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APPLE IPHONE XR 64GB Blue Unlocked Refurbished Excellent £669 @ Envirofone
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
Go through the cashback sites first of all for a bit back. Seems like a great price, add £20 for a pristine model, and a further £30 for the 128gb pristine model. In my experienc… Read more

Which is what Sam sounds like.


Just makes you sound like a child to be honest.


Each to their own


You’ve just echoed what I already said... And it’s basically not a used item. It’s 2-3 weeks old, absolute worst case, it is basically new and I would take that saving any day. It’s a phone not an intimate item so I don’t see the problem. £80 is £80, it goes quite far.


Reclaiming VAT isn’t an option for most people. £80 on a new phone is a good saving, not a good saving on a used item.

ONEPLUS 6 128gb - Mirror Black/Midnight - Unlocked Refurbished Good £369.99 @ Envirofone
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
If you are averse to buying from the Chinese sites, a grey import if you like, then this is the next best option, these prices are for the 6 in mirror and midnight black, in the 12… Read more

Get the 6t for £130 more from tomorrow.


They are definitely coming: mobile.twitter.com/ThreeUK/status/1058399044987437057 https://mobile.twitter.com/XiaomiUK_/status/1058446549833998336 All sites point to Nov 9, so I'll be saving my money until then, I hope they're selling the Pocophone F1 on a reasonable contract as I'm long due an upgrade.


Is this a definite release date as my phone just died and they could be a good deal


Still waiting on the new Xiaomi phones on Three, 9 Nov.


Do not buy from envirofone... I just gave them my iphone 7 which apple took a look at as the camera wasn't working... They then told me it had water damage and they won't fix it... Apple told me there was no water damage.

Refurbished Pristine - SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 512GB - Ocean Blue - Unlocked £719 @ Envirofone
Found 28th OctFound 28th Oct
Hi, I'm not even sure if this is a good deal, but if it is refurbished pristine it seems okay... I will know shortly from the temperature haha. 12 month warranty from envirofone

Thanks did this yesterday and cancelled my envirofone order. Prefer a new phone.


That's a Note 8 in the photo


The deal is still available, just that the trade in values have been reduced. Previously they were topping up the trading values by £200. It is now £160. So if you go in for the £799 O2 deal and cancel straightaway, your total cost will be £799-160- (value of trade in phone) plus how much you bought the trade in phone for. It will always be cheaper than this deal and it will be a brand new phone in whatever colour you want. Link here, scroll down to trade in values Make sure you do deal instore as trade in values will be deducted straight away


I'm guessing this deal is not available anymore? :( would just cancel my order and do that.


£587.99 Use the code CART

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Unlocked Refurb (Good Condition) Ocean Blue / Purple / Black £619.99 Delivered @ envirofone
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
Cheapest price that I can see for this handset refurbed. Unlocked and comes in various colours, or you can save some extra by picking up an EE locked handset for just £609.99. As … Read more

Its single or dual sim ? Uk model?


Thanks Sam, thought it was a decent price for Note 9 currently :)


Voted hot

NOKIA 7 PLUS 64GB Black Refurbished Excellent £189.99 @ Envirofone
Found 25th OctFound 25th Oct
Not sure if stock levels, but worth a post, as this is a great price for an excellent co diction. Do the cashback thing guys.

Thank you. Might keep an eye out for another of these then. Ta.


Camera is pretty good, especially if you pair it with the pixel camera app that you can side load. I use the pixel app plus the original app for the optical zoom. The hi between these apps has shrunk since the latest updates too. It's good enough that I bought another after my original met the toilet. :( Probably can't be beaten on a mid range budget unless you buy a previous gen flagship where you'll have OIS to give you the edge (but no optical zoom).


Camera is superb for the price, which was £300 odd at time of review.


How did you know about my hyperactivity :D?


And giving you a slide up mechanism to play with in the process. Win win

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 64GB refurbished Good £389.99 @ Envirofone
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
Tennee cheaper than mm, and in my opinion usually graded better, don't forget cashback.

S-pen is the most obvious benefit, but other than that they're very similar.


