx is universally crap, or at least it is in the UK.


Bought these a week ago, was meant to be delivered last Friday, but I wasn't in. Supposedly left a card, but I couldn't find it anywhere and so I emailed the company to find out about where my item was. They told me that FedEx would deliver it on Tuesday, and they didn't, then on Wednesday too, but obviously that didn't work either. My tracking information is now blank too. Requested for a refund yesterday, and was only told that I would be issued it once they receive their item back from FedEx; I highly doubt they will if they can't even deliver it to me. Ridiculous, yet hilarious at the same time. I guess I'll escalate my PP dispute on Monday if I don't get my refund. I'm probably the only one who has had this issue, but the hassle this has caused has made me want to get something else instead. Looking at the other end of the spectrum now, with a pair of Soundsticks in my basket. X)


Looks like the deal is still on despite the countown clock finishing... Fake countdown! But need to unexpire the deal.


I had this. Really annoying it just shut the keyboard down as your typing, well thats what happened in Chrome. Firefox worked for me in the end.

Sony XBA-H1 In-ear Headphones with Hybrid Driver System £57.60 with CODE: 10%XMAS15 @
Found 26th Dec 2015Found 26th Dec 2015
The Sony XBA-H1 In-ear Headphones have been designed in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, the XBA-H1 in-ear headphones let you hear music the way musicians intended. Hea… Read more
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A3 & Z5 are the higher range & flagship models from Sony. Just a kidding as the Z5 is extremely expensive :P


I just checked and no still not cheaper elsewhere. Hopefully my order will arrive this week.


Are these available somewhere else for a cheaper price?


What's A3 or Z5? My first post is cold not a good start lol


I would buy if this is A3 or Z5 in the price LOL

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi - £13.95 (After Voucher) @ Advanced Mp3 Players
Found 22nd Dec 2015Found 22nd Dec 2015
CODE: 10%XMAS15 Price ends at midnight The website is very slow so the page may struggle to load.... Impresive audio output: 30W peak power Compact and lightweight Audio-grade ma… Read more

That's just their rating, it doesn't mean they 'output' 30W, just that they can handle 30W if the rating was 2.5W/ea they would sound ****. They could be 1000W speakers it don't make no dif.


Yep, i, agree they sound reasonable, quite 'coherent' compared to many pc speakers. Just a shame they cut costs by putting such a weedy amp in them (pretty sure the drivers can handle more) For checking facebook and a few other sites in the morning, these do fine though :)


For the price show me another set of speakers which are better. I got mine the other day and I'm fairly impressed with the sound -- I mean, it's a bit muddy in the low-mid range, and maybe a bit lacking in sparkle up in the high end, both which can be mitigated with a bit of EQ -- still, the form factor and convenience combined with the really very acceptable audio quality, make these a total bargain. I got a pair of Palo Alto Musik speakers which appear to be of the same vein as these, just a little bit bigger. These absolutely trounce those in my mind -- the Musik are much more boxy sounding. They basically sound like their size. They sound acceptable for some light use basically. The QSBs by comparison, are much more open sounding, and ultimately they make music listening possible without cringing. I usually listen to Hyperballad by Bjork to get an idea of whether speakers are able to competently reproduce low-end. The QSBs happily produce the opening 3-notes of the bassline at their correct levels in the mix, with no variation in volume between them (some speakers/headphones really resonate for one of the three, and you hear a real difference in levels -- sometimes the lowest note is basically dead/missing). If you're on the fence, consider that a pair of Logitech speakers at the same price will be just pure ****. Very few people will disagree with this statement hopefully. They'll sound **** terrible. They'll also be bigger with some uglier design, they'll have cables about 6 miles long and a big wall wart and cable that you'll have to make room for. The phono cable that comes with these is long enough to span a 24" monitor, and you can always buy a longer USB cable if necessary (USB mini). Not perfect as I mentioned, but if you've got a small desk and mainly use headphones, these would be perfect for the odd time when your ears are getting warm. Would'nt've have dreamed of buying them for 90 quid or above, but at this price I really doubt they can be beaten. I'm open to someone who can refute this, btw. Not just making a hyperbolic statement.


Yup received a pair. Volume level is 'just' okay but rather low. If I had two pairs, I'd do the mod that was posted in the amazon review, hooking up a t-amp to a pair of the left speakers (the ones without the usb output at the back) What Hifi have always been a joke (regarded as the worst of the mags) but they take things to a new low with their review of these speakers "...a big sound" . The driver tech might be innovative but they don't go loud enough. Still I'm okay with it because I change over to a pair of Logitech z10's when I want more volume :p


I'd say the company were way off with the RRP when these were released and they didn't sell well (I mean, let's be honest here... nobody is paying £100 for small USB speakers!). Judging by the fact Advanced MP3 Players seem to be the only retailer selling them, I'd say they bought up all the remaining stock at a cut price and have a lot to shift...

