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Posted 26 January 2024

Annual Breakdown Cover for Single Vehicle

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It represents fantastic savings given that the basic £20 cover shown below is £85 for the year direct from The AA website and full family cover is £105 compared to £300+.

This will cover a single car and get you recovery if you breakdown further than 1/4 mile from your home.
4287523_1.jpgIf you want family cover with all the bells and whistles then it’ll cost you £105 for the year.
The AA More details at
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  1. hillton's avatar
    This exclusive offer: (1) is only available to existing AA insurance customers who have received an e-mail or letter directly from the AA; (2) can only be used by the addressee of the e-mail or letter; (3) Is not available to existing breakdown members, in conjunction with any other offer or in a breakdown situation; and (4) only applies to the first 12-months of your membership. The AA reserves the right to withdraw or alter this offer without prior notice at any time, and breakdown cover purchased in breach of these terms and conditions may be declined or cancelled at any time.
    Marcin_Mazur's avatar
    So if I have insurance with e.g Aviva I can't buy this offer am I right?
  2. sm9690's avatar
    This exclusive offer: (1) is only available to existing AA insurance customers who have received an e-mail or letter directly from the AA;
  3. Yesmar's avatar
    Just opted for this at £40 for 12 months National Recovery & Breakdown cover, doing the NC500 next month, absolute bargain as everywhere else wanted £150+ for my old but pristine little sports car. Don't forget to untick the auto renewal box before paying so you get no nasty surprises next year with a hefty renewal price increase.
  4. popeye1's avatar
    Ive just bought the £20 cover no problem. I'm not an AA insurance customer.
    ruheluddin86's avatar
    States £30 for me?
  5. wilburscoville9191's avatar
    I've been with the AA for 9months now. Mixed opinions really. Got a dirt cheap price for full package including repair costs. I've used them once in that time and they sent out a third party recovery vehicle, after 4hours! I was in a town centre so didn't expect that. Had a few costly issues with the recovery firm so complained. AA accepted that they fell short of providing a satisfactory service via the third party. The good news was that they paid out in full for the required repair of the breakdown. In summary it paid off this time but I was disappointed with the service.
    mmachine's avatar
    if you had to pay out anything then claim it back should be totally a no no
  6. noel_robinson's avatar
    For the last couple of years I’ve used eversure and I can’t fault them at all. I paid £17.99 for the first year and for this year it was £23.99 for the premium package. That includes onward travel from any where in the uk. Call out From home and unlimited call outs too. I’ve used them on 2 occasions with no issues. Most recently a week ago which only took 30 minutes. Also get an hour to try and fix it at the road.
    thenonchalant's avatar
    Shows 50£ for me sadly
  7. Siglufjörður's avatar
    Great if you're happy to wait 5 hours for recovery
    HKSP5's avatar
    Got to me within the hour the 3 times i called them in 2023 even though they said could be up to 90 mins. Fair play to them
  8. Aliwoo18's avatar
    I've personally had a couple of bad experiences with the AA, and have two friends who also have (in 3 of the 4 cases, it was their "top tier" cover too), consequently I literally wouldn't have AA cover at any price.
    The most recent incident occurred when my wife's car died completely on the busy slip road from a dual carriageway - the AA app directed her to call their "high risk priority assistance" line, which they hadn't answered after over 30 mins, by which time a family member arrived and dealt with it.
    This is cover provided with our bank account (Nationwide) but needless to say I've taken cover from elsewhere and am "downgrading" my account.
    finknottle's avatar
    Sorry to hear that, but for future reference, your wife should probably have first called National Highways or the police given what a dangerous position that sounds, both for her, other drivers, and the family member who arrived to help. They would very likely have have got there first even if the AA hadn't been useless, and been able to redirect and/or forewarn traffic to the hazard and move her car to a safer place. Hope she at least managed to get herself out and away from the road and wasn't too traumatised!
  9. Killing_Moon's avatar
    I'm not an AA insurance member, called AA to speak to a rep. They used 'hotukdeals' as a promo code to get the cover down to £20. Was a 20min phone call as they have to go through terms and conditions for a bit. Just say you saw it on hotukdeals (edited)
  10. emmatthew's avatar
    Don’t forget AA benefits.
    15% off Greene King pubs, inc. Hungry Horse, Farmhouse Inns, Chef and Brewer. Works in conjunction with other offers like bogof, Tesco Clubcard gift cards etc.
    Also 40% off Hussle gyms
    Up to 15% off car hire at Alamo, National and Enterprise. I recently used this offer and it was cheaper than any other price I could find. Discounts on Ferries.
    Discounts off Merlin attractions and theme parks. Up to 50% off IMO car wash (edited)
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Half price tickets at VUE
  11. bigwheels's avatar
    You can take this out to start on the 26/03/24.
    burstlikeabubble's avatar
    Up to 60 days in advance. Perfect for me as mine expires in April.
  12. badgerbrush's avatar
    I had both AA and RAC membership years ago when both were members organisations and not businesses .

