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Dell Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop, i5 8300HQ, RX 570 - £891.65 Dell
20/12/2018Expires on 20/12/2018Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec
AMD Radeon™ RX 570 with 8GB GDDR5 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-8300HQ (Quad-Core, 8MB Cache, up to 4.0GHz w/ Turbo Boost) 8GB Ram 1TB 7200 68 Wh Battery 4% quidco available… Read more

Haha, I had a budget of £600 for my son's Xmas laptop and got him a £800 msi with a 3gb 1060. Was debating getting myself a msi 6gb with a i7-8750 for £1100, although this is max q (reakon about 5fps less than a standard) still works out alot cheaper :D


I initially only wanted to spend 750. oh dear me (excited)


For the extra £80 though if ya spending £850... 😁


Dont really need a better CPU. Would be nice though.


This isn't too bad for 934 for the better processor

Alienware R5 17 Gaming Laptop, i7 8750, 1070 8GB, 16GB Ram, 256GB SSD, £1,502.75 Dell
Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec
I've been looking for a medium spec gaming laptop for the last 12 months, and been tempted with a number of MSI and ASUS models. However, i've really had my heart set on an alienwa… Read more

Worth noting that a lot of orders made on that deal fell through though, as they took orders then cancelled as they didnt have the components that were offered - myself included, so it is a little deceptive as a deal.


IMO I think the older deal is better. The 1080 premium in laptops is insane (I think they usually start around £2200), and only really shines when you connect it to a higher res external monitor (or one that can chuck out more Hz to the 60Hz default) against the 1070. CPU difference whilst quite large (around 2000 points at CPU benchmark) shouldn't make a huge amount of difference in gaming. RAM difference very easily remedied by upgrading, especially with how memory prices are dropping these days. If going for this deal, I'd definitely recommend getting the 120Hz, 1440p screen previously mentioned in another comment. Won't vote hot or cold as isn't a bad deal nor a good deal, just wanted to add my two cents.


Back in July the below Alienware R3 17 reached 970 degrees. Although admittedly had a 1080 rather than 1070, it was 2 versions previous to this, had a poorer processor and less Ram...


True, I'd personally rather go with the 1060, narrow bezels and save a couple hundred quid. If it's the 1070 you are after at pcs the defiance v can be configured with 120hz screen, 1070 and 512 GB SSD for under 1500 (again providing you get Windows separately).


Even with that, you would be better placed to call and get a better deal

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor: AW2518HF 240hz freesync £250 delivered @ Dell
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Quick Specs Device Type LED-backlit LCD monitor - 25" Adaptive-Sync Technology AMD FreeSync Features USB 3.0 hub Panel Type TN Aspect Ratio 16:9 Native Resolution Full HD (1080p) 1… Read more
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My 2 got delivered today and very happy with it. Shame price has gone up


damn its expired now :(


Does anyone have any student vouchers please? They are free if you have a student email address, unfortunetly dell dont accept NUS :(


How are dell for returns? Are they as good as amazon? Was thinking to get this and try it out. Would I be able to return it if I didn’t like the screen


Rocket League springs to mind. It's also great for people who play CSGO as that reaches way beyond 240 fps. Black Ops IIII can be tweaked to hit 240 as well. I'm sure there will be others that run just as highly, too.

Dell Ultra Wide AW3418DW 4k 120hz - £815.10 delivered @ Dell
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Dell AW3418DW 4k 120hz IPS

topcashback 6% from dell at the moment


Got mine for £752 last week, couldn't get the Blue Card 10% discount in time, but still, WHAT a monitor for this price. Who knew Pr0n could look so, well, BIG :) And the occasional game looks great as well.


I think if you open up live chat and ask for student discount, you can get an additional 5% off! I did it for an XPS 15 and it worked! Should still work!


4K on ultrawide screens don't exist mate.


I've tried all the IPS panels and can't take the poor contrast/blb/qc. Got the LG 32GK850G from the German rain forest warehouse for £470 with 20% off Black Friday. By far the best screen I've had fyi

Dell Alienware 34" Curved Monitor : AW3418DW - 3440 X 1440 WQHD - £752.40 @ Dell
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
34-inch gaming monitor featuring a curved 1900R IPS display with NVIDIA® G-Sync™, wide viewing angles and incredible resolution. Lose yourself in every game. 3 year warranty and f… Read more
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I share your view mate, at this price point there should be no panel lottery. Even the absurdly expensive 4K HDR Gsync monitors are not free of common issues. It's madness, but that's how it is.


