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Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet delivered with code for £49.49 from ghostbikes
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet delivered with code for £49.49 from ghostbikes Use code : BANK1020… Read more

If you're ultra safety conscious.. you'd better stop riding your bike .


Any good for kart racing


A 5 star helmet won't stop your head from coming off.


Only a three star rating, I'd rather spend a bit more and keep my head attached.

Black Static Leather Motorcycle Gloves - M / L / 3XL - £11.74 + Free Delivery @ Ghostbikes
260° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Gloves... They're always handy. Already on offer at £12.34 + Free delivery, although upon checking to see if the discount code SR6 is still working, I found it drops them by anothe… Read more

By that metric your hands are worth £35?


Crap. Waste of money


This ones?


The NHS workers won’t hear me.


Thanks op. Ordered.

Black Beacon waterproof rain suit overalls for £23.99 delivered @ GhostBikes
223° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Seems like a great deal for motorcycle rain overalls — £23.99 including delivery from GhostBikes. You can get it in black with reflective piping, or black & hi-vis with reflect… Read more

Not for me. It is free delivery.


plus £1.99 postage (unless you add a couple of things to your basket to total more than £25 to get free postage, in which case you get charged £1.99 postage)

Black Optimus II Infinity Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet for £53.19 delivered @ GhostBikes
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
A lot of GhostBikes stuff at the moment, but it is putting out some proper bargains. A flip visor helmet for £53.19 including delivery seems crazy. To get this price, choose "No ad… Read more

This looks good for the price, might have to order


Cheapest and most realistic VR headset money can buy

Black Cyclone short leather motorcycle gloves for £13.74 delivered @ GhostBikes
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Snazzy pair of Black Cyclone leather riding gloves here for £13.74 including delivery, perforated and with a hard knuckle guard so you can look extra badass. I might get a pair and… Read more

Heat, especially for the description (lol)





Ordered for the Murder Kit, Cheers! (y)


Great idea! (lol)

Motorcycle Black Pro Range Wheel Chock (B5145) £26.54 delivered with code @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Reduction on this Motorcycle Black Pro Range Wheel Chock, now £26.54 with code SR6 and free next day delivery. Gets decent reviews, next best price based on Amazon and eBay. … Read more

Wish I had bought 2 now.


Couple of decades ago, I made the mistake of parking my car in Hackney (London) for a weekend... this is not far from what was left of it.


Just had this delivered today and i'm really happy with the sturdyness of it and it's really easy to build :) well worth the moneyThanks OP


I've just bought for the same reason. I can get the bike up onto the rear stand on my own but I've scratched the swingarm enough times not to want to. ... Except my wife hasn't dropped my bike :D


You could give it a go and it may fit if you're just out by an inch.

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Black Element Thermal Leather Motorcycle Gloves £20.89 Delivered @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Decent saving on these thermal leather gloves with knuckle protection, waterproof and thermal lining. Full range of sizes at time of posting, there's also a high vis version for s… Read more



Use code SR6 for an extra 5% off making these £19.85


Get saving then (lol) I’m not sure they do it but even at a discount store you’re going to need a heavy wall


Will these block Corona? Just bought a pair for shopping.


Don't mind if I do. Thanks for this.

Shox Sniper Evo Sharpe Motorcycle Helmet - £30.09 @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Shox have developed a fantastic range of Motorcycle helmets with a simple design brief, that good quality helmets should not cost the earth and should be available to every biker. … Read more

Just to confirm, this is not a £30 Helmet, it's a £89 Helmet with a 67% reduction (y)


Rated 3/5 on Sharps and no pinlock....Id much prefer to get a 5/5 rated regardless of the cost....Edited - Apologies, its pinlock ready


I have one of these Helmet's and I am very happy with it (y) 🛵


Puts into perspective how well prepared and "careful" they are.


The government are being forced to spend a lot more than this on a cloth PPE Mask at the moment.

Black City Leather Motorcycle Gloves £13.79 Delivered @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Cracking price for these 'city' leather gloves, perfect for summer riding :) Available now at, the Black™ City Leather Motorcycle Gloves are the perfect shor… Read more

Or a stray patch of diesel, now thats a surefire killer of many a rider! Try Slovakia i live there 6 months of the year very motorcycle friendly!


I'm not a fan of long journeys on the bike, for that specific reason. You can be the best rider but come across the dumbest driver and you will lose to them each and every time. What I would like to try is some mountain road motocross, not sure if they do it in this country or not.