Tbh, not much really, both good phones,but I'd go for the Note because its 6 months ewer if anything


Thanks, what would you say are the key benefits over the s8+?




Is this better than s8+.

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APPLE IPHONE 8 64GB Silver Unlocked Condition: Refurbished Excellent £389.99 @ Envirofone
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Your Apple iPhone 8 will come in a secure and padded box, and will include the following FREE items: USB cable - For connecting to a computer and charging We will ensure your ite… Read more

In “Good” condition. This deal was for excellent condition.


You could save even more money but not buying one ! (y)


£40 to unlock a phone, in this day and age? Hilarious.


IPhone 8 Plus is £409 but locked to vodafone Unlocked for £449


There's also an iPhone X deal posted for £560 if anyone's interested.

APPLE IPHONE 7 PLUS 256GB JET BLACK - Unlocked Refurbished Good & 12 Months Warranty £359.99 @ Envirofone
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Your Apple iPhone 7 Plus will come in a secure and padded box, and will include the following FREE items: USB cable - For connecting to a computer and charging… Read more

Yes go into an apple store and they will clean it for you free off charge


Anyone know what the music magpie good condition is really like?


Nice price can someone who bought this post a picture of the phone condition thanks


This is a common problem with all iphones, get a cocktail stick or pin and scrap the lint out of the charging port :) The cable should then sit nice and tight with no pressure needed. I have seen these getting fixed in the apple store with a sharp tool they use.


I did try but wouldn’t let me proceed. Great deal if you get it!

Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB Black Unlocked £359.99 Next Day Delivered (Refurbished - Good w/ 12 mo warranty) @ envirofone
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
With the latest round of Google Pixel devices dropping this month, I've been keeping my eye on the Pixel 2 and XL waiting for prices to drop. If you don't mind a refurbished handse… Read more

Thanks. The standard Pixel 2 - excellent condition is only a touch more. I'm definitely tempted.


Got mine and it's in good condition plus one year warranty and I plan on getting the new phone next year anyways


Personally I'd never purchase a used handset. Their lives are short enough (3 years?) and so it'll last even less time for you. I guess this factors into the price.


Did anyone order one and able to comment on condition?


Actually different people have different preferences about what make a phone beautiful..some like small sizes compact phones , others prefer bigger screen , some hate fragile curve edge screen others love them .. I am someone who hate this new trend of curve edge screen because of two reasons.. uncomfortable to hold and make phone more fragile and easy to break..so durability is important for me..i prefer simple form factor with minimum bezels on top and botton but prefer some bezels on sides to provide strong grips..people prefer glossy beautiful looking phones and then hide them in some ugly cases lol

APPLE IPHONE X 64GB Refurbished Good Unlocked £559.99 @ Envirofone
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Good price, cheapest it's been for a company like this iirc. Quidco is available for a fiver.

Now that you've got yourself lips like that bird who got fired off apprentice a week and a half ago, I'm not going near your lips!


Ohhhh it must have been while you were kisssingggg me!


Yes, Gboard made my Sony go from unusable to usable and much more accurate. It's the best keyboard for Android hands down. Samsung aren't as bad as before but it's so annoying to see an octa-core phone lag and frame drop when scrolling for no reason whatsoever. The Sony XZ1 Compact I use doesn't suffer this so I assume it's a Samsung thing.


Have you tried gboard? That's the beauty of android. Don't like it? Change it. Samsung are a lot better these days. I've made my S9 pretty much stock android as most of the OS is now in individual apps (camera, galery, music, keyboard, SMS, contacts, calendar, phone etc etc all can be replaced) I do get where you are coming from. This is why many people hate android and why many people love it...Unfortunately Samsung pretty much runied it over the years.


I did go from Apple iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge once and hated it. I think this is more Samsung's fault than anything, the S7 had a real bloatware issue and the final straw was the grey-lines AMOLED fault. If I did it again I'd probably go Sony as that's my self-chosen work phone anyway and I really like it, though the iPhone sensitivity seems to be better for whatever reason, typing on the iPhone is faster and more accurate and I can't tell you why.