Already have a monitor I am happy with and will be looking at the bigger ones. Reviewers may be correct as they get engineering products which are pretty damn good. If you also read what people say on forums, well that's a different story. If the IPS tech is that bad maybe they need to check and come up with something else. After all they have all kind of useless innovations. For the money I just wasn't impressed, and the whole "lucky" thing is stupid. Like I said. Imagine buying a performance car only to be told that you might be unlucky and at the factory they will stick a Fiat engine instead of a Ferrari engine. It's all about luck, you pay for a Ferrari, expect a Ferrari, looks like a Ferrari but has a Fiat engine. The factory needs to make sure that you either get a Ferrari or get charged for a Fiat if you are happy to keep it. Anyhow, pants analogy but you get the picture. How many returns will I have to do, to get one in good working order?


Most the reviews can’t be wrong, and from reviewers who are experts in the field. Sounds to me you just got unlucky and/or expectations were too high. I mean you complained that the monitor had black borders ie.bezels in an earlier post, you were never going to be happy with it. Good luck on your search however.


Not sure why they even have it then. My VA panel when you enable Fast or Super Fast don't have this horrible issue. Anyhow, mine is going back. I can't be bothered to try my luck. I jumped on the band-wagon due to the price. I liked the design but for the price it's just crazy what you get. If you buy a Porshe you pretty much expect Porshe performance and look, not a Fiesta or a Ford equivalent. I am REALLY not impressed. If you guys are happy to settle for mediocrity, no offence, that's your business. It's like everything else in life, depends what you are happy to settle for.


True. I've not read a single review of any panel where they recommend anything other than 'Normal'.

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Dell S2419HGF 144Hz and AMD FreeSync™ - £165.60 @ Dell
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Not sure if this is a good price but some places are selling for £299. I think it's a relatively new monitor so reviews are hard to come by.

I have just received some student discount vouchers but decided not to buy. hopefully they help someone out ?0??JWLFDGBX67 10% Monitors 0FDFP1Q$G4?$Z0 10% XPS and Dell Gaming D$96$26151X$?N 5% Inspiron


Thanks for the heads up; it will be used for homework etc, but it’s main purpose is for PC gaming.


Just remember that is Gaming monitor , not so good for post processing photos , videos etc .


It’s for my lads new setup, which has a Vega 56 Pulse card. I didn’t want to get a monitor that would let the setup down (I’m going (party) looking at which one to get).


Should be more than good, if you switching from 60hz to 144hz it’s a huge difference. Especially if you have AMD graphics card that will run with FreeSync on this monitor , I have Nvidia but I’m not worried at all(can’t afford gsync). I’m buying this to replace a faulty 144hz Acer from Amazon which suffered bad screen bleeding. And Dell gives a 3 years warranty so this is a deal breaker to me.

Inspiron Small Desktop - £478.99 @ Dell
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
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Hey..I'm looking for something around that budget.. i5 7 or 8th gen. I've been on the Dell outlet and they have some decent deals but just missed out on the cyber Monday 20% off. Would be interesting to see what spec you've built for around that Mark.


That's a neat looking Lenovo AIO, less cluster and wires. it's got a SSD drive too, not sure of what type of display, best go and see it in Currys. Avoid if it's a TN. I doubt that at £650. The specs are fine and adequate for every day tasks, if not using it for 3D gaming. Fortnite, Call of duty etc. I'd go for the Lenovo. Obviously, The Acer has higher specs and a dedicated graphic card, so If you want fast computing, gaming and easy upgrade, cleaning and maintenance, then the Acer.


This looks like a really good deal altogether😁 thank you One last question This has also been recommended Which one would you go for


Here you go, it's a Full-HD IPS. It's the Best price for a 24 inch monitor. You will need some speakers, I am sure your son/daughter could help you pick some. UK_2142931&utm_medium=tradedoubler&tduid=4c5e6d59063b8c1447287abeac03e3b8


That does seem like a good deal 😁 Yes I need a monitor- would I just choose anyone to go with this

Dell 22 Monitor P2217WH £100.50 was £216.60 free delivery from Dell
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Dell 22 Monitor P2217WH £100.50 Was £216.60 The Dell 22 Monitor P2217WH is perfect for professionals who work long hours and depend on a monitor that will display stunning visuals… Read more

This is ice-cold!