Haha yeah i ken what you mean my old pal Davie was a Hells Angel one of his best pals died at 120mph+ hit a tree head on - police had a bit of bother finding his head totally decapitated - true story - and my cousin Keith died under a bus in London - put me off driving like a nutter for life! Yeah looks like Darryl the crossbow mans bike on TWD lol I am fully ready now for the Zombie apocalypse now! ;)


I hardly ride a widow maker (lol) Just a Suzuki RV 125, use it for commuting to work. Yeah I got robbed I guess although I need it in XXL. Not the easiest size to find. Was looking at Ruroc for their awesome designs, but they're over 400 notes :p Knox makes a whole great range of stuff. Really high quality if you ask me! Congratulations on winning your bike, she's a beaut.


Ha yeah ive got the Scorpion Exo1400 £199.99 ye were robbed dude. Whats yer ride? Just won myself a CMX500 Rebel in an online competition so the old Kawa GPZ750 is now archived! Have to have a look at Knox! (highfive)

Black thermal cotton balaclava in black for £3.49 delivered @ GhostBikes
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Cheap balaclava for motorcyclists, normally £4.99 but now only £3.49 including delivery. A bargain if you ask me. Not really much more to say other than it is thermal, made of cott… Read more

Ideal for “going equipped”


Soak it in anti bac gel and wear swimming goggles for food shopping


I would say other way.. better to have this after an attempt of haircut


Ordered thanks for posting.


Just remember never to leave it in your car boot!

Black Raw motocross gloves (in various colours) for £8.37 delivered @ GhostBikes
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Cool pair of motocross gloves from Black this morning. Only £8.37 for hardwearing reinforced riding gloves seems like a decent price to me. You can get them in several different co… Read more

Mine arrived. They fit fine for XL, but they are very snug fit. No issues at all for anyone doing XC mountain biking etc. They're not restrictive at all. But they are definitely snug as heck. If I knew no better, I would assume they were always designed as MTB/XC gloves over Motorcross.


Anyone comment on sizing, despite the guidance above? Same for me on MTB - I'm a size 11 in goalkeeper gloves, but where I would opt for XL elsewhere, this suggests large here. Anyone got these? Edit: measured again, and it says try harder!


Thanks, yes for that price can't go wrong really (y)


They might be a bit bulkier than MTB gloves, but MotoX still needs movement so you might be okay. £8.37 is worth a shot. Cheers


Thanks OP, just wonder if these are too bulky for mountain biking? I'm after a new set of gloves.

Rev'It Hyperspeed men's one-piece leather motorcycle suit for £442.59 delivered (using code) @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Another one-piece motorcycle suit here for the track riders out there. This is a great price when you consider the next best is nearly £800. It''s not for everyone, but for a racin… Read more

Been out a few times, but only to town center for bank etc (only 8m RT) the roads were empty, like something out of 28 days later (zombie)


Dunno what sizes are available but Rev'it are Dutch and the Dutch are the tallest people on earth and therefore actually make stuff that fits me, I have a Rev'it suit but sadly haven't used it yet, it does fit tho (lol) (lol) very nice gear


Sound like a bitter fat boy having to show off in his harley Jacket


Haha, yes that is also my thinking. Just for that slim chance of something happening and taking services away from somewhere that needs it more is keeping my bike in the garage. I am sure it will be over soon.... (skeptical)


Sigh, no :( While risk is not _that_ much higher in general, there seem to be far greater share of lunatics on the roads so I'm staying out (and if anything happened services are spread even thinner than usual). It's dusting in the garage amid all these sunny days. Only when there's genuine sense in doing so (picking up few pounds' worth very specific purchase) I'm going on the bike, otherwise it's the fat Bertha of the car for me ;/

Rev-It Xena 3 Ladies one piece leather motorcycle suit for £388.19 delivered (using code) @ Ghost Bikes
235° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Bit of a niche deal this morning, and especially under lockdown, but a fantastic price for an essential bit of kit if you are a motorcycling track enthusiast. For £388.19 you can g… Read more

The Avengers Cathy Gale, or Emma Peel! Me as a kid🙃🤭😏


Good spot would buy if I didn’t already have leathers


Those nightmare teeth. My one has his molars threatening to come at the moment, so I know your pain. Cheers!


no dogs, no kids.... no good if you've got a bike :)


haha that's priceless moments of your life. Enjoy them while they are still little :)

Merlin Motley Superdry Motorcycle Jacket £146.79 Delivered using code @ Ghost Bikes
95° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Bit of a bargain, this :) Haven't seen it anywhere near this price when using the code. More suited to an upright or classic i'd say, but a nice jacket nonetheless! The Merl… Read more

I think both of them are poor quality 'style over substance' brands.


Heat to offset the “superdry” cold vote....Video shows a better view of jacket and you may want a size smaller...


Love Ghost Bikes it's a great shop and a really good setup (y)


Superdry.. cold from me. Hollister is the go to brand now a days.