Audioengine A5+ Active Speakers (Black or White) - £202.50 (After Voucher) + 8.5% Quidco @ Advanced MP3 Players
Found 17th Dec 2015Found 17th Dec 2015
Use voucher 10%XMAS15 for 10% discount. 8.5% Quidco = £17.21 Potential final price = £185.29. Really highly rated speakers. These have them at the lowest price (by quite a margin… Read more

Make a quidco account and then you search Advanced Mp3 Players and click through to the website via them. Then after you make the purchase you should hopefully find it'll track in your Quidco. Then a few months later you'll get the cashback paid which you withdraw to your bank account or PayPal :)


Sorry for my ignorance, but how does the quidco work. I found the retailer through quidco but it says 4.5%? I've not used quidco before.




More stock is due in tomorrow


out of stock :(

Cowon Plenue M - £440 with £100 discount code @ amp3
Found 28th Oct 2015Found 28th Oct 2015
This deal won't be for everyone, but for those who want one of the best sounding DAP this is a good deal. BBE sound = Audio Bliss Discount code = PLENUEM100
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Well you can definitely say it makes a difference otherwise the numbers wouldn't change :P Whether you can hear a difference is another matter and one I'm not going to offer an opinion on


192kHz/24bit has no difference to be heard wherever you are.


Well that is money off so heat, at the same time I'm not sure I see the point in the product. Don't get me wrong, I love my Fiio E17 because it sounds so much better than the built in headphones outputs of my computers or TV, but I don't feel that high res audio is worth it in portable form because the main place you'd need portability is while walking the streets and there's no way to hear the extra difference that 192KHz/24bit audio makes when there's a car passing a metre away from you.


snake oil. even the reviews talk more about how it looks and feels, rather than how it sounds


Hot because that's how I roll

Ibasso D-Zero Mk2 Headphone AMP and USB DAC Clearance £57.17 @ advancedmp3players
Found 13th Oct 2015Found 13th Oct 2015
This is in the clearance section so has no packaging, it's not clear how many are available. This normally retails at £99 so £57 for a decent headphone amp to improve the sound of… Read more
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What headphones are you using, and what do you want an amp for? Is it for a bump on volume, improvement to sound etc?


You can get some nice little cmoy ones on ebay for about half this amount. You can get some nice little cmoy ones on ebay for about half this amount. This style:


Anybody know a cheap headphone amp? £57 is a bit on the expensive side.

SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers - £19.50 @ Advanced MP3 Players
Found 3rd Oct 2015Found 3rd Oct 2015
RRP £109 Rated 5/5 by What HiFi Buy 1 pair and get 25% off another second pair! Impresive audio output: 30W peak power Compact and lightweight Audio-grade magnet cabling Designer … Read more



The speakers here contain that technology?


​ Their patented technology. They've recently inputted it into amplifier modules that run off a battery too, for portable speakers. Brilliant actually. I'd suggest contacting the company if you want to find out more, they would probably be in a better position than I am to help you understand.


USB 2.0 max output is 2.5 watts. Link me to some explanation as to how 2.5 watts can turn into 30 watts with just a single USB output.


For some reason, from time to time, this speak come up, and often it is from Advanced MP3 player. On the other hand, a lot of Advanced MP3 player deals are just about this speaker.

Excellent Speakers for decent price £19.99 @ Advanced MP3 players
Found 12th Aug 2015Found 12th Aug 2015
Needed some speakers as two pairs I had gave up ghost at same time. These delivered VERY quickly and excellent quality sound on my PC better than the other 2 I was used to. I picke… Read more

These speakers are great! Paid £9.99 for them, would say they're worth £25 quality wise. They use just one USB, and if your phone supports OTG you can plug it in and they'll work great (tested on Moto G). Mine are now in the bathroom and as AirPlay speakers hooked up to a battery pack and RPi. Would recommend


they may be excellent sounding speakers but if USB2 is max 0.5A and 5V how does it manage 30W without mains power ?


I have the distinct impression they're comparing them to speakers costing 2, 3 and 4 times this cost (my previous speakers cost as much and they're not in same class)


Just delivered this morning, and very pleased with them. Nice full sound, volume isn't street-blasting but you don't need it to be. Quality of sound is as I said, better than my 2 previous pairs


Decided to take a punt on these. Paid via Paypal just in case i run into any issues. Hopefully they will work nicely with the HTPC in the bedroom as the TV's inbuilt speakers have begun to go out of sync with everything i play which is sooo annoying.