This is bigger, 1080p IPS panel and it's cheaper.




Freeeezing. TN and not even full HD, wow!

New XPS 15 £1599 @ Dell
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
The world’s smallest 15.6-inch performance laptop with a stunning InfinityEdge display. Now featuring 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with up to 6 cores and 12 threads. Limited Ti… Read more

If you have a nearly new liver I am interested. Can part exchange for a pickled one, well run in, just a few scratches.


Ok - how much? Fixed price for kidney or auction? Tell me quick, I pay cash


Thank you. I have been looking for a deal on this laptop for a while. I was extremely disappointed when its discount on Black Friday was only 1%! It's still more than I wanted to pay, but if you want the best, it comes at a price. This is more like it!


It makes sense that a laptop is more than a phone so you can see why the prices are going up. I wouldn't resent paying this for one of these as personally I can't put a price on having great equipment for my job when I'm using it for 40 hours a week but there's no way I'd pay over a grand for a phone.


New iPhones cost above a grand. It's ridiculous and ppl do buy them. I probably have to put my kidneys on sale to buy one of the latest tech products

Dell XPS 13, i7,8gb,512SSD, QHD, 2 in 1 - £989 at Dell
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
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No worries, just wanted to let you know! Thanks for posting the deal






Price is excuding VAT. Thought it was too good to be true (horror)


thanks for sharing your first deal.have some heat :)

Dell XPS 13, 4k screen, i7 8th gen, 512gb SSD, 16gb RAM £1299 @ Dell
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Cracking deal, part of the Mega Monday Deals. I just ordered as it was the best offer I could find. Also added in the 4 years warranty for 150 (150 off I think) accidental cover a… Read more
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Would also like a link, please. Would buy the Huawei over the Dell if still available at that price.


Yeah the customer support could be a worry but I hope huwai are well established enough now, I've not seen any bad reviews for huwai build quality, pretty much the opposite, every youtube reviewer gushed over it. Personally I'd still be happy with 1080 (or equivalent for the 3 by 2 aspect) on a small 13" laptop, mainly to save on battery but I don't have/use any 4k content. That said I'm loving the screen on mine, picture is awesome the bezels are none existent, goes incredibly bright but can be used comfortable at around 20% indoors. The thing powers up very fast, the fingerprint reader reads your nose picker as soon as you press the power button unlocking instantly. I ummed and ahhd for weeks over which laptop to buy, nearly went for the Lenovo yoga c930 hp spectre x360 or elite x360. There's loads of reasons why I chose this over others but the dedicated graphics card sealed the deal for me I would've loved this in a 2 in 1 form factor but I hardly ever used my last 2 in 1 laptop in anything other than laptop mode. I'm currently playing civilization 6 on it, the base is warm and the fans are constantly running but the game is running perfectly.


Have you got a link for that price please? I only found the 16gb version from dodgy looking sites or over £1800 on Amazon.


Illustrator? Really... that's worrying. I'm wondering if I should spend less on an equivalently specced Lenovo Ideapad 720S 14 (except for UHD).


I use all of the above sometimes but mainly illustrator and was even getting some lag using illustrator. Nearly went for the surface book but thankfully saw the X Pro before buying. Been looking to buy it since September but availability has been next to none.

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM636 - White £15.01 Free P&P
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
I have this key board and mouse and find it very easy to see and use so thought I would list this as it may help someone. Refresh your workspace with the Dell Wireless Keyboard a… Read more
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Just in case anyone reads this in the future and is tempted by this item... DON'T BUY IT. The mouse scroll wheel turns off randomly in anything from 5 - 20 seconds - This is by design and makes it massivley frustrating to use. Mines going back.


Perfect timing, exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks for this... just what I need XD


Bought - thanks and heated


I bought this for my daughter in March 2018 to use with a Chromebook and monitor. It was by far the cheapest branded, white keyboard and mouse that I could find. I paid £23 and the keyboard and mouse are holding up fine. I should note that they are very white, so they do show up marks quite badly (my daughter has got biro all over her's). If you're not bothered about the white, I would go for a Logitech MK270 instead. I think it feels better to type on and won't show marks like the Dell...

i7, 8gb Ram, 256gb SSD - 2in1 14 inch Inspiron 14 5000 - £679 @ Dell
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Mega deal, got about 3 hours left and 94% of stock sold. Seems pretty good for an i7 with SSD & 8gb of Ram and the added bonus of being a 2in1.
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Wow i posted this straight after completing an order and it was at 94% stock. Sorry...