Oneplus 3T 64GB Unlocked Refurbished good £169.99 at Envirofone
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Key features 5.5" Optic AMOLED display of 1080p resolution; 401ppi; Corning Gorilla Glass 4; Metal back in Gunmetal or Soft Gold color Snapdragon 821 SoC (2x Kryo at 2.35GHz and … Read more

Had mine 2 years now, (actually on 2nd as I lost the first,) and been great. For the £, not sure where else your going to get a SD821/6GB ram except taking a risk from China.


Got mine for couple months now it's really fast does what you ask for but in mine battery is not great. Got mine of eBay meant to be brand new looked like new with all foils etc but is there any way of checking for example how many hours of phone call was made in total ?


Had this phone a while now. Love it


These phones are awesome, had mine 3 years and still delivers, no speed issues or storage. Also bought son a refurb 3t, absolutely loves it. Cannot recommend enough.


The good thing is it will charge at 2A from any decent 5V usb charger anyway if you can't find a genuine Dash Charger. I question the wisdom of dash charging at more than 1C every night anyway, best to keep it for emergency top ups when you're in a hurry.

APPLE IPHONE X (Lots Of Grades And Prices) Good/Excellent @ Envirofone
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Some prices and grades are higher than other prices and grades, but who cares eh, its flipping apple. People will pay anything lol

Yup! Mind you, I hope that was lint urgh


Got my phone today. I can confirm that ‘pristine’ really does mean pristine. The the only slight sign of use was a little bit of lint in the mute switch. But there are no visual blemishes or scratches. Be aware that they ship the phone with no accessories and a generic box.


You say that but the Galaxy S9+ was £900 when it came out this March (only 7 months ago) and can now be had on Envirofone for £539 (128gb version). That’s a drop of 40% for a phone that is only half a year old. Resale values look pretty bleak too. Check eBay


The iPhone X and XS have the telephoto lens which is a significant benefit - portrait mode is superb but just having the better zoom quality is fantastic. For me, that’s the best feature. The OLED display on the iPhone X and XS is very nice too but it depends how much you use your iPhone for viewing photos and videos. The iPhone X has 3D Touch (aka Force Touch) which Apple claimed “changes everything” when it launched. It’s not a massive benefit but a nice bonus. I’d recommend an iPhone X over an iPhone XR for these reasons alone. The improved CPU and graphics performance of the XR over the X is nice but not really very noticeable for most users as the iPhone X (and iOS 12) are already really fast and responsive. Note the XR is quite a lot bigger than an IPhone X too. A lot of people will appreciate that but I’m really happy with the iPhone X size and don’t want anything bigger.


Now comes with Apples excellent "Planned Obselesence" feature as standard!!!

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 Refurbished Good (£639.99) Pristine (£659.99) Midnight Black/Ocean Blue @ Envirofone
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Seem to have a lot more in stock, weird thing is, there's only £20 between pristine and good, so go for the pristine. Cashback is available. @Dekard97

Yes, but it is included, not added on


Do they charge VAT?


I use NFC too much and wireless charging


Been on all the notes - upgraded to 9 from 8 (trade in deal was too good to resist - wish I had now) Def. not worth it - its all in our heads now - phones today are very powerful and there's really hardly any noticeable difference internally. I had no issues with the Note 8 but the Note 9 seems to be plagued with camera freezing issues and speaker issues - Samsung have said they will issue a fix soon - that was 2 weeks ago. Quality control seems to be either minimal today or getting the new release out the door on time means not enough time to test thoroughly.


Get a Pocophone and get those extra's for less than the price of the Note 8 ....;-)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Lavender Purple - 128GB - Refurbished Pristine - £659.99 @ Envirofone
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Unlocked. Use Cashback sites for possible £5 Cashback Uk phone, 12 months warranty from Envirofone, maybe longer direct from Samsung. free postage

Cpw are offering £160 (was £200 last week) cashback ontop of usual trade in price if you have a phone that is on the list to trade it. https://www.carphonewarehouse.com/samsung/galaxy-note-9.html#!colour=black&capacity=128GB&dealType=pm Using one now.. A great all around phone


What sort of price reductions will that be when it does though?