You can also use the code GIVEME15 as well

Black Echo Leather Motorcycle Gloves £11.55 Delivered Using Code @ Ghostbikes
266° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Use code - 15MORE Always handy :D Good price with the above code and delivey is free on these too (Usually £2.99 if I remember rightly) New and available now at GhostBike… Read more

Nice and super cheap. FIRE! But these aren't really suitable for motorcycle riding in my book. I prefer Knox armour scaphoid protection on the heel of the glove to save your fragile hands getting turned to mincemeat by the unforgiving tarmac.


They are very ugly but good for the price


They dont get good reviews as they stink after a few wears. I have the unlined summer version and love them


Measure the distance across your palm from where the thumb joins it to the other side in cms and then you will get your size.


Ordered, thanks.

Shox Assault Motorcycle Helmet - White - £31.44 with code @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Size S,M,L in stock :D Available at GhostBikes, the Shox Assault Motorcycle Helmet is ready for action! Featuring a stunning aerodynamic outer shell, fully vented for comfort… Read more

No those are the 50cc's those are the ones that sound like dying lawn mowers, popular with the "chavs". They are not proper riders, they're just out for a joyride and treat it like a toy with no care for their own or others safety.


Good for the NHS as whoever buys this and has a bad accident will be going straight to the morgue


On the same website you can get a Agrius Rage SV for between 30 and 50 pounds depending on exact model. A helmet that scores 4* on the Sharpe test


Stick with the brands that spend millions on R&D if you value the structural integrity of your skull.


Not voted hot or cold, but as my old man used to say when buying a helmet, ask youself how much your head is worth. Possibly a bit more than £31.44.

Agrius Rage SV Warp Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £25.49 Using Code Delivered @ Ghostbikes
73° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Use Code - 15MORE I'd suggest buying the best helmet that your budget allows. £25.49 is pretty cheap overall, considering it has plenty of good reviews and a 3 star SHARP rating.… Read more

No I meant nob... You haven't said why still... Even with all the people saying the same thing - THE PRICE IS IRRELEVANT as it has a 4 star safety rating. If it was a 1 star I would agree with you but you are so wrong. I don't need a lid, I have at least three and have been riding bikes for many years but get annoyed by people like you spouting nonsense.


Don't you mean kn*b ;( . There we are you stick your head in it. God forbid you have an accident in it at 70mph.


You really are a n*b aren't you... This has a 4 star sharp rating... Price is immaterial...


He has got a helmet, so he ain't a biker yet (highfive)


I feel asking why to your previous statement is a justified question. In fact, it would be the logical one! By answering his question it would have been “switching his brain on” - people have to start to learn somewhere. Thought Bikers were meant to look out for one another...

Agrius Rage SV Fusion Motorcycle Helmet Blue / Green / Purple / Red, £30.59 With Code & Free Delivery @ Ghostbikes
226° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Agrius Rage SV Fusion Motorcycle Helmet Blue / Green / Purple / Red , All sizes available at time of posting . Manufacturers suggested retail price £89.99 , Retail price £35.99 add… Read more

My wife bought me one of these back in January and for the money I'd say they're OK. They stand out so helpful for being seen better, not too heavy imo, and the sun visor works well. The big downside for me is this let's in ALOT of wind noise. As soon as I hit about 65 the wind comes streaming through and at higher speeds it has hurt my ears every time I've ridden it. Oddly too, tie right hand side legs in more wind than the left which feels quite annoying riding about.


I had one of these, best cheap dvs you can probably buy heat added


Is it worth going for a size up and then adding a layer of bubble wrap inside the helmet.. you know- belt and braces...


I would rather have a FIM Part 1-2/ Level 1-2 Certified rated helmet. That blows ECE & Sharp rating outta the water. These ratings are superior to all as theirs are tested on 6 degrees of Freedom for impact.. not just dropped , shot at speed a floors, walls, grass and generally things that have weird angles.. Fortnine on YouTube done a 2020 review on new helmets.... It's a interesting watch.


Also, if this is for use by anyone who likes riding outside of warm weather, get a pinlock insert. It is the only thing that will stop your visor misting up.

Black Buffalo Rampage Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers £46.74 delivered with code @ Ghost Bikes
170° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Very good reviews and a very good price for Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers. Available in waist size 30", 36", 40", 42" and 44" waist The Buffalo Rampage Motorcycle Trousers are h… Read more

Waterproof but doesn't mention breathability. Sweaty in summer?


what ever floats your boat - the journalists test them by sitting on a bike and getting someone pressure wash them. Out of the two I would prefer the latter (y)


Now to test the waterproofness... time tape up the legs and piss my pants


These sound a bit "specialist".

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