Shame they weren't i5s with 16GB of RAM.


Sold out

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 i5 8GB 256GB SSD FHD and more Black Friday Hourly Mega Deals now live
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
MEGA DEAL LIVE. Extra £150 saving applied. Inspiron 13 7000 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor (The new 1 month old whiskey lake) Windows 10 Home 8GB Memory 256GB SSD… Read more
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Sorry I had the 17inch 5000 in my basket


Says it’s not valid on this item?


the new Inspiron 13 7000 has a full aluminium body! no plastic involved


Unfortunately the codes don't stack, already tried earlier.


Dire battery life on these. Mine was lousy battery life from day one and just kept getting worse. Also over heating is an issue. Screen is nice IMPO.

Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop - 1060 6GB (Q-Max), i5-8300H, 128GB SSD + 1TB HD, 8GB DDR4, 2666MHz Ram £849.14 Dell
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Been looking around for decent deals for 1060 laptops and came across this. not cheap, but for a dell it looks like a good deal! Full specs below. £999.99 but using code Black15 br… Read more

But how much would a decent gaming laptop cost, to start with?


...what about Acer's Predator from AO for £679?


I agree it's a alot of money, but for what's on the market (that I can find!) It's a good price for a decent processor, decent gpu and a decent build?


yep, was hoping for the G5 with a 1050Ti for £600 (like the Microsoft Store deal but without the AMEX requirement)# This laptop has good specs, and Dells are worth paying a little extra for, but I think £850 is too much still


Laptop deals have been super disappointing so far today...

Dell New XPS 15 (9570) - £1,348.99 megadeal - inc. VAT & delivery
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Dell MegaDeal event live now for this laptop - XPS 15 (9570). This is for FHD 1080p version. Not as cheap as when posted back in July but not far off! Use TopCashback, get 6%

Bought this. No need for the 4k power hungry screen


You will not regret buying an XPS. I've had my XPS 13 for almost 2 years and it still works as if it was new.


Is there anyway to customise this to 4k


£1350 for a 1080p screen? What are Dell smoking?


I'm likely to get the wrath of hukd here but if you are buying for your son you should involve him in the decision if your budget is this high. If it is an entry level purchase halve your budget because your son will be thinking of replacing it in 12 months

Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1 i7 16gb Ram 512GB Solid State Drive delivered at Dell £747.12
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
use code black12 to get this price.

15 inch display..full monitor 17 inch


Says 15 inch but in basket it says 17 inch :-S


I've got this laptop, its absolutely fantastic. It comes with 1x16GB which I've now upgraded to 24GB. May also be worth checking if they offer the student discount on this (15%).


Seems like big specs for the £, but just scanned a couple of reviews & some red flags, especially about the apparently poor screen. Still good value otherwise though, hot.

Dell XPS 13 i7-8550u 16GB 512GB FHD Laptop £1,274.14 Dell
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
I think this is a pretty good price. States on the website it won't be any cheaper on BF.

I'll be waiting until after Christmas.


I've been looking at these for some time and the £1400 or so price is significantly more than it was previously (a few weeks ago). The £1274 price with the 15% off is coincidentally exactly the same as the price was when I checked. A massive con.


Amazing thanku Now just to find a white XPs ahh


Just go to any section or search items. Then sort by selecting seller as "amazon Wearhouse deals" and also selecting condition as "used"


Amazing so how do u find those Is it amazon normally website or

Dell Xps 13 9370 i7 8th Gen 16gb RAM 4k screen 	£1359.14 with code at Dell
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
The new dell xps 13 with black Friday voucher bringing the total price down to £1359.14 from £1599 SPECS SHOWN BELOW

For those thinking of buying one (which I recently did) Id reccomend looking at dell's service plan. They've discounted the 4yr premium plus to only £153, which I thought was was great value for on site repairs and accidental damage cover.


Well I'm sure with the £7 saved you can build a time machine and buy one


This isn't cheaper than what was on offer in late September, in fact the same spec in Sept was £7 cheaper at £1332 #notimpressed


What do i get. This for 1350 or a HP Spectre x360 13 inch with the same spec but 8gb ram for 850? It's refurbished.


Cracking deal then 😜 have some heat