Thank you Mrswitch. £799 isn't too bad a price really from the CPW. I'm torn because I love the Note 9, but we know we're going to be getting an almost bezeless S10/Note 10 next year. I also fully expect some groozy features to be added to the S-pen, display mounted fingerprint reader, 6gb ram as standard, and lightning quick SoC. I won't be upgrading next year so it's decision time.


I don not think the price will drop off much till note 10 come out.


Yeah, it was the note 7😝 (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

ONEPLUS 6 64GB/128GB Refurbished Good/Excellent 359.99/419.99 @ Envirofone
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
More good prices here from envirofone Don't forget that cashback

I know that there is an issue with the camera not focusing as they will replace the faulty part on the camera free of charge even when it's out of warranty but I must be the lucky one as mine hasn't developed that fault yet, the only issue I had was the GPS took a bit longer than usual to get a fix on my location after an update but oneplus dropped another update soon after to fix it I'm not a fanboy of any phone manufacturer so I just give a honest account of my experience with any phone


I know you didn't, OP fans always say they didn't. But as I said there were certain issue that effected all devices and OP went to print on them. And then there are certain hardware issue you can not escape, focus hunting was one of them and every person I know that had a OP3 had it and even the.most rabid fanboys on the forum couldn't deny it. I don't know why people deny such things, when the manufacturer tells you the issue exists. Poor reception, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were also topical talk on the OP forum as well as many other forums. As they always are on every OP device. (y)


If that was meant for me I can say that I haven't experienced any of those issues, and don't put me in the bracket of people who settle as I'm the first one to complain when something I spend a lot of money on falls below what I expect. Like I said I've had this phone for 2 years and I still don't feel a need to upgrade which has never happened to me before


Yes there are experiences and then there are facts and the OP3 had and still has issues that effect all devices. The variety that the company went to print on, that fans seem to never have experienced for some reason. :/


We each have our own experiences realdeals, that's why it's important to come on here and share them. I agree regarding device management to prevent slowing down, but feel my OP3 requires less than other devices I've owned.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 Boxed In New Condition 32GB O2 Black £189.99 @ Envirofone
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Use the cashback sites for a fiver as well. Screen Size 5.1 Inches Sim Type Nano-SIM Connectivity 3G Connectivity 4G Touchscreen YES Loudspeaker YES 3.5mm Jack YES Memory Ca… Read more

No way, #teampixel all the way


bought. thanks poster


Thanks bitcoin5 your comments are mean a lot to us, we would like to thank you for your honesty


So would 1,688,720 other members.. other than Sam of course! ;)


Sold out.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 'as new' £191.20 on O2 @ Envirofone
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Samsung S7 - As new ' A boxed ‘as new’ product that comes in its original packaging. Will show no signs of use and be in perfect working condition' Plus £5 cashback at TCB Seems a… Read more

no. I asked samsung and they said it's expired.


if they are 'new' are they under samsung warranty?


Looks like they should refund at least the difference.


Thanks for this. I need to upgrade my search skills ha ha



Oneplus 5 (Refurbished - Good) @ Envirophone from 199.99
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Various models and conditions from 199.99. Also oneplus 6 64gb for 311.99
Get dealGet deal

oneplus 3T still available = pretty decent phone for the price even if it is a refurb ;)


Thanks.. managed to grab an excellent OP5 in the end from them.. hope my experience turns out to be similar to yours..


Not bought a 'good' before from them but have bought 'excellent' and 'pristine' and they were both absolutely spotless. Might as well have been brand new but without the box and accessories.


(cheeky) how good is their 'good' condition?


Only oneplus 5 128gb @ 231.99 left!

3,2,1 go ONEPLUS 5t only two 128gb £271.99 and 64gb £231.99 @ Envirofone
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Go, go, go. Haha Only two in stock Let me know who got them. ;) OnePlus 3t, 5 and 3 available.

No, I don't think they get enough stock to justify an alert.


No but it does have the elusive wireless quick charge.... You just wrap it round the phone 😜


Bit dear for a cable? Is it 24k gold


Does the stock alert thing not work for others as well? I can't get it to confirm any of my e-mail addresses.