    Now a shadow of there original conceptions and oversubscribed through insurance companies doing inclusive deals with them at knock down prices . Customer service is none existent with both and waiting times for repairs or recovery will only get longer as once they have your money they do not give a damn !
    rufus_cat's avatar
    Back the the early 90s I worked in AA Membership (before they demutualised) and we had a three month backlog of membership queries to deal with. The backlog got so bad that management just junked thousands of letters assuming people would just write in again. I'm amazed the press never got wind of that. So I'd say their customer service probably can't be as bad as back then.
  13. GreekGeekUCS's avatar
    I prefer a policy that covers the driver rather than the vehicle (recovers in any car regardless whether your the driver or a passenger) but that's just me
    emmatthew's avatar
    52079549-OesFj.jpgJust click on cover for you then. It’s £30
  14. UZZI54's avatar
    £40 per year for national recovery.
    stealth666's avatar
    When you do break down it'll cost you £120 to get home without cover...
  15. Bargainz999's avatar
    It's certainly cheap, but surely there's a risk that at the time of when you need the recovery, they won't cover you because you're not an existing AA insurance customer?

    Also how do I get the national recovery for £40?
    aviva's avatar
    Once you're charged and covered, there is no such risk. There is a risk they may cancel your cover and refund at any time
  16. foppotee's avatar
    Still worked for me
    Mbongo's avatar
    Me too
  17. Sbanana1's avatar
    I've had AA, RAC and GreenFlag. I've found AA to be the best of the bunch.
    WTFace's avatar
    AA are the only one that have their own employed people for breakdowns, RAC and Greenflag use a network for local contractors who follow their own rules in practice - hence why they’re rubbish.
  18. hedgyhog's avatar
    Fine if you're OK pushing you vehicle 1)4 mile from your house after a failure in the most likely place.
    HKSP5's avatar
    Just add home start
  19. Shane_rqC's avatar
    my dad had aa years ago got treat like poo poo and took 3 times before they actually recovered his car

    i got startrescue better then aa

    came out within 40min last time i had aa was 3hrs wait

    i heard rac are really bad (edited)
  20. D_D123's avatar
    Not had a great experience with AA call out. Three hours to get someone to my wife & son on the side of the M4 in Berkshire, on a Wednesday evening in the cold (~5 deg C). Fortunately though that this was quicker than the seven hour wait they were advised to expect.


    Just to add, thankfully a Highways England patrol got to them before the AA & sorted them out with space blankets.

    Thank you Highways England, grateful for your services!!! (edited)
  21. hooray.henry's avatar
    Offer only available to * aa insurance customers who received an email,or letter ? Good deal for them guys
  22. keefly's avatar
    AA are OK. Just be ready for a painful experience when you try to cancel your renewal, they make it as hard as possible, go round & round in circles, I had to get very blunt with them a couple of years ago. (edited)
    Bargainz999's avatar
    You should be able to opt out on their website, but even if you had to call, all you have to say to them is that you no longer own a vehicle and use buses, hence you don't need a breakdown cover anymore.
  23. timkane33e5a's avatar
    I had aa cover for years and only every used it as a passenger in someone else's car when it conked out. I don't bother now, if I ever do breakdown you can join the AA on the spot and get recovered. Even at £20 a year, if I don't use it in 4 years then I break even.

