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Evercade HyperMegaTech Capcom Superpocket Full Colour Handheld Console

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

For those looking for a cheap handheld retro-console this could be what you are looking for.

The gamesradar review seems to like this.


This takes evercade cartridges.

5% discount code if you sign up to their newsletters
6% topcashback

  • 12 preloaded games
  • Street fighter II: Hyper Fighting
  • Mega Man
  • 1942
  • Final Fight
  • 1943
  • Strider
  • Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS
  • Bionic Commando
  • Captain Commando
  • Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  • Forgotten Worlds
  • 1944: the Loop Master

alternatively there is a TAITO version of this


  • 17 preloaded games
  • Space Invaders
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Operation Wolf
  • Rastan
  • The New Zealand Story
  • Cadash
  • Chack'n Pop
  • Don Doko Don
  • Elevator Action
  • The Fairyland Story
  • Football Champ
  • Growl
  • Volfied
  • Kiki Kaikai
  • The legend of Kage
  • Liquid Kids
  • Space Invaders '91
MenKind More details at
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  1. JAMIS's avatar
    You can also use code MKFD10DAD for an additional 10% off your order, reducing it further to £39.60. (edited)
    Helpful567's avatar
    Thanks - I have added this to the post
  2. Saeed's avatar
    R36S paid £33 odd in March aliexpress, 15000 games . Nintendo, ps1 , ps2 , psp , sega , and loads more .
    Well worth the money, only problem i would say is battery percentage onscreen can be incorrect at times (edited)
    stingersplash's avatar
    15000 games and you'll never play 98% of them. Sometimes less is more.
  3. neon85's avatar
    Just get a Miyoo Mini + off AliExpress
    davetherave3's avatar
    Or RG35XX+, RG35XXH, TrimUi Smart Pro - there’s loads of options around the £40-£50 mark now which are great!
  4. powerbrick's avatar
    Is this better than the £18 Anernic H from TikTok?
    mboard42's avatar
    If you can get an Anbernic rg35xxH for £18 I'd be taking their hands off. It's a great little machine
  5. paully's avatar
    That's an amazing price for a device which will play Evercade cartridges!
    jco83's avatar
    I feel people might not realise the standard/regular price of these has always been £49 hypermegatech.com This of course is a fantastic price (edited)
  6. Helpful567's avatar
    hecatae's avatar
    both reviewed here:

    Taito version looks like a no brainer, especially if you get the Evercade Sunsoft cartridge as well.
  7. nuttyginger's avatar
    I started looking at the R36s yesterday, Is there a discussion on here around the handhelds on Aliexpress? I looked but can’t find one. What would people recommend?
    Broxy's avatar
    I got one about 3 weeks ago and it's a fantastic bit of kit, paid £32 delivered, 10000 games pre installed and I haven't had any problems loading any games I've tried.
  8. David_SilvaoyK's avatar
    Just my opinion, but there are much better alternatives at this price point - if you can stand loading some games onto the OS yourself. whatgeek have Anbernic 35's for £39.99, R36S (with dual analogue sticks) for £45.99.
  9. theRainMan's avatar
    I got the same as others. I think the price of £39 must be with the newsletter sign up, the possible TCB, and the discount code. However I could be wrong. £48 isn't a deal when it retails for £49.99. (edited)
    squiby's avatar
    When you click the link in the ‘you might also like’ section it shows the other variant as £44 but it reverts to £49 when it’s clicked on.
  10. originalusername's avatar
    "Yeah but you can steal stuff and put it on something cheaper"

    This is licenced folks. If you want to post deals on random AliExpress tat create a new thread, but don't compare licenced software to piracy. And before someone chirps in about "boo hoo, the billion dollar companies lose some revenue", the so called billion dollar companies are having to shed staff left right and centre and the Evercade cartridges are also making money for indies.
    notoriouschucky's avatar
    Agreed, nothing better that fully licensed gaming
  11. EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    Is that dpad even hadoukenable?
    NEUR0M4NCER's avatar
    Doesn’t look either hadoukenable OR shoryukenable.
  12. A010101's avatar
    Don't like the ideas of being tied to their games. Would much rather load ROMS
    jco83's avatar
    translation: "would much rather not pay for games at all" . . . wow, such a revelatory comment
  13. noiren's avatar
    That's a mouthful, trying saying the name three times as fast as you can
    BigPaul's avatar
    I feel like adding "....expealidocious!" onto the end
  14. gr1m10ck's avatar
    Great! Now I can play “Super Street Fighter 2 Alpha Turbo Hyper Fighting Omega Plus Ultra: New Challengers Anniversary Edition HD Remix” on my Evercade HyperMegaTech Capcom Superpocket Full Colour Handheld Console. Heat
  15. SuperHeroZero's avatar
    It’s not really a good deal with the postage added on
  16. Joel_Thomas4vH's avatar
    "How many buzz words can we use to name this handheld console?" "ALL OF THEM". (edited)
  17. Zoidberg_3000's avatar
  18. notoriouschucky's avatar
    Good deal, pity about the delivery charge
  19. Goopster's avatar
    Looks like the WEBSITE 10% off that they are still showing on the website (£49 > £44) is no longer active (even though it shows in the description) - so the additional 10% coupon now applies to £49 price.
  20. squiby's avatar
    Heard of evercade but never looked into it, now i want the taito version. Ill probably wait for argos to do a promo and use my nectar points up.
    PaulBatieBak-4b654.34814's avatar
    Same here
  21. dazzler1972's avatar
    Hyyyper upppercut....Yah...yah....hyyper...Back to the 80's
    hecatae's avatar
    Tiger, tiger, tiger uppercut, tiger knee, tiger tiger
  22. Ashbeck's avatar
    I was very interested in this, but all the chat about R36S has swayed my attention.
    ken218's avatar
    Same here. It is rather tempting!
  23. shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    Rastan!! One of the first games.i ever played on my brothers c64
  24. Diab's avatar
    The evercade range is a mixed bag but still rather cool, if I did not have an exp i'd buy one of these and be happy, it does everything it needs to do.
  25. originalusername's avatar
    Ummm... The voucher only takes off £5?52790339-Wzrg3.jpg
  26. sho.cortez's avatar
    Discount code not reducing to the amount in post. For me it discounted from £49 + delivery to £48
  27. philireland1's avatar
    Alternatively if u have a firestick, u can get a cable to add a USB and download free roms, to make it better I think I need to buy a controller, but sonic and Mario cart works.
    originalusername's avatar
  28. jamiemdeal's avatar
    Can you play original Pokémon on it?
    Solac's avatar
  29. STi_prodrive's avatar
    Anyone know what the battery life is for this deal and the RG35XX H from Tiktok?

    Also Does any of these both have a phone jack? & Does it come with a Type C port?
  30. originalusername's avatar
    Prices are back to £44 before the code and P&P.
    Snapped up the Taito one.
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