FiiO X5ii 2nd Gen Audio Player £245.65 (with coupon) at Advanced MP3 players
Found 29th Jul 2015Found 29th Jul 2015
Now that the ipod classic has been discontinued by Apple, this is really the only way (as far as I know) to have a large number of mp3s on a single unit. Even with the discount co… Read more

have you tried a blind listening test with matched volume levels, such as the foobar ABX?


seriously thinking of going the android way next. i do like iphones, but i like my music as well....


I wish they wouldn't 'idiofy' their users, reducing the output as if we're idiots and might damage something....


Depends on the source. If you use low quality MP3 and good quality FLAC of course you can hear the difference.


Headphones pal.

2 Room Starter Kit - SONOS PLAY:1 Mini But Mighty Wireless HiFi System Speaker Bundle £254.15 Delivered @ Advancedmp3players
Found 27th Jun 2015Found 27th Jun 2015
Only available in White. Voucher code: mu4c99 Must expire 29/06/15 + 4.5% Quidco. A Twin Pack containing 2 x Sonos Play:1 units in White. The perfect starter kit for those new to … Read more

Will be when I've moved into my new house and get them wall-mounted! The box was a bit battered on arrival, and they could've packaged them with more care, but fortunately there was only a minor dent in the actual SONOS box.




I received delivery of my SONOS Play:1 Starter Kit today from AdvancedMP3Players through FedEx; it was in a box!


All gone. hope someone got lucky?



SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi £16.99 Delivered @ Advancedmp3players
Found 27th Jun 2015Found 27th Jun 2015
Enter cod mu4c99 for this price + possible 4.5% Quidco. *Note: The QSB speakers incorporate their own sound card, so when connected to your Laptop or PC they will appear as a new … Read more

Understandable when you get hassle - I'm the same - (currently feeling same towartds 7dayshop) - puzzled though. I had a MP3/AVI player (a Cowon) for 5 months and it started refusing to play, last year it was. Got my money back with no problem, and cost of sending it too. Maybe they've changed that attitude.


Connections are a well documented woe it would seem. Might be okay if permanently placed but I'd think twice before buying for a laptop though.


Bought a pair, received broken. the connection at the back are loose. Try to return, no luck, seller wants me to pay delivery charge to send the item back, and only offer exchange. I refused. seller even deleted my account with them. I still have the broken pair sitting on the top of my bookshelf for two year now. I will never buy from the seller again. No matter how cheaper their price my seems to be. Not worth the hassle.


They sound average when compared to most of the active speakers. The biggest selling point of these is they achieve such performance without requiring extra power supply more than the USB.


Back in stock again now.

Soundmagic ES20 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones £17.10 delivered @
Found 27th Jun 2015Found 27th Jun 2015
Available in Gun metal, Red and Black . (Thanks to ukfix for code) Voucher code: TAKE5 Gets 5% off + possible 4.5% Qudco.

I have had the e10 for over a year and they are better than the virtually any earphones I have owned before and were the best budget buy in one of the HiFi mags at the time I bought. I would definitely recommend the e10


Cheers. I went for the betron 1000, cannot wait! Going on holiday next week so definitely need them to replace my old pair if sonys which broke!


I got through several pairs of Soundmagic - they are flimsy. Try these: Betron YSM1000 Much better build quality & 2 year warranty. £19.99


Been using the e10's for over a year, brilliant little headphones - highly recommended. Finally replaced them with a set of xiaomi pistons (v2.1) from for just over £12 delivered which are equally badass and have inline controls and a mic.


No my sound magic E10 fell apart after a few months. Xiaomi Piston 2's or 3's are much better for the money and in the case of the Piston 2's nigh on bombproof.

15% off selected items this weekend, including Sonos items @ Advanced MP3 Players. Enter code MU4C99 at checkout.
Found 27th Jun 2015Found 27th Jun 2015
Email states that there is 15% off across the whole store, but then also states that its on selected items. However I've checked and it does include Sonos items. Makes a Sonos sub … Read more

Code NOT working JULY7BANG is, but only for half the 15%


Do they not have the starter kit any more?


I received delivery of my SONOS Play:1 Starter Kit today from AdvancedMP3Players through FedEx; it was in a box! Many thanks to the OP.


240 odd quid if the cashback tracks, great deal on the play:1s! Ordered the starter kit but the website says they are out of stock till 2025. Maybe I'll get a surprise in 10 years time.


The deal is valid for this weekend only. I've used them before with no problems. delivery is free on certain items, and from £4.99 on others. Up to 4.5% cashback with Quidco