    Oh and wait till renewal time. Every year its the same dance, renewal price is astronomical and you have to ring to threaten to cancel to get a half decent price.
    Vinny-Eir's avatar
    does it not cost an absolute fortune to join on the spot when you have broken down
  24. Jiffy's avatar
    52082223-spUmQ.jpgUntick that box unless you want to pay full price at renewal!
  25. hgwalrond's avatar
    I’m not an existing customer but gave them a call anyway and still got the deal! At one point the advisor had to put me on hold to ask a manager which code to use but nothing was mentioned about whether I’m an existing customer! Went for UK recovery at £40! Heat added!! Thanks! (edited)
    steve252's avatar
    "Went for UK recovery at £40!" - is that exactly the same thing as the 'national recovery' referred to on the reply before yours?
  26. Yesmar's avatar
    Received all my paper documentation and AA card today.
    NJCorp's avatar
    How long ago did you sign up for it?
  27. Bob_Jack's avatar
    Have the AA through my Bank account they have been excellent and got myself and family out of a couple of would be difficult situations!
  28. Woodwose's avatar
    Thanks OP, heat. Went for the £40 national option. Good for peace of mind as we're going on a few long trips this year.
  29. whitelightning's avatar
    Signed up and paid 4 hours ago. Selected a start date in a months time but not had any confirmation email yet. Is this normal?
    keefly's avatar
    Yep, AA emails are weirdly tardy. It'll turn up tomorrow
  30. adrianw's avatar
    Do you think that they can cancel or decline recovery due to the below / how likely it may happen?

    Good to know
    *Breakdown cover from £20 a year

    This exclusive offer: (1) is only available to existing AA insurance customers who have received an e-mail or letter directly from the AA; (2) can only be used by the addressee of the e-mail or letter; (3) Is not available to existing breakdown members, in conjunction with any other offer or in a breakdown situation; and (4) only applies to the first 12-months of your membership. The AA reserves the right to withdraw or alter this offer without prior notice at any time, and breakdown cover purchased in breach of these terms and conditions may be declined or cancelled at any time. (edited)
    adrianw's avatar
    52100079-WiFJo.jpgI have just checked it to make sure that the policy is valid. Enjoy
  31. saver2533's avatar
    With the influx of customers from this deal I'd imagine there might be longer waiting times for the call out.
  32. NickNick's avatar
    Fine for me today and received emailed docs within 2 mins.
  33. hotsir's avatar
    Do they support Tesla’s?
    keefly's avatar
    Tesla's what?
  34. shanklemail's avatar
    Nice find. Got this for the wife for her birthday next week. Cheers.
  35. GHRocker's avatar
    Just tried it, £40, they took the money but then instantly had an issue so now having to call AA to work out what's going on!
    GHRocker's avatar
    Had to call to get it sorted, but it worked out in the end.

    Just wanted to update with my process!
  36. badgerbrush's avatar
    That's about the time when I jumped ship ! Member from 1971 but saw it going downhill ,moved to RAC but similar problems . Now have towable dolly which any member of the family can use within reasonable distance . Local garage is brilliant . Never let us down on repairs beyond our capability !
    castellano's avatar
    Hi bb, please could you post a link /details of the towable dolly you use. Thx
  37. mmachine's avatar
    personally auto renewal should not be automatically chosen as standard when you purchase anything the buyer should have to choose that option when at purchase if they want that,its just another exapmple of ripp off britain
  38. DistortedVision's avatar
    My RAC cover renewal is due but the payment failed as I had a new debit card from my bank.
    They called me today but I was in a meeting. Then I remembered seeing the AA deal. The RAC renewal was £172.99. I bought cover with this AA deal for two people, at home and national for £80. Less than half the price!
  39. Killing_Moon's avatar
    Could this be voided if you're not an AA insurance customer? Or does taking your money confirm the contract?
  40. tjbadger82's avatar
    I’m not an insurance customer of AA and placed an order over the phone, agents never said anything about needing to be a customer. Paid £20 for the year 
    Killing_Moon's avatar
    Did you request the £20 offer or was it offered by the agent?
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