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Evercade EXP Handheld (Retro)

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The Evercade EXP is the newest handheld retro gaming console from Blaze Entertainment, creators of the Evercade. The Evercade EXP features 18 built in games from game publisher Capcom and the IREM Arcade 1 cartridge collection, and features the new TATE mode with its expanded buttons.

The new handheld Evercade EXP brings arcade, console and home computer gaming into your hands using the bespoke Evercade cartridge system, giving access to over 380 games across 35+ collections - five decades of gaming on one device.

The Evercade EXP features a high resolution IPS screen for greater viewing angles and better quality, built-in WiFi for easy updates and the brand new TATE mode, that allows for seamless and comfortable vertical gaming using dedicated buttons. It also supports the entire Evercade cartridge library.
18 Built in Games from publisher Capcom
TATE mode for vertical screen play with dedicated buttons
IREM Arcade 1 Cartridge Collection in the box
Complete Evercade Library compatability
New 800x480 IPS High Resolution Screen
Built-in WiFiLight and compact Design
720p Mini-HDMI Output
4-5 hours battery life with USB-C Charging
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  1. Apoc64's avatar
    Just to note that this write-up is incorrect - this isn't the 'newest' retro handheld from Blaze, as they've just released the EXP-R and discontinued this model.

    This will still play all the games due to release on it, and the new model doesn't include the Capcom Collection (it comes with the Tom Raider 1-3 cartridge) but I thought it was worth mentioning
    jco83's avatar
    also: the newer model doesn't have HDMI-out
  2. Jamesmosser's avatar
    Order this last week. It arrived with a damaged screen. Been an absolute pain to return for exchange. Very poor experience from Game
    Diab's avatar
    I've not ordered electronics from them since several years ago as they refused to take an android tablet they sold me because it's charge port was faulty, got me to send it to germany where I got a refurb return of awful quality with another family's photos on it.

    GAME are awful.
  3. Helpful567's avatar
    Capcom games are exclusive to Evercade EXP Devices and come pre-installed.
    The full Games List:
    1942 (Arcade version)1943 (Arcade version)1944 : The Loop Master (Arcade version)Bionic Commando (Arcade version)Captain Commando (Arcade version)Commando™ (Arcade version)Final Fight™ (Arcade version)Forgotten Worlds (Arcade version)Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (Arcade version)Legendary Wings (Arcade version)MERCS (Arcade version)Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting (Arcade version)Strider (Arcade version)Vulgus™ (Arcade version)Mega Man (8-bit)Mega Man 2 (8-bit)Mega Man X (16-bit)Breath of Fire (16-bit)IREM Arcade 1 included in box.
    Full Games list:
    R-TypeIn The Hunt10 Yard FightBattle ChopperLightning SwordsMoon Patrol
  4. Helpful567's avatar
    not sure how this compares - it plays evercade and it less than half the price of this


    Apoc64's avatar
    The Super Pocket is basically a budget entry point to the Evercade systems. It plays all the cartridges and is a cracking little system, but it's a cheaper build quality, smaller screen, no HDMI out, worse speakers, no WiFi / online capabilities (the EXP gets a free game every month from the online support), no included 'secret games', no TATE arcade mode (you can rotate the EXP and play vertically for old school arcade shmups), and the Capcom Collection here only has 12 games vs the EXP having 18.
  5. 2_Dog's avatar
    Buyer beware: there is an updated Evercade system being released very soon.
    but I do believe this is/will be the only way to have the capcom games are they aren’t getting a stand alone release
    J.D's avatar
    Also the the release won't have HDMI output unfortunately.
  6. Nujol's avatar
    EXP-R is on pre-order at Amazon for the same price £99 - I’m thinking that’s a better deal??
    Diab's avatar
    the R model removes the hdmi out and no included capcom games, but in turn it might have slightly bettery battery life from a slightly better chip, we don't really know until someone has one.
  7. JamesB83's avatar
    I think I would recommend something like the anbernic rg35xx or rg35xx H over this, which can emulate thousands of Capcom and other games perfectly.
  8. KageCom's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
  9. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
  10. chelmsfordman's avatar
    Also the speakers on the exp are far from great - I’ve a super pocket and exp and am finding the super pocket more pick up and play - do firmware update the super pocket though if you get one.
  11. James's avatar
    Hey thanks for taking the time to post and share your first deal with the community!
  12. James's avatar
    Hey thanks for taking the time to post and share your first deal with the community!
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